Docebo plugin for WordPress - Turn a WP site into an E-Learning portal


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Docebo - - released its Open Source plug-in for WordPress. By using this free plug-in you can transform any WordPress websites into a professional E-Learning and Online Training Portal.

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Docebo plugin for WordPress - Turn a WP site into an E-Learning portal

  1. 1. WordPress Plug-in
  2. 2. Docebo – WordPress Plug-inWhat is Docebo? Docebo is an E-Learning platform (also know as “Learning Management System”) designed to let Corporates plan, deliver and certify Online Training projects. Docebo is delivered “As a Service”: the platform can be activated and accessed online, with no downloads or updates ever requested. Discover more about Docebo on the official website!
  3. 3. Docebo – WordPress Plug-inWhat is WordPress? WordPress is a leading CMS (Content Management System) used by thousands of companies and organizations. WordPress is designed for an easy and fast websites development and delivery.
  4. 4. Docebo – WordPress Plug-inDocebo + WordPress: why? You can make Docebo and WordPress work together by using the Docebo plug-in for WordPress. By this way, you can empower the best CMS in the world with the most disruptive LMS in the E-Learning Market! Are you ready to transform your website in the next-gen E-Learning portal?
  5. 5. Docebo – WordPress Plug-inDocebo + WordPress: what? By interfacing your WP website with Docebo, you can: - Embed online courses on your WordPress website and assign training by using the WordPress dashboard - Access courses and training reports, plus control the whole E-Learning project directly from the WordPress dashboard - Display courses assigned to logged-in users by using a WP widget - Import in Docebo their WP users-database - Enable the Single Sign On between WordPress and Docebo
  6. 6. Docebo – WordPress Plug-inDocebo + WordPress: how? This is how you can interface Docebo and WordPress: 1 – Activate your free Docebo Trial on 2 – Enter your WP admin Area and Install the DoceboWP plug-in 3 – Activate the plug-in and fill-in the requested fieldsDownload the Integration manual for more info!
  7. 7. Docebo – WordPress Plug-in
  8. 8. Docebo – WordPress Plug-in
  9. 9. Visit ..and activate your Docebo free trial!
  10. 10. Visit ..and activate your Docebo free trial!
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