eCommerce for SOLAR Company (fashion)


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eCommerce for SOLAR Company (fashion)

  1. 1. Case StudyeCommerceImplementation forSOLAR Company
  2. 2. SOLAR•  80  chain  bou,ques,     –  13  franchise   (among  others,  in  Lubeck,  Gent  and   Lviv)   –  7  outlets  •  120  members  of  external  chain     and  25  partners   in  the  neighbouring  countries  
  3. 3. Goals•  Making  direct  online  purchase  possible     Current  collec+on  and  outlet  •  A  tool  for  offline  clients     Crea+ng  shopping  lists  and  the  possibilty  to  learn  about  new  collec+on  before  visi+ng  the  bou+que.    •  SOLAR  bou,ques  are  famous  for  regular  deliveries  of  new  products.   E-­‐store  is  supposed  to  make  it  possible  to  follow  the  new  items  in  the  collec+ons,  but  also  to  find   and  buy  products,  which  are  already  not  available  in  the  bou+ques.    
  4. 4. Online and Offline in the Fashion Industry The  main  source  of  informa,on: online offline Purchase   online 2,4% 2,4% offline Crucial is the 1,7% information found offline and purchase offline. The Internet influences 6,5% of the total sales. n=881  kupujących   93,5% The main sources of information: online The main sources of information: offline I  made  the  decision  in   Internet  auc+ons   the  store,  while   sklepie, Zdecydowałem w 42% Aukcje internetowe 37% shopping   zakupów podczas Oferta w sklepach 13% Items  available  in  the   I  already  knew  about   Search  engines   Wyszukiwarki 26% bou+ques   Znajomi / rodzina 5% these  products   because  of  earlier   Mam wiedzę z amily   Friends  and  f poprzednich E-­‐stores   Sklepy internetowe 23% zakupów tych produktów 4% shopping.   Base:  n=37  searching  online  n=844  searching  offline.  Source:  Mul+brand  ROPO  Survey,  IMAS  i  Divante.  
  5. 5. Realization Designing  Gathering   interac,ons   Technical  business   according  to  the   analysis  and   Tests  and   Survey  and   Graphic  design   Implementa,on   launching   op,miza,on  demands   User-­‐Cenetered   integra,on   Design  
  6. 6. Methodology of workUser-Centered Design
  7. 7. Business  goal/User  needs  à   Business  Goal   Product.  UCD  process  creates  a   product  which  the  users  need  and   whose  using  they  are  going  to  like.   Observa+on  of  user  behavior   Review  of  the  compe++on’s   Review  of  solu+ons  allows  us  to  map  some  of   solu+ons   Analysis  of  user  context   the  compe++on’s  solu+ons  that  can  be  used   Compe++on  analysis   In-­‐depth  interviews   in  our  project.  It  is  a  sort  of  learning  from   • Who  are  the  system’s  users?   someone  else’s  experience.     Brainstorms   • What  do  they  need  the  system   Brainstorms  are  organized  to   for?   genereate  fresh  ideas,  which  are   • What  are  their  skills?   later  cri+cally  evaluated  by   Expert  evalua+on   • Are  there  any  external   experts  and  users.     limita+ons  regarding  the  system   or  the  users  expected?   Focus  Tests  and  User  Tests   Concepts     Focus  Tests   User  Tests   Focus  tests   Expert  evalua+on   Conducted  at  the   Conducted  during  the   beggining  of  the  process  of   process  of  designing  the   crea+ng  a  product.   product.  Product   Interface  Design  (paper   Different  concepts  are   prototypes  are  tested.     prototyping,  lo-­‐fidelity,  hi-­‐fidelity)   Choosing  the   tested.   best  concept   Small  group  of  people.   Single  user.  •   We  ground  our  work  on  the  previously  gathered   The  par+cipants  evaluate   The  user  performs  test  knowledge,  brainstorms,  created  and  tested  concepts.   Concept   and  comment  on  the   tasks  using  the  very   concepts  and  projects   product.  • We  design  new  interface  prototypes.   which  they  are  presented  • In  the  subsequent  itera+ons,  we  ask  experts  and   Alterna+ve  methods  of   with.  users  to  evaluate  them  and  then  apply  their   realiza+on  (prototypes)   Serve  to  quickly  get  the   Serve  to  check  whether  a  sugges+ons  as  changes  in  the  prototype.   opinions  and  feelings  of   prototype  or  a  product  • Prototypes  are  created  in  paper  form  (paper   the  users.  Help  to  see   func+ons  the  right  way   what  the  users’   and  naming  the  problems  prototyping),  as  well  as  interac+ve  PowerPoint   expecta+ons  are,  what   a  user  encounters  while  and  HTML  presenta+ons.   they  needs  are.  Serve  as   performing  tasks.    • In  the  final  phase  of  prototyping,  graphic   an  evalua+on  of  an  idea  prototypes  can  be  used.     which  is  a  basis  for  the   product.  
