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    Portfolio Portfolio Presentation Transcript

    • !"#$%&()*+$,-.#$)/-001(2) !"#$% &()*+% ,-"./01"+%
    • !"#$%&()*+$,-.#$)3($%$"&1.") !"#$% &()*+% ,-"./01"+%
    • !"#$%&()4$1()/5$$&) !"#$% &()*+% ,-"./01"+%
    • 61(7$."8)391"):) 23-43*$% ,54++)+*% 670/1"+%
    • ;(<(1&$)=(1">)?1-",5) 23-43*$% ,54++)+*% 670/1"+%
    • 6$%%18@"8)391A(0%)1">)B-@>$%) !"#$% &()*+%
    • !"#$%&"$(")"*&+,$
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    • 62*14"-$7"8*9":"-$ 51)"*%.%!607% 8*"90:)%/2.2;0<0.)% 5<24%/2.2;0<0.)% g APRIL 2009 November 2008 January 2009 ADAPTATION ISSUE EDITORS CORNER IT BUDGETING ISSUE EDITORS CORNERTHE WEBSENSE V10000 EDITORS CORNERWorms, Threats, & the Economy— Fools Rush In Toxic Toad, Crafty Crow and Cant Always Get New Years Tips to Squeeze Look on the BrightHow to Secure an Insecure World? April Fools Day has come and gone, The Wild World of Web 2.0 What You Want? More from Tight IT Budgets Side of Life and the dreaded Conficker worm has Management of IT security is ever-The Internet is arguably todays most crucial enterprise productivity tool. At the The law of unintended consequences is a powerful one, and in our modern world The global economy is in a downturn, and its no secret that companies are yet to deliver its payload. Or has it? changing, with new challenges every Its a new year, but many of thesame time, with new technologies introduced with Web 2.0, unfettered use of the of rapid communication, consequences can spread faster than ever imagined looking for ways to cut costs. According to some reports, U.S. corporate IT Security specialists around the world day. If youre having trouble keeping problems of 2008 have followed us intoInternet at work can endanger your most critical business assets—your essential before. The impact of one careless action can be swift and difficult to contain. spending will plummet as much as 20 percent in 2009. With massive layoffs in have taken up arms against the up, maybe its your approach. Try 2009. All indications are that this yearinformation. Along with that, the economy is in a shambles, leaving companies at The story of the cane toad and its introduction to Australia is a classic tale of the works and disgruntled employees on the loose, security is more important terrorizing Conficker worm. Experts something new, adapt to your will be a tough one for manyrisk from the misbehavior of disgruntled employees as well as the unintended solving one problem while unknowingly creating a passel of new ones. than ever. How can IT managers make the most out of shrinking budgets? have been skeptical but cautious surroundings. Thats the lesson companies, and tough times can bringerrors of overworked staff. Hackers are getting better and better at what they do, MORE MORE about the date of destruction offered of this months newsletter. out the worst in people. We canrelentlessly nipping at the heels of security professionals. Whats a security EMPLOYEE TRENDS BUSINESS TRENDS ECONOMIC TRENDS SECURITY TRENDS up by the Conficker worm and, as is MORE anticipate that cybercrime will increaseprofessional to do? MORE often the case, the worm did not Real Employees, Social Networking QUICK LINKS Big Get Bigger, Lousy Economy as desperate people become more activate its mighty botnet on theSECURITY TRENDS THREAT TRENDS promised trigger date of April first. Virtual Problems Around the Office PRODUCT TIP OF THE MONTH Others Go Away Increases Risk vulnerable to scams and other "too good to be true" offers. But history has Young workers entering the market Businesses are discovering ways toRelentless Botnets Crazy Economy CUSTOMER TRAINING The business world is in the midst of Did you know that significant plans to Although that date is behind us, shown that times of great challenge are are bringing social networking at boost productivity with social SUPPORT great change, with many predicting secure private information have been vigilance must be maintained as theWork While We Creating Criminals worm now resides on millions of work to a unimagined new level. networking, often beginning WEBSENSE NEWS that in the upcoming year well see an waylaid, with the culprit being the also times a great opportunity. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?Sleep A recent survey shows that e-crime computers around the world and there While some CIOs worry about internally. USA Today tells how one SUCCESS STORY increase in mergers and acquisitions lousy state of the economy? With MORE has tripled this last year, and points security, others find that educating tactic has companies clearing the like never before. But when the dust costs of cybercrime running as highResearchers recently discovered a is likely a new date already scheduled QUICK LINKSWeb site operating from a server in the finger at the recession and the for the attack. workers and changing the way they clutter of long email strings by School District settles and a new business steps in, as $4.7 billion per year, this may not Learns a Lesson resultant loss of jobs, bonuses, and secure and share data may provide creating a common forum for sharing just how secure is your sensitive be the time to cancel or delay IT PRODUCT TIP OF THE MONTHthe Ukraine, using botnets to MORE stock value. Beware that employees the secret to protecting data in the information and ideas among financial data? security projects. CUSTOMER TRAININGruthlessly suck up data from 5,000 QUICK LINKS Bellevue School District is located near who know of companys security Web 2.0 world. employees. MORE MORE SUPPORTinfected computers each day. With a PRODUCT TIP OF THE MONTH the Microsoft offices in Redmond, weaknesses may be tempted for MORE MORE LATEST NEWS WEBSENSE NEWSlousy economy and powerful Trojans CUSTOMER TRAINING Washington, and has a student reasons of retaliation or gain to take LATEST NEWSgoing for under $1000, its easy to SUPPORT population that tends to be very TOUGH TIMES BOOST INTERNET CRIME SUCCESS STORY the low road.enter the information-stealing WEBSENSE NEWS US PRESIDENTIAL MALWARE—BARACK OBAMA INTERVIEW LURE technologically savvy. The IT SECURITY PREDICTIONS FOR 2009 PODCASTbusiness these days. MORE ROLLING REVIEW: WEB 2.0 TOOLS DEMAND A CAUTIOUS APPROACH department knew they needed SCRIPT FRAGMENTATION ATTACK MAY ASSIST HACKERS Accountants Act MORE SUCCESS STORY OTTAWA BUILDS ONLINE COMMUNITY OUT OF IGLOO powerful network control to protect FINANCIAL "FIRE SALE" ECONOMY: PROTECTING DATA DURING M & A to Eradicate SpamLATEST NEWS Aussies Throw the SPAMMERS ABUSING GOOGLES WEB 2.0 SERVICES students from inappropriate material WHITE PAPERS, WEBCASTS, AND MORE Accounting firm Smith Marion & Co. and to guard against security risks. discovered employees were spending WEBSENSE LAUNCHES NEW, STATE-OF-THE-ART SECURITY APPLIANCE Wrench at Threats WHITE PAPERS, WEBCASTS, AND MORE They did their homework and Websense Security Labs Second Half 2008 Threat Report countless hours wading through risky JOIN US AT RSA WITH FREE TICKETS FROM WEBSENSE Salmat, an Australian sales tool Enabling Enterprise 2.0 Is your 2009 security plan ready for the New Year? Review the threats that and inappropriate spam —hours that discovered a Websense solution to do GLOBE AND MAIL—STEALING FROM THE HAND THAT FEEDS company, wanted to allow staff to use Learn from Charles Renert, principal researcher for Websense Security Labs, emerged in 2008, take a look forward to 2009, and receive a research report would be better spent providing the job. BBC NEWS: CRIME TO BOOM AS DOWNTURN BLOOMS Web 2.0 tools to drive business how Websense discovers, identifies, classifies and adapts to content trends on a highlighting the latest threat trends. Jan 21, 9:00 am PT. services to customers They needed a MORE DLP: AN IMPORTANT TOOL IN PROTECTING DATA DURING M & A growth without having to worry about global scale with the Websense Content Research Cortex white paper. REGISTER FOR THE WEBCAST proven security solution to stop spam increasingly dynamic and virulent READ THE WHITE PAPER and bolster security. In less than anWHITE PAPERS, WEBCASTS, AND MORE Secure Essential Data against Loss Web-based security threats. The hours time they deployed WebsenseThe Executive Guide to DLP White Paper The 2008 Email Security Report by the Aberdeen Group Can sensitive and regulated data be identified and loss prevented? Data within solution needed to provide controlled Hosted Email Security and immediately Research by the Aberdeen Group reveals that email security issues are causing companies is often stored, used and exchanged inappropriately. Find out how toRich Mogull of Securosis.com explores the business value of data loss access to Web 2.0 content to ensure reduced spam, saved time, and lost productivity for many and discusses steps for successful remediation. discover, monitor and protect your essential information.prevention, who needs it, how it works, and what are best practices for enterprise productivity at the same time. They protected employees from unsuitable REGISTER FOR THE REPORT WATCH THE VIDEOimplementation. found the solution in Websense Web images and content. READ THE WHITE PAPER Security Gateway with real-time Introduction to Websense Web Filter v7 Interface and Utilities scanning capabilities, unmatched
