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  • For Oracle SCM Training and other IT online training register at For All SAP Modules. Testing Tools Bigdata Technologies Oracle Technologies IBM Technologies BI Tools Thanks
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Oracle scm online training

  1. 1. United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  2. 2.  United Global Soft, We are into corporate trainings. With our Expertise, we are helping many professionals to groom themselves in their concerning areas so that they perform and will become a key resource to their company. We conduct Training Programs to skyrocket your career in IT Industry. Workshop will be conducted by the industry experts who worked across the globe to share their valuable experiences using real-time case studies, current industry technologies, tools, techniques, methodologies and models. Email :
  3. 3. Course Content : Introduction of ERP and basic concepts of oracle applications. Inventory Module.OVERVIEW OF ORACLE INVENTORY Receiving Inventory Transferring Inventory On-hand and Availability Issuing Inventory Inventory Accuracy Discussing Inventory Application IntegrationDEFINING INVENTORY ORGANIZATIONS Overview of Inventory Structure Setting up the Inventory Organization Structure Email :
  4. 4. Course Content : Defining Organization Parameters Defining Subinventories and LocatorsUNITS OF MEASURE Defining Units of MeasureDEFINING AND MAINTAINING ITEMS Defining Items Process Using Item Templates Assigning Items to Organizations Categories, Category Sets, and Catalogs Deleting ItemsLOT AND SERIAL CONTROL Setting up Lot Control Maintaining Serial Information Maintaining Lot and Serial Genealogy Email :
  5. 5. Course Content :TRANSACTION SETUP Defining Transaction Types Defining Picking Rules Defining Account Aliases Opening and Closing Accounting Periods Setting up Move Orders Material Shortage Alerts and NotificationsISSUING AND TRANSFERRING MATERIAL Managing Receipts Performing Transactions Performing Move Orders Performing Mobile Transactions Managing Shipments Email :
  6. 6. Course Content :ON-HAND AND AVAILABILITY Using the Material Workbench Creating Available to Promise Rules Managing ReservationsMATERIAL STATUS CONTROL Material Status SetupINVENTORY REPLENISHMENT Defining Replenishment Inventory Forecasting Methods Replenishment Counting KanbanINVENTORY ACCURACY FUNDAMENTALS Defining Counting ABC Analysis Email :
  7. 7. Course Content : Cycle Counting Physical Inventory Purchase Module.PROCURE TO PAY LIFECYCLE OVERVIEW Understanding Oracle Procure to Pay ProcessORACLE PURCHASING OVERVIEW Understanding Purchasing Process Requisition to Purchase Order Overview of the Ordering Process The Receiving Process Purchasing Integration Email :
  8. 8. Course Content :SUPPLIERS Overview of Suppliers Entering Supplier Information Defining Supplier Site InformationRFQS AND QUOTATIONS Request for Quotation Lifecycle Creating and Maintaining Requests for Quotation Understanding Quotations Lifecycle Creating and Maintaining Quotations Sending Notifications Defining RFQ and Quotations Profile OptionsREQUISITIONS Understanding the Requisition Lifecycle Notifications Requisition Structure Email :
  9. 9. Course Content : Creating and Maintaining Requisitions Supplier Item Catalog Creating Requisition Templates Running Requisition Reports Defining Requisition Profile OptionsPURCHASE ORDERS Understanding Purchase Order Types Purchase Order Components and Record Structure Creating Standard Purchase Orders Revising Purchase OrdersAPPROVED SUPPLIER LISTS AND SOURCING RULES Creating Approved Supplier Lists Understanding Supplier Statuses Email :
  10. 10. Course Content : Understanding Supplier-Commodity/Item Attributes Understanding ASL Precedence Defining Sourcing Profile Options for ApprovalsAUTOMATIC DOCUMENT CREATION Understanding AutoCreate Creating Purchase Documents from Requisitions Modifying Requisition Lines Running the Create Releases Program Understanding the PO Create Documents workflowRECEIVING Receiving Locations Receipt Routing Email :
  11. 11. Course Content : Receipt Processing Methods Receiving Tolerances Entering Returns and Corrections Overview of Pay on Receipt Running Reports Defining Profile OptionsDOCUMENT SECURITY, ROUTING AND APPROVAL Document Security and Access Levels Document Approval - Jobs and Positions Creating Position Approval Hierarchies Defining Document Security Levels Creating Approval Groups Defining Document Access Levels Email :
  12. 12. Course Content : Using Oracle Workflow for Requisitions and Purchase Order Approvals Running the Fill Employee Hierarchy ProcessSETUP STEPS Setting Up Key Profile Options Defining Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances Defining Approval Groups and Assignments Defining Purchasing Options Setting Up Sourcing Rules and Assignments Order Management Module.OVERVIEW OF ORDER TO CASH Booking Sales Order Pick Release Ship Conform Email :
  13. 13. Course Content : Interface Trip Stop Auto Invoice – ARCONFIGURATION OF ORDER MANAGEMENT Defining Transaction types System Parameters Shipping ParametersADVANCE PRICING Modifiers (Discount, Promotion, Deal) Qualifiers and its attributes Email :
  14. 14. Our Training Features : Job oriented real time Training. Exercise Real time project explanation & Practical Training material provided (Soft copy also provided). Personal care for each Trainee. Resume preparation & Placement Assistance. Interview Preparation Tips & Sample Interview Questions. Email :