Let's Start An Epidemic


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How does the common cold spread through a group of friends or co-workers. What about other contagions? Can a contagion be used for good? Doc explores how things like disease, politics, and even moods travel through (meat-space) social networks. What impact do we have on others? What impact do they have on us? And what does this mean for members of the software development community?

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Let's Start An Epidemic

  1. Let’s Start an Epidemic! Doc Norton
 Global Director of Engineering Culture Groupon
 @DocOnDev doc@groupon.com
  2. 1979
  3. 1979
  4. 1979 KISS Sucks!!
  5. “Anyone on earth, at my or anyone’s will, can now learn in just a few minutes what I think or do” - Frigyes Karinthy
  6. Player Friend Hearst Ford Foreman Riveter
  8. But it’s not that simple...
  9. Obesity
  10. Smoking
  11. Alcohol Consumption
  12. Depression
  13. Happiness
  14. Happiness
  15. Happiness
  16. Kindness
  17. Compassion
  18. Love
  19. love
  20. love
  21. 1989
  22. 1989
  23. 1989
  24. love
  25. love
  26. Love
  27. Love is a Contagion
  28. Doc Norton
 Global Director of Engineering Culture Groupon
 @DocOnDev doc@groupon.com Love is a Contagion Let’s Start an Epidemic!
  29. Let’s Start an Epidemic! Doc Norton
 Global Director of Engineering Culture Groupon
 @DocOnDev doc@groupon.com Love is a Contagion #LoveContagion
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