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Saudi Media Forum - Social Media Campaign Workshop 28 Nov - TOP
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Saudi Media Forum - Social Media Campaign Workshop 28 Nov - TOP


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Workshop given at the Saudi Media Forum by Diya Murra, Senior Project Manager at The Online Project, on 28 November 2013

Workshop given at the Saudi Media Forum by Diya Murra, Senior Project Manager at The Online Project, on 28 November 2013

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Saudi Media Forum A World Class Social Media Campaign For Your Business NOVEMBER 2012 PRESENTED BY TOP
  • 2. Diya Murra Senior Project Manager @Dimurra 1
  • 3. Social Media 101 2
  • 4. Social Media 101 - Agenda What is social media? How is it different than other types of media? Why use social media? Examples of social media channels Social media in the Middle East 3
  • 5. What is social media 4
  • 6. What is social media 5
  • 7. What is social media 6
  • 8. What is social media 7
  • 9. What is social media 8
  • 10. How Social Media Is Different Public Relations • Talk to Journalists, Professionals • One-to-Many • Control the Brand • Push the Message • Speak as a Spokesman 9 Public Relationships • Talk to Customers, People • One-to-One & One-to-Many • Manage the Brand • Engage the Community • Speak as a Peer
  • 11. Which Social Networks To Use Define your target audience 1.Age group 2.Country 3.Niche or shared interests 4.Type of your product/service 10
  • 12. Who Should Manage My Social Media In-house • Better product/service knowledge. • Better understanding of company’s culture. • Clearer vision of goals. • Immediate access to related information. • Less costly most of the time. 11 Outsource • Faster. • Social media know-how. • Strategy. • Reach. • Guidelines. • Time saving. • Neutral vision. • Monitoring & Analysis
  • 13. Social Media Process Analysis Listen Assessment Respond • Jump into running conversations. • Get live feedback on certain products/services • Point out questions/leads and share with all concerned parties. • Reply to all questions asked on each channel. • Minimize the response time as much as possible to improve your users’ service experience. Reporting Improvement 12 • Keep your users/customers updated with relevant content. Engage
  • 14. Engagement Tips 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 13 No one would like to talk to computers or machines, just be human. Personalize your communication and NEVER copy paste. Do your best to respond using the same language. Keep looking for negative comments, those are the ones you are going to benefit of. It's public relationSHIPS not public relations. Don't over promote your brand. Get the community involved in taking decisions.
  • 15. Which Social Networks To Use 14
  • 16. Which Social Networks To Use 164 million blogs 150 years of YouTube videos viewed on Facebook / day 1:7 people on earth 250 million is active on Facebook Tweets /day 1 Billion on Facebook 15
  • 17. Introduction To Our Team And Services 16
  • 18. 17
  • 19. 18
  • 20. Where we work Three regional offices, clients throughout the Middle East and campaigns executed across the world 19
  • 21. Our Services Strategy Community Business opportunities created through social media Tailor-made strategic and tactical campaigns with full online and on-ground activation Building, growing and managing your online communities around your brand or cause Listening Reputation Advertising Real-time customer insights and analysis of your brand, industry and target audience trends 20 Campaigns 24/7 comprehensive social media crisis and reputation management Multi-platform advertising using techniques proven to reduce clients advertising spend
  • 22. Why we do it Social media is changing the way people, companies and governments make decisions, communicate and consume. The Middle East is at the forefront of this change. Before the advent of social media, public discourse was limited across the region. But in the last five years a dramatic shift in power has occurred, as these social tools have allowed people to communicate and co-ordinate like never before. We believe social media can create a positive change in the region and we want to help brands be part of it. 21
  • 23. The roots of our success 22
  • 24. 23
  • 25. Proprietary technology and systems Content Scorer™ We built this content analysis tool to help our team, our clients and other social businesses maximize the value of their content. • Track the performance of tweets • Score tweets based on multiple variables SMMS Moderation Tool ™ We developed this dedicated tool to help streamline community management processes. • • • • 24 Categorize, report and schedule responses Agency-to-client workflow management Analyse sentiment Filter spam
  • 26. Research with relevance We believe that research relevant to the region is fundamental to our clients success in social. But most behavioral research on social media is related to the EU/US markets and does not address the complexity of the Middle East. We create industry reports containing the insights and tactics our clients and partners need to succeed in social in the region. 25
  • 27. 24 / 7 / 365 moderation systems TOP has developed the first 24/7 social media call centre in the region catering for round the call moderation and responding in coordination with our customer’s call centres. This has enhanced customer experience and brand health tremendously. A dedicated team of analysts managing communities at all times to ensure an uninterrupted customer service experience. 26
  • 28. Advertising Optimization Social advertising is an important part of campaigning and early online community growth. Our experience in using social advertising market places means we can get our clients one of the lowest possible “click through rates” (CTR) in your target market. 27 7.8 Million
  • 29. Strategic thinking and relationships We deliver market-leading advice for our clients, as a product of our direct strategic relationships with social media platforms and our thought leadership work within the industry. 28
  • 31. Planning Social Media Campaigns 30
  • 32. Planning Social Media Campaigns - Agenda Set Objectives Brainstorm – and organize ideas Write down the plan Start Project (Content, Design, Development) Pre-Launch Launch Advertise Manage Measure, Report and Document 31
  • 33. Objectives 32
  • 34. Brainstorm 33
  • 35. Write Down A Plan 34
  • 36. Start Project - Content - 35 Identify target audience Keep objective in mind Agree on content type and post content Supplement with ads! Monitor engagement rates
  • 37. Start Project - Design - 36 Identify target audience Keep objective in mind Brand and platform guidelines Details, Details, Details
  • 38. Start Project - Development - Research – is this doable? - Either get the right person to do it - Or use a tool - TEST TEST TEST! 37
  • 39. Pre-Launch - What is an influencer? - Do you know any interested influencers? - Contact influencers 25K Followers 38
  • 40. Pre-Launch - Tease your audience to increase hype 39
  • 41. Launch Launch BIG!! To launch big and gain momentum, you need to ADVERTISE! 40
  • 42. Advertise - Facebook Types of Advertising Sponsored Stories Sponsored Page Stories 41 Sponsored Page Post Stories Facebook Ads Page Ads Post Ads
  • 43. Advertise - Twitter 42
  • 44. Managing and Engaging the Online Community 43
  • 45. Measure Report and Document - Facebook insights walkthrough - Twitter Hootsuite: - HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and distribute targeted messages using HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard. 44
  • 46. Case Studies - 45 #RJLaunch #RJTwinter NDG #YouTube Launch Nawras
  • 47. Questions 46
  • 48. The Online Project