    • 5>0.)%?*2#6:(% 6.4<.&+,$ !".:0#)% !"#$% =;0.:$%/2.2;0<0.)% When your essential information is protected, you get to say Yes! to a whole new business environment. Say Yes! to Websense Web 2.0 Business Protection DLP atworry? InfoSec Yes! World without boundaries? # Yes! Booth 502 without without without paralysis? Yes! drama? Yes! This copy is for placement This copy is for placement This copy is for placement This copy is for placement only, it is not meant to be only, it is not meant to be only, it is not meant to be only, it is not meant to be read. This copy is for read. This copy is for read. This copy is for read. This copy is for 8*.)%=1% placement only, it is not placement only, it is not placement only, it is not placement only, it is not meant to be read. This meant to be read. This meant to be read. This meant to be read. This copy is for placement only, copy is for placement only, copy is for placement only, copy is for placement only, it is not meant. it is not meant. it is not meant. it is not meant. Get the Essential Information Protection White Paper Find out how to stop inadvertent data loss and other threats to your business while harnessing the full potential of your employees and the Web. @.4.0%
    • !"#$$%&()*+)#,-#.$/" A D V E R T I S E M E N T !"#$% &(%)*+,-".% /+0*1%231.% Channel View A DEEPER CHCOMMITMENT ANNEL Websense Revamps FOR MORE SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIPS Channel Strategy David Roberts Vice President of Sales and Websense Websense has enjoyed great success over the last 10 years, The security company fine tunes its partner Channel, North America initiatives to help solution providers build revenues Roberts joined Websense in April becoming the global leader in web filtering and a strong presence in the 2006 with the charter to deepen the growing web security market. We owe much of our success to the excellent Q What will be the philosophy of your partner program going forward? route-to-market planning to ensure that the Websense process around the product sale addresses the business companys relationship and commitment to the channel. In this role, Roberts oversees both the sales and channel support and effort of our valued channel partners. A We believe that a key to our success will be the development of a new Websense® channel program based on the following: model of the channel partner. Systems teams to develop a cohesive channel- centric organization. I have joined Websense to help build the next great security company. To get Websense is investing heavily on the there, we will have to become the next great channel company. • Greater Focus on Partner Profitability: systems side of our business to automate Offer higher margins through use of manual processes so resellers can easily margin enhancement programs. Build manage items such as lead distribution, We are making a renewed investment in the channel to achieve this goal. We and maintain partner profitability. rebates, deal registration, and marketing Provide profitable up-sell / cross-sell development funds (MDF) management. are hard at work to develop the right strategy, the right systems, and the right DEEPER COMMITMENT opportunities. Training TO STRONGER CHANNEL programs to increase your margins, to win your trust, and to make it easier • Enhanced Service Opportunities: We are making an immediate investment Provide recurring service revenue in online training to effectively deliver PARTNERSHIPS for you to do business with Websense. streams. both sales and technical content and • Shorter Time to Market: Offer low Websense has enjoyed great reduce our partner’s cost. Training and barrier of entry to quickly scale partner certification has been proven to increase success over the last 10 Websense is committed to the success of its channel partners. We are years, becoming the global revenue. customer satisfaction and accelerate embracing a 100% channel model and launching new initiatives that will help • Decreased Cost of Sales: Ensure customer adoption of technology. leader in web filtering higher account retention rates and and a strong presence in build stronger, more profitable partnerships with our resellers, including: Partner Program lower cost of sales. the growing web security We are excited to launch our Websense • Increased Operational Efficiency: market. We owe much of Make it easier to do business with Partner Program in Q3 2006 and deliver our success to the excellent • Deal registration for new business strong value to the channel community. Websense. support and effort of our • New lead generation programs to increase business for both of us Q Can you describe the immediate changes you are making to help Q What else is important for solution providers to know about Websense? valued channel partners. We are making a renewed • A new channel program that enhances margins through performance and solution providers in 2006? A Websense is committed to delivering value to our partners though our investment in the channel so rebates A Websense is becoming a channel-centric company, and we are acting quickly to alter our business processes, systems, comprehensive web filtering and web security products, our strong, recogniz- that together, we can build stronger, more profitable partnerships. We are hard • Tools that will make it easier for you to sell and quote Websense solutions able brand, and comprehensive programs training and programs to fully support a to support our channel partners. By at work to develop the right • Clearly defined rules of engagement for our channel sales organization channel model. developing and maintaining strong part- strategy, the right systems, nerships, together we can address the and the right programs to • Improved sales and technical training Business Process Improvement challenges and needs of our customers increase your margins, to Websense is changing sales processes with industry-leading solutions. win your trust, and to make to ensure that our sales playbook and Websense’s proven web filtering and it easier for you to do I invite you to be a part of the Websense success story. I am looking forward instructions to our sales force are channel- web security offerings give you the centric. We are channelizing our quote right solutions to meet your customers business with Websense. to working with you to build profitable, long-lasting partnerships for all of us. processes to create no-touch transaction business needs today, secure customer capability for our channel partners. loyalty in the future, and help you, our Sincerely, Furthermore, we are focusing on partner, enhance your profitability. David Roberts Vice President, Americas Sales For more information on the Websense channel partner program, visit www.websense.com/channel or email partner@websense.com. Websense, Inc. For more information partner@websense.com © 2006 Websense, Inc. All rights reserved.YOU HAVE OUR ATTENTIONANNOUNCING A NEW PARTNER PROGRAMDESIGNED WITH YOU IN MINDWebsense® devotes as much attention to the success of our When you offer your customers Websense security solutions,partners as we do our industry leading products. The new you’re offering much more than just software. You’re providingWebsense Partner Program gives you the tools and services a team of security analysts who scrutinize more than 75 millionyou need to make the most of every opportunity. With websites every day to find the emerging threats othercomprehensive product training, incentives, and dedicated solutions miss. And because it’s based on a subscriptionsales, marketing, and technical support teams, we can help model, Websense software creates a revenue stream that’syou offer your customers best-in-class security solutions. every bit as reliable as the protection it provides.Become a Websense partner today at www.websense.com/partner © 2006 Websense, Inc. All rights reserved.
    • 0%)1/#&!*$2%$23%)4%5 !".,+#(% 4(1(+5$% !"#$% ",-./ 01 2-3,/ 4 Keep energy flowing Get smart about using !" # & ! $ %& %( )* )* &-5 6. $9,,7: 7/8 + ; with notification notification on campus "::9 =35 6:5- 63/79 <-:/ >>> : Energy producers, suppliers and the businesses that work closely with them have complicated Ten tips on getting the most out of your campus notification system. networks in place to manage the distribution of gas, oil, coal and electricity. They also have Colleges and universities nationwide have embraced notification to quickly communicate to campus a huge commitment to employees as well as to public safety, environmental stewardship and populations in times of crisis. It’s clear that mass notification is the fastest and most efficient way to deliver an regulatory compliance. If systems fail, the damage and associated costs can be catastrophic. important message when danger threatens, but it can also be used in many other ways. Many schools and Wise use of notification can help mitigate loss caused by unexpected interruptions. districts rely on mass notification for streamlined, day-to-day communications with students, faculty, staff and visitors, and as institutions face shrinking budgets, it makes sense to incorporate cost-effective notification for a variety of uses. Here’s how energy producers use notification to keep energy flowing: Following are ten tips on using your notification system effectively on campus: 1 Unauthorized activity or intruders – Drilling sites and power generation plants are beehives of activity, and it’s easy for unsavory types to take advantage of the level of activity and cause problems. 1 Class or building closings – When storms hit, use notification to alert of canceled classes or building Using notification you can send an alert to all personnel, no matter where they are, and get the word out, closures caused by unsafe conditions, flooded parking lots or power outages. Deliver alerts to students, staff and making it difficult for an interloper to escape without notice. faculty, no matter where they are, and direct them to alternative sites. 2 Evacuations – Use notification to alert everyone at a job site or facility of dangerous situations like 2 On-campus and off-campus alerts – When students become the target of thieves and cons, or gas leaks or chemical spills. Direct them to avoid the area of impact and even notify police and emergency are at risk of assault, use notification to direct security teams to unsafe areas of campus. Whether on campus or responders. By requesting responses, you’ll know which employees may be in danger and need help. off, alert students to travel in pairs through certain parts of town after dark, and if there is a suspicious character on the loose, notify everyone on campus to be on the lookout. 3 Customers first – If you have people in the field most of the day, keep them updated by sending important messages via voice, text, and email. The real-time alerts ensure that your representatives always 3 Unplanned staffing changes – Use notification to put out the call for qualified alternates to step in know the most important business news and answers to customers’ questions. when teachers are unable to make it to class. Using your database, target a message to just those with the proper credentials. Once a teacher responds, he or she can be connected with you quickly using the call bridge to 4 Keep execs in the loop – When the earthquake and tsunami in Japan interrupted business, many discuss details. companies used notification to alert energy executives at locations around the world and request they join immediate conference calls to prepare for potential impact to operations. 4 Faculty and student updates – When you need to get an important message to faculty quickly, but find them difficult to track down on a busy campus, use notification to alert them no matter where they are. Direct 5 Don’t leave customers in the dark – In preparation to conduct maintenance, one power company teachers to use notification to reach students as well, alerting them if a class venue has changed, reminding them uses notification as a way to alert customers of impending outages. Alerts can be sent via landline, cell, text, of approaching or shifting deadlines, special events or a change in office hours. and email to increase the likelihood of receipt; the alerts can be repeated until recipients acknowledge receipt. 5 Security team management – Use notification to alert your security team of potential incidents, 6 IT management – IT operations are essential in supporting the infrastructure and functioning of most requesting a quick location response from each guard to help you better manage a situation. Use notification energy suppliers and downtime can cause costly delays. Use notification to alert the right staff and get help when you want to avoid your message being broadcast over a loud radio that most security guards carry. quickly when IT systems lag. Is the business of healthcare slowing you down? Ten powerful ways that notification can help streamline the business of managing healthcare. Healthcare professionals are responsible for managing a lot of things, including staff, providers, patients, con- tractors, compliance issues, response teams, medications and more. When this carefully balanced system gets interrupted, communication is the key to getting things back on track. But communication is not always easy in a mobile and fast-moving hospital setting where most people spend their time on the floor helping patients rather than at desks. That’s where notification can help. Here are ways healthcare administrators can use notification for increased efficiency and productivity: 1 Epidemic or pandemic alerts – When a patient presents with a virulent infectious disease, notify providers and hospital staff to take proper precautions. Use a call bridge to alert decision-makers and invite them to join an immediate conference call to decide how to best handle the situation and how to share information with the public and press. 2 Emergency staffing – When earthquakes, hurricanes or other emergencies hit, use notification to mo- bilize staff quickly to deal with the influx of patients that comes with large-scale disasters. Use your notification system along with your database to determine which staff is on or off duty, and instantly deliver urgent messages to appropriate workers. 3 Inventory and event alerts – Use notification for interdepartmental alerts when hospital departments are in a crunch, with beds or supplies running low. Quickly deliver a request to on-duty nurses to initiate a bed count and inventory levels; responses can be tabulated in just moments. 4 Patient pre-admission and follow-up – Reduce hospital re-admissions and overall costs by using notification to assist with patient care during the critical pre-admission and outpatient stages. Deliver alerts to patients about preparations like fasting, requisite forms and pre-admission blood tests, and to share medication instructions. You can even use notification to alert them of upcoming appointments after they’ve been released. 5 Tracking service levels – Use notification to track follow-up and help meet your service level agree- ments (SLAs), making sure that patients are being adequately cared for. Sophisticated notification technology will close the loop, tracking patient requests through service desks, housekeeping, nursing staff, and back to patients, noting timeliness of response and completion of service.
    • !.52*,6**758*)-%#9:%$ !".,+#(% &(%)*+,-".% 2"6+,(%/1.15+7+.(%
    • ;9<%)2*)4#&#$9="42%(#>%)?@%) !"#$% &(%)*+,-".% /+0*1%231.%Is the worldgetting smaller,or is it just me?You’ve probably noticed it too— To reach all of your people quickly notification is critical—but it doesn’twith the growth of email, smart you need an emergency notification have to be complicated.phones and all the rest, the world solution that works with the mostseems to be shrinking. These days it’s common communication methods in Of the four basic port configurationsjust as easy to talk with a colleague business today—cell phones, landline (unlimited, shared, reserved oracross the globe as one across the phones, email and SMS. All of these dedicated), what is the best arrange-hall—sometimes it’s even easier. Every have one thing in common—telephony, ment for your needs? Can you reallyday more people are working from the modern communications back- rely on shared ports, or does yourremote offices or distant locations. bone. Understanding telephony is business need reserved or dedicatedWhile doing business in far-flung crucial in finding a solution you can ports? Understand telephony and theplaces is rewarding, there’s also a count on. decision becomes easy. Apply that tocertain amount of risk, which makes your notification solution, and you’llreliable communication all the Telephony, in the simplest of terms, see the world really isn’t as big as itmore important. is the electronic transmission of once seemed. human voice. Telephony makes theWith some staff at headquarters and world assessable by providing theothers scattered around the globe, conduits, or ports, for communica-can you reach everyone quicklywhen seconds count? If there’s anemergency in one office that impacts tion. If a notification is sent to many people through just a few ports, or if the ports are busy or blocked, the !133%("%&,-".%("% )"8.3"10%9:*(+%21#+%the rest, can you reach out and direct message delivery will be delayed. With an unlimited configuration, many usersbusiness, no matter where you are? So choosing a port configuration for share many ports.Find out more with this new white paper: Demystifying Telephony in Notificationand Response. Visit www.mir3.com/telephony to get your copy.© 2010 MIR3, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MIR3 is a service mark of MIR3, Inc. 060410
    • ;-&,+&,+$.$6.4<.&+,$1$=&>"$ !".:0#)% !"#$% =*)%&*0:-".% Make no mistake, they’re out there doing everything they can to breach your security. STOP THEM DEAD. But while they’re inventing new ways to break in, Websense® ThreatSeeker™ technology is analyzing over 85 million web sites daily to find and stop them before they stop you. See what a difference intelligent web security can make. Take the Websense Security Challenge www.websense.com/challenge © 2007 Websense, Inc. All rights reserved. If you don’t have Websense, you’re not protected. This is not a game of hide and seek. With Websense® ThreatSeeker™ technology, security threats haven’t got a chance. SEEK AND DESTROY. Unlike traditional antivirus and intrusion prevention solutions, we search over 85 million web sites daily to find and eliminate threats before they can destroy your business. See what a difference intelligent web security can make. Take the Websense Security Challenge www.websense.com/challenge If you don’t have Websense,© 2007 Websense, Inc. All rights reserved. you’re not protected.
