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IBM Social Business Use Cases

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  • One question that we deal with most often is 'What are the primary use cases for social business software in an enterprise.' And it is indeed the most intelligent question to ask. Here is the short and sweet answer. Any thing more than this, in our opinion, in unnecessary marketing talk

    - Collaboration and Knowledge exchange among employees and partners
    - Enterprise communication: Chatting, micro blogging, discussions, forums
    - Social networking and Expert search and reach out
    - User profiles and personal information management
    - Project and tasks management
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  • Social media on right – for marketing and PR Social business on left – throughout the organization, aligned organization, all departments, integrated in business processes…
  • Customer service: Profitable growth depends social, mobile customer self-service $44.6B lost in one year due to online customer experience problems (6) Sales - Improving sales skills and matching the right people can help close more deals Top 10% of sellers often generate 30-50% of a company’s revenue. (2) Product Development Accelerating innovation to deliver better products faster In software, the top programmers write 10 times the code of average performers (2) Marketing Gather insights into what customers will buy next 81% received product purchase advice from friends and followers through a social site (7)
  • Overview Omron Europe is a division of Omron Corporation, a global leader in the field of industrial automation. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron Corporation offers approximately 200,000 products that span industrial automation, electronic components, social systems, healthcare and the environment. Omron Europe operates locally in every European country through two divisions: Industrial Automation and Electronic Components. The company’s more than 2,000 employees primarily engage in sales, marketing and product distribution for the parent company. Omron Europe is based in Hoofdorp, near Amsterdam. Business need: From video ( : 2 formal strategic drivers: Shift from multi Local to Pan European (and then global) Integration of the 2 division model (as clients faced with 2 Omron) The world is changing the way they communicate leading Omron’s customers to change the way they communicate. All of this leads Omron associates to change how they communicate – especially as “Knowledge is a crucial factor to win business”. Program started in Europe connecting employees. Next phases will connect employees to customers, customer to customer, and expand scope globally. Solution: Solution Principles: IT is just a tool Tsunagi (Japanese for linkage) Data and process and people Platforms IBM Connections software embedded in IBM WebSphere Portal solution led to Ozone, a personalized intranet portal that presents applications, information and the social network in a business context. Benefits: A unified portal for task execution, knowledge sharing and enhanced collaboration improved employee productivity, helping them better serve customers across two divisions . Reference Link
  • Business Issues This large government agency (>30.000 employees) experienced difficulties in collaborating across departments, and in finding experts and expertise in a timely way, leading to inefficient processes and lack of learning from past mistakes. The organization also needed to address the combined continuity challenge of loosing key capabilities, skills and knowledge because of required cost reduction efforts (including staff reduction) as well as the effect of an aging workforce, who are due to leave the organization in the next few years. Medium term vision for this organization is that to combat these issues it is key to (1) enable virtual working, (2) facilitate networking and connectedness across the organization, and (3) improving their attractiveness as an employer for new talent. Project Approach Business Process Demonstration illustrating the value that the new social platform could bring for the client. Not just any process – a core primary process that executives could recognize the importance of improving. Adoption initiation program focused on executing “pilots” in all business lines to generate early success and lessons learned. Avoided the “share lessons” use cases, and focused on true added value processes central to the organization's medium term strategy. Creating a suitable support environment to enable “bottom-up adoption”, including online, helpdesk, project team support and training material based on recognizable use cases. Enabling enthusiastic ambassadors to drive the value discussion in the business and showcase role model behavior. Client Outcomes / Lessons Learned As a result of the proposal demonstration, 30,000  users across three business units in the Netherlands are actively using tools within the Lotus suite. Success, in this engagement, was measured per pilot, with metrics like: 'percentage of use' within the communities and the number of populated user profiles. We were able to produce significant adoption and up-take rates, while only communicating the launch to 3000 IT professionals.  IT was notified of the launch of ConnectPeople at a week-long inspiration event. There were presentations, flyers, banners, business cards and hands-on workshops to get acquainted with the new platform.  After that, our adoption strategy was to run an initial set of pilots in the business (as well as IT) in a program run by IT, to get familiar with business requirements and cultural issues, and build success stories. That´s the phase we are rounding up now. To drive adoption organization-wide, the different business units need to take ownership and start an adoption program for themselves, with support from us. They are organizing for this now. We did not want to communicate widely before our success stories and our experience was more grounded. That said - we did publish one or two articles in company wide press in october, right after the launch.   Client Reaction Collaboration with the client was excellent due to their internal stakeholder management, drive and understanding, and their superb ability to execute. Key feedback from the client suggests that working as one IBM with our breadth of knowledge, completeness of service, quality of support, and depth of understanding is a key differentiator.    Client Value Becoming a “Social Business” enables this client to make their operations more effective and efficient, and to improve client satisfaction scores through better quality service. Positioning the new social platform as a central and integrated part of the workplace helps drive widespread adoption, which in turn positions this organization for showcase to the wider Dutch government.  