  8. 8. Heuris,c  analysis   • Heuris+c  evalua+on  allows  one  to  detect  usability  problems.   This  method  is  based  on  expert  analysis.  The  experts  evaluate   whether  the  tested  interface  matches  usability  rules.     User  tests   Heuris+c  analysis   • One  expert  will  never  be  able  to  find  all  the  problems.  That  is   why  heuris+c  analysis  is  done  by  two  people.  Next,  their  results   Expert  evalua+on   are  united  in  one  report.   User  tests   • We  use  the  well-­‐known  and  acknowledged  usability  heuris+cs,   User  tests  are  the  basic  and  most  important   technique  of  tes+ng  and  improving  the   Choosing  the  best   enriching  them  with  our  own  experience  from  the  previously   analyzed  projects.     usability  of  the  products.     solu,ons   Usability  heuris,cs  by  Nelsen  and  Molich:   • The  visibilty  of  the  state  of  the  system  Process:   User  tests   • Adjus+ng  to  the  real  world  • Deciding  on  the  test  area  and  the  target  groups   • Control  and  freedom  of  choice  • Website  analysis   Heuris+c  analysis   Op,miza,on   • Consistence  and  standards   • Preven+ng  errors  • Preparing  test  scenarios  and  consul+ng  them  with  the  client  • Conduc+ng  pilot  study  and,  if  needed,  adjus+ng  the  scenarios   Expert  evalua+on   • Recognizing,  instead  of  reminding  • Recrui+ng  users  for  the  tests   • Flexibility  and  effec+veness  • Conduc+ng  tests  with  the  users   • Esthe+cs  and  economy   • Introducing  the  user  to  the  test   • Help  in  recognizing  and  solving  problems   • Help  and  documenta+on   • Filling  in  the  pre-­‐ques+onnaires   • Performing  the  pilot  task   Graphic  design   • Performing  test  scenarios   User  tests   Accessibility  analysis   • Filling  in  the  post-­‐ques+onnaires   Accessibility  analysis  of  a  Website  includes  expert  analysis  (based  on   Heuris+c  analysis   • Formal  mabers,  paying  the  users  their  due  money   the  W3C  guidelines)  and  disabled  user  tests,  which  allows  for  the  • Op+onally:  recording  the  tests  (audio,video,  screen)  and  edi+ng  the   Expert   verifica+on  of  the  actual  accessibility  of  the  Website.    recordings   evalua+on   The  expert  analysis  includes:  • Preparing  the  script  from  the  session  and  discussing  them  in  the  group  including:  observer,  moderator,  client.   Implementa,on   • Mee+ng  the  W3C  demands   • Mee+ng  the  WAI  demands  • Preparing  conclusions  and  project  guidelines  based  on  the  test  results   User  tests   • Mee+ngs  the  eEurope  2012  demands   • Mee+gns  the  demands  of  the  Polish  legal  system   Heuris+c  analysis   Prac+cal  tests  include  mainly  Website  tests  by  the  blind  and   amblyopic  users  and  tes+ng  the    Website  on  mobile  devices.     Eyetracking   Exoert  evalua+on   Sta+s+cal  analysis   Accessibility  analysis   Further  product   development   User  tests   A/B  tests   Surveys   Ready  Product  
  9. 9. Interactive Prototypes •  Interac,ve  prototypes  present   how  the  applica,on  is  going  to   work.     •  Verifying  the  designer’s  vision   against  the  expecta,ons  of  the   client  and  target  users.     •  Conceptual  work  on  the   prototypes  makes  the   verifica,on  of  the  ideas  cheap   and  fast.     •  In  the  subsequent  phases  of  the   project,  the  number  of   modifica,ons  diminishes.     •  There  were  9  different  versions   of  interac,ve  prototypes   prepared.   •  The  work  on  prototypes  lasted  3   weeks.    
