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Slide deck from SharePoint Saturday (Friday) in Honolulu

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  • Introduction slide
  • Intranet Case Studies - HNL SPS

    1. 1. Intranet Case Studies By Michael Doyle
    2. 2. Who is Michael Doyle?• Senior Architect at Waggener Edstrom• SharePointNinja on twitter• Author for MS Press• Blogger on AIIM• Can be emailed at• Web site is
    3. 3. What is an Intranet anywayLiterally - Any network that cannot be accessed directlyfrom the internetSpecifically – A set of web sites designed to provideinformation to users to help them perform their duties
    4. 4. • Example
    5. 5. FixedWidth versus Non Fixed Width
    6. 6. Branding–A little goes a long way–The last twenty percent will take much, much longer than you expect–Try themes to get you started–Pretty is important
    7. 7. Feature Stories• Keep them coming back
    8. 8. Personalize Content
    9. 9. Navigation issues• One click is still the goal• Consistent navigation is desirable but hard to achieve• Popular items (my sites, search, tagging) need to be easy to get to and in familiar places• Easy access to the home page
    10. 10. Consistent Navigation Issues– Each Site Collection has its own navigation– Can use custom providers such as XML Files, Web Services, or Databases– SharePoint interface to manage navigation is easy to use but limited (per site collection and two levels)– Writing your own is pretty straight forward with lots of examples online
    11. 11. Mega Menu
    12. 12. Security Guidelines– Security Groups in SharePoint Groups– Minimize the number of groups– Security is a means to an end. Don’t over do it.– Third party products can definitely help to manage security.
    13. 13. Search Integration– Except for rare cases, search should be part of every page.– All encompassing search at top, specific search in main content area.– Extend search to other parts of network and use facets to refine
    14. 14. Best Bets – low hanging fruit
    15. 15. FAST Search–Major investment in server hardware and people resources–Virtually unlimited in scalability–Just dropping in a FAST Server does not provide that much functionality (noted exception is the visual preview)
    16. 16. Search is a garden. It needs tending to produceresults.- Monitor crawl times- Tag, tag, tag- Delete unwanted content (weed it out)- Adjust results on what people are searching on. (Search Service Application: Search Administration -> Web Analytics Reports
    17. 17. Managed Metadata– Open vs Closed– Some is better than none– Pick a central hub location and consume the metadata from other locations– Managing metadata requires resources– Greatly increases find ability
    18. 18. Managing Metadata
    19. 19. InfoPath Forms– Best bang for the buck of any service– InfoPath Web forms saves time and money– Client not required– Worth the cost of the Enterprise edition– Don’t program if you don’t have to
    20. 20. Site Maps
    21. 21. My Site Customization– Lots of work– Politically charged– Powerful momentum from social networking– Less is definitely more– 2007, 2010, and 2013 are all vastly different in their look and feel
    22. 22. My Site Example
    23. 23. Profile Replication USAsia Europe
    24. 24. Replication Information– Part of SharePoint Administration kit– Overview at us/library/cc663011.aspx– PowerShell interface– Remember the DoSocialReplication option– Based on audiences and trusted My Sites
    25. 25. Consuming the User Profile– Can be a little tricky to set up Service– Issues with creating My Site Hosts– Connect to Metadata service as well– Blog post /Post.aspx?List=1b1adaf0%2Dd914%2D4578%2D9 613%2Df33ce22c41fe&ID=44
    26. 26. Storage– Upgrade to SP1 (or SP2) now to get Storman.aspx if using SP2010
    27. 27. Content Databases– Size should be guided by disaster recovery guidelines– General rule of thumb is still below 200 gig– New technology can make content databases in the terabyte size– BLOB storage. Really make sure you can recover these files.
    28. 28. Language Packs• Download at ails.aspx?displaylang=en&id=3411• Service Pack 1 ails.aspx?displaylang=en&id=26629
    29. 29. Simplified Chinese Example
    30. 30. Intranet Example
    31. 31. Top Searches
    32. 32. Build Your Own Top Search• Create a Database Connection• Connect to SharePoint database• Use an account with read access• Use the database WebAnalyticsServiceApplication_ReportingDB (followed by a GUID normally)• Edit SQL Command
    33. 33. Top Search SQL• SELECT TOP 10 ROW_NUMBER() OVER (Order by SUM([TotalFrequency]) Desc) As Row, [QueryText],SUM([TotalFrequency])as Count FROM [WebAnalyticsServiceApplication_ReportingDB_90199734-6932-4fe2-80b2- 95a037354f45].[dbo].[WAQueryTextAggregationByDate] a, [WebAnalyticsServiceApplication_ReportingDB_90199734-6932-4fe2-80b2- 95a037354f45].[dbo].[WAQueryText] b where a.[QueryTextHash] = b.[QueryTextHash] and DateId > CAST(CONVERT(varchar(10), DATEADD(d, -30, GETDATE()), 112) As int) and [ScopeNameHash] <> 0xD62E20AE0D633059C732F7A81FCDB2C7 Group By [QueryText] Order by Count Desc
    34. 34. Yammer• Now a Microsoft Product• Acquisition too close to SP2013 release to be included• Expect a web part integration soon
    35. 35. Questions?