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Advertising Strategy of AMbuja Cement

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Adv live project (f467)

  1. 1. ADVERTISING LIVE PROJECT ONAMBUJA CEMENT CAMPAIGNUnder the Guidance ofProf. Sharmistha Ray Submitted By- Group No-F467 1
  2. 2. CASE STUDY Ambuja Cement: Wall-to-wall Advertising Ambuja Cements formerly Gujarat Ambuja is one of Indias largest cement brands. The company came into existence in 1984. Ambuja Cements is a classic example of asuccessful commodity branding. In the last decade the companyhas grown tenfold. Indian cement market is different from the restof the world because the largest segment of buyers of cement inIndia is the individual home owners rather than the institutions.Although this scenario is witnessing a change due to the boom inthe organized realty sector, individual home owners form asignificant segment that no cement marketers can ignore. Althoughthese individuals shell out the money to purchase cement, they arenot the decision makers in the buying process. The demographicprofile includes 25- 45 yrs young males The intermediaries like thecontractors, masons etc take up the role of the influencer/decisionmakers in the purchase of this product. Since the consumers viewthis product as a commodity, the involvement of ordinary homeowners in the purchase is low.Ambuja Cements also focused on influencing the other players inthe business like the contractors/masons and engineers throughcamps and meets.Ambuja Cements is one of the companies that realized the potentialof brand as a differentiator. Even in the eighties, Ambuja cement 2
  3. 3. started its activities for building the brand. It adopted various otherstrategies depending on the trend. Emphasis was on Quality. HighAdvertisement for branding atleast 3 times more than thecompetitor ACC at one time. Improvement in Packaging byinformation provided by suppliers acted in favour of the company.Extensive & primarily exclusive distribution network-Over 6,000dealers and 20,000 retailers helped them to reach remote areasalso. Promotional activities like seminars, workshops for masons,architects, contractors etc by providing information on use ofAmbuja Cement. Advertising and Publicity campaign. Infactaccording to Superbrands report, Ambuja cements is the firstcement brand to start advertising in television. The Selection ofAgency by the Ambuja Cement was well researched and fulfilledtheir expectation.Grey Worldwide ranks amongst the largest global advertisingcompanies. They have long standing reputation for launching andbuilding many of the company‟s leading brands like P&G, Gsk,Bharti Axa, Kinderjoy, Fortis etc. Ambuja Cement‟s association withthe Grey Agency helped them to capture the market share and buildBrand Image. For Ambuja Cement‟s Ad, Grey has ensured that thestrength of the cement rides on the strength of emotion.While branding the cement commodity, the agency concentrated onits core brand promise of “Strength". Strength is a very highlyrelevant attribute as far as customer is concerned. Commodities areboring products, but for smart marketers, this was an opportunityto make difference. 3
  4. 4. Television Commercial (TVC) for AmbujaCement, revolves around the story of twoestranged brothers (Bhai Bhai, featuringBoman Irani, which was released six yearsago) trying to break down the wall that runsbetween their houses, the wall which theyput up to separate their houses when they were fighting with eachother seasoned with an emotional (almost humanitarian) twist. PritiNair, national creative director, Grey Worldwide, says that thestrength of the wall was juxtaposed with the strength of character ofthe two brothers. “Cement is a low involving category,” says Nair.So, the brotherly love element and the often used Bollywood typeplot were added to make the ad more entertaining.Nair and her team wanted to stay away from the stereotypical„milavat (adulteration)‟ type ads for cement, or even those involvingbig buildings and pride of ownership. “We wanted to show the victory of the underdogs,” she explains. After that humorous attempt, came some ads which presented the brand in a sentimental vein (the Dadi ad), a move that Vivek Deshpande, Ambuja Cement‟s vice-president for brand and promotions, agrees was rather disastrous,so much so that the Bhai Bhai ad was recalled. Perhaps it was themost memorable ad .The campaign is still successfully running. Thead still ables to generate freshness with the humor and the script. 4
  5. 5. The Advertisers bought in lot of humor to this (otherwise) boringproduct. Most of its campaigns are humorous which makes theconsumers stick to the advertisements. For the longest time ever, Ambuja has been harping on its „giant compressive strength‟ proposition; the brand even created the visual of a „giant‟ and then a broken hammer adding that the brand will now strike a balanceAmbuja Cement YehDeewaar nahin tootegi nahi‟ between emotion and humor. The primary objectives of the advertisementwere Creating awareness, Build Saliency, Have a top of mind recallwhich is very well achieved with the campaign. This advertisementreinforces the core positioning of Ambuja as strong cement. AmbujaCements also used the outdoors extensively to reinforce the brandimage and enhance brand recall. All through its campaigns, thebrand was very consistent on reinforcing its positioning as the“Strongest cement” or symbol of compressive strength. The brandwas also very clever in selecting a unique logo.These initiatives helped Ambuja to charge a premium over otherbrands. With the competition hotting up from Grasim, Ultratech,Ambuja Cements could hold on to its share because of the brandequity it had created over these years.While branding a commodity, the critical question is whether theseads can influence the consumers to change their commoditymindset towards this category. The answer is definitely affirmative. 5
  6. 6. We have noticed many home owners directly procuring theseproducts for their home construction because they dont trust thecontractors. In these scenarios, high brand recall will give the edgefor the brands like Ambuja Cement and exploring a market of newcustomers and thus making the home owners decision makers. 6