Presemtation Storage Devices


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Presemtation Storage Devices

  1. 1. Optical storage device<br />Here some information<br />
  2. 2. CDs and DVDs<br />Can be used for:<br /><ul><li>CDs tend to be used for large files (but smaller than 1Gb)</li></ul>which are too big for a floppy disc to hold such as music and<br />general animation.<br /><ul><li> DVDs are used to hold very large files (several Gb) such as </li></ul>movie films. Both CDs and DVDs are portable i.e. they can <br />be transported from one computer to another.<br /><ul><li>Both can be used to store computer data.</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />
  3. 3. CDs and DVDs<br />Advantages:<br />DVDs and CDs are good for a large surface area<br />CDs and DVDs are interactive<br />Disadvantages:<br /><ul><li>CDs and DVDs require physical distribution.
  4. 4. DVDs need DVD player</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />
  5. 5. CD ROM/DVD ROM<br /><ul><li>Applications which require the prevention of deletion of data,</li></ul>accidental or otherwise.<br /><ul><li>CDs used by software companies for</li></ul>distributing software programs and data; by Music companies<br />for distributing music albums and by book publishers for<br />distributing encyclopaedia’s, reference books etc.<br /><ul><li>DVDs used by film distributors.</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />
  6. 6. CD ROM/DVD ROM<br />Advantages:<br />They are self-paced.<br />In CD ROM and DVD Rom can be stored any data until its capacity <br />limit.<br />They a re highly interactive.<br />Disadvantages:<br />For updates it requires new CD.<br />DVD ROM format’s biggest disadvantage it that it can’t be used more <br />than once.<br />Ara Papikyan<br />
  7. 7. CD R/DVD R<br /><ul><li>Applications which require a single ‘burning’ of data, e.g. CDs– recording of music downloads from the Internet, recording of music from MP3 format, recording of data for archiving or backup purposes.
  8. 8. DVDs – recording of film movies and television programs.</li></ul>Advantages:<br />Long life — without physical damage, data is retained for an <br />estimated 30 years. For this reason, it has uses in archival storage.<br />Disadvantages:<br />DVD-RAM media have always been more expensive than other types <br />of DVD.<br />Less compatibility than DVD+RW and DVD-RW, despite predating <br />both formats .<br />Ara Papikyan<br />
  9. 9. CD RW/DVD RW<br />Applications which require the updating of information and ability to <br />record over old data.<br />Not suitable for music recording but is very useful for keeping <br />generations of files.<br />DVDs have between five and ten times the capacity of CDs.<br />Advantages:<br />DVD-RW disc is a rewritable optical disc with equal storage capacity <br />to a DVD-R, typically 4.7 GB.<br />Disadvantage:<br />Not good for recording music files<br />Old optical drivers can not read<br />Ara Papikyan<br />
  10. 10. DVD RAM<br /><ul><li>Housed in a cartridge.
  11. 11. Used in video recorders, camcorders and computer memory.</li></ul>Advantage:<br />Very fast access of small files on the disc.<br />Disc defect management designed to safeguard data.<br />Disadvantage:<br />Less compatibility than DVD+RW and DVD-RW, despite predating <br />both formats .<br />Ara Papikyan<br />
  12. 12. HD DVD<br /><ul><li>Used in video recorders and computer memory as well as games consoles – main rival to blu-ray.
  13. 13. Advantages:
  14. 14. Easy to manufacture
  15. 15. Bigger pits to read
  16. 16. Disadvantage:
  17. 17. Not as much capacity as in blu ray.
  18. 18. HD DVD may not be developed in the future</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />
  19. 19. Blu-ray<br />Used in video recorders and computer memory as well as games consoles.<br />Largest storage capacity of optical media.<br />Advantages:<br />Ability to store either 25GB or compress the data to fit up to 50GB of <br />Data.<br />The only optical disc device that holds high-definition quality audio <br />and video <br />Disadvantages:<br />Blu-ray discs and players are still very expensive<br />Ara Papikyan<br />
  20. 20. Solid state backing storage <br /><ul><li>Smallest form of memory, used as removable storage.
  21. 21. More robust than other forms of storage.
  22. 22. More expensive than other forms but can be easily written to and updated.</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />
  23. 23. Memory sticks/Pen drives<br /><ul><li>Can store up to many Gb.
  24. 24. Used to transport files and backup data from computer to computer.
  25. 25. Can transfer data between two PC's using their USB ports.
  26. 26. Small and Comfortable</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />
  27. 27. Flash memory cards<br /><ul><li>Used in digital cameras, palmtops, mobile phones, MP3 players.
  28. 28. Flash memory cards are non-volatile
  29. 29. Its smaller than flash drive</li></ul>Ara Papikyan<br />