  • Children's Medical Center of Dallas wanted a way to help patients and families learn from one another's experiences and improve education and support networks, with the hope of driving more effectively managed care. As the 7th largest pediatric healthcare provider in the US- with nearly 570,000 patient visits every year- and a network of physicians and employees, they had a large potential 'social graph' to tap into. Using a solution, with key software of IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Connections, Mobile Portal capability, IBM Forms, Coremetrics, and Tivoli, which integrated health records, educational material, tools, and the Children’s Social Network into a single web experience, CMDC provided patients and parents with a private community for communication and support. It is estimated to drive a 75% reduction in clinic phone calls, a 5% increase in referrals, integration within the continuity of care and reduced operating costs. Based on IBM Connections, the Children’s Social Network (CSN) allows patients and family members to interact with other members to form a sense of community at Children’s. CSN is integrated into the Patient Portal in a way that promotes community but does not intrude.
  • AXA Connie O’Brien of AXA Equitable speaks about a game designed by her company, an insurance company– and yes you heard that right– entitled “Pass it On.” The game was designed to instill an understanding in users of the value of life insurance, sales of which have been at an all time low. The company remains entirely transparent with their players in order to meet regulations and the challenges that come with the sensitive material inherent in the business. Players go through the game, saving money and generally meeting the needs of their family -fundamentally learning about life insurance and its benefits. One goal for AXA was to personalize the game through the use of custom avatars, and different color shields signifying levels. Instead of the player dying at the end, he or she moves on, and the beneficiary simply takes over the benefits, moving forward from there. Players can also win a chance at a cash reward of $15-$25,000. Energize : The IBM BPM game, Innov8 . takes the customer into a virtual world Teach them about Business Process Management. In this approach, IBM recognize s that people have short attention spans, and gaming can be very effective for engaging people. Innov8 is a lead generation campaign. The game is free to play, but IBM knows that people want to brag about their scores, but they have to give their contact information in order to display their scores outside of the game. Panasonic Hilton IBM Mobile Enterprise Services helps Hilton Worldwide drive real business value, including: Improved overall guest experience Drive down cost Set a standard for how hotels should be Panasonic Ushers in cloud computing with SmartCloud for Social Business to connect global workforce in the cloud Business challenge Panasonic is a market and technology leader in consumer and industrial electronics. Panasonic's vision is to become the #1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018. Panasonic will leverage IT innovation to enable business units globally to operate as “One Panasonic.” As part of its globalization efforts, the company embarked on an information technology (IT) initiative to improve competitive advantage and overall business results by helping its multiple business units work together more efficiently. Solution Adopted IBM's SmartCloud for Social Business services to enable its workforce to communicate and collaborate more efficiently with its global network of customers, partners and suppliers. Benefits Low cost and rapid deployment will provide cost savings. Superior extranet capabilities allow Panasonic to provide a set of cloud collaboration tools for immediate access across all regions -- connecting global project teams and best practices for product research, development and sales and giving Panasonic a competitive edge. Singapore Polytechnic With information scattered over a stack of disparate systems - from email (Windows Live) to student administration (PeopleSoft) to corporate websites (BEA) - Boon Hai felt that students could get a better “end user experience” if they had a one-stop portal. This portal would “push” relevant information to students (e.g. update them via sms) rather than waiting for students to “pull” the information themselves. The point was to get students to feel more connected to their alma mater, and the portal site is designed around services that students might need, he said. For example, freshmen often need information like campus directions and course criteria, whilst the graduating class would need information on job prospects, potential university placement and/or NAPFA physical fitness test (for young Singaporean men about to enter the army). They have personalized the student e-experience for each individual student – they login and see My page, My Singapore Polytechnic, My Study, etc. And personalized messages are pushed to students through SMS.
  • Be prepared - How ready are you? Some of the catchy take aways from Jeffrey’s book – easy to remember. Full of insight.
