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Praktiker - eCommerce for Retailer Praktiker - eCommerce for Retailer Presentation Transcript

  • Retailer’s  Dilemmas  on  the  Way  to  Mul4channel  Sale  Krzysztof  Włodarczak   Marek  Górecki  E-­‐Commerce  Manager   eCommerce  Specialist  h<p://   h<p://      
  • What’s  this?  source:  za  
  • Timeline  •  March  2010  –  we’re  going  e-­‐commerce!  •  March  2011  –  do  we  have  e-­‐commerce?  •  March  2012  –  OMG  e-­‐commerce!  
  • 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 0% Browser (i.e., Google, 43% yahoo) On-line DIY stores (e.g., , 42% 47% Websites of DIY stores presenting general 27% information Websites connected with Home&Garden 24% products the store, do it online. Manufacturer’s website 22% On-line product or price comparison 14% clients who plan service(e.g., shopping ahead, before visiting On-line auctions 13% (allegro, ebay etc.) On-line stores selling Home&Garden 12% products Websites (e.g., onet, 8% wp etc.) On-line blogs and forums on building 8% materials Consumers’ opinions 6% on the Internet Sanitary products Tools Building materials Home decoration and lighting Garden Video sites, e.g., 0% 0% YouTube Social networking service (e.g., 0% Facebook) 43% 46% 48% 49% product category 51% The role of online sources vs. 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Where  do  people  buy?!  We  ask  offline  foto:  
  • Where  do  people  buy?!  We  ask  offline   Do  you  know  e-­‐store?   Awareness Visit Purchase Yes 5% Yes Yes   Yes,   52% Yes N=732   N=495   68% No 95%Online  purchase  of  products  in   The  possibility  of  online  purchase  in  Home&Garden  category   Home&Garden  product  category   • Very  likely   • Rather  likely   • Neutral   Yes   No,     • Rather  not   N=260   likely   • Not  likely  at  all   • I  don’t  know   foto:  
  • Where  do  people  buy?!  We  ask  online   What is your reason to visit the Website?• Learning  about  discounts  • Checking  prices  • Searching  for  a  product  and  checking  its  availability  in  a  Prak4ker  store  • Finding  the  address  and  opening  hours  of  a  Prak4ker  store  • Online  purchase  of  a  product  • Others  • Tasks,  ques4ons,  help  • Gegng  professional  help   Check  product  availability   in  Prak5ker  stores  
  • ROPO!  Check  product  availability  in  Prak5ker  stores   =  22x   +  ADD  TO  CART  
  • More  ROPO!   Poorly  described   products   There  are  less   products  displayed   Small-­‐sized   than  the  actual   font   number  of  products   in  storea   The  most   common   commentaries   regarding  the   Website   Lack  of  small   products  (drills,    Very  few  colors   screws,  etc.)   No  promo4onal   paper  
  • We’re  building…  Source:  za  
  • • Product  descrip4on   Product  Descrip4ons  • Product  photos  • Addi4onal  descrip4on,  e.g.  size,  weight,  etc.  • Discount  price  or  addi4onal  extras  • Informa4on  about  product  availability  in  stores   What  is  the  most  important  • The  possibility  to  ask  a  ques4on  about  the  product   feature  of  a  product  page  for  • Opinions  of  other  users  • The  possibility  of  recommending  a  product   you?    to  a  friend/friends  • Similar  products  chosen  by  other  users  • Product  number  and  EAN  code  • Others  • Sugges4ons  of  the  most  commonly  purchased  products   How  does  a  detailed  product   descrip4on  influence   purchase  decision?  
  • Test:  Product  Descrip4ons  –   Guidelines  We  added  500-­‐700  characters-­‐long  descrip4ons  of  100  products  from  5  categories:  •  divided  into  2  paragraphs;    •  including  the  following  informa4on:     –  Appearance  (color,  texture,  e.g.  ma<,  shiny,  etc.);     –  Product  use  (home/office,  type  of  room:  bathroom,   kitchen,  living  room  etc.);     –  Style  (modern,  classic,  rural  etc.);     –  Materials;     –  Technical  defini4ons  (thermal  head  etc.).    
