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Brazilian Caipirinha Bar & Churrasco Restaurant in Portomaso Marina, Malta.

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Do Brazil Wine List

  1. 1. OUR SPECIAL LATINo AMERICANWINE SELECTIONwhite Euro‘35 SOUTH’ CHARDONNAY ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley, Chile) 16.25Medium-bodied wine packed with tropical fruit flavours and a hint of almonds.Well integrated with good body and structure.‘CASTILLO DE MOLINA’ CHARDONNAY RESERVA ____ Viña San Pedro 19.85(Casablanca Valley, Chile)It presents intense toast, toffee and lactic notes, framed by a delicate andelegant fruit. This is a round, medium-bodied wine that can be storedfor 2 to 3 years.CHARDONNAY ____ Viña Montes (Curico Valley, Chile) 16.50Buttery flavours and complexity that emphasizes the union of refined flavoursof tropical fruit and aromas. Full bodied and creamy in the mid palate andvery complex.CHARDONNAY RESERVA ____ Missiones de Rengo (Rapel Valley, Chile) 18.00Is a very good wine, above all on the palate, with pleasant tropical fruit notes.SAUVIGNON BLANC CLASSIC ____ Viña Montes (Curico Valley, Chile) 16.50This is clean, fresh and easy-to-drink. Hints of grass and lemons in the noselead to a dry palate of tropical fruits.SAUVIGNON BLANC RESERVA ____ Viña Montgras (Colchagua Valley, Chile) 16.95Aromas of medium to high intensity; little by little, tangerine, lime and delicatewhite flowers appear, along with pineapple and graphite notes. Complex, dry inthe mouth with and interesting natural acidity. On the finish there are citric andsweet aromas.‘PUNTO NINO’ SAUVIGNON BLANC RESERVA ____ Laroche (Casablanca, Chile) 19.00Fresh fruit, citrus, and herbs mingle with floral accents. Zesty, sensationalmedium body with flavours similar to the aroma-citrus, herbs, and fresh fruit.LA SHAMIZA ____ Torontes (Mendoza, Argentina) 16.25Malbec. Red fruits, plums and cherries, with touches of coffee, tobacco andmocha. This wine is powerful with elegant tannins.VIOGNIER ____ Bodegas Pisano (Montevideo, Uruguay) 17.25Complex and concentrated tannic aroma, resembling mushrooms, very ripedark plum and spiced wood.
  2. 2. ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC WINESwhite EuroFIANO DI AVELLINO D.O.C.G. ____ Azienda Agricola Torricino ~ Tufo 24.00(Avellino - Campania, Italy)Stefano di Marzio grows Fiano in 1.50 ha in the commune of Lapio(Avellino province) a location where the most prestigious Fiano vineyardsare found. The Fiano di Avellino takes its name from the variety that the Latinscalled Vitis Apiana. That was because the vine’s grapes were so sweet that theyproved irresistible to bees. The wine makes a fine accompaniment for refineddishes based on seafood.GRECO DI TUFO D.O.C.G. ____ Azienda Agricola Torricino ~ Tufo 24.00(Avellino - Campania, Italy)Torricino is all about passion for land, its fruit, and culture. The refined personalityof the wine is in sharp contrast with the wild nature of the Irpinia, where it ismade. It is an expression of the natural gentleness of the inhabitants of the district,who have made it, through their dedication and with all simplicity, one of theleading centers of Italian wine making.
  3. 3. White WineMaltese Euro‘GRAN CAVALIER’ CHARDONNAY ____ Emmanuel Delicata 24.00Barrel fermented with shining powerful peanut-butter flavours, with a hintof wood, well balanced by richness, honey and cream. The fruit is very ripe,with just that right touch of acidity.‘ANTONIN BLANC’ CHARDONNAY ____ Marsovin Winery 24.00This wine is full and found in the mouth with discreet aromas of vanilla andburnt toast giving way to fruity citrus and apple notes on the nose.‘ISIS’ CHARDONNAY ____ Meridiana Estate 24.00Grapes grown, harvested and bottled at the Estate. Fresh, tropical fruit flavours.ENO CHARDONNAY ~ GIRGENTINA DOK ____ Marsovin Winery 13.75This Maltese wine produced from a blend of locally grown white grapes.The noble Chardonnay is the dominant variety blended with the indigenousGirgentina. The complex bouquet of fresh apples marries well with undertonesof tropical papaya.‘GRAN CAVALIER’ SAUVIGNON BLANC ____ Emmanuel Delicata 24.00A grassy nose with well extracted herbaceous flavours, fatness and ripe,thanks to maceration pelliculaire, presenting itself clean and crisp on the palate.A superb treat featuring.Italian ‘LEVARIE’ SOAVE CLASSICO ____ Masi (Veneto) 23.00This classic Italian white is world famous for its delicate flavour and aroma.It is a modernstyled wine made from traditional Veronese grape varieties(Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave).‘MASIANCO’ PINOT GRIGIO ~ VERDUZZO ____ Masi (Veneto) 26.00The richness of the perfumes and aromas of this grape cultivated atCastions di strada in the friuli region, complements the structure of thenative Verduzzo grape.‘BOTTEGA VINAI’ PINOT GRIGIO DEL TRENTINO ____ Cavit (Trentino Alto Adige) 21.00Refined intense nose with floral notes which develops into a broad and sharpbouquet of dry hay when mature. An elegant, discreet palate with a pleasanttouch of acidity which gives it freshness and sensation in the mouth.‘ROVERETO’ GAVI DEL COMUNE DI GAVI ____ Michele Chiarlo (Piemonte) 24.50Cortese. Complex, elegant bouquet, hints of grapefruit, anise and freshly-cut hay.A surprising development for 4 to 5 years.
  4. 4. White Wineitalian Euro‘ETICETTA NERA’ GAVI DI GAVI ____ La Scolca (Piemonte) 47.00Intense, long, continuous, persistent, from fruited to flowery to stage ofdevelopment.Highly typical, flinty accents; almonds and hazelnut in the finale.GAVI ____ Enrico Serafino (Piemonte) 21.00Cortese. Fresh, delicate and fragrant wine, medium bodied, it is pungentand authentic and moderately alcoholic.‘LE MONACHE’ MONFERRATO BIANCO ____ Michele Chiarlo (Piemonte) 22.00Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc. Intense, delicate perfumes with pleasant,clear notes of William Pears and a fresh rounded taste.‘BRAVIOLO’ BIANCO DI TOSCANA ____ Fattoria del Cerro (Toscana) 18.00Trebbiano. A delicate fruity aroma with touches of golden apple, white plumand unripe banana. Of medium concentration with a pleasant slightly acidy finish.FRASCATI SUPERIORE ____ Pallavicini (Lazio) 19.00Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia del Lazio, Chardonnay,Bombino. Slightly fruity and floral, dry, fresh, elegant and medium bodied.ORVIETO CLASSICO DOC ____ Ghiberti (Umbria) 19.00Orvieto Classico Ghiberti comes from the hills in the Classico zonesourrounding Orvieto.‘COLLI PARADISO’ VERDICCHIO DEI CASTELLI DI JESI CLASSICO ____ 15.25Montecappone (Marche)Verdicchio. Delicate bouquet with surprisingly strong flavours, a crisp acidbalance and a slightly bitter finish.FALANGHINA DEL BENEVENTO ____ Terredora di Paolo (Campania) 28.00Falanghina. A rich and intense bouquet with hints of fruits.Fresh and clean in the mouth with excellent acidity and good structure.TDG CALATRASI CHARDONNAY ____ Barrique (Sicilia) 34.00On the nose fine floral and fruity aromatic notes of jasmine,orange blossom, citrus peel, and particularly grapefruit are evident.On the palate a fresh and balanced acidity.‘COS’ RAMI ____ Azienda Agricola COS (Sicilia) 22.00Inzolia 50%, Grecanico 50%. Fermented in stainless steel it retains a certainleafy pungency on the nose, but is fairly restrained, with notes of almondand straw, and some of that citrus quality. On the palate it is brisk anddecisive, with a concentrated fruit quality that has a real tell-tale Italianbitter almond, or even Campari-like edge, to cool pear and lemon fruit.‘MONTEORO’ VERMENTINO DI GALLURA ____ Sella e Mosca (Sardegna) 25.00Vermentino. A first perception of a delicate wine hinder a strong characterand a complex structure in which flourish Mediterranean flora flavours.
  5. 5. White WineFrench EuroCHABLIS ____ Laroche (Burgundy) 28.00This is a fine, fruity, floral and mineral Chablis. Made deliciously seductiveby its wonderful expression of Chardonnay.CHABLIS PREMIÈRE CRU ____ Les Vailons (Burgundy) 45.00Bouquet displays a dominance of mineral notes, which are often associatedwith delicate touches of citrus fruit (lemon and grapefruit).CHABLIS GRAND CRU ____ Les Clos (Burgundy) 98.00A complex Grand Cru Chablis with delicate floral aromas leading to a classic‘nervy’ palate of gun-flint mineral tastes over ripe orchard fruit underscoredby a fine acidity and a long, dry, elegant finish.POULIGNY MONTRACHET AOC ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 82.00Noble, very distinguished aromas of marzipan, bracken, tropical fruits,amber, white flowers. A discreet acidity, accompanied by tremendousfullness and impressive persistence.CHASAGNE MONTRACHET AOC ____ (Burgundy) 75.00Well-balanced, supple and long. The honeyed note is particularly interestingin the context of maturing in new casks, and is in perfect harmony with thewine’s full-bodied character. Chassagne-Montrachets are powerful and fat,with remarkable length. This is undoubtedly one of the world’s truly greatwhite wines, indeed one of the greatest.CORTON~CHARLEMAGNE AOC ____ (Burgundy) 160.00Subtly spicy aromas of tea, menthol and nutmeg. Penetrating, vineyard-typicalflavours of spices, minerals and wet stone. Finishes with a note of butterscotch.MEURSAULT AOC ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 78.00Open aromas that are woody, accompanied by scents of vanilla, toast,russet apples and hazelnuts. Strong alcohol content with a woody qualityand marked hints of vanilla. Round, smooth, velvety.POUILLY FUISSÉ ____ Dufouleur & Fils (Burgundy) 36.00Chardonnay. Light, attractive bouquet, vigorous, dry, rich and refreshing.A complex nose of fresh yellow fruits, aromas with honeysuckle tinges.MACON~LUGNY ____ Louis Jadot (Burgundy) 26.00Chardonnay. Very fresh and aromatic Macon with soft fruits. Aromas of white flowers andapples with a hint of lemon.
