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Disrapp in English

  1. 1. revolution in personal productivity
  2. 2. 01 — Introduction Disrapp applications help manage personal finances, tasks and time. People like our products because we design convenient interfaces. Due to our product specifics we are able to collect valuable data on users’ preferences: — financial goals and shopping plans; — tasks and plans in time; — lifestyle. We are going to use this data in the interests of users and advertisers, by offering goods and services to people who are interested in it. Our mantra is to help people organize personal resources and solve problems.
  3. 3. 02.1 — Disrapp products App Description Figures CoinKeeper The most popular financial app on the russian market (by number of active users). Platforms: iOS,Android,Windows Phone 7, web (in beta) Top 3 of “Finance” category in Russian AppStore and Google Play. “A” rating of Russian Startup Index (Moderate-high investment attractiveness). Download:s more than 1 000 000 Active users: 80 000 Sooner Popular to-do list and weekly planner. Highly valued by number of authoritative resources:The Next Web, GigaOm, Cult of Mac and other. Platform: iOS Hit the top 10 Productivity apps in 56 countries, including the US, UK and Japan and top 1 in Russia in “Productivity” category. Got to the final of Web-ready 2012 (“Mobile Applications” category) Downloads: 230 000 Active users: 10 000
  4. 4. 02.2 — Disrapp products App Description Figures Listick Cross-platform shopping list app. Popular among family audience. Platforms: iOS, Android, web Reached 1-st position of Food and Drink category in AppStore and stayed there for a long period.Always on top 10 in Shopping category in Google Play. Downloads: 340 000 Active users: 30 000 Relevance Social news reader that helps to save time. App selects most relevant messages from social feeds based on the user’s reading history. Platform: iOS App is in beta
  5. 5. 02.3 — Disrapp products
  6. 6. 03 —Vision Our long-term goal is to change ads in applications.We want to make it smart and useful for the end user. A huge number of productivity applications keep valuable data about the lifestyle of the end user. Data is hidden in plans, notes, search requests, likes ets. It can be used to find people interested in specific goods and services.At the same time ad will be perceived as a time-saving hint. Current market potential of this advertisement channel is close to $20 billion and it will grow.
  7. 7. 04 — Short-term market potential There is a potential $200 mln local market for the personal efficiency service with business model based on generation of leads (primarily for the financial services and CPI-model based apps distribution) in Russia. We are ready to enter it.We already have: — popular applications; — Expertise in creation of productivity apps, use cases and users wants knowledge. This model was successfully tried out on the US market by such services as Mint.com (valuation was $170 mln on the moment of sale) and LearnVest (valuation is more than $100 mln). Some task managers work on this opportunity (like Any.DO, 24me).
  8. 8. 05 — Trends We can observe several trends showing that people will be more likely to pay attention to solutions that help save money and be more efficient: - Financial crises and instability. - Increase in the level of information noise. More opportunities to lose focus are on the way: digital content, games and applications, interactive advertising. - Awareness of the need to struggle with procrastination. General increase in awareness of the population in Western countries through access to affordable educational resources.
  9. 9. 06 — The management team Dmitry Orlov Operations, product management, design Yandex Management School, Mixoteque.com, 2Nova Interactive, i-Free Aleksey Pegov Technology JetBrains, 12 years of development experience Ilya Chernetsky Marketing, strategy SmartPhone Labs,Tele2,Yota, i-Free, Embria
  10. 10. 07 — Competition Our key difference is the ease of use. Finance Zen Money — PFM, small number of active users.Try to experiment with the generation of leads. EasyFinance — PFM, have close relations with some banks. Inconvenient user experience. Services like LearnVest and Mint.com, which are popular in US, won’t be able to enter Russian or European markets soon, as their model is based on the integration with U.S. and Canada banks. Productivity Any.do — a to-do list and a calendar. Is sponsored by a number of funds, but hasn’t shown monetization model so far. Some fragmentary evidence show that they are going to sell leads. 24me — to-do list that allows you to initiate bills and discover new contractors for personal tasks in the U.S. Small number of active users due to bad design. OmniFocus,Things — personal task management, apply a premium model with a fairly high price.
