Converting PPT into SCORM with iSpring free


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This is a brief guide about how to use iSpring free to convert your PowerPoint file into SCORM packages, and upload them into the Docebo Learning Management System.

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Converting PPT into SCORM with iSpring free

  1. 1. How to upload iSpring-made courses into your Docebo LMS
  2. 2. IndiceConvert and enhance your PPT filePublish and Upload your SCORM packageStart and optimize your training
  3. 3. Docebo and iSpring Introduction to authoring tools Authoring tools are software designed to let users create online courses to be uploaded and used within a Learning Management System. The Docebo E-Learning platform is seamlessly integrated with rapid learning software, which allow you to create Learning Objects or SCORM packages. There are lots of rapid learning software on the market, and one of the best example is iSpring, a Microsoft PowerPoint plugin. This tool is very useful when you need to create and publish training materials starting from a simple PowerPoint file.
  4. 4. 1–Convert and enhance your PPT file Install iSpring Free and discover useful tools Once you have installed iSpring Free, you can decide to convert one of your PPT presentation file into a SCORM file. By this way, you’ll be able to create a trackable learning object. Otherwise, you can also enhance your presentation by using some of the available iSpring tools: Quiz: create a test to be integrated inside the learning object Flash: add one or more Flash objects to your presentation YouTube: useful to integrate a YouTube video in your presentation
  5. 5. 2-Publish and Upload your Scorm Package Set the publishing options The learning objects made with iSpring can be uploaded one by one. If you want to publish a single/specific learning object into your LMS, just use the Publish option in the menu. In order to be accepted and tracked by the LMS, the learning object must be a Scorm file.
  6. 6. 2-Publish and Upload your Scorm Package Use the Docebo simplified version Now you have to upload your new learning object/SCORM package inside your E-Learning platform. Log-into the Docebo LMS and switch to the Simplified version. Create a new course (or choose an already existing one) and upload your package into it.
  7. 7. 2-Publish and Upload your Scorm Package Upload your training material Select Upload your training material and choose the option Upload Scorm package.
  8. 8. 2-Publish and Upload your Scorm Package Choose the Scorm to upload Click Upload File: select from your PC the SCORM file you want to upload and wait until the process is complete.
  9. 9. 3–Start and optimize your training Manage your learning objects When the operation is completed, the learning object will appear in the learning material list. Click Play to see it. Now that everything is ready, you can optimize your training by following our latest article about properties and prerequisites.
  10. 10. Follow us on our blogwww.docebo.comDocebo is an E-Learning platform: an app thatallows to supply and track the online training.Chosen by more than 8.000companies, Docebo is easy and ready to use.Discover how to activate your Free Trial!