  6. 6. White WineFrench Euro‘COUVENT DES JACOBINS’ CHARDONNAY ____ Louis Jadot (Burgundy) 28.00Chardonnay. Fruity and fresh with roundness from the oak barrels. Very fruity,developing white flower aromas as well a slightly vanilla touch. Elegant instructure, pleasant and harmonious. Can be kept for up to 5 years or over.BORDEAUX BLANC ____ Baron de Lestac AC (Bordeaux) 17.00Showing pronounced aromas of gooseberry and tropical fruits, alongside asubtle herbaceousness. Crisp, elegant and refreshing, this is a classic aperitif.RIESLING TRADITION ____ Kuentz-Bas (Alsace) 26.00Dry, rich and strong, with nuances of mineral and flowers. It combines delicacywith elegance. Full of character, well-balanced and long in the mouth.RIESLING GRAND CRU PFERSIGBERG ____ Kuentz-Bas (Alsace) 64.00Zesty and aromatic dry, rich and strong, with nuances of mineral or flowers.Delicate and elegant and lot of character, well-balanced and long in the mouth.A luscious flavour and luxuriant quality. A classic examples of Alsace winesat their very best.PINOT GRIS ____ A. Metz (Alsace) 19.00The Pinot Gris Tradition is grown on the marly slopes of Osthoffen andthe lighter soils of the Lehe terroir. Typical of the grape this wine is offeringa dry balance, while expressing itself delicately as a young wine, witharomas of quince and smoky notes.MUSCAT D’ALSACE RESERVE ____ Gustave Lorentz (Alsace) 26.00This wine is a subtle blend of Tokay Pinot-Gris. Delicate aromas,good structure, balance and length.GEWURZTRAMINER MILLESIME ____ Gustave Lorentz (Alsace) 30.00A nose brimming with fruit and spice, and is rich and full in the mouth,pleasant in its youth it has excellent ageing potential.MUSCADET SEVRE ET MAINE SUR LIE ____ Henry de Briere (Loire) 19.00Firm, ripe, mature fruit – almost vigorous. Rich and refreshing withcomplex flavours. A very serious Muscadet that will go with anything,although langoustines and oysters immediately spring to mind.VOUVRAY ____ La Richeadiere (Loire) 23.00A delicate and complex wine with subtle aromas of white blossom, (0.5L)acacia and minerals, balanced by flavours of pears and quince on thepalate. The richness of flavours are offset by a crisp acidity, giving a cleanand refreshing finish.
  7. 7. White WineFrench EuroSANCERRE ____ Le Clos de Roy (Loire) 28.00Aromatic with excellent balance; the wines are less rustic than Sancerrefrom other parts of this appellation.POUILLY FUME ____ Marquis de Goulaine (Loire) 28.00A dry, full-bodied white wine. Its mineral and fruity aromas are its trademark.CÔTES DU RHÔNE BLANC ____ E. Guigal (South Rhône) 28.00Rousanne 33%, Clairette 25%, Viognier 25%, Bourboulenc 15%,Grenache Blanc 2%. Fresh, crisp. White flowers, acacia, white peach.Fruity, fine and rich. A complete wine combining elegance and balance.Can be laid down for approximately 3 years.CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE BLANC ____ Pierre Amadieu (South Rhône) 46.00Deep, thick, impression in the mouth with a phenolic/mineral edgekeeping everything well in bounds. Almond and ripe pineapple flavours,deep and long. Lots of mid-palate stuffing. Rich and vibrant.‘DE L’OREE’ ERMITAGE A.C ____ M. Chapoutier (North Rhône) 185.00Mineral, white fleshed fruits, dried apricots, slightly musk scent.Well-balanced, fruity, apple compote, acidity contributing to apleasantly fresh taste. An agreeable vanilla touch to woody notes.‘LE MEAL’ ERMITAGE A.C. ____ M. Chapoutier (North Rhône) 190.00Mineral, white fleshed fruits, dried apricots, slightly musk scent. Well-balanced,fruity, apple sauce, acidity contributing to a pleasantly fresh taste.‘LA DORIANNE’ CONDRIEU ____ E. Guigal (North Rhône) 160.00Viognier. Fresh, crisp and full. Plenty of fat, richness and smoothness fora dry wine. A fruity, fine, rich wine, complete combining elegance andbalance. Can be laid down for approximately 8 years.‘ARROGANT FROG’ SAUVIGNON BLANC ____ (Languedoc) 16.25Tropical fruits and melon on the nose, with a crisp lively palate,good acidity with a clean finish.‘ARROGANT FROG’ CHARDONNAY~VIOGNIER ____ (Languedoc) 16.25The nose has aromatic fruit and floral notes. The palate is fresh yetgenerous with apricot and lemon flavours and a hint of almond.
  8. 8. White WineSpanish Euro‘COLEGIATA’ TORO BLANCO ____ Bodegas Farina (Toro) 17.00A unique wine in the region. A clean, fresh, fruit forward, juicy,aromatic white with great lively acidity. Green apples, mineralnotes and a touch of peach lead to a very pleasant finish.MARQUES DEL PUERTO BLANCO ____ Marqués del Puerto (Rioja) 17.00This wine is dry ,yet quite fruity and enhances aromas ofpeaches and wildflower.Portuguese REDOMA BRANCO ____ Niepoort (Douro) 32.00Rabigato, Codega. Very fine aroma with citric, apricots notes, mineralwith smokey character, quite elegant. Citric and mineral fresh flavouralong with apricot and almond notes. Good volume and great freshness.The wood is well integrated with a long and complex finale.german LANGENBACH ____ Piesporter 19.00Beautiful fragrant, medium bodied wine with up front fruit that continuesto develop on the palate. Hints of peaches and green apples are balancedperfectly with crisp acidity to provide a clean and fresh finish.NIERSTEINER GUTES DOMTAL SPÄTLESE QMP ____ Michel Schneider 21.00(Rheinhessen)Good concentration here, with well defined fruit.Minerally and intense with lovely fruit intensity.austrian ‘SINGING’ GRÜNER VELTLINER ____ Laurenz V (Kremstal) 20.00Aromas of ripe apples and a typical Veltliner spiciness marry to create afascinating fruit bouquet. On the palate, the wine is soft and juicy, supportedby a fine fruit acidity. Very harmonious, allowing for perfectly smooth drinking.‘CHARMING’ GRÜNER VELTLINER RESERVA ____ Laurenz V (Kamptal) 26.00A nose brimming with fruit and spice, and is rich and full in the mouth,pleasant in its youth it has excellent ageing potential.
  9. 9. White Winegreek EuroKRETICOS ____ J. Boutari & Son (Crete) 21.00Distinctive citrus fruit and bready aroma. Fresh and fruity in the mouth,with refreshing acidity.MOSCHOFILERO ____ J. Boutari & Son (Mantnia) 23.00This is a fresh white wine with intense floral (white rose) and fruity(melon and citrus trees) aromas.Lebanese LA DAME BLANCHE ____ Château Kefraya (Bekaa Valley) 25.00Ugni blanc 80%, Bourboulenc 20%. Exceptional aromas of cinnamonand exotic fruits’ salad take you towards moving sensations of shores.Fresh, stimulating the palate with a persistence finish.BLANC DE BLANC ____ Château Ksara (Bekaa Valley) 25.00The very noble Sauvignon, Sémillon and Chardonnay constitutes thebasis of this elegant and subtle wine. It is vatted for several monthsin French oak-wood casks before it is bottled.Californian CHENIN BLANC ____ Dry Creek Vineyards (Sonoma County) 24.00Pineapple and guava aromas in the fragrant bouquet of tropical fruit. Brightfruit flavours ode on the palate with the essence of fruit and green melon.The finish is crisp, dry and exceptionally well-balanced.CHARDONNAY BARREL FERMENTED ____ Wente Vineyards (California) 26.00Aromas of freshly cut red apple, vanilla and well-integrated oak.There are also enticing aromas of tropical and citrus fruit.South African CHENIN BLANC ____ Simonsig (Stellenbosch) 19.00An aromatic nose of ripe pears, apples and flowers with a touch of honey.Fresh and intense fruit salad flavours fills the palate with delicious richnesson the aftertaste.SAUVIGNON BLANC ____ Simonsig (Stellenbosch) 17.50Green fig and gooseberries on the nose with underlying tropical fruit aromaswhich follow through wonderfully to the palate and a crisp complex finish.
  10. 10. White WineSouth Australian Euro‘WEIGHBRIDGE’ CHARDONNAY ____ Peter Lehmann (South Australia) 22.00Sourced from premium South Australian vineyards, with a vibrantflavour of peach and citrus in a well-rounded easy drinking style.BAROSSA RIESLING ____ Peter Lehmann (Barossa & Eden Valley) 22.00An exciting, crisp fresh dry white wine showing attractive citrus andlime flavours which has been made from Riesling grapes grown inthe Barossa and Eden Valley of South Australia.‘TEMPUS TWO’ VERDELHO ____ McGuigan Vineyards (Hunter Valley) 17.25Quite a leafy character, with fresh, crisp citrus fruit, and a nice raciness.On the palate it is light and crisp, with sweetness to the fruit but lovelybackground acidity and a little hint of opulence and fat on the finish.BIN 7000 CHARDONNAY ____ McGuigan Vineyards (Hunter Valley) 19.00A powerful fruit-driven wine exhibiting the classic Chardonnay charactersof banana and peach as well as some citrus overtones. A medium-bodiedwine showing lemon and lime flavors along with tropical fruit and a touchof coffee spice. The wine has a creamy mouthfeel along with fresh aciditywith good length and persistence.New Zealand CHARDONNAY ____ Hunter’s (Marlborough) 26.90Peach and apricot nose with some grapefruit and toasty oak. Full-bodied,round creamy palate, plenty of peach and grapefruit flavours with the vanillaFrench oak. Rich creamy characters of the part barrel ferment are balancedby the oak treatment and carry on to a long lingering finish.SAUVIGNON BLANC ____ Hunter’s (Marlborough) 25.90Intense aromas, pungent red capsicum, melon and nectarine.The palate is soft and textured with herbaceous citrus and tropicalflavours and a strong acid backbone.
