Cultural Tattoos
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Cultural Tattoos



Take a look at the different tattoos associated with different cultures around the world. You might be inspired.

Take a look at the different tattoos associated with different cultures around the world. You might be inspired.



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Cultural Tattoos Cultural Tattoos Presentation Transcript

  • Cultural Tattoos
  • Why Are Tattoos Cultural? • Tattoos define individuals but are also used as symbols that society can use to identify them as part of a certain group or demographic. • Not every tattoo happens in a tattoo studio. Many cultural methods are used, involving sharpened bamboo sticks, metal tools or even the teeth of a barracuda. • Different types of tattoos require different kinds of tattoo aftercare, and different kinds also use different kinds and colors of ink that can affect the skin differently.
  • Check out the following cultural tattoos to get a sense of what kinds of tattoos are common throughout the world.
  • Maori Tattoo
  • Maori Tattoo • Maoris have facial tattoos that resemble masks to tell their life story and delineate their ancestry. • This is known as ta moko.
  • Traditional Thai Tattoo
  • Traditional Thai Tattoo • Thai tattoos are performed using bamboo reeds and ink derived from organic substances. • This is a practice begun centuries ago, and still continues today.
  • Chinese Dulong Tattoo
  • Chinese Dulong Tattoo • A clan-based society in China, the Dulong or Derung had 15 clans. • Every woman would receive facial tattoos after the age of 12 or 13, and could sometimes resemble facial hair.
  • Hawaiian Tattoo
  • Hawaiian Tattoo • Hawaiian tattoos can have a variety of different meanings: – Religion – Rite of Passage – War stories – Status – Heritage
  • Gang Tattoo
  • Gang Tattoo • Gang tattoos most often show allegiance to a particular gang. • Other tattoos can symbolize kills or time served in prison.
  • Hindu Henna Tattoo
  • Hindu Henna Tattoo • Henna has been a significant part of Hindu culture for several centuries. • Although it is now used as part of wedding preparations, Hindu women could wear henna tattoos at any time.