    • 0)?"-1-&.9$%"-&"*$ !".:0#)% !"#$% /012%842.% Eliminate the SECURITY?Can your customersTRUSTYOUR SPYWARETHREATEvolving Internet Threats Demand a New Look. Traditional Security Measures Do Not Address the Spyware Threat.Every day, your employees use the web, email, and instant messaging to communicate, conduct research, Spyware—a program placed on a computer without a user’s knowledge that monitors actions or takesand share files and information. These same productivity tools, however, open your IT infrastructure—and your personal information and reports it to a third party—poses serious security, confidentiality, andcustomers’ confidential information—to threats such as malicious mobile code, spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, compliance risks, stresses system resources, and decreases employee productivity.and email phishing and pharming. By simply doing their jobs, your employees can expose your business to thesemore complex threats. 92 % OF IT MANAGERS The gravest danger is that spyware com- Prevent Spyware From Transmitting$16.7 BILLION promises information security. If your employ- to its Host Server. Email File Sharing say their company has been infected IT organizations normally leave port 80 ees, customers, and investors rely on your Email, because of its widespread When sharing files over peer-to by spyware. open to service web traffic, so spyware company to keep their personal, medical,2004 estimated cost to organizations use, is a prime target in your infrastructure. -peer networks, users often download Websense Web@Work Survey Results 2004 typically uses this port to communicate and financial information confidential, youworldwide due to new security threats. Email is an easy way to distribute harmful spyware and MMC. Spyware gathers with its host server. Block any transmissions have to prevent spyware from accessing and Computer Economy, 2004 content, such as file attachments infected information such as browsing habits, Spyware is often acquired when users aimed at spyware servers from sending transmitting your—and their—vital information. with viruses, worms, or Trojan horses that passwords, and email addresses that can data via port 80 connections. are spread when the attachment is opened. download an application or file, visit certain Regulations such as the Health InsuranceFirewalls and antivirus software are no lead hackers to your clients’ most trusted Block Applications That Carry or Hackers are also increasingly using data, while MMC attacks the same way as websites, or click on a pop-up window. Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Distribute Spyware.longer enough. Firewalls monitor web phishing and pharming techniques to when acquired through internet access. Spyware collects potentially sensitive Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Gramm-Leach Many files swapped over peer-to-peertraffic but not the information transferred. completely bypass your perimeter security. -Bliley Act, and California Data Privacy Law (P2P) networks are infected with spyware. information such as keystrokes, web surfing Your IT organization needs to manage require strict IT policies and proceduresAntivirus applications are only effective Instant Messaging Phishing habits, passwords, email addresses, and to demonstrate compliance. When spyware employee access to P2P applications,against specific threats—and only after an Phishers use official-looking emails to fool Instant messaging (IM) lets instant messaging conversations and infiltrates your corporate environment, which can introduce spyware intoattack occurs. Also, your expanding team recipients into providing confidential employees communicate quickly and however, regulatory compliance becomes your business. efficiently and reduces the need for face transmits it to a spyware host. Microsoftof mobile workers is not protected by information. Recipients are instructed to virtually impossible. Block Launching of Spyware. click links in these emails; the links go to -to-face meetings. Unfortunately, IM claims half of all computer crashes reported Define policies and procedures that blocktypical perimeter security. To secure your usually bypasses your security entirely. phony pages complete with the links, by its customers are caused by spyware How Can You spyware from launching on the desktop.customers’ data and let your employees logos, and layout of the authentic website. IM can transmit unencrypted proprietary Eliminate Spyware? and its equivalents. The related support Phishers may also obtain confidential information and transfer sensitive filedo their jobs without compromising your attachments, while IM downloads can calls are costing the company “millions”.* Find the Spyware in Your rganization. A Complete Solution company information by targeting groupsbusiness, content-level protection is the of unsuspecting employees who provide contain viruses, Trojan horses, and worms. And Microsoft is not alone. Determine how much spyware you have. is the Only Answeronly answer. Identify websites that distribute spyware Rather than repeatedly removing spyware phishers with user names and passwords and inventory spyware on your corporate each time it has infiltrated your company, used to infiltrate your corporate net- Websense Responds to Traditional Solutions systems and network. Internet Access work and access confidential information. Are Not Enough you need to keep it out of your systems Your employees can innocently These Security Challenges Keep Employees From Accessing entirely. A complete, proactive solution is Most companies use the familiar securityaccess websites built to distribute Pharming As threats become more complex, you Spyware-distributing Sites. the only answer. Solutions such as combination of firewall, antivirus software, IT administrators must block employeemalicious software. Once on these sites, Pharming is a new, automated version of must supplement traditional security to Websense® Web Security Suite™ protect and spyware removal programs to keep spy- access to websites that allow spywareusers may unknowingly download phishing. Unlike phishing, however, keep your business—and your customers’ your data by identifying spyware on your ware at bay. But this solution is not enough. downloads or application downloadsmalicious mobile code (MMC) that gives pharming does not rely on phony emails; data—safe. Solutions such as Websense computers, blocking access to spyware web- Firewalls operate at the boundary of your containing spyware. Employees musthackers access to sensitive company it uses Trojan horses that change the Web Security Suite™ block spyware, MMC, be kept away from sites that distribute sites, and preventing spyware programs network—they cannot see spyware runninginformation. MMC can also be delivered behavior of web browsers, making such a and other web-based threats, filling the spyware, and stopped from downloading from launching. With spyware identified and gaps in your traditional security solutions inside the network. Antivirus solutionsvia web-borne viruses, Trojan horses, or security breach nearly undetectable. When spyware-infected applications. Employees categorized, policies can be set to deny and creating a robust solution your typically do not include spyware signatures—worms; the MMC then distributes itself a user accesses a target site, this access mean no harm, but they open your access to dangerous categories of websites redirects the browser to a fraudulent site. customers can rely on. they don’t recognize them as threats. Currentvia web pages or HTML code, including corporate information assets to anyone or applications, safeguarding your vital spyware removal programs are not central- who knows how to plant spyware.embedded ActiveX or JavaScript code, business data, ensuring confidentiality, ly managed—they are impractical for a busi-and becomes embedded in the web pages. and achieving regulatory compliance. ness with multiple computer users. Instant Messaging How effective is your pg 1 *Amit Asaravala. “Sick of Spam? Prepare for Adware,” in Wired Magazine, May 7, 2004. ASSETor LIABILITY? pg 2 ENDPOINTSECURITY? Unregulated Instant Messaging Can Be More Danger than Benefit. While Securing Your Network, You May Be Overlooking Attackers’ The use of instant messaging (IM) in corporate environments is growing. IM is more immediate than email and Ultimate Goal: The Employee Desktop. Although network-level security is crucial, it is only the first line of provides real-time collaboration that can resolve issues and questions instantly; however it also introduces and defense. Endpoint security cannot be ignored; while the desktop is the destination of malicious action, in many array of new security risks. cases it’s also the starting point. According to Gartner, of all organizations will use 70% Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms How Can You Bring IM Under Control? There will be 35 million Network Security Alone Isn’t Enough Control of Mobile Storage Devices Mobile storage devices are convenient for Viruses, Trojan horses, and worms remote users by 2005 and 14 billion Most organizations rely on a firewall and transferring files and applications; however, IM in some form this year. To rein in unregulated IM use—and can piggyback on IM attachments to devices on the Internet by 2010. antivirus software for security. Often, how- they also make it easy to compromise abuse—you need to be able to: 29% infiltrate your corporate network and Forrester Research, 2003 ever, vulnerabilities cannot be addressed intellectual property. Flash drives, CD/DVD IDC estimates that spread throughout your organization. • Determine what IM applications are at the network level; in other cases, drives, and memory sticks have plenty of being used, by whom, and for what. Endpoint Risk: The Desktop of traffic on todays consumer IM Because many IM clients allow peer- solutions impose such an administrative space for documents, databases, and networks is for business use.