  11. 11. 08 — Plans for the products development 1) Growth of an active audience 2) Functional development of applications 3) Smart advertising offers 4) Payment transactions 5) Platform for generation of leads
  12. 12. 08.1 — Growth of active audience Current number of active users: 120,000 people Main source of new users: Appstore and Google Play The increase of active audience will be due to: 1) New platforms (web,Android, iPad) and expansion of the product line (other personal resources management: time, knowledge and skills, reputation, social connections, physical condition, etc.) 2) Rejection of premium business models (in favor to freemium, transactional and promotional) 3) Functional development of applications: long-term planning and game components, automation of common actions, smart reminders, redesign of bottleneck, the redesign of interfaces. 4) Integration of products with external solutions: corporate task-managers, online banking systems, etc. 5)Viral distribution: activation of new functionality after sharing; features for interaction with friends and colleagues. 6) Active work with media channels: business and productivity resources, SMM, mailing tips for productivity. 7)Traffic: context advertising (after reaching the planned level of LTV).
  13. 13. 08.2 — Functional development of applications CoinKeeper - Web-version - Long-term planning: setting goals and smart budgeting - Integration with banking internet accounts - Game mechanics - Creation of payment transactions from the application - Flat redesign - Smart ads Sooner - Web,Android, iPad - Flat redesign - Integration with external tools (Google tasks, corporate task-trackers) - Social features (tasks sharing, achievements sharing) - Smart ads Listick, Relevance - Flat redesign - iPad,Web - Smart ads
  14. 14. 08.3 — Smart advertising tips 1) Users are segmented based on their lifestyle data: their objectives and plans, financial payments, planned purchases, activities. Keywords are extracted from the tasks, plans and transactions captions. Information is impersonal. 2) Advertiser picks up the characteristics and keywords related to the focus audience and prepare an offer in a certain format. 3) A person gets an advertising message as a problem-solving hint: solution for the task or planned spending, recommendation to optimize the budget, investment advice, etc. The hint is displayed on a special "recommendations" screen or after a specific action (adding a shopping list item, creating a task, adding a financial goal, etc.) Average revenue per active user may exceed $11 per year (calculations available in Appendix).
  15. 15. 08.4 — Transaction Model Ability to initiate payment transactions from the application after linking it to the bank account or electronic money account. 1) CoinKeeper — pay for utilities, mobile bills, internet services, etc.Transfers between users. It’s a logical step, currently users have to perform the same action twice to initiate transaction in a payment app and then to record it in CoinKeeper . 2) Other applications — instant payment for smart tips offers. According to J'son & Partners Consulting the turnover for mobile payments in Russia reached 24.4 billion rubles in 2012 and is growing 30% a year.
  16. 16. 08.5 — Platform The infrastructure which can be used by partner applications to analyze their data and display advertising recommendations to their users. 1) Common users authentication for different applications 2) Data management API for applications with different data structure 3) Generalized contexts in which recommendation are shown This makes business scalable, traction is made by adding new partners. Valuation of the advertising market potential is $20 billion a year.
  17. 17. 09 — Investment We're aiming to raise up to USD $500k for current development plans in exchange for a share of up to 20% of the company. Priority is given to investors with expertise in payment instruments, the development/implementation of bank clients, selling b2b solutions to the financial sector, construction of advertising networks. Exit options: - Next stage funding - Acquisition
  18. 18. Dmitry Orlov dima@disrapp.com disrapp.com +7 981 126 41 31
  19. 19. Appendix 1: Calculation of the average ticket
  20. 20. Appendix 2: Goals by periods Period Plans Active users Monthly revenue September, 2013 December, 2013 June, 2014 June, 2015 Premium versions distribution Web CoinKeeper, Freemium model, Financial leads generation Web Sooner, additional apps development Generation of other types of leads, transaction model 120k 200k 500k 1000k $20k $100k $250k $5000k