Best practices to ensure maximum roi on learning & development


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Best Practices to Ensure Maximum ROI in L&D

Research studies show that companies that develop their employees, and do it well, reap big rewards in terms of product innovation, market share, and greater efficiency. On August 7th 2014 Elearning Solutions Provider Docebo hosted a HRCI credit approved, educational webinar on ‘Best Practices to Ensure Maximum ROI in L&D’ with content partner Vado Inc.
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In the webinar, participants discover development best practices that lead to the maximum ROI for the organization’s development dollar. Specifically, participants will realize:
-Why most learning is scrap learning
-How to avoid scrap learning in your development programs
-How to leverage the natural way leaders develop
-What is ‘chunked learning’
-Why chunked learning is so important to learning retention
-How to implement development best practices to increase the ROI and learning retention

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