  • Test:  Product  Descrip4ons  –  Results     A"er  adding  unique  product  descrip2ons,   Google-­‐generated  traffic  responding  to  the   chosen  keywords  grew  by  120%.       Similarly,  sales  of  these  products  grew  3   2mes  from  July  to  August.     33%  of  sales  comes  from  SEO.  
  • Product  Descrip4ons  Today   Technical   descrip4on   (buyers/ suppliers)   Product   descrip4on  Keywords  for   a  given   product   category  (SEM  agency)   ….but  product  descrip4on  is  not  just  words!   h<p://,37786,258/ mlotowiertarka_makita_hr2450_780w_sds-­‐plus.html  
  • Almost  new…  źródło:  za  
  • Strategy  –  Communica4on  Synergy     TV  +  OOH  +  radio   –  Maciek  Gajwer  and  the   OOH     lawn  mower   TV  +  OOH  +  radio  buy  online!   TV  +  OOH  +  radio   –  Maciek  Gajwer  and   –  Maciek  Gajwer  and  the  washcloth   the  shower  cabin  
  • Mobile-­‐Generated  Traffic  and  Sales  –  Consistency   Regarding  the  Offer,  Communica4on  and  Sales   Channels  
  • Strategy  of  Development  +  Synergy  •  Online  sales  increase  aver  launching  new   channels  of  promo4on  •  Using  the  ROPO  effect  to  increase  sales  in   stores  •  Gaining  unique  market  domina4on  regarding   func4onality,  usability  and  technology  •  Increasing  the  effec4viness  via  op4miza4on  of   client  service,  store  management,  logis4cs  and   legal  processes  
  • In  the  end,  sales  is  always  crucial!  
  • Summary  źródło:  za  
  • Rekomendacje  –  06.2011   Test,  learn,  go!  
  • HOW TO FIX (ALMOST) EVERYTHING Does  it  move?   Yes   No   And  should  it   And  should  it   move?   move?   Yes   No   Yes   No   Problem   solved!   Silver  tape   Thank  you!  
  • Information aboutDivante
  • The Quality of Service•  Sa/sfac/on  from  the  coopera/on  with  our  agency:  4.6  /  5     -­‐  2nd  place  in  Poland  The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by   Media&Marke4ng  Poland  in  2011.  •  Sa/sfac/on  from  our  customer  service:  4.9  /  5     –  3rd  place  in  Poland  The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by   Media&Marke4ng  Poland  in  2011.  •  100%  of  our  clients  would  recommend  us  to  their  friends.   The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by  Divante  Company  in  2010.  •  Almost  60%  new  ques/ons  which  we  receive  comes  from  the  references  from   our  previous  customers.      •  10  /10  points  in  „punctuality  and  reliability”  category.  The   survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by  an  independent  unit  in  2009.  
  • The Quality of Work New  ideas  helping  to  improve  the  func2oning  of  a  company.   -­‐  Puls  Biznesu  magazine,  2009     Such  examples  show  that  our  economy  is  really  innova2ve  and  has  a  huge  poten2al  of   the  human  capital.   -­‐  Sebas4an  Christow,  Ministry  of  Economy  of  the  Republic  of  Poland       Divante  is  able  to  connect  product  innova2ons  with  the  care  for  the  best  quality  of  its   customer  service.  Thanks  to  that,  Divante  carries  out  projects  for  clients  in  Poland  and   all  over  the  world.   -­‐  Michał  Żyliński,  Microsov   A  great  communica2on  and  openness  to  new  solu2ons,  these  are  certainly  the  strong   sides  of  the  team.     -­‐  Izabela  Dauksza,  Coordinator  of  Project  Managers,  
  • Technology•  Scalability  –  PromoRing  enables  ca.  5  mln  PV  per  day,  serving  3  mln  UU  per   month  •  Flexibility  -­‐  .NET,  Django,  PHP  •  We  are  a  partner  of  Apple  and  the  Microsov  Company  •  We  are  integrated  with  many  outside  systems  (improvement  systems,   warehouse  systems,  ERP,  CRM)  
  • Thank you for your attentionContact  twi<  phone:    +48  71  34  22  406