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Understanding Grandfather Clocks part I
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Understanding Grandfather Clocks part I


"The History of Grandfather Clocks" is the first in a 10 part article series of "Understanding Grandfather Clocks." The next two articles are "Grandfather Clocks, Mechanical Clocks," and "What is a …

"The History of Grandfather Clocks" is the first in a 10 part article series of "Understanding Grandfather Clocks." The next two articles are "Grandfather Clocks, Mechanical Clocks," and "What is a Grandfather Clock?" Have fun Discovering Grandfather Clocks.

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  • 1. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    Understanding Grandfather Clocks - Part I The History of Grandfather Clocks
  • 2. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    Humans have been keeping track of time throughout the ages using everything from hourglasses to sundials.
  • 3. Understanding Grandfather Clocks – Part I
    During the second half of the 13th century, the very first mechanical clocks were developed.
  • 4. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    These early clocks were huge contraptions made with heavy iron frames and large gears, usually placed in church towers and striking the church bell on the top of each hour, calling people to church services, or community events.
  • 5. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    Enhancements led to an hour hand and the ability of the clocks to strike every quarter-hour.
  • 6. Understanding Grandfather Clocks – Part I
    Eventually, during the first half of the 15th century, personal clocks started to appear.
  • 7. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    As time progressed, these clocks became a popular fixture in the homes of the upper classes, especially Grandfather Clocks.
  • 8. Understanding Grandfather Clocks-Part I
    Galileo was first credited with the discovery that a pendulum could be used to keep time.
  • 9. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    This led to Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens developing the first pendulum clock, the prototype for the Grandfather Clock.
  • 10. Understanding Grandfather Clocks-Part I
    These clocks hung on walls and were affectionately entitled "wags-on-the-wall" due to their short pendulums.
  • 11. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    In the mid-1600's, English clockmakers introduced a clock which was even closer to today's Grandfather Clock known as the "long case" clock, which was nearly 6 feet long (tall) with a 10-inch pendulum.
  • 12. Understanding Grandfather Clocks-Part I
    By 1670, an even longer pendulum was used, various changes were incorporated, and the first Grandfather Clock was produced.
  • 13. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    The advancements resulted in an increase in precision that meant the clocks held time to within a few seconds variance per week.
  • 14. Understanding Grandfather Clocks-Part I
    This was the start of the popularity of Grandfather Clocks due to their ability to keep time so accurately.
  • 15. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    A minute hand was added, and eventually a glass front was introduced to better display the internal workings of the pendulum, chains, and weights.
  • 16. Understanding Grandfather Clocks-Part I
    These lovely timepieces were not referred to as ‘Grandfather Clocks,’ but rather were called ‘long case clocks’ or ‘floor clocks’ until nearly 1900.
  • 17. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    Throughout these early years, Grandfather Clocks were made almost exclusively for people of noble heritage.
  • 18. Understanding Grandfather Clocks-Part I
    Though produced in America since the late 1600's, it was not until the 19th century that Grandfather clocks became affordable for everyone.
  • 19. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    It is our mission here at GRANDFATHER CLOCKS FOR HOME to provide these lovely timepieces at a truly affordable price for everyone.
    Quality craftsmanship, dependable movements, excellent woodworking all combine to create a beautiful Grandfather Clock for your home, or your loved ones. Your grandchildren will value this superior heirloom piece at an affordable price.
  • 20. Grandfather Clocks for Home
    Grandfather Clocks for Home