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    Leonrdo da vinci Leonrdo da vinci Presentation Transcript

    • Leonardo da VinciArtist, Anatomist, Inventor, Scientist, Polymath, Genius Made by: Dmytro Zinchuk
    • Basic factsBirth name: Leonardo di ser Piero da VinciDate of Birth: 15th of April, 1452 at Vinci, Italy Demise: 2nd of May, 1519 at Amboise, France Nationality: Italian
    • Leonardo da Vinci, the PolymathLeonardo da Vinci epitomizes the term polymath.The term polymath denotes a person ofsuperhuman intellect, intelligence, and talent. "There had never been another man born in the world who knew as much as Leonardo, not so much about painting, sculpture and architecture, as that he was a very great philosopher." - Francis I, King of France
    • Leonardo da Vinci - the PainterThe Mona Lisa is arguably his mostfamous work. The subject of this portrait isstill debated.
    • Leonardo da Vinci - the Anatomist• Around the time Leonardo began study thehuman anatomy.• Notes from his journals include detailedstudies of the human skull, human foetus,internal organs of a woman, muscles,tendons, skeleton, vascular system, etc.
    • Leonardo da Vinci - the InventorLeonardo conceptualized and sketched thefirst parachute, first helicopter, first hangglider, first airplane, first tank, firstrepeating rifle, first swinging bridge, firstpaddle boat, the first motorcar, and also thefirst bicycle (more than 300 years before ithit the roads)
    • Leonardo da Vinci - the Scientist• Leonardo approached botany with anaesthetic rather than scientific curiosity.• Leonardos astronomical observationsmay have been held scandalous in histimes, since he said that "The earth is notin the center of the Suns orbit nor at thecenter of the Universe"!
    • Why he’s a geniusA genius, according to wikipedia.com, is a personwith great intelligence, who shows an exceptionalnatural capacity of intellect, especially as shown increative and original work. Geniuses always showstrong individuality and imagination, and are notonly intelligent, but unique and innovative.
    • Thank you for attention! Any questions?