Water and Energy Efficient Programs™    for Data Centers
Experience and DifferentiationN alco has established a Data Center team to focus entirely on issues arising during data ce...
Reliability for Critical SystemsReliable, efficient and accurate are common words used by customers operating3D TRASAR tec...
Nalco Company and                      offerings that makeLEED Certification                     sense environmen-The Lead...
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Nalco\'s capabilities for Data Centers

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  1. 1. Water and Energy Efficient Programs™ for Data Centers
  2. 2. Experience and DifferentiationN alco has established a Data Center team to focus entirely on issues arising during data centerdevelopment, construction, start-up and throughout on-going operation. We use our technicalexpertise and Nalco programs to assist you in accomplishing your water and energy relatedneeds. Our programs and services help you to lower your Power Usage Effectiveness and reachyour sustainability goals.New Construction Phase Start up of any system requires proper taps, cleaning(Start-Up and Commissioning) and passivation to ensure longevity. Nalco sets the standard for best practices based on your systemA new data center requires advanced planning along design. We will be there from project start to finishwith Best-In-Class start-up procedures. This ensures to ensure the job is done right the first time savingsystem longevity and zero downtime. you time and money. ✓ Proper cleaning and flushing procedures ✓ On-site expertise managing commissioning process ✓ In-house analytical services ✓ PORTA-FEED® drumless delivery system ✓ Cooling tower cleaningsLocal Expertise:✓ Data Center industry specifications (CD-ROM version)✓ Guidance on local discharge requirements✓ Proper system design to reduce chemical usage and increase water-use efficiency✓ Zero discharge/advanced recycle project managementData Center Operations In addition to standard applications in coolingNalco employs more than 200 people with PhD towers, 3D TRASAR tech-degrees, who focus their efforts on improving nology has been used inwater use efficiency in your day-to-day operations. large chilled water systems,This team of experts developed 3D TRASAR® including thermal storage. Benefits include leaktechnology, which has been accepted as the detection and system volume, ensuring the rightpremier chemical and control technology for chemical at the right time and the right amount arecooling water since its deployment in more than maintained in all operating conditions.5,000 customer locations.
  3. 3. Reliability for Critical SystemsReliable, efficient and accurate are common words used by customers operating3D TRASAR technologies, which recently won a Presidential Green Chemistry ChallengeAward by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its cooling water application.The controller and chemistry combine multiple monitoring points, alarm notificationand cutting-edge feed and control methods. This approach ensures that your criticalcooling systems are protected while optimizing the reuse of water and saving you energy.3D TRASAR Technology Consists of: 3D TRASAR Technology Provides:✓ Nalco 360 24/7/365 expert monitoring/control ™ ✓ Automated tower cycle control managing services all-system stress✓ pH, ORP, conductivity ✓ Real-time feed and control logic✓ Active polymer monitoring ✓ Real-time corrosion monitoring✓ Web-enabled technology ✓ Immediate alarm notification✓ Active bacteria monitoring and controlBest In Class Service and Training Nalco also offers two distinct training courses to enhance your operators’ knowledge.Nalco uses its Six ServiceStandards (6SS) to ensure all of • Nalco Customer University:your locations receive the same These on-line courses take youhigh-quality service and atten- from Water Treatment 101 totion. Program administration more technical discussions onmanuals, one key element to the chemistry and equipment.6SS, ensures consistency for all • Classroom Training:your data centers. Periodically your local representative will provide specific training tailored to your needs. This is set in a classroom and training materials are provided.Sustainable Accreditation• Gain LEED Green Building Rating System™ certification points• Achieve Energy Star rating• Reduced carbon footprint ENERGY STAR, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national program for superior energy management, designates Nalco Company as an ENERGY STAR service and product provider (SPPs).
  4. 4. Nalco Company and offerings that makeLEED Certification sense environmen-The Leadership in Energy and tally, socially andEnvironmental Design (LEED®) financially.Green Building Rating System™ is Internally, specificthe nationally accepted benchmarkfor the design, construction and initiatives are inoperation of high-performance place to minimize the amount ofbuildings. LEED gives buildingowners and operators the tools waste we (Nalco)they need to have an immediate create; the materi- als we introduceand measurable impact on theirbuildings’ performance. into the environ- ment throughNalco programs create significant emissions, and invalue and help building owners particular, theachieve this LEED certification. amounts ofThe result is reduced energy greenhouse gasesrequirements, increased water we release.reuse or avoidance, asset con- Greenhouse gas emissions Waste Minimization: Over the past (GHG): Nalco has committed toservation, reductions in solid wastedisposal and improved utilization seven years, the total amount of waste reduce GHG emissions from itsof other natural resources and raw generated by Nalco’s manufacturing plants by 18% (as a ratio of gas operations worldwide has been cut by emissions to production) by 2012.materials. Contact your local Nalco 29.4%, despite a 16.9% increase in Over the last eight years, our totalsales engineer for more informationon how Nalco can help you achieve production volume. emissions have decreased by 1.3%your LEED certification. The Global Waste Index (GWI) despite a production increase of 17%.Since our founding, Nalco has shows that a 14.2% reduction was Energy consumption: During theexpanded its offerings to further achieved three years ago, despite a 5.2% past five years we have reduced our increase in production volume. energy consumption per unit ofreduce emissions of water, gasesand solid waste to the environment. Toxics Release Inventory (USEPA production by just over 3%, despiteToday we support more than TRI): TRI reports chemical releases for a 17% increase in production volume.70,000 customer locations in As part of our commitment to nearly 650 chemicals in the United130 countries with a full range of States and shows that Nalco has improving our environmental reduced emissions to water by more performance, our manufacturing plants around the world are under- than 60% over the last eight years, including a 10.7% reduction a few going a comprehensive program of years back. accreditation to the environmental management standard ISO14001. NALCO COMPANY OPERATIONS North America: Headquarters –1601 West Diehl Road • Naperville, Illinois 60563 • USA Energy Services Division – 7705 Highway 90-A • Sugar Land, Texas 77487 • USA Europe: Ir.G.Tjalmaweg 1 • 2342 BV Oegstgeest • The Netherlands Asia Pacific: 2 International Business Park • #02-20 The Strategy Tower 2 • Singapore 609930 Latin America: Av. das Nações Unidas 17.891 • 6° Andar 04795-100 • São Paulo • SP • Brazil www.nalco.com PORTA-FEED, 3D TRASAR, VANTAGE, NALCO, the logo and tagline are Trademarks of Nalco Company LEED is a Registered Trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council ©2008 Nalco Company All Rights Reserved 9-08 Bulletin B-949 Nalco Holding Company is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.