* to-peer (P2P) file exchange, firewalls Most employees are comfortable using burden that they become impractical. proprietary applications. Security is also • Set and enforce policies about which and antivirus scanners are ineffective. IM applications are allowed. the internet, installing applications, and compromised when employees connect exchanging files. This familiarity, however, Because so much intellectual capital USB devices to infected computers or The Risks of IM Use in Business Information Confidentiality • Set and enforce policies about who challenges IT security. Unrestricted web resides on personal systems, endpoint upload files containing malicious code, Many businesses allow the unregulated and Liability Issues can use IM and how. use enables attacks from spyware and security—protecting the employee desktop then connect that USB device at work. use of consumer IM applications such as malicious mobile code, which often or server—is critical. Organizations need Whether accidentally or intentionally, • Prevent employees from sending AOL® Instant Messenger, MSN® Messenger, employees can use IM to send confidential and receiving unauthorized IM enter your network through downloaded a solution that complements network-level The Websense Solution and Yahoo!® Messenger—but should they? file attachments. content. Employees with remote access security by automatically addressing Websense® endpoint security solutions product specifications, code, or customer The primary goals of these applications can circumvent IT perimeter security and threats at the desktop. automatically identify and block threats data to anyone—including your competitors. are widespread adoption and Web service Central management of IM is critical, but open paths for external threats. Employees and prevent spyware, keyloggers, and Such actions open your company to legal High-Risk and Malicious promotion, not security; as such, they are it can place more strain on your IT depart- using peer-to-peer (P2P) and instant hacking tools from launching. and compliance risks and threaten your Applications often used to spread worms, Trojan ment. An automated, comprehensive IM messaging (IM) programs or mobile memory competitive advantage. horses, and viruses within corporate management solution such as Websense devices to share files create entryways The following applications have no business Websense Client Policy Manager™ and infrastructures. Virus infections are not Transferring MP3 files, movies, and other Web Security Suite™ provides this essential for worms, viruses, and Trojan horses. benefit and should never be allowed to run Websense Web Security Suite – Lockdown the only areas where IM can compromise content via IM sidesteps the file size central management capability without on corporate desktops or laptops: Edition™ span the internet gateway, network, your company: restrictions of email, so this high-risk additional burden on the IT staff. Monitored-Use Applications • Spyware, executable malware, key- and desktop. In addition to providing activity is common. If your IM is used to Certain applications may be appropriate loggers, and Trojan horses. These are comprehensive endpoint security, they • IM can be used to transmit confidential share copyrighted, illegal, or inappropriate The Websense Solution ® for some departments but not others; such block malicious mobile code as well as company information, undetected by introduced by downloading infected content, you are liable for any damages. Websense Web Security Suite™ lets your application-use scenarios are beyond the files or visiting websites containing spyware and keylogging transmissions. your IT staff. Controlling IM attachments is mandatory IT staff create policies that restrict IM use capabilities of firewalls or antivirus software. malicious code. Websense Remote Filtering extends web • IM opens your company to liability to reducing your exposure. to a single, corporate-approved client such filtering and security to remote users, • IM. While essential for many organiza- • P2P file sharing, used to download music if your employees transmit illegal as AOL Instant Messenger. These policies regardless of location or connection type. or inappropriate content via your Loss of Productivity tions, IM creates a threat opportunity or video files. P2P can distribute viruses can be further refined so that only certain corporate network. because it bypasses virus-scanning and worms because it bypasses typical With Websense advanced reporting IM is supplanting the telephone as a pro- departments or groups can use IM; those software. Viruses and worms can security and filtering. Organizations also tools, IT administrators can perform When IM is used to send file attachments, ductivity drain. Employees tapping away at without a business need can be blocked piggyback on files transferred using IM face legal risk when employees desktop inventories, enabling early threat the high bandwidth consumption severely their keyboards may actually be “chatting” from its use. applications. IM also enables confidential download, use, or distribute copyrighted, detection and identification. Websense affects your network and application with friends or family. Unauthorized IM company information to be distributed Websense professional-grade reporting illegal, or inappropriate content. Remote Filtering extends these tools to performance. applications require individual support, or unintentionally exposed. tools provide real-time and historical • Hacking tools. Organizations have remote users so IT administrators can increasing support costs of employee To ensure IM remains an asset to your reports on IM activity and IM file attachment • Games and media players. Aside from always been concerned about outsiders refine access policies at any endpoint, desktops. IM file sharing slows business organization rather than a liability, you traffic, helping you safeguard your vital the productivity drain, games, music, hacking their networks; however, the regardless of physical location. Websense applications, leaving workers waiting for need to be able to set—and enforce— business data, ensure confidentiality of and video eat up processor and network threat of hacking is primarily from within. comprehensive threat detection and policy information they need to perform their jobs. policies for its use. your and your clients’ data, and avoid bandwidth capacity, introduce rogue enforcement offer stronger endpoint devastating liability risk. applications, and open doors for viruses, security, higher employee productivity, Trojan horses, and worms. and lower desktop management costs. *http://comment.cio.com/comments/10296.html. pg 3 pg 4
    • 3#&%56#A&%!#)95 !"#$% )+<*5.% SALES BATTLE CARD Gartner MQ for EMNS Partner Profile MIR3 The News How to Use the Report Press Release What is Intelligent Notification? Markets SHANGHAI, ATLANTA, Jan. 08, 2011 — CDC Intelligent Notification™ is an important message CRISIS MANAGEMENT Software Corporation (NASDAQ: CDCS), a hy- delivery platform that lets you notify the people Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/ brid enterprise software provider of on-premise you need to, when you need to, on the commu- DR) planning are a critical part of modern busi- and cloud deployments, today announced that nication devices they choose, and get meaning- ness procedures. Today, virtually every company it has signed a reciprocal original equipment ful responses quickly. requires business continuity planning and manufacturer (OEM) agreement with MIR3, Inc., employee accountability to mitigate risk and a developer of real-time Intelligent Notifica- WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ensure the safety of their staff. tion software. Under this OEM agreement, it MIR3 INTELLIGENT NOTIFICATION: is expected that both companies will offer an When interruptions threaten to take business Can notify individuals or groups in any order end-to-end monitoring, alert/notification and offline, Intelligent Notification provides a solution Works when email and phones are down for organizations of any size to share information resolution solution, in on-premise, software-as- Reaches staff when away from desks, and mobilize teams quickly, keeping business on a-service (SaaS) or hybrid deployments, to mar- travelling or out of office track and systems running. kets that include IT service management (ITSM), crisis management and supply-chain operations Elicits response from those receiving focused on healthcare, finance, energy, govern- notifications IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT ment, retail, logistics, and manufacturing. Allows multiple ways to respond to IT teams are responsible for keeping business What the Report Says notifications processes and technology running around the Has enhanced support for BlackBerry PIN-to- clock. When systems fail or problems linger, PIN time is wasted and money is lost. This OEM partnership is expected to open up Monitors and tracks activity with real-time and new markets for CDC Software in the ITSM and archived reports Intelligent Notification helps keep systems work- crisis management sectors, and help to expand Ensures continuity of communication with a ing smoothly by making it easy to quickly alert CDC Software’s footprint in the government fault-tolerant infrastructure the staff that can fix problems to keep your busi- sector, especially in state and local municipalities. ness on track. Can deliver notifications to email, SMS, SMTP, phone, cell, fax, pager, TTY SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Supply chain logistics requires a seamless Why MIR3 products are best integration between production, planning and MIR3 OVERVIEW sourcing. Reputation – Many of the global FORTUNE Talking Points MIR3 is the premiere SALES BATTLE CARD provider of Intelligent Notification and response software. MIR3 100 are customers; more than 5,000 installations worldwide MIR3 Enterprise Service Bus Intelligent Notification helps by providing a means for any supply chain operation to share mission-critical information along the value chain, What it Means to Customers solutions help organizations deliver important Reliability – More than ten years of proven messages to groups from a few to hundreds MIR3 ESB? What is of reliability Top Features reducing operational customer satisfaction. is it for? times and increasing costs, lowering response Who thousands on a wide variety of communication The MIR3 Enterprise phone Redundancy – Redundant global devices including email, landline, mobile Service Bus (ESB) is a runbook The MIR3 ESB is for any user of MIR3 products and SMS. infrastructure and rigorous securityon more meaningful tasks automation toolset that makes it easy to integrate their attention who wants to integrate the features of Intelligent the notification capabilities of inEnterprise, in- Notification into existing or legacy applications. TechCenter and TelAlert into existing applications The MIR3 ESB is commonly purchased and de- without custom coding, scripting or significant ployed within corporate IT departments. Response is Everything ™ data configuration professional services. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR MIR3 PARTNER USE ONLY - The MIR3 ESB allows for an easy way to integrate flow tools Why they need it? notification with major ITSM tools and other enter- prise and legacy applications allowing for two-way More companies are realizing the value of notifica- when an alert is responded to communications between applications and on-call tion software as a business tool for communicat- personnel. ing, whether during times of disruption or any time they want to reach a group of people with It has an uncomplicated point-and-click data con- an important message. However, most companies figuration for seamless implementation of escala- How does it work? are already standardized on software platforms tion rules without custom coding or scripting. The MIR3 ESB gives users a complete set of flex- that don’t include notification. Integration is often It provides a complete set of flexible, pre-defined ible, pre-defined building blocks for integrateing complicated and time-consuming, requiring lots of building blocks for intelligent workflow, rule-based notification with existing applications through intel- custom coding and complicated scripting. The MIR3 logic flow control and branching, as well as process ligent workflow, rule-based logic flow control and ESB provides an easy way for these companies toResponse is Everything ™ and workflow logic to fine-tune the interactions be- branching. Process and workflow logic allows users integrate notification, whether using inEnterprise, CONFIDENTIAL - INTERNAL USE ONLY tween applications and notification to communicate to fine-tune the interactions between systems and more effectively. notification to communicate effectively. existing applications. Discovery Questions Do you need to integrate data with—or automate information traveling in one direction. If the data or Do you add new or modify existing workflows fre- workflow from—any of your existing software sys- process flow is bi-directional, these scripts becomes quently? tems with the notification system? very difficult to develop and maintain. The MIR3 ESB drag-and-drop GUI for process flow design makes it a drag-and-drop GUI is much easier than writing easy to build and maintain process flows. subsequent questions, a case can be made to offer scripts or custom programs. the MIR3 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). How many specific business processes (work flows) Do you have more than one person responsible for do you need to automate? integrations or do you have frequent turnover in no need to recommend the MIR3 ESB. - that job function? plexity of an integration exponentially. MIR3 ESB Do you need bidirectional updates between the inherently manages multiple data flows ensuring that existing system and the notification system? maintain for everyone but the person who originally events are timed properly and that data does not get wrote them. The MIR3 ESB standard interface makes - mixed up between different processes. all integrations and work flows maintainable by any- plications. This is fine for simple integrations with body who is trained on ESB. Response is Everything ™ CONFIDENTIAL - INTERNAL USE ONLY
    • !#5%32.94%5 !".,+#(% !"#$%;0*-.5% &(%)*+,-".%Customer Success: Crouse Hospital Customer Success: Drexel UniversityPatients profit when nurses use notification Drexel University learns how rapid communication can safeguard students and staff Central New York’s Crouse Hospital has found a way to fill open staffing positions quickly, freeing nurses to spend more time on patient care. Drexel University’s Department of Public Safety uses Intelligent Notification to alert the University community during emergencies and help its responders quickly manage incidents. Customer Profile: The hospital environment Once the notification system was installed, Crouse Hospital is a not-for- No matter what’s going on outside the building, Christopher pulled together a multi-depart- profit, acute-care hospital with once you walk through the doors of a hospital ment team to come up with creative ways Customer Profile: A hard lesson learned The Solution: Intelligent Notification the mission to provide the best to use the technology to streamline all sorts Drexel University, founded In the wake of the April 2007 shooting on After conducting an exhaustive evaluation the most important thing becomes patient in patient care and to promote of processes. When it was explained to the in 1891, is a private university care. When outside distractions threaten to the Virginia Tech campus that left 32 people process in cooperation with the Drexel community health. nursing staff that Intelligent Notification located in Philadelphia, PA. interfere with that care, all efforts must be dead and 25 injured, universities and colleges community, the University chose the MIR3 SM could easily send an alert to many people Drexel has several campuses Problem: focused on regaining hospital equilibrium reexamined their emergency planning and Intelligent Notification platform. on a variety of communication devices, in Philadelphia and a graduate Staffing changes with a and keeping systems humming smoothly. reaching anyone on staff no matter where response plans to improve communication studies center in Sacramento, Drexel was able to implement the emergency fluctuating patient load were they happened to be, they shared an idea CA. The school is home to nearly and keep their communities safe. Schools notification system quickly because MIR3 had cumbersome, time consuming The Problem: Managing the ratio with Hines. If they could use the notification 23,000 students plus more than realized it was necessary to implement rapid expertise in working with schools. According and increasingly inefficient. of staff to patient solution to call for substitute nurses, it could 5,000 faculty and staff. mass notification systems that could reliably to Dominic Ceccanecchio, senior associate Crouse Hospital’s 5 South Irving medical/ save them over an hour every day, and they reach their entire community on multiple Solution: Problem: VP of public safety, “MIR3 provided a lot of surgical unit employs 49 registered nurses, could get back to doing what they do best— devices to guide people out of harm’s way Using a mass notification In the wake of the 2007 shooting experience with the systems they installed 19 nursing assistants, three health unit caring for patients. After a short trial period, before incidents escalated. solution from MIR3, nurses have at Virginia Tech, Drexel sought at other universities. They brought to the coordinators and one ambulator. With an the new way of calling for substitute staff has freed administrative time become a way of life at Crouse, and patients a mass notification solution to The Problem: Alerting thousands table solutions to challenges other universi- average daily census of 39 patients and a ties had faced, shortening our own learning to spend more quality time are reaping the benefits. quickly communicate with its of people immediately bed capacity of 41, the staff care for roughly curve.” MIR3 also provided the redundancy with patients. community in case of emergency 10,500 patients annually. Nurses like the system because everyone After the Virginia Tech incident, Drexel’s to ensure public safety. Drexel required, with data replicated among Benefit: gets the message at the same time, so Department of Public Safety implemented an multiple data centers, removing the risk of a Before adopting a notification system, Patients are receiving improved everyone gets an equal opportunity to pick Solution: in-house communication system that could single point of failure. when hospital staff called in sick and more care, staffing issues are quickly up extra time. This is not only a more equi- By implementing Intelligent notify the community by email and SMS. The help was needed, a nurse would have to step table way of calling for additional help, but Notification, the University’s Equally important to Drexel was the MIR3resolved and the hospital system system was a temporary measure, however, is saving time and money. a way from patients and start dialing the satisfies union requirements as well. Department of Public Safety infrastructure, which allocates a minimum as it did not have the required speed, reli- phone, looking for substitutes. To find a can reach tens of thousands of number of telephony ports to each client, As nurse manager Laurie Fegley, RN, BSN ability and redundancy to ensure that all MIR3 Partner: substitute with all the right skills took at people in minutes by email, SMS preserving high bandwidth when multiple says, “This is a great tool for nurses because people would be reached within a certain BroadBlast, Inc., authorized least 45 minutes and sometimes as long as and voicemail. clients use the system simultaneously. when they are short staffed they don’t really timeframe without fail. Along with those reseller of leading incident two hours. That’s two hours that could be have time to make calls for additional help.” Benefit: concerns, Drexel did not want to carry the management, mass notification better spent with patients. This was critical because two other and emergency alert systems. This system allows them to focus more on Drexel students, parents, faculty burden of housing and maintaining a notifica- universities in Philadelphia—University of The solution: Intelligent Notification patient care rather than on the phone. Staff and staff have peace of mind tion system. The Department conducted an +1 (877) 363-9673 Pennsylvania and Temple University—also use As the supervisor of telecommunications for appreciate that they get to choose how they knowing that they can extensive search to find a robust solution that broadblastonline.com the MIR3 system. A regional incident could Crouse Hospital, Christopher Hines is respon- want to receive the message, with younger be notified of any urgent would meet its needs. staff members preferring text messages, result in all three universities using Intelligent sible for processing over a million calls per situation in minutes. and other staff members voice calls. The Notification at the same time to contact month along with 4,500 phones, voicemails, their communities. MIR3 demonstrated that and a conference bridge. When he had to system does both, along with email if that is indicated. Plans include making notification in such a scenario, Intelligent Notification fulfill a state mandate for an emergency available to supervisors as well. could handle the load and continue to notification system, he worked closely with his technology partner, BroadBlast Inc., and quickly got Intelligent Notification up and running. Response is Everything ™Response is Everything ™ INTELLIGENT NOTIFICATION INTELLIGENT NOTIFICATION