  11. 11. Rosé Wine EuroROSÉ D’ANJOU ____ Jacques Arnout (Loire,France) 16.00Fun, round and fruity, with a soft touch that never becomes cloying. Thinkraspberries, strawberries, cherries, white peaches with a fresh cleansing finish.WHITE ‘BLUSH’ ZINFANDEL ____ Parducci (California, USA) 18.00Crisp and refreshing, with distinct cherry and berry aromas.Off dry, complimented by the cherry, berry sweet candy flavours.CABERNET SAUVIGNON ROSÉ ____ Missiones de Rengo 18.00(Colchagua Valley, Chile)Nose hints at strawberry jelly, with floral notes, and the palate shows quiteconcentrated strawberry and redcurrant fruit, finishing slightly off-dry.‘CHERUB’ ROSE ____ Viña Montes (Colchagua Valley, Chile) 20.00An elegant, dry rosé wine, fresh and well balanced. It has a bright intensepink color. Both on the nose and palate it has a distinct Syrah character, withsome spiciness and hints of strawberries and lively floral flavours, mainlyRoses as well as orange peel. Rich in texture across the palate that leadsto a delightfully long finish.MALBEC~SHIRAZ ROSÉ ____ (Argentina) 16.00This rosé is full of fresh, summer fruit flowers with a slightly off-dry finishgiving great balance.CABERNET FRANC ROSÉ ____ Bodegas Pisano (Montevideo, Uruguay) 17.00It is a very smooth and delicate wine. This wine is floral when youngwith a slight herbaceous touch. When matured in bottle develops anintense bouquet with violet outlines.
  12. 12. OUR SPECIAL LATINO AMERICANWINE SELECTIONred Euro‘DON CARLOS’ CABERNET~MERLOT ____ (Baja, California) 19.00This classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon,exhibit the Cabernet flavors of blackcurrant and the plumy fruit of Merlot.Blended together they form a delicious and easy drinking red wine.A perfect choice for all occasions.‘35 SOUTH’ SHIRAZ ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley) 16.50An intense violet, very vivid wine, with blackish tones. Aroma is fruit intensive.Gentle tannins, fresh and the finish reveals hints of oak. A medium-bodied wine.‘CASTILLO DE MOLINA’ CARMENERE RESERVA ____ Viña San Pedro 19.80(Lontué Valley)Presents spicy, toast, vanilla and smoked oak aromas. This is a medium-bodied wine, very smooth and rich. Gives off many combined flavours,leaving a complex and velvety sensation.‘CASTILLO DE MOLINA’ SHIRAZ ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley) 19.90Its aromas are fruity and expressive, mixed with toasted oak notes.The palate is juicy and full-bodied revealing blackberries scents.With a long lasting after-taste.‘ALPHA M’ CABERNET SAUVIGNON ____ Viña Montes (ApaltaValley, Chile) 17.50Wonderful lush fruit, with rich oak that is almost fully integrated.An interesting note of mineral or green olive at the end.Mineral or green olive continues here and is very unique and enjoyable.Good black fruit accompanied by good oak. Fruit is a little on the jammyside, but not overdone.MONTES CLASSIC SERIES MALBEC ____ Viña Montes (Colchagua, Chile) 17.50Ruby red color, leaning to very dark, intense red. Powerful but elegantflavors, with plumy and blackberry hints. A wonderful butterscotch andslight spiciness is totally integrated by the subtle notes of vanilla thatcomes from the oak aging. A full-bodied wine, with ripe tannins andvoluptuous mid-palate and a long, very enjoyable, finish.PINOT NOIR LTD SELECTION ____ Viña Montes (Casablanca Valley, Chile) 19.00Vibrant strawberry jam aromas, anise and cinnamon on the nose.The aromas continue through to the palate, easy-drinking and yetcomplex, with a nice, long finish.‘ALPHA’ MERLOT ____ Viña Montes (Colchagua Valley, Chile) 17.50Very sleek and refined, but with loads in reserve, this shows layers ofmocha, espresso, bittersweet coffee, mineral and currant paste allframed by dense but super supple tannins. Beautifully rendered.
  13. 13. OUR SPECIAL LATINO AMERICANWINE SELECTIONred EuroMALBEC ULTRA ____ Kaiken (Mendoza, Argentina) 22.00Purity, mineral, ripe fruit and well-applied oak. It’s a generous wine withkirsch and raspberry parfait flavours. It almost makes it to creamy but byholding onto its core acidity it guard overall balance.MALBEC POLO PROFESSIONAL ____ La Chamiza (Mendoza, Argentina) 17.50Strong mixture of red fruits, such as plums and cherries, with vanillatouches coming from the oak. Structured with sweet tannins.SHIRAZ POLO PROFESSIONAL ____ La Chamiza (Mendoza, Argentina) 17.50Blackberries and pepper combine with touches of dry fruits such as figs.There are also some touches of toasted bread and chocolate taken fromthe barrels. Kind palate with finesse finish.CABERNET SAUVIGNON ULTRA ____ Kaiken (Mendoza, Argentina) 19.00More refined in style with aromas of cedar, tobacco, coffee,and black currant, it reveals plenty of lush, sweet, spicy dark fruit,excellent balance, and a lengthy finish.TANNAT ____ Bodegas Pisano (Montevideo, Uruguay) 19.90Considered an exotic variety, it is the most widely planted at the moment.It gives very colorful and powerful wines, with tender but very presenttannins, which allow keeping them for a long time. This vivid, concentratedred shows how brightly Tannat can shine in Uruguay.‘PURPLE LABEL’ CARMENERE CUVEE ____ Missiones de Rengo 18.00(Rapel Valley, Chile)This has a classy tobacco, spice and vanilla fudge nose, layered withdark chocolate-coated berries. On the palate a deep, savoury profile ofblack fruit, tannin and juicy cherry acidity fills the mouth.
  14. 14. ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC WINESred Euro‘RIPASSO PEGRANDI ‘ VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO SUPERIORE DOC ____ Azienda 26.00Agricola Vaona Odino ~ Valgatara di Marano di Valpolicella (Veneto, Italy)After pressing and fermentation, the base wine for RIPASSO is obtained.In the month of February after the vinification of the Amarone Pegrandithis }base wine is left to re-ferment, partly on its own slightly rinsed marcsand partly on dried grapes originating from the same Pegrandi vineyard.Thus, a wine with a rich body and a strong personality is obtained. The rubyred color, intense bouquet and well-structured flavour conferred on it by thesemi-withered grapes of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara varieties makethis a wine of superior quality.SAGRANTINO DI MONTEFALCO DOCG ____ Plani Arche ~ Cannara 58.00(Perugia - Umbria, Italy)Umbria, green region of central Italy, land of culture, art and ancient traditions,shines a star in the enological firmament which takes its origin from the land ofMontefalco, a small town placed on top of a hill in the province of Perugia, alsoknown as the balcony of Umbria. A glass of good Sagrantino begins to fascinatethe taster with its dark and deep red color and, after passing it under the nose,it is pretty hard to be indifferent to its strong aromas of black fruits, especiallyblackberry, the characteristic fruity aroma identifying this grape.ROSSO DI MONTEFALCO DOC ____ Plani Arche ~ Cannara 28.00(Perugia - Umbria, Italy)The hills around Montefalco, to the south of Perugia in the heart of Umbria,represent the richest and most varied grape-growing and winemaking districtin the region. Sangiovese 60%, Barbera 25%, Sagrantino 15%. This wine ispersistent, slightly tannic and becomes smoother with ageing. The love fortheir land by Roberto di Filippo and his wife Elena comes pouring out ofthis great rosso.
  15. 15. Red WineMaltese Euro‘NEXUS’ MERLOT ____ Meridiana Estate 25.00Grapes grown, harvested and bottled at the Estate. A soft, ripecherry-plum flavours which are enhanced by light oak nuances.‘CELSIUS’ CABERNET SAUVIGNON RESERVA ____ Meridiana Estate 33.00Grapes grown, harvested and bottled at the Estate. Matured in oak.A chocolatey blackcurrent flavours which are enhanced by subtle oak nuances.‘ANTONIN NOIR’ ____ Marsovin Winery 24.00Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc give a fruity characteristicto this wine. Aromas of Cherries and blackcurrants with a velvety andstructured balance.‘BEL’ SYRAH ____ Meridiana Estate 27.00Grown, harvested and bottled at the Estate. A silky, prune and pepperyspice flavours which are enhanced by light oak nuances.EGO CABERNET SAUVIGNON ____ Marsovin Single Vineyard 18.70
  16. 16. Red WineItalian EuroROSAZZO SOSSÒ RISERVA ____ Livio Felluga (Friuli Venezia Giulia) 62.00Merlot, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso. Soft, well-structured, mouth-filling,a sweet, closeknit tannins and acidity in harmony with structure, richnessand concentration; long, lingering, fruity finish, with wild berry flavours,merging with notes of spice.COSTASERA’ AMARONE CLASSICO ____ Masi (Veneto) 62.00Corvina 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%. The Costasera Amaroneexpresses a particular majesty and complexity. Ideal with red meats,game and mature cheeses. An excellent wine for the end of the mealand for ageing. Iit is fermented for 24 months in Slovenian oak barrels.‘BONACOSTA’ VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO ____ Masi (Veneto) 22.00The nose is of ripe plums with a hint of black pepper and clove. The same onthe palate. This is a simple, fruity wine but with good tannins and brisk acidity.‘FRESCARIPA’ BARDOLINO CLASSICO ____ Masi (Veneto) 22.00The intensity of the aroma and flavour of this light wine is the result ofthe beneficial climate of Lake Garda. Masi makes this modern-styled winefrom traditional Veronese grape varieties (Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara).CAMPOFIORIN ____ Masi (Veneto) 26.00Corvina 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%. Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.Modern styled wine from traditional Veronese grape varieties. Excellent withmany dishes, from soup to grilled meats and also ideal with pasta dishes. It isfermented for 24 months in 80% in Slovenian oak barrels and 20% in Allier oak.‘SITO MORESCO’ LANGHE ____ Gaja (Piemonte) 78.00Nebbiolo 35%, Merlot 35%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%. A pure nose witharomas of red berries. Very elegant and balanced body. The finish is fresh,with fine tannins. Continues to improve up to 10 years.BARBARESCO ____ Bersano (Piemonte) 58.00Orangey red in colour, this red boasts a medium nose exuding empyreumatic,spicy, floral and fruity aromas. Discover this medium-bodied wine expressingrefreshing acidity and offering a broad texture and fleshy tannins. It alsounveils a medium mouthfeel.BAROLO RISERVA ____ Paladino (Piemonte) 48.00The king of wines and the wine of kings. Brick red in colour, austere,robust and intense concentration; refined and ethereal. The origin ofBersano dates back to the 1920s.BAROLO RISERVA ____ Bersano (Piemonte) 69.00Noble tannin and lengthy maturity give this wine its intensity and body.Hints of violet, pepper, leather and cooked fruits.
