Subgear Catalogue 2012


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Subgear Catalogue 2012

  1. 1. TOTAL DIVING SYSTEMOnly your own gear, which fits you perfectly and is tailored to yourneeds and preferences, can guarantee that you will experience safeand relaxed dives. Your own individual Total Diving System opens the door to an incredible experience in the underwater world. Experience the difference!For your underwater adventures, we recommend the combinationspresented in this catalogue. A detailed description of all products can be found on our website UNIQUE AT SUBGEARBody Map System – All SUBGEAR diving suits feature a special cutand an innovative use of materials to account for the various demands and stresses of the different parts of the human body.ADDED VALUE Regulators – With service requirements after 100dives or latest every 2 years, SUBGEAR regulators sport an extendedservice interval. With every purchase of a SUBGEAR regulator you willreceive a bonus voucher for a free service kit. This way, you wont incur any costs for prescribed replacement parts for up to 4 years.ADDED VALUE Computer – When you purchase a computer (XP-AIRexcluded from offer) youll receive 2 vouchers for one battery each. This way, youll get power for up to 1,000 diving hours!
  2. 2. FIRSTThe days are gone when you had to dive using gear originallydeveloped for men! Dive in style and comfort! VAPOR XP-H Hybrid BC that combines the benefits of a wing BC and an ADV The integrated pressure gauge display shows all important BC: high buoyancy and best-size adjustment. data at a glance! Cutting-edge software with tons of features: • SR weight pocket system, counter-weight pockets, padded • Nitrox compatible 21-100%, PDIS, autom. safety stop back plate, knife grommets, adjustable chest strap • Algorithm for avoiding micro bubbles • High mobility and streamline shaped • Alarm for depth, time, pressure; depth gauge modeELEMENT SG100 ESSENTIALSSpecifically developed for women! Available as a 5/6 mm Regulator that offers unique value for your money, highly Perfect combination of form and function – even women withsuit or as a 3 mm suit in the fashion color white. revision-friendly and reliable thanks to proven technology. very thin faces can dive comfortably and safely.• Best heat insulation thanks to the BMS system with soft, • Piston first stage, second stage with downstream • Fin XP-PRO: powerful and efficient, yet comfortable TOP 10 DIVESPOTS ultra-stretch neoprene. technology and pre-set venturi flow vane • SPRITE: great angle of vision, fit specially for women • Ari Atoll, Maledives• Spine pad, front neck zipper, I-Grip. • Cold water tested, 300 bar, 1 HD, 4 LP ports • Dry snorkel FUSION DRY: no need to blow out water
  3. 3. LIGHTThe waters of the world are just waiting to be discovered! Lightweightand comfortable gear will always keep you safe company. BLACK DRAKE XP-AIR This BC was specifically developed for diving vacations: Proven dive computer with large display and tubeless air low weight (2,7 kg / M), high buoyancy (16 l / M). integration at an unbeatable price. • Robust Cordura, integrated weight system, octopus pocket • Nitrox compatible 21-100%, backlight • Chest strap, size-adjustable with double-buckle system • Algorithm for avoiding micro bubbles, max. depth of 120 m • Padded back plate, small pack size • High-performance 32 Bit chip, alarm can be turned offDEFINITION IR5Not only for traveling! Premium 5 mm neoprene suit with 3D SG500 Proven regulator with sturdy build and very high airflow, yet ESSENTIALS Lightweight and compact travel set that features a newcut, comprehensive features, and the Body Map System. lightweight and compact (only 940 g). fin concept and a premium mask.• Materials: Ultraspan, Guard Tecs, Infrared Fleece • Balanced diaphragm first stage, second stage with • TRAVEL MAX: innovative fin with silicone strap TOP 10 DIVESPOTS• Spine pad, I-Grip, diagonal back zipper adjustable venturi flow vane • Single lens mask VIBE: ultra-clear lens, EZ system • Palau, Indo-pazific• Arm and leg zippers with dry seals • Cold water tested, 300 bar, 2 HP and 4 LP ports • SWIFT: compact snorkel with exhaust valve • Cayman, Caribbean
  4. 4. SPORTWant to dive as often and as long as you wish? You will need reliable,durable equipment with high functionality. BLACK PURE XP10 Lightweight and robust all-round BC offering low weight Proven all-round dive computer that offers unbeatable value (3,1 kg / M) and high buoyancy (16 l / M). for your money – the SUBGEAR bestseller: • 420 D nylon, integrated SR weight system, octopus pocket • Nitrox compatible 21-50%, backlight • Chest strap, adjustable waist strap • Algorithm for avoiding micro bubbles, max. depth of 120 m • Padded back plate, stainless steel D-rings • Timer for safety stop, alarm can be turned offDEFINITION IR7Premium suit with 3D cut, comprehensive features, and Body SG100/OCTOPUS Regulator set SG 100 with SG 100 octopus at a subsidized ESSENTIALS This set enables you to achieve peak athletic performance,Map System, vest as an optional addition: set price, revision-friendly and reliable. with unbeatable comfort and at a SUBGEAR price!• Materials: Ultraspan, Guard Tecs, Infrared Fleece • Second stage with pre-set venturi flow vane • Split Fin XP: spring straps and comfortable foot pocket TOP 10 DIVESPOTS• Spine pad, I-Grip, diagonal back zipper • Hose can be connected on the left or right side • ZOOM: low internal volume, corrective lenses possible • Galapagos, Pazific• Arm and leg zippers with dry seals • Cold water tested, 300 bar, 1 HD and 4 LP ports • Fusion Pro: exhaust valve and effective splashguard • Sinai, Red Sea
  5. 5. STAROnly highly developed equipment allows for safe and comfortablediving in colder and extreme difficult waters. BLAC JAC XP10 CONSOLE Continuously refined BC with very high buoyancy (20 l / M) With this compact console, youll always have all decom- – a synthesis between comfort and technology. pression, air, and navigational data right at your fingertips. • Integrated SR weight system with counter-weight pockets • All-round dive computer XP10 (details see page before) • Shoulder straps adjustable directly at the back plate • Premium pressure gauge up to 400 bar • Padded collar/backpack, adjustable breast/waist strap • Precision compass with inclination angle of 28°, bezel ringNANO TEC SG1000 ESSENTIALSSemi dry neoprene suit with 3D cut, Tizip Masterseal, front The high-performance valve system with a metal barrel This lightweight, compact and affordable all-round setzipper, and high-tech features: ensures an excellent breathing ability. features extra-large mask lenses for a 30% larger view.• Torso 7 mm, arms and legs 5 mm stretch, Glideskin inside • Balanced diaphragm first stage, second stage with • WAKE: 2-component construction, comfortable foot pocket TOP 10 DIVESPOTS• Waist strap FIREBELT, spine pad, I-Grip adjustable inhalation resistance and venturi flow vane • Mask VIBE2: ultra-clear lens, EZ quick-release • Scapa Flow, North Atlantic• Arm and leg zippers with dry seals • Cold water tested, 300 bar, 2 HP and 4 LP ports, swivel • FUSION PRO: exhaust valve and effective splashguard • South Africa, Indien Ocean
  6. 6. ACTIONFreezing is a thing of the past – dry diving is the order of the day! Enjoyyour dives even in the colder seasons or areas. BLAC JAC 3 GAUGE CONSOLE Continuously refined BC with very high buoyancy (20 l / M) High-performance precision instruments ensure safe diving – also suitable for especially tough applications. and accurate underwater navigation. • Integrated SR weight system with counter-weight pockets • 300 bar pressure gauge with copper/beryllium spiral • Shoulder straps adjustable directly at the back plate • Depth gauge up to 60 m with drag indicator • Padded collar/backpack, adjustable breast/waist strap • Compass with side window, scale in increments of 10%DRY SUITSSUBGEAR offers the right dry suit and matching undersuit SG1000 Best breathability and highest anti-icing protection thanks ESSENTIALS Peak athletic performance, unique field of vision, and unbea-for every style of diving and every enviroment. to high-performance valve system with metal barrel. table comfort make this the set of choice!• EXTENDER made of trilaminate, lightweight, quick-drying • Balanced diaphragm first stage, second stage with • Split Fin XP: spring straps and comfortable foot pocket TOP 10 DIVESPOTS• ECO DRY made of 6,5 mm soft-neoprene, neoprene seals adjustable inhalation resistance and venturi flow vane • Mask DEVIL: frameless, EZ equalizing nose pocket • Tyrol, Lakes of the Alps• For complete detailed description see • Cold water tested, 300 bar, 2 HP and 4 LP ports, swivel • FUSION: universal snorkel with effective splashguard
  7. 7. LIFEEnjoy the underwater world to the fullest. Snorkeling and swimmingalso calls for sophisticated, high-quality equipment. RASH GUARDS DC1400 Beach and water sports shirt made of high-tech hollow fiber, Capture your memories! With the DC1400 picture taking is which protects from extreme UV radiation (UPF 80). easy and simple – under water and on land. • Quick-drying, antibacterial, breathable material • 14 megapixel CCD and HD video • Provides additional thermal comfort under the diving suit • 6 underwater modes for true color pictures at every depth • Various designs, short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions • Large piano keys for easy operation under waterSHORTYWhether you are snorkeling or diving in tropical waters – the DIVEN BEACH Functional warm water boots for the beach and water sports ESSENTIALS This set ensures unalloyed snorkeling pleasure and offersDefinition Shorty keeps warm and protects you from UV rays. and to wear inside open fins in tropical waters. comfort and design at an unbeatable price!• 2,5 mm titanium plus neoprene with super-stretch insert • Amara faux leather reinforcement at the sides • Fin FLUIDA: comfortable foot pocket and excellent thrust TOP 10 DIVESPOTS• Titanium inner coating and rolling cuffs • Drawstring with stopper for a secure fit • VISTA: wide view, ultra-clear lenses, EZ system • Great Barrier Reef, Australia• Diagonal back zipper • Wide range of sizes, from 36 - 47 (European sizes) • Dry snorkel FUSION DRY: no need to blow out water
