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Sap mm online training

  1. 1. United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  2. 2.  United Global Soft, We are into corporate trainings. With our Expertise, we are helping many professionals to groom themselves in their concerning areas so that they perform and will become a key resource to their company. We conduct Training Programs to skyrocket your career in IT Industry. Workshop will be conducted by the industry experts who worked across the globe to share their valuable experiences using real-time case studies, current industry technologies, tools, techniques, methodologies and models. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  3. 3. Course Content :INTRODUCTION ERP Overview Business Scenarios Materials Management OverviewENTERPRISE STRUCTURE Definitions Assignments Significance Master Data Material Master Vendor Master United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  4. 4. Course Content : Purchasing Info Record Source list Quota arrangementPURCHASING Introduction to different Purchasing documents Classification of purchasing documents.Configuration and creation of purchasing documents.Purchase Requisition RFQ Purchase Order Limit Orders / Blanket Orders Contracts - Release Orders Scheduling Agreements (With Release /Without Release) Release Procedure Creation of purchase orders automatically. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  5. 5. Course Content :PRICING Defining condition types Condition tables Access sequence Condition technique Defining calculation schema and determination of schemaINVENTORY MANAGEMENT Plant Parameters for IM Movement Types - Significance and relevance Goods Movements (GR ,GI,TP) Inbound Deliveries Interplant Transfer Physical Inventory Proc Account postings. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  6. 6. COURSE CONTENT : EXTERNAL SERVICE PROCUREMENT Introduction to external services management. Creation of service master. Service po Service entry sheet Acceptance of service entry sheet. MATERIAL REQUIREMENT PLANNING / CONSUMPTION BASED PLANNING MRP Types MRP Profiles MRP Groups MRP Run Re- Order Point Planning United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  7. 7. Course Content :VALUATION Material Valuation Split valuation Configuration for split valuation.ACCOUNT DETERMINATION Introduction to account determination. Valuation class Account category reference Transaction event keys Valuation grouping code Configure settings and G/L account assignment.LOGISTICS INVOICE VERIFICATION Invoice Process - Business Case Configuration Invoice United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  8. 8. Course Content : Credit Memo Subsequent Credit /Debit Invoice Blocking , Release TaxesINTEGRATION SCENARIOS MM-SD ( Third Party Order processing) Consignment , Pipe Line Process Sub-contracting Process Settlements. Stock transfer orders. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  9. 9. Our Training Features : Job oriented real time Training. Exercise Real time project explanation & Practical Training material provided (Soft copy also provided). Personal care for each Trainee. Resume preparation & Placement Assistance. Interview Preparation Tips & Sample Interview Questions. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :