is a digital health application used by healthcare providers to engage, educate, andactivate patients through “vi...
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Start ups-doctors-20

  1. 1. is a digital health application used by healthcare providers to engage, educate, andactivate patients through “vidscriptions”: groups of short, single-topic videos they can makethemselves. By prescribing vidscriptions to patients before, during, and after clinicalconsultations providers can improve health outcomes, streamline workflow, and comply withpatient engagement requirements. is a website designed for radiologists and other healthcare professionalsusing medical imagery. It offers an advanced system for helping with radiology diagnosticsbased on an intuitive search engine, analyzing over 100 000 images classified according tosimple yet precise radiology criteria. is also present on social media,showcasing a radiology case study every day, which is commented on by specialists acrossthe globe. has already had a promising start , with over 1500 subscribedmembers in only a few months and an ever-increasing number of daily site visits.www.diagnologic.comOnline since December 2012 (v2 in May 2013), dmd Santé is the first French online platformfor the evaluation and recommendation of mobile health (mobile apps and connectedobjects.) Experts in mobile health, dmd Santé helps users to navigate their way through theapp “jungle” thanks to its healthcare professional and patient evaluators. Our motto:Building confidence in mobile health. www.dmd-sante.comHôpital Affinité is the first social network for hospital in-patients to meet and exchangeonline via a digital platform. The objective of the online social community is for patients toescape from the usual hospital isolation and routine, thanks to digital tools. Hôpital Affinité isbased on a license subscription system available to hospitals, who can then offer the service,via a WiFi network, to their patients. www.hopitalaffinite.comMedbook, by Imengine, a simple, intuitive and multilingual web application for medicalstudents and professionals. The easiest way to log and analyse medical procedures, recordevidence of Continuing Professional Development and keep a personal portfolio up to date.With our mobile app users can log data even when they are offline. Every user can create anaccount online and is in full control of his own data. Sharing and exporting data to variousformats can be done through a click of a button. European standards are incorporated, yet itis flexible enough to meet the desires and requirements of associations, hospitals anduniversities. www.medbook.beKelDoc is the best way to find a physician and make an appointment online. KelDoc offerspatients the chance to search for a practitioner by speciality and area with a real-timevisibility of the available appointment time slots. KelDoc offers doctors an online tool tooptimise their agenda by filling out the available time slots, avoiding lost time. Thepractitioner can therefore manage his or her agenda as usual, thanks to KelDoc adapting totheir specific processes, allowing the healthcare professional to devote their time to theirpatients and medical duties. www.keldoc.comLumos! is a Web-based platform that enables teams of researchers, healthcareprofessionals, research associations and institutions that promote health (includinguniversities, pharmaceutical companies and patient associations), to design and carry outmulticentric studies, collect data online, supervise and coordinate the participatingresearchers, improve their response rates and disseminate the result of their work.Theplatform is focused on healthcare research, as it offers specific features that support theparticular needs of this sector. Such features are also accessible to patient associations intheir bottom-up approach of carrying out projects for the improvement of their decision-making and the healthcare quality. www.lumosproject.comMediSafe Project is a cloud-based medication relations management system. Designed tocreate better patient engagement and raise medication adherence, MediSafe increaseshealth and boosts pharmaceutical companies revenues. Medisafe project creates an ecosystem of health - from pharma companies, pharmacies, doctors, patients and familymembers. Insurers and providers are joining as well, all coordinating together to help patientsfight non-adherence with numerous solutions. MediSafes first solution is a top rated mHealthapp, not only making sure patients take their meds (using a unique, algorithm driven,personalized messages), but also syncing family members and notifying designated carers incase of problems. people want to unify their medical information and be provided with a better healthcarestructure. Medtep not only makes this possible, but goes one step further. With uClinics anduPatient we aggregate and merge any kind of data (EMR, PHR, medical forms and devices)so the needed information can be given in a comprehensible way to any patient through thedoctor. We upgrade monitoring processes to make an impact on the patient and helpcondition their behavior. As a response, patients learn more about their own treatment andactions and understand their role as co-responsible of their own health.www.medtep.commySugr intends to change the philosophy of diabetes therapy. This young company wasfounded and is led by passionate type 1 diabetics. The teams products are based on deepknowledge of therapy and life with this chronic condition; patient-centric was never more true.Our iPhone app mySugr Companion, a class I medical device and one of the first whichfulfills CE and FDArequirements, is currently available in 9 languages. A beautiful, fun andintuitive way to manage the disease. Our partners include Sanofi Aventis Austria, tMobileGermany, A1 and JDRF. www.mysugr.comSaluspot is an interactive online community dedicated to improve peoples health. Weprovide personalized health information to our users by offering them a Q&A service betweenusers and licensed physicians. Questions are submitted online and completely free ofcharge. We help our users to better understand their health and find the most relevantdoctors. At the same time, our physicians can offer a better service to their existing patients,communicate with potentially new ones and create more visibility online showing theirexpertise and creating content on the web. www.saluspot.comQuiMeSoigne is a free and contributive service allowing patients to find a healthcareprofessional in their location, based on a choice of criteria and recommendations from fellowInternet users. The results are displayed based on the opinions given by other users onobjective criteria (such as availability, punctuality, welcome etc…) and completed with awritten comment alongside practical information (such as payment information and services,accessibility for handicapped people etc…) Healthcare professionals are also invited tosubscribe to complete a profile containing practical information, a photo, consultation times,diplomas etc… QuiMeSoigne is built upon an ultimate respect of healthcare professionalsand their rights whilst also taking into account the patients interests. www.quimesoigne.comClick to RegisterStart Up Finalists 20136-7 June 2013 - - @doctors20 - #doctors20 –