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Beginning Microsoft Word
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Beginning Microsoft Word



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  • 1. The Dixon Public Library Presents: BEGINNING MICROSOFT WORD May 8, 2008 6:30pm
  • 2. This is the “desktop” of your computer.   Use the left button on the mouse to double click on the picture (icon) that says “ Microsoft Word”.   When using a computer remember – if one mouse click doesn’t work, try two! 1
  • 3. You can also click once on the “Start” button. Then click on “ All programs.” Find “Microsoft Word” and click on it. 2
  • 4. This is your blank document. Word gives you lots of tools to change your document. Just look at all the buttons. When you put the mouse cursor over the button it tells you what it does. 3
  • 5. ADJUST THE ZOOM Make the page easier to read without changing how it will print out 4
  • 6. 5 You can also set up the page orientation from here Portrait or Landscape Just as with a clean sheet of paper in your typewriter, the first thing you do is set up your margins. CLICK File CLICK Page Setup
  • 7. Choose a font Choose a font 6
  • 8. Change your font size 7 Change your font size
  • 9.
    • Color Highlight
    • Font Color
    • Center Text
    • Left Justify Text
    • Right Justify Text
    • Bold
    • Italics
    • Underline
    Cut - Cuts text or pictures so that you can put it in another place in this document or another document OR deletes the text or picture completely. Copy - Copy text or picture to another place in this document OR into another document. Paste – Paste the “cut” text or picture into another place in this document OR into another document. Undo – Made a mistake? Click on “UNDO” and it takes away the last thing you did. “Undo” will go back several steps so be careful when you undo! Redo – Did you really want that mistake? Change text by clicking left mouse button, holding it down and dragging it over the text you want to change 8
  • 10. NEW OPEN Opens a file that you have already saved You can work on several documents at the same time. The old one will hide behind the new one. 9
  • 13. Choose where you want to save your document, name your document, then click on “Save” Name your document SAVE Saves the document to the hard drive, floppy disc, or flash drive – SAVE OFTEN SO THAT YOU DON’T LOSE ALL YOUR HARD WORK! 12
  • 14. PRINT PREVIEW Will show you what your page will look like when it is printed. 13 To go back to normal view click on “Close” button You like what you see so you … PRINT
  • 15. X Closes the document It will ask if you want to save so that you won’t forget! 14 OR Use the File Menu Click on “Exit”
  • 16. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Highlight the text you want to change Hold down “Ctrl” button then push: “ C” to Copy “ X” to Cut “ V” to Paste “ U” to Underline “ B” to make Bold “ I” to make Italic “ A” to Select All (highlights everything on the page) “ Z” to Undo “ Y” to Redo “ P” to Print 15
  • 17.
    • Find something you want to do with Microsoft Word:
          • Write letters
          • Make flyers or brochures
          • Make lists
          • Write a resume
          • OR anything else that will motivate you to …
  • 18. PRACTICE … PRACTICE … PRACTICE It’s the only way you will get better … at anything!! REMEMBER! Don’t let it the computer get the best of you SMILE and be patient with it If you would like a free 30 minute tutorial, just you, me, and the computer, please call me to make an appointment. Jennifer 678-5447 **These handouts are also available for viewing at www.slideshare.net/Dixon Click on “Beginning Word” to open powerpoint presentation.
  • 19. Resources
    • Dixon Public Library owns these books on Microsoft Word:
    • Microsoft Word for beginners by Web Wise Seniors
    • Microsoft Office Word 2003 : Introductory Course by William R. Pasewark
    • Exploring Microsoft Office 2003 by Robert T. Grauer & Maryann Barber
    • Microsoft Word 2003 for seniors by Addo Stuur
    • Word 2007 for starters by Chris Grover
    • Other titles are available in the SNAP catalog.
    • Ask a librarian to help you find them.
    • Some Websites to try for more Microsoft Word Instruction:
    • Internet 4 Classrooms – Using Microsoft Word http://www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line_word.htm
    • Bay City Schools – Microsoft Word Instruction http://www.bcschools.net/staff/WordHelp.htm
    • Tutor Via Computer
    • http://www.baycongroup.com/word.htm
  • 20. Microsoft Word 1 & 2 – Hands on Practice
    • 1. Open Microsoft Word . Here is your blank document. *handouts pg 2
    • 2. Make your margins 2 inches on the top and bottom and 1 inch on the left and right. *handouts pg 5
    • 3. Choose “ Landscape ” for your page orientation . *handouts pg 5
    • 4. Choose “ Arial ” as your font. *handouts pg 6
    • 5. Choose a font size of 12 . *handouts pg 7
    • 6. Choose “ Center ” for your text alignment *handouts pg 8
    • 7. Type “The quick brown fox jomped over the lazy dag.”
    • 8. Highlight the word “jomped” in yellow . *handouts pg 8
    • 9. Change the font color of “brown fox” to brown . *handouts pg 8
    • 10. Highlight your text using the mouse and justify text to the right . *handouts pg 8
    • 11. Justify text to the left . *handouts pg 8
    • 12. Make the word “quick” bold
      • - use the keyboard shortcut on pg 15 of your handouts.
    • 13. Change the word “lazy” to italics . *handouts pg 8
    • 14. Underline the word “dag.” *handouts pg 8
    • 15. Create a new document . *handouts pg 9
    • 16. Type “new document” into this new blank document.
    • 17. Click on “Document 1” at the bottom of the screen.
    • 18. Copy the quick brown fox sentence from Document 1 and paste it in “Document 2” underneath where you typed “new document.” *handouts pg 8
    • 19. Undo the paste you just did then redo it. *handouts pg 8
    • 20. Spell check this document (document 2). *handouts pg 11
    • 21. Save Document 2 under “My Documents” – remember to name it! *handouts pg 12
    • 22. Do a Print Preview so that you can see what your document will look like printed. *handouts pg 13
    • 23. Close both documents – you don’t need to save document 1. *handouts pg 14
    • 24. Extra credit – Use the Insert Menu to insert a Picture from Clip Art