  17. 17. Red WineItalian EuroBARBERA D’ALBA ____ Bersano (Piemonte) 17.00Deep garnet, ruby in colour, pronounced grapey aroma. Dry and wellbalanced. The origin of Bersano dates back to the 1920s, when GiuseppeBersano acquired land and vines from the Count Cremosina in the Asti Area.DOLCETTO D’ALBA ____ Bersano (Piemonte) 22.00A versatile wine, with berry and chocolate flavours, smooth tannins andcomplex structure, make this a fine example of Cabernet Sauvignon.‘LE MONACHE’ MONFERRATO ROSSO ____ Michele Chiarlo (Piemonte) 22.00Barbera, Merlot, Cabernet. Bouquet is intense, fresh and varied sensations ofripe fruit, especially cherry and plum. Its taste is delicate, harmonious andwell-rounded. Drink within 3 to 4 years in order to fully appreciate its freshness.‘MORMORETTO’ CABERNET DI TOSCANA ____ (Toscana) 90.00A brilliant, deep ruby flecked with purple. Berry fruit fairly explodes on thenose, with crisp, fresh aromas seemingly squeezed straight from the bush;sweet, spicy notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and black pepper.‘LAMAIONE’ MERLOT ____ (Toscana) 92.00A remarkably profound ruby-red with dark reflections and crystallinetransparency. Aged in French Oak, 33% new, for 18 months.LUCENTE ____ Frescobaldi (Toscana) 56.00The nose releases rich impressions of fruit, with clear notes of blackcurrantand blueberry, as well as dried plum and wild cherry, nicely complementedby spicy nuances of liquorice and cinnamon, and a subtle touch of chocolate.It develops beautifully on the palate, with a crisp thread of acidity enliveningsucculent fruit, and with a well-calibrated suite of fine tannins. It shows adynamic, full-flavoured finale.ROSSO DI TOSCANA SERAGIO IGT ____ (Toscana) 32.00Dark red with purple hues, it has an elegant bouquet with light reminiscencesof wood, violet and raspberry. On the palate it is round, with berry fruit,almost sugary, long and complex.ROSSO DI MONTALCINO ____ Granducato (Toscana) 38.00Deep black almandine with black reflections and almandine rim. The bouquetis moderately intense, with red berry fruit supported by clean greenish accentsand some citric spice; the overall impression is quite graceful.LUCE ____ R. Mondavi/Frescobaldi (Toscana) 160.00Very structured. Super attractive aromas of plum, blueberry and pressedflowers follow through to a full-bodied palate, with firm, silky tanninsand a long, caressing finish.
  18. 18. Red WineItalian EuroBRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO ____ Granducato (Toscana) 68.00A deeply coloured wine with great intensity of fruit, length and elegance.A great vintage and a great wine.BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO ____ Pian delle Vigne (Toscana) 72.00Pian delle Vigne is a sleek, racy wine loaded with sweet dark fruitintermingled with delicate notes of tobacco and sweet toasted oakthat flow from its soft-textured frame. The wine shows notable balancein this vintage, with well-integrated tannins and plenty of harmony.VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO ____ Granducato (Toscana) 38.00Vino Nobile di Montepulciano can be commercialized only aftera minimum of two years of aging in cask. Robust and complex wine.‘CAMARCANDA’ BOLGHERI ____ Ca’ Marcanda ~ Gaja (Toscana) 155.00Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Cabernet Franc 10%. Rich fruitand a multi-layered aromas with a complex and firm tannic structure.Full-bodied with a densely woven texture. Long, concentrated finishwith firm matured tannins.MAGARI ____ Ca’ Marcanda ~ Gaja (Toscana) 89.00Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Cabernet Franc 25%. A lush Merlot fruitand spicy Cabernet aromas. It is fleshy, round, yet elegant and silky in texture.CHIANTI CLASSICO ____ Azienda Uggiano (Toscana) 18.00Vinous, with a scent of violets and a pronounced finesse that develops inthe maturation phase. While the flavour is balanced, dry, sapid and lightlytannic, fining in time to a velvety softness.CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA ____ Granducato (Toscana) 31.00Nice dark cherry and earthy nose with clean dark currant, spice and acid.SANTA CRISTINA IGT ____ Antinori (Toscana) 22.00Intense fresh fruit aromas with pleasant floral hints. Well-structured, softand harmonious. Sweet tannin and lingering fruit in the finish.GUADO AL TASSO BOLGHERI DOC ____ Antinori (Toscana) 78.00This immensely deep wine comes from the prestigious Bolgheri DOC,best-known and admired for its outstanding red wines, the so-calledSuper Tuscans.PROMIS ____ Ca’ Marcanda ~ Gaja (Toscana) 65.00Merlot 55%, Syrah 35%, Sangiovese 10%. A perfect balance of the 3 varieties. The wine islush offering sublime berry flavours with a rich dry finish. A smokey flavour with tobacco,leather and plum like aroma. The wine continues to mature from 5 to 8 years.
  19. 19. Red WineItalian EuroBOTTIGLIA PARTICOLARE ____ Castello di Verrazzano (Toscana) 65.00Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Very intense ruby red colour, withstrong purplish reflexes. Intense and wide scent, with hints of red woodfruits. Elegant, rich in sweet and silky tannins, with a background ofpersistent vanilla and chocolate hints.GIACCHE ROSSO IGT ____ (Lazio) 78.00Quite seldom a wine like this happens to be re-proposed in the multi-facedand controversial world of oenology. As a matter of fact, the “Giacchè”belonged to the Cerveteri wine-making tradition but its vine was deemed“long time extinct”.‘FATICA CONTADINA’ TAURASI ____ Terredora di Paolo (Campania) 55.00Aglianico. Elegant, smooth, velvety, intense. Displays characteristic hintsof plums, black cherries, black pepper and tar. Full-bodied, austere on thepalate with balanced tannins and acidity. Will continue to age and developmore than a decade.AGLIANICO DEL VULTURE ____ Acri di Vultusia (Basilicata) 22.00Very distinctive vinious bouquet with strong berry and fruit overtones, anda dry, well structured body with nice tannins that become velvety with age.‘CAROSO’ MONTEPULICIANO D’ABRUZZO RISERVA ____ Citra Vini (Abruzzo) 31.00Montepulciano. Intense, charming, with mulberry and sour cherry hints.Remarkably complex scents, with balsamic and fruity aromas combinedwith spicy notes. Elegant and powerful, endowed rich and tannic, withdistinct notes of red mulberry fruit together with spice and liquorice scentsand a complex persistent finish.‘PALIO’ MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO ____ Citra Vini (Abruzzo) 20.00Montepulciano. Complex and intense, sour cherry, plum and mulberrystanding out from the scents. Round, powerful and full-bodied, endowedwith smooth tannins and a pleasant and persistent finish.SALICE SALENTINO RISERVA ____ Leone de Castris (Puglia) 18.25Negroamaro 90%, Malvasia Nera 10%. Ruby red colour with garnetred reflections. Intense, delicate; dry, harmonious and warm flavour.IL FALCONE RISERVA ____ (Puglia) 31.00Layered and complex. Aromas of raspberry, bitter cherry layeredwith tar and an appealing warm, earthy Mediterranean character.NERO D’AVOLA TDG ____ Calatrasi (Sicilia) 36.00Lifted savoury aromas from Nero d’Avola and the spice and sweetnessof Shiraz. The flavours are intense and concentrated with pungent fruitflavours leading to a spicy – oak finish.
  20. 20. Red WineItalian Euro‘COS’ CERASUOLO DI VITTORIA ____ Azienda Agricola COS (Sicilia) 31.00Full of delicious red and black berry flavours with tobacco, vanilla and violets.The ripeness is balanced by a fabulously earthiness and good, crisp acidity.‘COS’ FRAPPATO ____ Azienda Agricola COS (Sicilia) 25.00Fresh with lovely nose of spice, mineral and red fruits. Great concentration,snap, and purity on the palate. There is great focus and length to the flavoursand nice structure that suggests this will develop for some time. The spicelingers on the finish.CANNONAU DI SARDEGNA ____ Popphyrio (Sardegna) 23.00Cannonau di Sardegna Porphiryo comes from the hills around Dorgali.It is excellent with tasty first courses, lamb and pork meats, game andmoderately aged or mature cheeses.French CHÂTEAU PHELAN SEGUR ____ Cru Bourgeois (St. Estephe, Bordeaux) 78.00Château Phelan-Segur was established in the early 19th Century, whentwo St Estephe estates were purchased by the wealthy M. Phelan whothen merged them together. One of these estates was Segur.CHÂTEAU COS D’ESTOURNEL ____ Deuxieme Cru (St Estephe, Bordeaux) 168.00Saint-Estèphe wines are full-coloured and tannic.They reach maturity after relatively long cellaring.CHÂTEAU PICHON-LONGUEVILLE, COMTESSE DE LALANDE ____ Troisieme Cru 260.00(Paillac, Bordeaux) Dark brooding nose of cigar box, cedar and blackberry. In the mouth,medium bodied wine with nice lift. Shows that its very well structured.CHÂTEAU PICHON-LONGUEVILLE-BARON ____ Troisieme Cru 280.00(Paillac, Bordeaux)It is a rising value of the already very high designation Pauillac. This wine isthe subject of attentive care. It is a number five on the scale of vintages thatfaced a number one. By a 1 that also ends this vintage red. It exudes iononeof violet and raw vegetables, this crunchy fresh vegetables.CHÂTEAU PONTET CANET ____ Cinquieme Cru (Paillac, Bordeaux) 97.00A big, concentrated wine with deep black fruit and perfumed cedar oakovertones. Huge, long length of flavour and great balancing acidity.
