Medical apps in clinical practice


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Health and medical apps will become a significant tool in healthcare, to be used by payers, providers, patients, and consumers. This is a brief general overview of the topic

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  • Patient Formulary and Catalog
  • Medical apps in clinical practice

    1. 1. Medical Apps in Clinical Practice David Lee Scher, MD, FACP, FACC, FHRS DLS Healthcare Consulting, LLC Sr Medical Advisor, Happtique Website: Blog: @dlschermd
    2. 2. Digital Health Technologies: Superconvergence into Individualized Medicine• Wireless sensors• Genomics• Information systems• Mobile connectivity• Internet/social networking• Computing power + data universe Topol, E. The Creative Destruction of Medicine, 2012
    3. 3. WHY APPS?
    4. 4. Which Mobile Capabilities Patients Want Their Doctor to Have• 42%: An app to see their test results.• 33%: Remote monitoring devices.• 30%: Access to patient health records via mobile device.• 13%: Didn’t think apps would help improve care at all. Source: 2012 Ruder Finn mHealth Report
    5. 5. Five Pitfalls of Designing a Medical App• The motivation for the app development is misguided• Lack of clinician involvement• Poor attention to usability• Not knowing the healthcare landscape• Not building to regulatory specifications designing-a-medical-app/
    6. 6. Five Barriers to mHealth Adoption: Physician Perspective• Lack of awareness• Lack of faith in safety, reliability• Lack of quality apps• Fear of increased work, workflow disruption• Lack of reimbursement
    7. 7. Barriers to mHealth Adoption: Patient Perspective• Reasons for not using them: – 27%: Didn’t have a need to. – 26% Preferred in-person communication with doctor. – 11%: Privacy concerns. – 9%: Didn’t find them useful. – 7%: didn’t know they were available. Source: Ruder Finn mHealth Report
    8. 8. Happtique Moves into app Testing, Certification By Joseph Cohen Posted: February 27, 2013 - 2:15 pm ET
    9. 9. Certification Program CHAIR: David Lee Scher, MD BLUE RIBBON PANEL Former Cardiologist and mHealth Authority Set Standards for App CertificationFranklin A. Shaffer, EdD, RN, FAAN APP CERTIFICATION REVIEW BOARDHead of the Nursing AdvisoryCouncil Implement Program and Oversee ReviewersShuvo Roy, PhDLeading biomedical scientist andresearcher NURSE PHYSICIAN OTHER REVIEWERS REVIEWERS PROVIDER REVIEWERS Review AppsDave deBronkartePatient DaveLeading Patient Advocate 10
    10. 10. Happtique App Certification• Standards:* – Safety – Operability – Privacy – Content *Available for download at
    11. 11. Facts About Health Apps*• 97,000 mHealth applications are listed on 62 full catalog app stores.• 15% are designed for healthcare professionals (CME, RPM, healthcare mgt).• 42% of apps: Paid business model.• Top 10 mHealth apps generate 4 million free and 300,000 paid downloads per day*Research2guidance, 3/13
    12. 12. • GENERAL HEALTHCARE AND FITNESS – 6.1.1. Fitness & nutrition – 6.1.2. Health tracking tools – 6.1.3. Managing medical conditions – 6.1.4. Medical compliance – 6.1.5. Wellness (traditional and corporate)• MEDICAL INFORMATION – 6.2.1. Reference – 6.2.2. Diagnostic Tools – 6.2.3. Continuing Medical Education (CME) – 6.2.4. Alerts and Awareness• REMOTE MONITORING, COLLABORATION, AND CONSULTATION – 6.3.1. Remote monitoring (safety) – 6.3.2. Remote Consultation – 6.3.3. Remote Collaboration• HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT – 6.4.1. Logistical & payment support – 6.4.2. Patient health records
    13. 13. DYNAMIC CONTENT BASED ON USER TYPE Pinnacle Apps & Content My App Formulary Apps Documents Neurology Documents Videos
    15. 15. Back Browse Filter 1 Pediatrics Formulary Search Apps 3 Amazing Baby Free Other Formularies iOS Rating Clear Prescribe 2 Favorites mRx Prescription Pad WebMD Baby Free iOS Rating All Catalogs Prescribe Patient Name: Similac Baby Journal Free Patient Name: iOS Rating Prescribe Apple Device Healthy Children Android Device Free iOS Rating Add an Prescribe Glucose Item Buddy Asthmapolis Free iOS Rating Prescribe Comments: Shots by STFM Free iOS Rating Prescribe Clear Carb Counting with Lenny US Free Prescribe iOS Rating Prescribe ADHD Tracker 1.0 Free iOS Rating PrescribePROTOTYPE ONLY
    16. 16. PrescriptionHistory Back Patients mRxPatients Screen Search Catherine Davidson Catherine Davidson ! AmazingBaby Prescribed on 12/31/2012 Abby Edwards Clicked to fill on 1/2/2013 ! Steven Finch WebMD Baby Prescribed on 1/12/2013 ! Not Filled Timothy Fredrickson Resend ! George Gibbs ! Ron Jaworsky ! James Stuart Korsokov ! Seth Manning Brenda Perez Leslie Stephenson ! Bubba Watson ! Brandee Younger Leslie Stephenson Billy Zaks PROTOTYPE ONLY
    17. 17. Challenges• Need filtered actionable data/alerts• Full connectivity with EHRs• Clinical efficacy studies• ? Reimbursement• Interoperability among apps and platforms• Complete, reasonable and appropriate regulatory requirements
    18. 18. QUESTIONS?