  10. 10. IntegrationMicrosoft Dynamics NAV
  11. 11. Microsoft Dynamics NAV•  Microso_  Dynamics  NAV  –   integrated  business  solu,on  for   medium-­‐size  businesses.  •  Used  by  over  1450000  users  from   80000  firms.    •  Includes  modules  suppor,ng  the   management  of:  finances,  budge+ng,   produc+on,  distribu+on,  rela+ons  with  clients,   service,  e-­‐business,  advanced  analysis  (Business   Intelligence)  and  control.  
  12. 12. Integration•  Preparing  the  project  of  integra,on   Prepared  in  coopera+on  with  the  client’s  IT  department,  it  includes  the  detailed  descrip+on  of   synchroniza+on  mechanisms,  security  systems  and  data  formats.    •  Two-­‐way  data  exchange   The  number  of  products  in  stock,  product  features,  orders.  •  Early  start-­‐up  and  tests   Tes+ng  the  integra+on  mechanism  at  an  early  stage  of  the  implementa+on  allowed  us  to  map  all   the  flaws  and  make  sure  they  will  not  influnce  the  applica+on’s  func+oning.    
  13. 13. GraphicsGraphic Designing
  14. 14. Graphic Designing •  Based  on  the  visual   iden,fica,on  and  according  to   the  arrangement  of  the   elements  within  the  interac,ve   prototypes:   •  A  single  graphic  line  was   prepared;   •  Storyboards  for  the  ini,al   anima,ons  were  prepared.   •  Anima,ons  are  synchronized   with  the  changing  colec,ons   (color  palefe,  products).   •  A_er  the  look&feel    acceptance,   graphic  designs  for  the   subsequent  subpages  were   prepared.     •  Graphic  designing  took  2  weeks.  
  15. 15. Graphic Designing•  Graphic  design  does  not  compete  with  the   photos  of  the  products  and  the  collec,on’s   graphics.  It  serves  as  a  frame  for  them.    •  The  crea,on  of  the  graphic  design  was   supervised  by  the  SOLAR  experts  so  as  to   guarantee  consistency.    
  16. 16. ImplementationPrestaShop
  17. 17. PrestaShop•  PrestaShop  is  the  most  popular   European  open-­‐source  e-­‐store   plahorm.    We  offer  our  clients  the  PrestaShop   sogware,  extended  with  Divante’s  original  plug-­‐ins.    •  Over  100  000  e-­‐stores  use  PrestaShop.  •  The  most  interes,ng  features  of   PrestaShop’s  control  panel   PrestaShop   –  SEO-­‐friendly  store  architecture   –  Integra+on  with  Polish  payment  systems  and  price   comparison  services   –  The  possibility  of  selling  virtual  products  (files)   –  Coupon  system  (discounts,  free  extras,  free  delivery)   –  Client  groups  (defining  the  level  of  prices,   discounts).   –  The  possibility  of  the  mul+plica+on  of  a  store.   –  The  possibility  of  crea+ng  mul+-­‐language  stores.     Specifica+on  of  PrestaShop  and  Divante’s  plug-­‐ins.  