  21. 21. Red Winefrench EuroCHÂTEAU BRANAIRE DUCRU ____ Quatrieme Cru (St. Julien, Bordeaux) 97.00Intense, clear and accompanied with grilled accuracy of wood accurately determined. Themouth is corpulent, well organized around a flexible structure that ends deliciouslyprecise.CHÂTEAU GLORIA ____ (St. Julien, Bordeaux) 62.00An appealing dark cherry-black color. The nose has delicate aromas of ripeblackcurrant and freesia. Supple on the palate, both fruity and elegant. Silkytannins. An accessible wine, not notable for its concentration, but one to enjoy.CHÂTEAU TALBOT ____ Quatrieme Cru (St. Julien, Bordeaux) 97.00Here is the image returned by this great bottle of wine from the 2001 series:one excellemment kept reason. The dress is “maroon” by definition, intenselyfruity nose and good texture with a hint of blond tobacco/caramel red.Sweet right thing this brings solid tannins but greedy.CHÂTEAU BEYCHEVELLE ____ Quatrieme Cru (St. Julien, Bordeaux) 170.00With a good potential of old vines, wine is red port, still purple, withan expressive nose. Pointing any bearing on strawberry baked, freshbread with an accent slightly buttered, coconut, it fluctuates betweentropics and poles of excellence.CHÂTEAU LEOVILLE LAS CASES ____ Deuxieme Cru (St. Julien, Bordeaux) 220.00Elegant, complex, powerful, austere,wines, for immortality.CHÂTEAU LEOVILLE LAS CASES ____ Clos de Marquis (St. Julien, Bordeaux) 78.00It exhibits an inky/ruby/purple colour, great fruit, medium body,tremendous purity, and a long, flashy finish.CHÂTEAU RAUZAN SEGLA ____ Deuxieme Cru (Margaux, Bordeaux) 125.00This superb second cru classé seduce you with its rich color, its nosevery Woodlot intense and very elegant. Expressive and corpulent,his mouth is well balanced and very promising finale.CHÂTEAU PEYMOUTON ____ Grand Cru (St. Emilion, Bordeaux) 54.00Very good wine, elegant and robust. Strong fruit and mediumto full bodied with a very nice composition.CHÂTEAU LAROQUE ____ Grand Cru (St. Emilion, Bordeaux) 72.00Top-class Saint-Émilion from an up-and-coming château. Superb concentrationof rich, fragrant fruit. 87% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon.Lower yield and harvesting by hand improve the quality. Decant and servewith roasts, game or fullflavoured cheeses.
  22. 22. Red Winefrench EuroCHÂTEAU PYE BLANQUET ____ Grand Cru (St. Emilion, Bordeaux) 58.00Whereas the Médoc is a land of gently rolling hills where an incline thatclimbs a mere 20 metres affords you a vantage point over much of thesurrounding countryside, in the east of the St Emilion appellation, wherethe town lies, there is a more imposing escarpment, with vineyards onthe slopes and plateau where the soils are rich in limestone, with someareas of clay on the slopes.CLOS L’EGLISE ____ (Pomerol, Bordeaux) 230.00it was a pleasure to share this bottle with friends, one of these bottlesa bit forgotten in the cellar that we are happy to see empty enthusiastically.CHÂTEAU DE BEL-AIR ____ (Pomerol, Bordeaux) 62.00This wine has 66% Merlot and 34% Cabernet Franc although there is alsoa little Cabernet Sauvignon planted here. Between three and four weeksmaceration. A dense colour. Roasted nuts and dark fruits on the nose.Great density when tasted, appealing concentration, and still has plentyof tannic structure at present.CHÂTEAU LAGRANGE ST.JULIEN ____ Magnum (Bordeaux, France) 59.00A deep red/black colour, this is a huge wine. Reticent in the nose, it is veryconcentrated on the palate with tight blackcurrant fruit and cedary, mineraliccomplexity. Needs a lot of time, but very good/excellentCHINON A.O.C. ____ Les Morinitieres (Loire) 22.00Cabernet Franc grown on the stony terraces of the area tends to be a youngwine with dominant notes of blackcurrant and anise. The wines from thesteeper rockier areas along the hills the separate the Loire from the Viennetend to produce wines that are more tannic.‘LE BOISCLAIRE’ SAUMUR CHAMPIGHY A.O.C. ____ Maison Joseph Mallot (Loire) 22.00A fruity red wine with good structure. Made from grapes grown in ourown vineyards. From harvest to bottling, the wine-making process istherefore guaranteed our fullest care in line with our traditions.GEVREY CHAMBERTIN PREMIER CRU ____ Lambin & Fils (Burgundy) 62.00Nice colour, fleshy body, meaty with long ageing and liquorice aftertaste.NUITS SAINT-GEORGES ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 62.00Red fruit aromas, cherry, kirsch with notes of lime and mint. A plumpwine with a lot of fruit and a delicate note of wood. Good persistence.Harmonious and well balanced.POMMARD ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 52.00Red fruit aromas, cherry, kirsch with notes of lime and mint. A plumpwine with a lot of fruit and a delicate note of wood. Good persistence.Harmonious and well balanced.
  23. 23. Red Winefrench Euro‘LES CENT VIGNES’ BEAUNE PREMIER CRU ____ Dufleur & Fils (Burgundy) 67.00Excellent squashed red berry texture, astounding length and elegance.Promises gamey and spicy notes.ALOXE-CORTON ____ Lambin & Fils (Burgundy) 62.00The Aloxe-Corton is a firm, powerful wine with a dominance of tannin.BROUILLY BEAUJOLAIS CRU ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 34.00Typical Gamay bouquet. A scent of fresh grapes, plums, bilberries andcherries, with mineral notes. In the mouth: Plenty of body, well-balancedwith elegant tannins.MOULIN A VENT BEAUJOLAIS CRU ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 38.00Flowery, fruity scents, dominated by violets, faded rose petalsand ripe fruits. Whilst on the Subtle and complex. Fine length.FLEURIE BEAUJOLAIS CRU ____ Bouchard Aine & Fils (Burgundy) 36.00This excellent Beaujolais has fruity and juicy summer berry flavourswith soft tannins. Structured with some mouth-feel, it is a great foodwine complementing a wide range of dishes.CLOS VOUGEOT GRAND CRU ____ Louis Jadot (Burgundy) 129.00Pinot Noir. It is plump, full-bodied, spicy with flavours ofred summer fruits, chocolate and liquorice.‘ARROGANT FROG’ PINOT NOIR ____ (Languedoc) 17.00Despite their great age these vineyards have lost none of their vibrancyand refined charm. Arrogant Frog is a versatile wine sure to add a superioredge and welcome dose of joie de vivre to your dining experience.‘ARROGANT FROG’ CABERNET~MERLOT ____ (Languedoc) 17.00A blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot. Deep purple in colour,with intense fruit driven aromas and opulent, ripe fruit mouth feel.‘LES COMBES ST. SAUVER’ CÔTES DU RHÔNE ROUGE ____ (Rhône) 22.00Beautiful intense ruby red. Red fruit and spring flowers. Generous androunded with a good concentration of fruits, supple, balance wine.
  24. 24. Red Winefrench EuroSAINT JOSEPH ____ E. Guigal (Rhône) 52.00Syrah. Smokey fruit, great complexity and a tremendous finish on the palate.CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE ____ Château de la Gardine (Rhône) 56.00Château De La Gardine is the name of the property where the wine ofthat name was made. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a blend of Syrah, Grenach,Petit Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault grapes. A full bodied red, with typicalnotes of clean wood smoke, dark black fruits, medium acids and tannins.Spanish‘BERONIA’ TINTA CRIANZA ____ Beronia (Rioja) 21.00The bouquet shows a vanilla aroma over wild fruits, raspberry, blackberryand a touch of cherry, with hints of toasted bread and green spices. The tastein the mouth is fruity and transmits just the correct balance of wood. Wellstructured, with high-roast, spice and liquorice flavours and a long finish.‘BERONIA’ RESERVA ____ Beronia (Rioja) 28.00Top quality wine aged in American and French oak for 18 months.Intensely aromatic, harmonious and complex.MARQUES DEL PUERTO GRAN RESERVA ____ Marqués del Puerto (Rioja) 34.00Granada color with brick rim, over ripe cherries, honey and nuts.Medium body, good acidity, elegant old style rioja.GRAN CORPAS VINO TINTO ____ Bodegas G. Corpas (Duero) 17.00Purple colour with shades of mahogany. Intense, spicy nose with notesof vanilla. Supple, full-bodied, well-balanced palate, with woody, perfectlymellow notes and red fruit aromas.SALMOS ____ Torres (Priorat D.O.) 37.00Dark in hue and almost opaque, it is fragrant and mineral on the nosewhile on the palate it is luxurious and oily, but also silky and with a longfinish. This darkly coloured wine is reminiscent of jam and liquorish.CELESTE ____ (Ribera del Duero D.O.) 26.00Intense blackberry colour. Spicy and intense nose, with liquorice andblack pepper hints on a base of well ripened fruits (blackberry and cherry).On the palate, very fruity at first with ripened tannins, also persistentand full bodied.
