Innovation drive (first year execution strategy)
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Innovation drive (first year execution strategy)



Let's gear up to boost Innovation & new Ideas !!

Let's gear up to boost Innovation & new Ideas !!



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Innovation drive (first year execution strategy) Innovation drive (first year execution strategy) Presentation Transcript

  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Basic Thought: Loads of Ideas developing in Classrooms, Cubicles, Coffee Parlors, etc. Need of the Hour:  Tap good ideas & IMPLEMENT them  Realize the dividend from Young Thinking Minds  Inculcate a feel good factor in the hearts & minds of all those who innovate Focus on Ideas which:  Improve the Quality of Life  Improve Systems
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Possible Long Term Product: A forum where,  New Ideas can be presented to the Appropriate Authorities  Solutions meet Problems and vice versa  National Systems /Public Policy can be improved through Innovation Following Presentation:  The First Year Plan for the establishment of such a forum  Focuses on ‘Value Creation’ through the message of ‘Innovation’  Aims at laying the foundation for a forum to exist in future  Considers an Evolutionary Model approach which is Self- Sustainable  Is structured to present PDPU as the harbinger of Innovation among Indian Universities  Focuses on a Student driven process aimed at empowerment
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Points To promote new ideas across the country A step towards closing the gap between Industry-Government-Academia Focus on changing/improving current systems Innovation to be a Mass Movement A self sustainable model, evolutionary model Entrepreneurship Development Forum
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( MODEL Industry Government I N N D Students O R V I A V T E I O N Implementable Ideas for Better Systems
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Year Action Plan1. Develop small scale innovative models/strategies/best practices to be implemented at various workplaces. E.g. Green offices, Clean campuses, etc. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 CY 2012 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q42. Launch a Pan India Awareness Campaign under the name ‘PDPU Innovation Drive’ to promote the value of Innovation3. December 2011: Resource Evaluation & Assimilation
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Modus Operand1 Call for Ideas to develop Small Scale Model; Convert Ideas into Feasible Models Create a Webpage about the Initiative (through PDPU: Ambassadors to visit various Companies, Academic Institutions, Government Bodies Work on specifics to execute them in respective institutions3b Hold mini forums in respective organizations to spread the value of the Long Term3c Product (Innovation Forum), with focus on Partnering the Organization to the Initiative Develop Ambassador Groups for each partner institutions; Create web pages for partner4 organizations through PDPU, E.g. ( Link all partners through PDPU to start an ‘Interaction Forum’ between all members5 Develop Future Strategy based on results, feedbacks and new ideas6
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Work Flow through Organization Ex Co Industry Leaders Academicians STRATEGY GROUP Alumni Proved Innovators Small Scale Model Awareness CAPITALLOGISTICS Development campaign •Industry/Govt. Mentors IDEATORS NETWORKING •Academia AGENTS •Media
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Development Call for Ideas relevant for application in Industry/Academic Institutions (intra PDPU event) Focus on non-technical ideas in the initial phase Development of ideas into feasible pilot models with guidance from mentors Pilot test selected models in PDPU/available resources Present the models to various institutions to work on implementation
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Campaign Visit to various companies, academic institutions Discussion on implementation of various small scale models developed by Ideators Objective: To make every partner institution a stakeholder in this initiative Develop a common webpage (PDPU-Innovation Initiative-Institution) The webpage becomes a forum for interaction between the students and industry people  Problem solving  Idea exchange  Relationship building
  • Diwakar Jhurani (, Fund Raisers- Hybrid Model  Organize fund raising events in the first 3 months, e.g. Ahmedabad Half marathon (Run to Innovate), etc.  Fund Raisers to reflect public mood towards the initiative (also a green channel for Exit Strategy)  Equivalent to practice matches for Networking Representatives  Focus on Academic Institutions, Industry, Government bodies in Gujarat  Organization Responsibility: PDPU
  • Diwakar Jhurani ( Required From PDPU  IT support  Infrastructure  Proactive Students Alumni  To be the ambassadors of this initiative in their companies  Branding Catalysts Fund Raisers for Capital (A double edged sword to boost marketing and get primary feedback) Human Resources for Strategy Group & Ex Co