3 - How to use Storyline with Docebo: create a Quiz


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Docebo - www.docebo.com - is a Learning Management System designed for E-Learning projects. In this tutorial you can learn how to use Storyline with Docebo in order to: create a Learning Object, use the Screen Recording, create a Quiz, upload the LO inside the LMS, check Statistics and Reports.

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3 - How to use Storyline with Docebo: create a Quiz

  1. 1. Articulate StorylineHow to create a quiz using Articulate Storyline
  2. 2. How to create a QuizIn this lesson we will discover how to create a QuizFrom the Storyline menu,select New Question Bank Quiz tools have to be managed from a different interface The upper menu has all the functions to: -create a quiz -edit an existing quiz -import a previously created quizQuizzes can be Graded or listed as Surveys.Let’s see the Graded option on the next slide:
  3. 3. How to create a QuizStoryline has different kinds of questions and interactions.Click on a question typology to open a window on the right containing a brief description about thequestion or the interaction. A single quiz can contain more than one question type. Choose Multiple Choice
  4. 4. How to create a QuizYou have to add a question and some answers: Don’t forget to mark the correct answer!
  5. 5. How to create a QuizDalla schermata di avvio del software scegliamo Record screen.Its possible to customize your feedback. Feedback will be viewed by the user after they answer thequestion. The scores can also be customized.
  6. 6. How to create a QuizYou can add a picture to the question: Click Insert Media and upload an image. It will be shown on the right.
  7. 7. How to create a Quiz Now add a True/False question And a Drag and Drop sequence
  8. 8. How to create a Quiz Our quiz contains 4 questions and 3 different question typologies: Multiple Choice, True/False, and Sequence Drag and Drop It’s possible to edit the questions order and delete or duplicate questions.
  9. 9. How to create a QuizNext we can add the quiz to a Learning Object: From the Story View, click Question Banks and select the quiz we want to add.
  10. 10. How to create a QuizThe Question Bank feature allows you to chose several quiz insertion options: Random questions Click here to add questions (one or more)
  11. 11. How to create a QuizTo complete the quiz creation process you also have to add a slide that shows to the user their score.Add a new slide and choose the Result Slides label.Remember to choose Graded Result Slide
  12. 12. How to create a QuizLet’s go over the Results properties: Items and function to show to the user Passing Score Time options
  13. 13. How to create a QuizYou can edit the slide containing results: You can also change the look of buttons while maintaining their function
  14. 14. How to create a Quiz Let’s publish the Learning Object:1 Click Publish2 Choose LMS 4 Click Tracking3 Click Reporting and Tracking 5 Click OK and Publish
  15. 15. How to create a Quiz Remember to click Zip Now, upload the quiz to your Docebo LMS Access the course as a Teacher or Administrator Click Upload your training material
  16. 16. How to create a Quiz 1 Choose SCORM Wait until the upload is 2 completed 3 View the results
  17. 17. How to create a Quiz Here is an example of what your quiz might look like:
  18. 18. How to create a Quiz In the next lesson: How to upload a Learning Object to your Docebo LMS