Business Case - Using E-Learning for Health & Safety training


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How to implement an E-Learning project: best practices from Docebo for the Health & Safety Market. Learn why the Docebo's Learning Management System is able to bring your corporate E-Learning project to the next level.

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Business Case - Using E-Learning for Health & Safety training

  1. 1. Do my training initiatives meet compliancy and regulatory requirements? Employees and collaborators must be informed on health and safety rules and procedures. Is my training effective and up to date? Health and safety training speaks to a wide focus group, courses can be repeated numerous times and courses themselves require frequent updates. Is my workforce adequately trained? Adequate training can avoid work place injuries or deaths and other health related issues Have my employees completed their mandatory training? Health and safety requires carrying out regular training updates and issuing certification reports to the competent authorities. Docebo provides auditing to establish that organizations are compliant with local and federal health and safety training requirements. Calendar schedule training events and learning plans, send email notifications and reminders tailor made learning resources Tracking track employee's results in the learning modules and issue certificates upon successful completion of tests Certification establish a training calendar and notify stakeholders about certificate expiration Reporting define reporting as required by healthcare laws and regulations Curriculum adapt E-Learning curriculum to the specific role and responsibilities of each employee Marketplace access a reference library of learning resources and game-based "health and safety" simulations Custom E-Learning install off the shelf catalogues or create your own tailor made learning resources Cloud manage your training processes in the cloud and adapt Docebo to your needs on a monthly basis Docebo provides you a flexible E-Learning platform solution that can streamline the process from registrations to reminders. E-Learning Business Case HEALTH & SAFETY
  2. 2. • Manage compliance certifications and accreditations efficiently • Enforce required auditing and reporting by the health and safety laws and regulations • Ensure that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely • Consolidate instructor-led and online training into a single, scalable SaaS solution • Upscale or downscale the solution to manage peak demand compliancy training • Collect and distribute off-the-shelf training catalogues for immediate use • Automate the roll-out process and encourage course completion • Access training anytime, anywhere via computer, mobile devices or kiosks ABOUT DOCEBO Visit our website KEY FACTS Why choose Docebo as your E-Learning Platform Docebo is synonymous with great business value, reduced total cost of ownership and fast implementation. Adopting Docebo as your learning platform enables you to: 500,000 people trained yearly 700,000 hours of learning delivered every year Client operations in more than 150 countries Award of Excellence SaaS LMS 2012 Best of Elearning! Learning Portals WatchList 2012 95% client retention since 2005 E-Learning Business Case With its technology, Docebo is a global E-Learning solution provider with customer operations and partners in 29 countries, that is consistently expanding its international presence and doubling users on quarterly base. Docebo enables companies of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities leveraging the Amazon Content Distribution Network (CDN). The main products (Docebo Cloud and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises. Compliant Effective Scalable