  25. 25. Red WinePortuguese EuroREDOMA TINTO ____ Niepoort (Douro) 54.00Tinta Amarela~Tinta Roriz~Touriga Franca. The nose is fresh yet powerful,with blackberry fruit, moka and a spicy edge. The palate is intense, savoury,mineraly and spicy with good acidity. It is a wine with good ageing potential.VERTENTE TINTO ____ Niepoort (Douro) XXXXTinta Amarela~Tinta Roriz~Touriga Franca. The nose is fruit driven, withnice aromas of blackberries and complex balsamic notes. Full-bodied winewith intense fruit aromas, balanced with pleasant freshness. The wood iswell integrated with a long elegant finish.RESERVA SOGRAPE ____ (Douro) 24.00Deep purple coloured. Herb tinged, slightly spicy fruit on the nose.Quite closed at the moment. Rich savoury palate is quite modernwith a herby edge and quite firm tannins.CALABRIGA ALENTEJO ____ (Douro) 22.50Powerful bouquet of ripe plums and fresh red fruits backed by underlyingnotes of vanilla, nutmeg and pepper. Fullness and depth characterise thewine’s flavours while balance isn’t lacking in this robust wine showingwell integrated tannins and elegant acidity on the finish.Bulgarian‘UNICATO’ MELNIK ____ Damianitsa (Struma Valley) 29.00The grape is from vineyards with shapely slopes and light sandy soils.The scorching heat in August 2006 enhanced concentration of flavours.The grapes were hand-picked and carefully sorted at the beginning ofOctober. The wine had aged in Bulgarian and French barrels for 9 months.‘REDARK’ MELNIK ____ Damianitsa (Struma Valley) 29.00Full-bodied yet velvety wine - indeed, Bulgaria’s first ultra premium wine.This wine is suitable for ageing and, although its supple character makesit approachable immediately.‘NO MAN’S LAND’ BLACK LABEL ____ Damianitsa (Struma Valley) 29.00The ultimate in Bulgaria wine production. The grapes were carefullyselected and hand picked at optimal ripeness. Following a process ofskin contact, the juice was drained. The wine had aged in French andBulgarian oak barrels for 11 months.
  26. 26. Red WineGreek EuroKRETICOS ____ J. Boutari & Son (Crete) 21.00Very Nebbiolo on the nose and palate. Nice easy to drink red that startsto fall apart after being open a while.LebaneseCHÂTEAU KEFRAYA ROUGE ____ Château Kefraya (Bekaa Valley) 38.00Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Grenache. Round, deliciouslyspicy. Black cherry, tobacco and cedar aromas, as well as the smooth andsupple texture, conceal a fullbodied and very velvety finale.CHÂTEAU KSARA ____ Château Ksara (Bekaa Valley) 33.00Different, hard to describe but very interesting. Dry, blend of four varietals.MoroccanSYRAH ROUGE ____ Halana (Beni M’Tir ) 21.00Full ripe almost porty fruit. Lots of Mediterranean flavours with surprisingconcentration and extract. Supple and mellow with a hint of fragrant mint –very easy to drink.MERLOT~CABERNET SAUVIGNON ____ L’Excellence Bonassia (Beni M’Tir ) 23.00Deep ruby colour, complex and spicy with red fruit. This wine offer splendidvanilla and toasted notes. Full and round, it is very well balanced.Delicately oak aged.Mexican‘DON CARLOS’ CABERNET~MALBEC ____ (Baja, California) 19.00Exuberant fragrance, warm, with berry fruit and caramel. Round, soft taste,mild and with impressions of oak (vanilla), caramel, something tobacco,cedar and berry fruit. Mild, soft finish with impressions of cedar.
  27. 27. Red WineCalifornian Euro‘BIG YELLOW CAB’ CABERNET SAUVIGNON ____ Parducci (Mendocino County) 24.00Rich with flavours of juicy pomegranate, tangy dried cherry and a light touchof clove spice. The finish is silky smooth.PETIT SIRAH ____ Parducci (California) 24.00Full-bodied with rich aromas of blackberry, accented by flavours of chocolate,black pepper and cloves. Richly textured with loads of fruit in a long finish.‘SHORTHORN CANYON’ SYRAH ____ Wente Vineyards (California) 24.00Dry red wine with a dark purple-red color. The aromas are spicy with hints oftoffee and blackberry. This wine has medium tannins, black cherry flavours anda smooth, spicy finish.‘BEYER’S RANCH’ ZINFANDEL ____ Wente Vineyards (California) 23.00Plum aromas lead to hints of raspberry and blueberry. Crisp acidity promotesa balanced mouth feel followed by a smooth yet tannic finish.MERITAGE ____ Dry Creek Vineyards (Sonoma County) 62.00Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec. Aromas of currantand berry fruit, with hints of tobacco and cedar. Rich fruit flavours of cherries,cassis, and spice are mouth filling, finishing long and lovely.OPUS ONE ____ (Oakville, Napa Valley) 420.00An exquisite, complex, stylish wine, wearing a cloak of earthy,leathery tannins around flavours of mineral, currant, earth and blackberry.Chilean‘ALPHA M’ CABERNET SAUVIGNON ____ Viña Montes (ApaltaValley) 87.00Wonderful lush fruit, with rich oak that is almost fully integrated. An interestingnote of mineral or green olive at the end. Mineral or green olive continueshere and is very unique and enjoyable. Good black fruit accompanied by goodoak. Fruit is a little on the jammy side, but not overdone.‘1865’ CARMENERE ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley) 33.00Intense spices accompanied by soft green pepper. There are toasted,vanilla, and smoke aromas from barrel aging. High-bodied wine, verygentle and rich. It is highly complex and leaves a velvety, sweet sensation, lots of tannins from the attack to the end, but very sweet. The oakcombines well with the variety’s spices, it is a long wine, leaving asensation of maturity.
  28. 28. Red WineChilean Euro‘1865’ SYRAH ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley) 34.00Very elegant and attractive nose, marked by black fruits, blackberriesand plums, which combine with subtle smoked notes and bitter chocolate.Full-bodied and well structured wine, with mouth-filling and soft tanninswhich provide a great volume. It is very long, elegant with a persistent finish.‘FOLLY’ SYRAH ____ Viña Montes (Apalta Valley) 87.00Creamy mulberries. Elegant and perfumed,good coffee-cream notes and spicy blackberry.PURPLE ANGEL ____ Viña Montes (Colchagua Valley) 76.00This wine is full bodied, with a considerably amount of ripetannins giving grip and structure to this lovely wine.ALMAVIVA ____ (Maipo Valley) 135.00Ripe wild strawberry confiture, peppery chocolate, hints of fresh mintleaves, blackberries, tobacco, whole coffee beans and leather areconcentrated in a very rich mineral nose. Full bodied, massive andbalanced structure. Dark chocolate, cypress, dried currants, and plumsare persistent throughout the long-lasting finish.South AfricanTIARA ____ Simonsig (Stellenbosch) 33.00Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot.A careful grape selection matured for 19 months in French & Americanoak barrels. The soft tannins and little spiciness features very well.BELLINGHAM PINOTAGE ____ Bellingham (Stellenbosch) 17.25Deep, intense ruby with the purple tinge. Complex and intense with layeredaromas of ripe raspberry, spices, vanilla, red cherries and fruitcake. Richcomplexity of flavours including raspberry, vanilla, spices and coffee. Smoothon the palate due to firm but friendly tannins, which allow for easy drinkingbut also promise ageing potential. The after taste of red berry fruit and hintsof spice lingers pleasantly on the palate.‘LYNGROVE COLLECTION’ SHIRAZ ____ Lyngrove (Stellenbosch) 19.00Dark ruby colour. Sweet spices and a mix of berries on the nose. Hints oftoasty mocha adds to the complexity. The palate shows blackberries andwhite pepper with supple, fine tannins. A well-balanced wine.‘MERINDOL’ SYRAH ____ Simonsig (Stellenbosch) 42.50Deep inky black centred colour. Concentrated Syrah aromasof crushed peppercorns, dried proteas and fynbos combinewith perfumed black berries on the nose.
  29. 29. Red WineSouth Australian Euro‘EIGHT SONGS’ SHIRAZ ____ Peter Lehmann (Barossa Valley) 48.95Made from a rare old vine displaying rich plum and chocolateflavours integrated with the softness of French oak.‘BAROSSA’ SHIRAZ ____ Peter Lehmann (Barossa Valley) 26.00Dark red plums, hint of mocha chocolate. Rich texture, ripe dark fruitcharacters, soft middle palate, fine tannin. Store up for 4 to 5 years.‘WEIGHBRIDGE’ SHIRAZ ____ Peter Lehmann (Barossa Valley) 22.00Delightful fruit with a touch of wild spice and dark chocolate. A mediumbody wine showing good rounded berry fruit, with a soft long finish.MENTOR ____ Peter Lehmann (Barossa Valley) 46.60Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Malbec, Merlot. Of immense flavour withthe Cabernet richness on the palate. A very limited production.CLANCY’S RED ____ Peter Lehmann (Barossa Valley) 33.00Shiraz 54%, Cabernet Sauvignon 29%, Merlot 12%, Cabernet Franc 5%.Ripe plums, blackcurrant, violets with a hint of chocolate. Softly textured,smooth, filled with ripe plum, berry flavours, smooth tannins, hints ofblack pepper on the back palate. Can be kept for a further 3 to 5 years.‘CRESCENT’ G.S.M ____ Mitchelton (South Australia) 42.00These three varieties originated in the Rhône Valley, France. In Australia,Shiraz has become the most planted red grape variety renowned for itsrich, spicy flavours. Shiraz has become a speciality at Mitchelton. Mourvèdreis planted in only small volumes in Australia and, it produces wine whichcan be dark, tannic and is often blended with the fragrant and delicateGrenache varietal.New ZealandPINOT NOIR ____ Hunter’s (Marlborough) 25.40Aromas of plum, spice, cherry and oak. The palate has ripe, fruit,with a soft round texture, fine tannins and moderate length.Matured in oak for 9 months.
  30. 30. Sparkling Wine EuroGRAN CAVALIER BRUT ____ Marsovin (Malta) 26.00PROSECCO DI CONEGLIANO EXTRA DRY ____ Carpene Malvolti (Veneto, Italia) 24.00On the nose it is very delicate and fruity with a hint of apple. The perlageis very find and persistent, giving an impression of liveliness and elegance.The taste is fruity, soft and at the same time dry thanks to its characteristicacid note.ROSÉ CARPENE BRUT SPUMANTE ____ Carpene Malvolti (Veneto, Italia) 26.00A deepish red colour with hints of crimson; perfumed floral bouquet,with elegant yet intense notes of wild berries and morello cherries;full, tangy, rounded fruit on the palate.GAVI DI GAVI RUGRE BIANCO SPUMANTE BRUT DOCG LA SCOLCA 26.00Fresh, delicate, fine, lasting. Dry, full, balanced.MARTINI ASTI SPUMANTE DOLCE 19.00Just the right balance of sweetness, fresh fruit, and fizz.‘ARROGANT FROG’ SHIRAZ ROSÉ ____ (Languedoc) 20.00It is a vibrant, cherry-pink colour with a moderately complex bouquetof spicy, floral, candied fruit notes. The palate is dominated by freshfruit flavours and a lively, dry finish.
