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DataWrangler @VGSOM
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DataWrangler @VGSOM


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Amu Prabhjot Singh 10BM60011 Divya Hamirwasia 10BM60025
  • 2.  an interactive data transformation tool developed by the Stanford Visualization Group. allows direct manipulation of visual data provides automatic suggestions for relevant transformations used in activities like reformatting data values and formats, integrating data from multiple sources, missing values etc use of Wrangler reduces the specification time significantly
  • 3.  When the user selects any data, applicable transformations are suggested by the tool based on the current context of interaction Data wrangler uses a modeling technique to enumerate and rate the possible transformations This model combines users inputs with diversity, frequency and specification difficulty of applicable transform types Wrangler provides short natural language descriptions of the transforms and also provides the visual previews of the transform results This helps analysts to assess the viable transforms quickly Wranglers interactive history viewer records and shows the step of transforms applied on the data set so as to facilitate reuse. Wrangler scripts can be run in a web browser using JavaScript or Python code
  • 4.  underlying declarative data transformation language language consists of 8 classes of transformations ◦ Map  One to zero  One to One  One to Many ◦ Look ups and Joins ◦ Reshape  Fold  unfold ◦ Positional  Fill  Lag ◦ Sorting ◦ Aggregation ◦ Key Generation ◦ Schema Transforms
  • 5.  This is the example data available with data wrangler. House crime data from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics Csv format data
  • 6. User interactions Inferring transform Current working parameters transform Generating candidate DATA WRANGLER transforms Data descriptions Ranking the resultsCorpus of historical usage statistics
  • 7.  GETTING STARTED ◦ Browser based tool: DATA ENTRY ◦ copy and paste the data to be wrangled into the input window. ◦ Input format : csv files, tsv files and manual entry TRANSFORMS • Cut • Merge • Delete • Promote • Drop • Split • Edit • Translate • Extract • Transpose • Fill • Unfold • Fold OUTPUT Two types of outputs: ◦ Data Output.xlsx  Csv, tsv, row oriented JSON, column oriented JSON, look up tables ◦ Script  Python, java script
  • 8.  helps to speed up the process of data manipulation helps managers to spend more time analyzing and learning from their data rather than spending much of the time just rearranging it allows interactive transformation of messy, real- world data and export data for use in Excel, R, Tableau, Protovis etc LIMITATION: data containing more than 40 columns and 1000 rows cannot be wrangled