  18. 18. Modifications and Extensions•  For  the  needs  of  the  project,  we  modified  PrestaShop,  adjus,ng  the   so_ware  to  the  specific  demands.     Current  collec+on  and  outlet.  •  A  tool  for  offline  clients     Crea+ng  shopping  lists  and  the  possibilty  to  learn  about  new  collec+on  before  visi+ng  the  bou+que.    •  SOLAR  bou,ques  are  famous  for  regular  deliveries  of  new  products.   E-­‐store  is  supposed  to  make  it  possible  to  follow  the  new  items  in  the  collec+ons,  but  also  to  find   and  buy  products,  which  are  already  not  available  in  the  bou+ques.    
  19. 19. ImplementationStart-up and tests
  20. 20. Providing Quality•  Designing  according  to  the  User-­‐Centered  Design  •  Internal  quality  control  at  each  stage  of  the  project  –  checklists  and  tests  •  Systemic  management  of  demands,  changes  and  service  no+fica+ons   •  All  the  service  no,fica,ons  and   project  arrangements  are  made   within  the  same  repor,ng   system.     •  The  client  has  online  access  to   all  the  no,fica,ons.     •  We  use  the  Redmine  so_ware.  
  21. 21. EffectsThe First Results ofCooperation
  22. 22. The Effects of Cooperation afterLaunching the Online Store•  Right  ager  launching  the  store,  many  orders  were  placed.    •  Conversion  rate:  2,21%.  •  High  average  order  value.    •  68%  purchases  made  during  the  first  visit.    •  Ager  a  month,  as  many  as  15,9%  purchases  are  fuelled  by  SEO.    
  23. 23. ImplementationInformation about Divante
  24. 24. The Quality of Service•  Sa,sfac,on  from  the  coopera,on  with  our  agency:  4.6  /  5     -­‐  2nd  place  in  Poland  The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by   Media&Marke+ng  Poland  in  2011.  •  Sa,sfac,on  from  our  customer  service:  4.9  /  5     –  3rd  place  in  Poland  The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by   Media&Marke+ng  Poland  in  2011.  •  100%  of  our  clients  would  recommend  us  to  their  friends.   The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by  Divante  Company  in  2010.  •  Almost  60%  new  ques,ons  which  we  receive  comes  from  the  references  from   our  previous  customers.      •  10  /10  points  in  „punctuality  and  reliability”  category.  The   survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by  an  independent  unit  in  2009.  
  25. 25. The Quality of Work New  ideas  helping  to  improve  the  func6oning  of  a  company.   -­‐  Puls  Biznesu  magazine,  2009     Such  examples  show  that  our  economy  is  really  innova6ve  and  has  a  huge  poten6al  of   the  human  capital.   -­‐  Sebas+an  Christow,  Ministry  of  Economy  of  the  Republic  of  Poland       Divante  is  able  to  connect  product  innova6ons  with  the  care  for  the  best  quality  of  its   customer  service.  Thanks  to  that,  Divante  carries  out  projects  for  clients  in  Poland  and   all  over  the  world.   -­‐  Michał  Żyliński,  Microsog   A  great  communica6on  and  openness  to  new  solu6ons,  these  are  certainly  the  strong   sides  of  the  team.     -­‐  Izabela  Dauksza,  Coordinator  of  Project  Managers,  
  26. 26. Technology•  Scalability  –  PromoRing  enables  ca.  5  mln  PV  per  day,  serving  3  mln  UU  per   month  •  Flexibility  -­‐  .NET,  Django,  PHP  •  We  are  a  partner  of  Apple  and  the  Microsog  Company  •  We  are  integrated  with  many  outside  systems  (improvement  systems,   warehouse  systems,  ERP,  CRM)  
  27. 27. Thank you for your attentionContact  phone:    +48  71  34  22  406