  8. 8. DIVINGWith one breath of air, into the deep blue. Freediving gets you up closeto the underwater world and presents you with new athletic challenges. APNEA BOJE HD EVERIO A well-equipped surface buoy is an absolute must for good What could be better than to relive beautiful dives and new freediving training and all apnea competitions. discoveries and share with your friends? • Material: nylon, length: 85 cm, safety color: orange • Brilliant pictures in HD quality • Equipped with 5 D-rings, 3 handles, one marker flag • Easy operation, proven technology, superb features • Calm and safety before and after each dive session • Extensive accessories, unbeatable priceAPNEA1A suit that is specifically designed for hobby freedivers APNEA HOOD This hood not only fits perfectly and keeps you warm, it also ESSENTIALS Efficient, comfortable freediving set specifically designed– for a successful start into the deep adventures! lets you glide even more effortlessly into the deep blue. for newbies and hobby freedivers.• 5/4 mm super stretchy Smooth Skin material • 5/4 mm super stretchy neoprene • STREAM PRO: freediving fin with medium hard blade TOP 10 DIVESPOTS• High glide effect, free unimpaired breathing • Glide skin outside for high glide effect • Mask STEEL: extremely low internal volume • Costa Brava, Mediterranean• Excellent value for your money • Long neck extension, 5 sizes • APNEA snorkel: flexible tube, foldable
  9. 9. HAVESYour favorite hobby is even more fun with the right accessories – and KIDS For many years now, SUBGEAR has been the market leader for diving equipment for kids. We offer a sophisticated, com- prehensive full assortment at youth-friendly prices. Checkphotos and videos let you share your adventures with your friends. out our childrens equipment, which is in no way inferior to that for adults. All products meet the highest quality stan- dards and comply with legal regulations. • Rebel childrens BC that grows with your child using a two waist straps and second shoulder buckle system • Regulator with short hose and childrens mouthpiece • Childrens suit in 3 and 6 mm, shorty, RashGuards • Great essentials assortment and 5-liter bottles SAFETY PHOTO & VIDEO Safety should always be the first priority in diving! SUBGEAR To take good pictures under water you need an external flash offers a vast array of useful accessories in this regard: and ancillary lenses. We have the right equipment for you: • Acoustic signals above and below the surface • Digital flash or double flash, video lights • Beacons and a large assortment of lamps • Wide-angle adapters and lenses • Buoys, reels, snappers, retractors, etc. • Excellent value for your moneyBAGSDiving and traveling have always gone hand in hand. Regard-less of whether you want to discover the beauty of a quarrypond or the blaze of colors in tropical oceans, or whetheryour heart beats for the big fish – your equipment always PROTECTION CAREneeds to be transported safely and comfortable. SUBGEARoffers the right selection for your individual needs.• All bags are especially light but robust For perfect thermal protection you not only need the right To enjoy diving for a long time, even the best equipment and• Premium 300D Ripstop outer material suit with a perfect fit, but also matching accessories. the diver himself need regular care:• Wheeled bags with additional backpack straps • Boots and gloves in different neoprene thicknesses • Care products for suits, zippers, and BCs• Well thought-out inner and outer pockets and styles; dry diving gloves • Glue and anti-fog products• Detailed information available at • Hoods and neoprene headbands • Protection and care for skin and ears
  10. 10. This catalog shows the enthusiasm at scuba diving in different waters.Therefore only a part of our extensive assortment is illustrated. Youcan find all our products with in depth descriptions and details onour web page. But also our authorized dealers advise you gladly andcompetently. If you should not know a specialist dealer, find all ourauthorized dealers in our dealer search machine under do not only focus for the quality of our products and an excellentprice performance ratio. Our ecological commitment is valid for theprotection of the underwater world. Therefore we support al lot ofprojects, like e.g. SharkProject, SOS Save Seaturtles, Yaqu Pacha, theresearch ship Aldebaran, the raising Aquarium in Coburg, MissionDeep Blue, HYDRA Field Station and many more. Please help also byecologically reasonable diving behavior that our marvelous underwa-ter world remains to future generations. SUBGEAR wishes you manyexperience-rich and unforgettable diving adventures. Design & Layout: 2Design / Jerry Scheucher Photos: M17 Creative Studio, MD-Studios, Martin Strmiska Status of information January 2012, subject to change without notice