  31. 31. Sweet & Dessert Wine EuroRECIOTO DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO ____ Domini Veneti (Veneto, Italia) 52.00Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. Generous, delicate and above all sweet. (0.375cl)Dessert wine, ideal to accompany mainly dry pastry in general.VIN SANTO DEL CHIANTI ____ Azienda Uggiano (Toscana, Italia) 28.00Vino Santo has been produced here in very limited quantities, with (0.5L)the local grape Nosiola, since the medieval time. The mature andgolden bunches of grapes are left to dry on racks under the roofsof the houses for 6/7 months.ZIBIBBO ____ Cantine Solunto (Sicilia, Italia) 19.00Moscato. Wine reaching 16% in alcohol. A long seasoningin cool and airy wine cellars gives a pleasant taste and aparticularly fragrant flavour to the wine.CHÂTEAU GUIRAUD PREMIERE CRU CLASSÉ SAUTERNE ____ Château Guiraud 140.00(Bordeaux, France) (0.5L)The nose takes some coaxing but eventually reveals a delectable bouquetof honey and white flowers. The palate has a crisp entry, a good level ofbotrytis with racy acidity. Very harmonious with notes of tangerine, honeyand a touch of apricot on the mid-palate.CHÂTEAU D’YQUEM SAUTERNES ____ Château d’Yquem (Bordeaux, France) 360.00Intense and rich nose, filled with vibrant, juicy citrus fruit. Flavours of peach,mango and pineapple, alongside vanilla and flower petals too. Pure, with analmost gritty structure, this has linearity and finesse combined. A bright andelegant wine, brilliantly styled, with obvious depth.CHÂTEAU RIEUSEC SAUTERNES ____ Château Rieusec (Bordeaux, France) 120.00A good, sweet, honeyed pineapple fruit, with a lovely strength ofaromatics. Quite pure, broad and textured. Fresh, with lovely vanillatones and a nice sweetness. Nicely defined finish.MUSCAT DE BEAUMES-DE-VENISE ____ Michel Picard (South Rhône, France) 42.00Muscat. Supremely delicious. Grapy, fresh and rich. (0.5L)CHÂTEAU LAFLEUR MALLET SAUTERNES ____ (Pomerol, France) 34.00It has intense kirsch liqueur, licorice, truffle, and spice characteristics.With a medium to full-bodied, and powerful. The aromatics can fill aroom, but the tannins kick in the mouth.
  32. 32. Sweet & Dessert Wine EuroTOKAJ VENDANGE TARDIVE ____ 28.00The nose takes some coaxing but eventually reveals a delectablebouquet of honey and white flowers. The palate has a crisp entry,a good level of botrytis with racy acidity.TOKAJ ASZU 6 PUTTYNYOUS ____ 65.00Light lemon-gold colour. Intense, heavily botrytis nose of petroleum, lime (0.5L)leaves, apricots, violets, and jasmine. Rich on the palate but not unctuous.Pleasantly acidic and nicely sweet with flavours of peaches, limes andmangoes. Good, long, sweet, crisp finish. All in all a very nice Tokaji.Paired well with Marcona almonds and Stilton with mangoes andginger.INNISKILIN RIESLING ____ (Niagara Peninsula) 85.00Sublime aromatics of fresh lime, apricot, grapefruit and peach blossoms (0.375cl)with a slight mineral edge. A racy interplay of sweet and tart offer upechoing flavours of lemon, lime and candied apricot.EISWEIN VELKENBERG ____ (Germany) 38.00Excellent purity of flavours, the rich, apple core, the Valckenberg Eisweinexhibits plenty of richness and depth; long and sweet in the aftertaste;enjoyable all by itself.‘VINA MONTES’ LATE HARVEST ____ Viña Montes (Curico Valley, Chile) 28.00Intense aromas with emphasis in apricot and white flowers and very (0.375cl)nice hints of honey. An outstanding freshness in the mouth, withsweetness in perfect balance. Very long and balanced finish.
  33. 33. DO BRAZIL FINE &COLLECTIBLE WINE EuroBARBARESCO ____ Gaja (Piemonte) 300.00Nebbiolo. Aromas of forest fruits, plums, liquorice and tar. Dense structure,full-bodied, complex finish, rich in silky tannins. Ageing potential of more than30 years.‘SORÌ SAN LORENZO’ LANGHE NEBBIOLO ____ Gaja (Piemonte) 350.00Nebbiolo 95%, Barbera 5%. Very powerful and austere, it requires time to fullydevelop. Highly concentrated fruit in addition to aromas of fine herbs, mineralsand exotic spices. A long lingering finish and refined tannins. Ageing up to 35 years.SASSICAIA ____ Tenuta San Guido (Toscana) 320.00Elegant aroma, complex with notes of red fruits. The flavour is powerful,concentrated and has great depth with sweet and balanced tannins. In the mouthit is rich and dense, yet harmonious and elegant. The wine has a decisively longfinish with significant organoleptic depth and a polyphenolic structure whichensures this wine’s extraordinary longevity.VIEUX-CHÂTEAU-CERTAN ____ Pomerol (Bordeaux, France) 1,650.00This delightful Bordeaux red wine from the outstanding 1936 vintage isharmonious and silky with a cedary bouquet and a lovely finish.PAUILLAC PREMIER CRU CLASSE ____ Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 2,200.00This wine is considered akin to a legend to all wine experts, as it is one of thefinest Pauillacs of the 20th century.PAUILLAC PREMIER CRU CLASSE ____ Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 950.00Without any doubt the famous Bordeaux wine – and not without reason, as itwas classified as « Premier des Premiers » Crus (first of the first) in the 1855classification.Château Lafite is one of the three unquestioned tops of Pauillac,with Latour and Mouton-Rothschild.PAUILLAC PREMIER CRU CLASSE 2000 Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 1,200.00Great, almost overpowering nose. Creamy, blackberry, bloomy, voluptuous.Briary and brambly. Black fruit in abundance, oozing incredible health and up-front,vivacious beauty.PAUILLAC PREMIER CRU CLASSE ____ Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 560.00Very smoky, with berry, coffee and tobacco aromas. Full-bodied, with polished,velvety tannins and plenty of fruit.PAUILLAC PREMIER CRU CLASSE ____ Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 620.00Complex aromas of blackberries, citrus and tobacco. Currants. Subtle nose yetcomplex. Full-bodied, with a big core of ripe fruit and superripe tannins.Thick and powerful. Chewy. Tannins come out of hiding and lash out on the finish.
  34. 34. DO BRAZILFINE &COLLECTIBLE WINE EuroPAUILLAC PREMIER CRU CLASSE ____ Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 520.00Château Mouton Rothschild 2004 is the ideal of a generous and full Pauillac.Faithful to itself, it has character and grace and after a few years of ageing willbe even more graceful.ST. EMILION NEGOTIANT ____ Emil Hierf (Bordeaux, France) 2,500.00Exhibits a sweet black truffle aroma with decent fruit. It is elegant expansiveand ripe with outstanding balance and richness and length.CHÂTEAU MOUTON BARON PHILIPPE ____ (Bordeaux, France) 2,300.00The blending was rigorous, the proportions classic. Cabernet Franc, particularlysuccessful this year, was integrated. The wine is very harmonious with preservedfruits: blackcurrant and morello cherry.CHÂTEAU LAGRANGE ST.JULIEN ____ Magnum (Bordeaux, France) 780.00A deep red/black colour, this is a huge wine. Reticent in the nose, it is veryconcentrated on the palate with tight blackcurrant fruit and cedary, mineraliccomplexity. Needs a lot of time, but very good/excellentCHÂTEAU LAFITE ____ Rothschild (Bordeaux, France) 520.00Beautiful aroma and taste of minerals and earth ...a classic pauillac yet there’ssomething a little st julien about it ... very nice slightly chewy finish. Tannins cansoften more but already its very rounded with hardly any rough edges.CHÂTEAU CHEVAL BLANC ST.EMILION ____ (Bordeaux, France) 820.00Intense aromas of tar, blackberry and wet earth, with just a hint of tobaccoand flowers. Full-bodied, chewy and long. Extracted, yet turns caressing andvelvety in texture. Broadshouldered and muscular for this estate.CHÂTEAU HAUT BRION PREMIER CRU CLASSE PESSAC LEOGNAN ____Château Haut Brion (Bordeaux, France) 620.00Notes of sweet and sour cherries, black currants, licorice, smoke, and crushedstones. Medium-bodied with excellent purity, firm tannin, and an angular,structured finish, it requires 5-7 years of cellaring.CHÂTEAU HAUT BRION PREMIER CRU CLASSE PESSAC LEOGNAN ____Château Haut Brion (Bordeaux, France) 580.00A blend of elegance and richness. This Château Haut-Brion 2003 is a delicatewine. A wonderful vintage of Château Haut-Brion.CHÂTEAU HAUT BRION PREMIER CRU CLASSE PESSAC LEOGNAN ____Château Haut Brion (Bordeaux, France) 540.00Typically Haut Brion has a complex bouquet of ripe fruit, tobacco and mineral,earthy scents. Rich, ripe, medium to full-bodied and well structured. A wine thatseems to balance power and elegance, richness and harmony perfectly.
  35. 35. DO BRAZILFINE &COLLECTIBLE WINE EuroCLOS VOUGEOT GRAND CRU ____ Louis Jadot (Burgundy) 122.00Pinot Noir. It is plump, full-bodied, spicy with flavours of red summer fruits,chocolate and liquorice.CHÂTEAU D’YQUEM SAUTERNES ____ Château d’Yquem (Bordeaux, France) 360.00Intense and rich nose, filled with vibrant, juicy citrus fruit. Flavours of peach,mango and pineapple, alongside vanilla and flower petals too. Pure, with analmost gritty structure, this has linearity and finesse combined. A bright andelegant wine, brilliantly styled, with obvious depth.DOM PERIGNON ____ Moet & Chandon (Champagne-Epernay A.O.C.) 580.00In its youth, Dom Pérignon shows incredibly smooth, creamy fruit with perfectbalance and weight. As it ages, it takes on wonderfully toasty aromas and a finesse.