    • !"#$$%&()*+)#, !"#$% )+<*5.% Our Mission Websense is committed to supporting its ChannelConnect Partners worldwide. We are dedicated to creating new business opportunities in the security market- place and to increasing our ChannelConnect Partner’s profitability. To support this commitment, Websense has designed the Websense ChannelConnect Global Partner Program as a single unified program. Team with Websense for success ChannelConnect Partner Types in the security market The Websense ChannelConnect Global Partner Program is designed to meet the needs of our various growing partner communities and address innovative routes to market as new ChannelConnect Partner types emerge. We empower “Websense ChannelConnect ChannelConnect Partners through a unique and efficient approach to business The Websense® ChannelConnect Global Partner Program was designed to grow reseller that balances profitability, go-to-market strategies, and customer satisfaction. Partners are critical to our revenue in the Web security, data security, and email security markets. The ChannelConnect strategy. We are committed The enhanced Websense ChannelConnect Global Partner Program has been Partner Program provides the infrastructure, tools, resources, and support ChannelConnect expanded to address the strategic value of our six ChannelConnect Partner types. to working with our Partners need to drive security-related revenue and increase profitability. This enhanced ChannelConnect PartnersWebsense ChannelConnect program also makes it easier to do business with us, identify customer opportunities, and sell and support Websense solutions. The program provides a framework that enables Authorized Training Partners are a global network of training providers ready to deliver to create unprecedented opportunities for revenueGlobal Partner Program Overview ChannelConnect Partners to create and manage opportunities through such tools as lead superior classroom training on Websense products. Their instructors are thoroughly growth and maximized distribution, deal registration, referral registration and pipeline management—all from the trained and certified to deliver superior profitability.” centralized, secure ChannelConnect Partner Portal. classroom or online training on Websense products. For more information please go to David Roberts The ChannelConnect Global Partner Program is designed to nurture profitable partner www.websense.com/watp. SVP, Americas sales and channel Websense, Inc. relationships based on seven guiding principals: Systems Integrator Partners are global service delivery partners focused on security integration and support delivery to customers in the enterprise market. They support various lines of business with a significant services practice worldwide. Managed Service Provider Partners are service delivery focused partners that provide cost-effective managed security solutions to end-users. They can help customers to focus on their core business goals by providing additional security expertise and resources. Solution Provider Partners are sales oriented and technically sophisticated channel resellers that offer value-added security expertise when positioning and selling Websense solutions and services. For more information, please go to websense.com/partner. Service Provider Partners are consulting partners with the skills to deliver services that support the Websense solutions they sell. Authorized Websense Service Providers provide implementation and integration services based on Websense service offerings and best practices. This is currently a pilot program. Technology Alliance Partners are security and networking technology provid- ers that enable easy deployment, interoperability and/or integration of Websense solutions in enterprise environments. These relationships are based on specific conditions that might include product integration requirements, innovative solution creation, or business development.
    • ="42%>#>%) !".,+#(% !"#$%;0*-.5% &(%)*+,-".%
    • B#2#3"%%25 !".,+#(% !"#$%;0*-.5% &(%)*+,-".% Websense Express Hosted Web Security Messaging Security Websense Websense Websense Express Hosted Web Security Email Security Unmanaged Internet access presents many challenges to organizations that rely Today’s Internet threats are more invasive and abundant than ever before, and the Websense® is known for safeguarding the Web with best-in-class Web security. on the Web for day-to-day business. Even seemingly harmless Internet use opens nature of attacks is constantly changing. In fact, according to Websense® Security Now, the same research and intelligence that made Websense a recognized leader the door to productivity loss and threat exposure. While large organizations may Labs, over 60 percent of the top 100 sites have either hosted malicious content or in Web security forms the backbone of powerful email security. “Of all the Web content- have access to expensive, sophisticated security solutions, smaller organizations “One of the best things contained a masked redirect to an illegitimate site. “We chose Websense may not have the budgets or staffing required to protect against these threats. Today’s Web and email threats are more invasive and abundant than ever with The most popular sites are becoming Web 2.0 enabled, bypassing legacy securityfiltering solutions I’ve ever about Websense is its Email Security because of attack volumes surging to new heights. Threats are also becoming more complex, systems. Websense Hosted Web Security understands the dynamic nature of the and converging with over 85 percent of unwanted emails now containing a evaluated, this could be Websense® Express delivers the industry’s most respected content filtering and continued investment in new Web, enabling businesses to build enforceable usage policies without having its phenomenal granular Internet security solution optimized for mid-sized and smaller organizations. URL link.* to block these new revolutionary tools. the easiest to install and Simple and affordable, it protects against the dangers of unmanaged Internet access. innovative security. policy enforcement At the same time, preventing loss of confidential information is one of the top As a result, Websense Hosted Web Security lets customers take full advantage configure with easy to I honestly can’t imagine of the power of Web 2.0 technology without sacrificing security, productivity, capabilities that clearly challenges that many businesses face and managing data leaks via email is of How Is Websense Express Different? eminent concern. Insufficient outbound protection can result in legal liability, understand reports. Any what our security posture or control. The hosted security model provides reduced business costs and outshine other solutions Websense Express is engineered to meet the and Web security needs of mid-sized and damage to a company’s reputation, and violation of compliance regulations. complexity with centralized management for remote employees and distributedsmall to medium business needs of small to mid-sized organizations who smaller organizations. would be like if we office locations. With Websense Hosted Web Security, customers gain mission- on the market.” require a content filtering and Web security Reduces added expenditures by leveraging Websense provides best-in-class Web 2.0 intelligence that is essential to email would do well to choose solution that works out-of-the-box, requires no your existing Windows® investment didn’t have products critical security while enabling a consolidated security strategy with the trusted security in the current complex threat landscape. With Websense Email Security specialized training, and delivers real value quickly. and expertise. leader in Essential Information Protection™. Jay Wessel Websense Express.” backed by the Websense customers are ensured leading protection from converged email and Web 2.0 Websense Express delivers enterprise-level Fast VP of technology threats, with security powered by the intelligence of the ThreatSeeker™ Network. functionality, optimized for the needs of mid-sized and smaller organizations. ThreatSeeker Network, How It Works Boston Celtics The software-based solution allows for sophisticated policy controls and reporting Matthew Sarrel productivity and bandwidth draining Internet Simple which is the best set of Acting as a proxy, Websense Hosted Web Security highest degree of security, privacy, and to manage outbound compliance and acceptable-use risk. With Websense Email use and Web-based threats. proactively discovers and blocks Internet threats confidentiality, and is backed by industry-leading Security organizations receive powerful protection against complex inbound and into one solution that improves employee the software is set-up within 30 minutes. security categorization and helps enforce employee Internet usage with no need to deploy on-premise equipment. It’s SLAs to ensure uptime and availability. outbound threats while enabling a consolidated security strategy with the trusted productivity and protects against complex “Getting Started” tutorial helps administrators Websense Hosted Web Security works hand-in- and detection technologies easy to deploy for organizations of all sizes, and hand with Websense Hosted Email Security to leader in Essential Information Protection™. Internet threats. create customized policies quickly uses Websense global data centers, which are provide integrated email and Web protection, one-box management and reporting in a Easy we have seen available load-balanced, highly available clusters positioned in 10 locations worldwide. The