How to create a Test with the Docebo E-Learning platform - Part 04: Reports


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Part 04 - - By attending this course, you will learn how to create an evaluation test and how to include this test in any of your online courses available in the Docebo E-Learning platform.

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How to create a Test with the Docebo E-Learning platform - Part 04: Reports

  1. 1. How to create a test with Docebo LMSStats and Reports
  2. 2. Lesson purpose In this lesson will be shown how to visualize statistics and reports about tests created online with Docebo LMS.
  3. 3. Analyze statistics To visualize stats tools, switch to the Advanced version Select the course that contains the test
  4. 4. Analyze statistics From the Teacher menu, select the option Learning Object stats Click the magnifying glass icon next to the learning object you want to analyze (the test)
  5. 5. Analyze statistics In this page there is a list of users which have to do the test. You can visualize the status (not started-passed-failed) You can do a research among users If you click a user, you can view what is answered to the test
  6. 6. Grade book Another instrument that allows you to create statistics about the test is the Grade Book. Choose a typology of the object you want to analyze and select one Learning Object from the list. In that case choose test.
  7. 7. Grade book In that page there are all details of the test You can know the score of each user
  8. 8. Grade book And the Evaluation summary. It’s possible to export this data selecting one of the exportation options. If you export as XLS or CSV, you can store the data on your pc
  9. 9. Create a report You can check activities also using Reports To create and visualize reports, go to the Admin view
  10. 10. Create a report Select My LMS - Reports To create a new report, select New
  11. 11. Create a report Let’s try to create a report about a test Give a name to the report and select the report category. In that case choose Users. Than, select Next Mark the option Report for all users or select them from the list
  12. 12. Create a report Choose the option Relates users to Learning Objects and click Confirm Select the course which contains the test
  13. 13. Create a report Select what kind of learning Select the columns you want to object you want to analyze view in the report
  14. 14. Create a report View the results. Now you can send the results to the students or export data This is an example of a report exported with XLS