  36. 36. champagne Euro‘MOSAIQUE’ BLANC DE BLANC ____ Champagne Jacquart(Chamapagne le mesnil-Sur-Ogner A.O.C.) 78.00Chardonnay. Aromas of fresh apricots, followed by candied lemon, grapefruit,leafy hints of fern and notes of warm, buttery pastries. Flavours are vigorousand brilliantly fresh, with a dominant citrussy character.CUVEE ALLEGRATA ____ Champagne Jacquart(Chamapagne le mesnil-Sur-Ogner A.O.C.) 125.00As the champagne, Allegra is full of strength, life, energy. Like bubbles, it is light,precise and fast. As this wine, we imagine surprisingly strong, tonic, but moreimportantly, the great natural beauty.‘MOSAIQUE’ BRUT CHAMPAGNE JACQUART(Chamapagne le mesnil-Sur-Ogner A.O.C.) 64.00Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. A persistent trail of fine bubbles witha pale golden yellow colour. Aromas of pear and fresh crusty bread.SALON (Chamapagne le mesnil-Sur-Ogner A.O.C.) 380.00The characteristic style and elegance of Salon only hints at the underlyingrichness, power and ability to age. It is a perfectly balanced champagne with afine, persistent mousse and exceptional length. While Salon can be easily enjoyedin youth, it will only come in to its own after around 10 years cellaring.SALMON BRUT RESERVE ____ Billecarte (Champagne Mareuil-Sur-Ay A.O.C) 75.00The aromas are chiefly characterised by pear and blackberry with hints of cuthay. Light and refined with a touch of citrus on the finish.BRUT ____ Nicolas Feuilatte (Champagne Mareuil-Sur-Ay A.O.C) 70.00Bright, with a touch of sweetness. Light and delicate with citrus and floralflavours permeate.KRUG NV (Champagne - Reims A.O.C) 230.00An extravagantly expansive bouquet, an almost creamy texture. Then, anexplosion of flavours, at once mellow and mature, crisp and clean.TAITTINGER BRUT RESERVE ____ Taittinger (Champagne - Reims A.O.C) 80.00A delicate wine with fine bubbles and flavours of fresh fruit and honey. Themousse is both discreet and persistent. The nose is very expressive and open.It exudes aromas of peach, white flowers and vanilla pod. On the palate, thislively fresh wine is at once in harmony.BRUT PREMIER ____ Louis Roederer (Champagne - Reims A.O.C) 75.00Smooth, complex palate mingling flavours of white-fleshed fruit (apple and pear)with red berries (blackberries, raspberries, cherries) and notes of toast and almonds.A pleasurable wine, deliciously smooth and mature.
  37. 37. champagne EuroCRISTAL DELUXE CUVEE ____ Louis Roederer (Champagne - Reims A.O.C) 360.00Rich and ripe with juicy fruit aromas and a generous sweetness indicating apowerful wine. Full and round with a fine creamy mousse supporting a powerfulwine. A vinous finish with finesse and freshness and a quite impressive persistence.CARTE JAUNE ____ Veuve Cliquot (Champagne - Reims A.O.C) 80.00This Champagne releases delicate bubbles coming from an harmonious andwell-balanced structure. Well-rounded with white fruit and toasted notes, thefinish is long and smooth.LA GRANDE DAME ____ Veuve Cliquot (Champagne - Reims A.O.C) 240.00Typical Chardonnay characteristics come to the fore, with the arrival of floraland mineral aromas (acacia, ferns, chalk). By agitating the wine, scents ofcandied fruit (citrus fruits, apricots, quince) and sweet almond emerge, toreappear later in the mouth.CUVEE SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL ____ Pol Roger (Champagne-Epernay A.O.C.) 220.00Tawny hawthorn on the nose. Caramel and roasting coffee. Tastes of toffee.Full, rich and fires on all cylinders. Magnificent.MOET & CHANDON NV (Champagne-Epernay A.O.C.) 75.00Balanced assemblage of the three vine varieties disclosing a succession ofelegant and harmonious sensations, a fresh maturity, supple and refined lines,inspiring well-being and an emotion which is appreciated and shared.DOM PERIGNON ____ Moet & Chandon (Champagne-Epernay A.O.C.) 250.00In its youth, Dom Pérignon shows incredibly smooth, creamy fruit with perfectbalance and weight. As it ages, it takes on wonderfully toasty aromas and a finesse.MONOPOLE BRUT ____ Heidsieck & Co. (Champagne-Epernay A.O.C.) 70.00Honey, baking bread, citrus and hazelnut mingle in the creamy texture, allbalanced by bright acidity. Good harmony and a moderate aftertaste of honey onwhole wheat toast.BOLLINGER BRUT (Champagne Ay A.O.C.) 80.00Full-bodied, assertive and rich, this packs bundles of character into a superblybalanced, drystyle Champagne. Robust flavors of walnut, fig and butter arecarried on a lively frame of acidity and elegant effervescence.BRUT ____ Fernand Lemaire (Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 64.00
  38. 38. champagne Euro‘MOSAIQUE’ ROSÉ ____ Champagne Jacquart (Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 85.00Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 40%, Pinot Meunier 10%. Aromas of candied anddried fruits. Refined, complex, with good intensity. Refreshing yet firm on thepalate with good integrated fruit expression.MONOPOLE BRUT RESERVE ____ Heidsieck & Co.(Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 80.00Elegant and expressive, this delivers floral, pear and toffee flavors matched toa creamy texture. Beautifully integrated, this lingers nicely on the mineral finish.BRUT ROSÉ ____ Louis Roederer (Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 110.00Rich nose with fresh fruit (blackcurrant, bilberry) mingled with aromas of cocoaand mocha coffee. Strong, fruity palate with flavours of Morello cherry andgingerbread.ROSÉ ____ Pol Roger (Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 130.00On the nose, apparent dry yeasty notes. On the palate, a delightful fine moussewith an abundance of stone-fruit acidty with hints of framboise and strawberryof the pinot noir atop the developing honeyed complexity of chardonnay and theprominent yeasty bread crusts from the lees. Medium length, finishing a bit tartfrom the first pouring, but later pourings indicated a harmonising of the wine,with the honey ameliorating the initial forward acidity.TAITTINGER PRESTIGE ROSÉ ____ Taittinger (Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C) 130.00Fine bubbles and persistent mousse . The nose, satisfyingly intense, is both freshand young. It gives off aromas of red fruit (freshly crushed wild raspberry, cherryand blackcurrant). On the palate, this is a velvety wine of fine balance, and body- a subtle wine with flavours of fresh fruit. In all, a very pleasing wine of balanceand youth.MOET & CHANDON ROSÉ NV (Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 90.00Made using a third each of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Lively,expressive aromas dominated by the scent of wild strawberries, and a full-bodiedDOM PERIGNON ROSÉ ____ Moet & Chandon(Champagne-Tour-Sur-Marne A.O.C.) 550.00The pinot noir wine must be of exceptional quality. The inclusion of chardonnay isimportant to the character of Dom Perignon Rosé, a vital ingredient in producinga wine of perfect balance. The two grapes together offer harmony and complexitywhich is less likely to be achieved in Champagne by either grape on its own.ROSÉ ____ Nicolas Feuilatte (Champagne Mareuil-Sur-Ay A.O.C) 80.00Chardonnay10%, Pinot Noir 60%, Pinot Meunier 30%. Aromas of blackberries,raspberries and redcurrants remain delicate producing a feeling of lightnessand conviviality.
  39. 39. Wine by Half BottleWhite Wine EuroSOAVE ____ Pasqua (Veneto, Italy) 9.00Lovely delicate aromas of lemon and citrus fruits, and fresh, bright flavours,harmonic, long and elegant.PINOT GRIGIO ____ Pasqua (Veneto, Italy) 9.50A pleasant and fruity wine with notes of pear and apricot and floral hints.Fresh and well balanced in the mouth.Red WineVALPOLICELLA CLASSICO ____ Pasqua (Veneto, Italy) 9.50Hints of cherries. Rich and soft on the palate.COLLI CHIANTI DOCG ____ (Toscana, Italy) 9.50It is intense, yet delicate; sometimes with a hint of violets and a tendency tobecome more complex by ageing. This Chianti is dry, supple, well balancedbetween a full body and a good structure of tannins.CÔTES DU RHÔNE ROUGE ____ Chemin des Papes (Rhône, France) 9.50Grenache, Syrah . Grenache provides the fruit and roundness while the Syrahbrings structure, complexity and colour.
  40. 40. Wine by the Glass / 175ml EuroCHAMPAGNE ~ On Promotion 14.00PROSECCO ~ On Promotion 5.00White WineCHABLIS AOC ____ (Burgundy, France) 7.00‘SINGING’ GRÜNER VELTLINER ____ Laurenz V (Kremstal, Austria) 5.00VIOGNIER ____ Bodegas Pisano (Montevideo, Uruguay) 5.00‘35 SOUTH’ CHARDONNAY ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley, Chile) 4.50SAUVIGNON BLANC RESERVA ____ Viña Montgras (Colchagua Valley, Chile) 4.50Rosé Wine‘CHERUB’ ROSE ____ Viña Montes (Colchagua Valley, Chile) 5.00WHITE ‘BLUSH’ ZINFANDEL ____ Parducci (California) 5.00Red Wine‘ARROGANT FROG’ PINOT NOIR ____ (Languedoc, France) 5.00‘35 SOUTH’ SHIRAZ ____ Viña San Pedro (Lontué Valley, Chile) 5.00PINOT NOIR LTD SELECTION ____ Viña Montes (Casablanca Valley, Chile) 5.00TANNAT ____ Bodegas Pisano (Montevideo, Uruguay) 5.00Sweet • Dessert Wine / 100mlVIN SANTO DI TOSCANA ____ Cantine Uggiano (Toscana, Italia) 6.50TOKAJ VENDANGE TARDIVE ____ 4.00LATE HARVEST ____ Viña Montes (Curico Valley, Chile) 7.00