  • Social Business Use Cases

    1. 1. IBM Social Business #ibmsocialbiz © 2011 IBM Corporation
    2. 2. The era of Social Business Social Internet PCs Departmental Mainframe2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    3. 3. Social Media vs. Social Business Organização e Processos de Social Media Principalmente Marketing. Social Business Negócio3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    4. 4. It’s not important what you know only…. It’s important Who Knows what you know Ginny Rometty – IBM CEO – August 20124 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    5. 5. Tecnologia social aplicada aos processos Social Business Resultados Atento ao mercado Negocio tradicional Fidelização de clientes Marketing “one-way” Marketing, Controle de marca Servicio ao Social cliente Inserido aos processos Conectado ao exterior Desenvolvimento Investimento em Pesquisas Comunidades ativas de Idéias Internas Empregados participam produtos/serviços da Construcao Engajamento Operações Silos Recursos Inflexível Humanos5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    6. 6. Gerando Resultados para a Organização Product Development Can develop and bring new Customer Service products to market in 1/3 time (3) Can achieve 5% reduction in customer defection rate increasing profits by up to 68% (2) Sales Marketing Can achieve 100% increase Can increase sales manager in market exposure (4) revenue by 40% and improve efficiency by up to 50% (1)Source 1: VCC case study, Source 2:TBC , Source 3: Cemex case study, Source 4. Amidori case study 6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    7. 7. NN Value of Social Business 20% Customer Service Increase Customer Satisfaction 20% R&D Reduce time to market; Increase number of successful innovations 30% HR & Talent Management Increase speed to access knowledge; Increase speed to access experts Source: Business and Web 2.0: An interactive feature, McKinsey Quarterly, 2011 7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    8. 8. IBM Connections Profiles Home page Find the people you need See whats happening across your social network Communities Work with people who share common roles and expertise Social Analytics Discover who and what you don’t know Files via recommendations Post, share, and discover documents, presentations, images, and more Micro-blogging Wikis Reach out for help your social networ Create web content together Activities Bookmarks Organize your work and tap your Save, share, and discover bookmarks professional network Forums Blogs Exchange ideas with, and benefit from Present your own ideas, and learn the expertise of others from others8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. AA Omron: Cultural shift & tsunagi (“linkage”) CULTURE eats strategy for lunch! Goals: Shift from multi-local to Pan Integrate division model Geographic for “1 Omron to Client” Approach & Results: 9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. EE Engaging to amplify rewards and motivation IBM - BlueThx TD Bank – WOW Moments 10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    11. 11. AA Communicating Vision • TD Bank Examples – Executive Social Handbook – Conversation Guide – Executive FAQ – Etc. • Key Messages – Business Value – Why they are doing this – Roadmap – What questions have been asked – Use what tool for when 11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    12. 12. GG Dutch Tax: “Connect People” Communications to build trust across boundaries • 30K employees • Siloed • Predicted turnover - loss of experience • Embedded expert recommendations in core apps extending relationships • Visionary videos creating understanding of value to organization • QR codes, comics, etc. to drive adoption 12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    13. 13. GG Creating trust with patient support communities • Customer advocates redefined patients care • Private patient support communities by disease75% Reduction inclinic phone calls 5% Increase in referrals 13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    14. 14. EE Integrated gamification creating engagement More quickly realize the value of social business by engaging customers, partners and employees Spark Adoption for IBM Connections, Spark Collaboration for IBM Connections 14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    15. 15. EE Engage with an Exceptional Experience; Shift spectators into participants Social Gaming at AXA and IBM Setting a standard of services at Hilton Engaging students at SP Social Cloud at Panasonic 15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    16. 16. Be coming W e w an t t o be a a Social online Bu siness.. Network Behavior “St “Business “Sto turn Ncktwork” e turn ocks o iing s of iin ng i f nf of n into F fo of n nto Fl o ew ew i lo w Irvi Ber ng info ows nfo” s ger Wl ada skyw ” - SVP Steve Mills – V ” harness our colle arn u ctive intelligence acro in e c ss IBM and ultimate IB imat lyly Company across our eco- o u c system” Innovation ” Think Tank16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    17. 17. GG Executives leading the way to build trust IBM’s CEO •Dedicated Communication Community called “ThinkTogether” •Video Blogs – First day on job – After every Qtr •Recognition via micro blogging Likelihood of trusting CEO & leadership who openly communicate on Social* No difference (16%) Much more likely (31% Less likely (2%) More likely (51%) 17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    18. 18. 18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    19. 19. 19 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    20. 20. More than 4K participants Regional communities to centralize efforts, share knowledge and connect people20 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    21. 21. 21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    22. 22. 22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    23. 23. Digital Reputation / Recognition23 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    24. 24. Ideation – Feature Requests - CrowdSourcing Faster time to market for products & services24 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    25. 25. EE Mobile Social Leverage existing investments in mobile technology to engage socially – Freedom to stay connected with your network from your choice of smartphones & tablets Participate in social process while you are disconnected – Offline access to secure and encrypted socially shared files Extend corporate branded social platform to your mobile experience – Easily manage your branding across all devices from a single point 25 © 2012 IBM Corporation © 2011 IBM Corporation
    26. 26. Employee Onboarding26 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    27. 27. Allowing the Teams to compete Better27 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    28. 28. Managing the Business28 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    29. 29. Managing Events29 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    30. 30. Expediting Support30 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    31. 31. Speed to Find info31 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    32. 32. Speed to find information32 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    33. 33. Badges / Recognition33 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    34. 34. Friendly reminder this is a Corporate Tool…34 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    35. 35. Social Business Platform35 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    36. 36. Social Business AGENDA A A Align Organizational Goals & Culture Social Business G G Gain Social Trust E E Engage through Experiences N N Network Your Business Processes D D Design for Reputation & Risk Management A A Analyze Your Data 36 © 2011 IBM Corporation