hosted service is enabling organizations to optimize email use and Websense Email Security enables customers to: single server. to safely use Web 2.0 technology. Intuitive real-time monitoring shows on the market.” certified to ISO 27001 standards, providing the Increase protection with leading security from converged email and Web 2.0 database updates; requires little maintenance Internet usage and system status on one or updating. threats, backed by the power of the Websense ThreatSeeker Network dashboard screen. Beth Cannon Websense Hosted Web Security enables customers to: Enforce outbound compliance and data loss protection with granular drill down capabilities for easy and effective Affordable Chief security officer and highly accurate content filtering to help organizations achieve better analysis of employee Internet use. Reduce business costs and complexity with no on-site equipment to install Integrates with Active Directory and NT Thomas Weisel Partners corporate governance for itself within 30 days with productivity domains for easy policy creation and or maintain, eased administrative overhead, and built-in scalability, enabling Gain visibility through powerful reporting that includes a customizable improvements alone. organizational reporting. Web gateway consolidation dashboard to monitor email usage, interactive drill-down reports, and are ill-designed to address the productivity Increase protection with the Websense ThreatSeeker Network™ and to safely automatic report scheduling and delivery leverage the power of Web 2.0 technology Beyond Simple, Affordable, Fast, and Easy Retain control with 24x7 access and flexible customization of policies, How It Works Websense Express enables mid-sized and smaller organizations to efficiently and configuration settings, and reporting Websense Email Security provides unparalleled real-time data collecting systems that effectively protect their users from productivity and Internet security risks by protection by means of the ThreatSeeker continuously monitor Internet content—including proactively blocking access to inappropriate content and security threats before Network—the technology foundation for new and dynamic content—for emerging threats. they have a chance to infect their systems. Websense Express helps organizations Websense Web, data, and email security solutions. That intelligence is fed into Websense Web The ThreatSeeker Network provides the security, messaging security, and data loss create a safe computing environment, enabling employees to productively use intelligence that underlies Essential Information prevention solutions. As a result, Websense is able the Internet without exposure to risks which are typically missed or too costly Protection by delivering real-time reputation to adapt to the rapidly changing Internet at to prevent using traditional security technologies such as antivirus and intrusion analysis, expanded behavioral analysis, and actual speeds not possible by traditional security prevention systems. data identification. solutions and basic email filtering solutions. The Websense ThreatSeeker Network adaptive Benefits Better email security comes from security technology uses more than 50 million Websense Express helps improve Delivers “Instant Value” seeing the big picture. Websense employee productivity and Email Security provides the best protects organizations from organization is performing, the level of Internet activity, and where risks protection from today’s converged Web-based threats. exist—such as security threats and bandwidth usage. Web and email threats. Optimizes User Productivity and IT Resources Ensures employees work in an environment that is conducive for business. Websense Hosted Web Security provides centralized Web malware protection and Increases employee productivity and reduces IT staff diversions by granular Web filtering. proactively managing Internet use and its associated risks. * Websense Security Labs Threat Report, July 2008 Security Solutions for Higher Education Mission Critical Support Web Security Websense Websense Websense case study: Kronos Security for Higher Education Mission Critical Support Security Labs Software Provider Makes Balance Academic Freedom with Security Websense® Security Labs discovers, investigates, and reports on advanced Internet Open Internet Workplace Safe In support of the First Amendment, students, staff, and faculty need to be able to exchange information safely, both inside and outside of the university’s network Your business is complex. You need to know that you are protected from zero-day threats that traditional security research methods miss. Recognized as a world leader in security research, Websense Security Labs publishes findings to hundreds and over email, IM, or the Web. Websense® is used by thousands of universities and threats and malicious or accidental data loss. And you need to be confident that of security partners, vendors, media outlets, the military, and other organizations research facilities worldwide to protect against malicious threats, inappropriate With Websense Mission Websense discovers, Overview you have the support processes in place to prevent downtime when issues arise to around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a team of global threat email or Web usage, and to secure student, faculty, alumni, and other confidential Critical Support, you are keep your business operational. Websense® Mission Critical Support, our highest identifies, classifies, and Kronos is a global provider of human capital management solutions. The experts and operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia information against theft or unauthorized use. Websense solutions provide company delivers software and services that enable organizations to manage level of security protection, provides unlimited support and Essential Information Pacific, Websense Security Labs provides continuous monitoring of all Internet education providers and research facilities with a secure environment that guaranteed our fastest adapts to content trends their workforce, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve employee satis- Protection™ for your mission critical systems and is designed to minimize threats including Internet-borne threats, stemming from Web, email, instant promotes academic freedom and the safe exchange of information. faction. Its staff of 4,500 people worldwide serves customers in more than path to resolving production outages and ensure seamless version upgrades. With access to senior on a global scale to messaging, and peer-to-peer file-sharing. 60 countries. engineers that understand your environment, you always receive proactive and Profile Challenges Facing Universities and Research Facilities your most pressing protect customers and expedited support to keep your business running, around the clock. Research facilities and universities require an open environment that promotes the Websense Security Labs Firsts Global provider of human capital support issues. their essential information. management solutions that enable The Problem “We needed a solution collaboration of information and ideas. With mobile students, laptops, and Web 2.0 Pioneer in Emerging Threat Protection Developed Patent-Pending Websense ThreatSeeker Network organizations to manage their Employee access to the Internet is essential to Kronos’ business, but potential devices, administrators need to enforce the same policies and level of protection First to Market Websense Mission Critical Support combines workforces better security issues, increasing bandwidth demands on its network, and employee that offered us more for users whether they are outside or inside of the organization’s network. Failure all the benefits of Premium Support with a who is focused on your business - Phishing protection First to pioneer Web attack identification with to mitigate inbound threats, like spam and malware, as well as prevent outbound - Drive-by and backchannel - Web classification and security intelligence Customer community includes tens productivity were concerns. flexible and granular superior level of technical response Proactive, personalized service spyware protection - First to develop HoneyJax, the next phase of leaks of student, faculty, or research information can jeopardize student privacy, coordinated by a highly proactive Technical of thousands of organizations across - Bot network protection Web security intelligence which finds security control over how the funding for research grants, and donations that are critical to ensuring success. Account Manager (TAM). You need Websense attacks launched within Web 2.0 applications many industries technical issues by senior technical - Crimeware/keylogger protection Known for its open culture, Kronos wanted employees to have access to new Web Mission Critical Support to protect your - Real-time adaptive ability to respond to threats support engineers. More than 4,500 employees with 2.0 technologies and the Internet, but couldn’t risk exposing itself to Web-based students and staff use essential information and maximize your in a Web 2.0 world security threats such as spyware, malware, and phishing scams. Additionally, the Manage Security Risks While Enabling Educators Websense investment. customers in more than 60 countries the computing facilities, Unlimited 24x7 support from our centers of For more than 12 years, Websense has been dedicated to researching Web-based company recognized the need to ensure a safe and appropriate work environ- University IT administrators must learn universities must ratchet up their ability What You Receive: technical excellence around the world. Industry ment for employees. which we recognize how to counter threats to their networks to stay ahead of the students they are threats. Unlike other research labs, Websense has an unparalleled visibility and Technology from increasingly computer-savvy teaching. Unlike traditional security or discovery of malware and where it resides on the Web. This allows Websense as a valuable students. Threats include the basic URL filtering solutions, the to enable organizations to protect their essential information from theft, Websense Solution “While limiting access to inappropriate sites like gambling and pornography Dedicated, Personalized Service was important to us, it was not our chief concern,” said Doug Tamasanis, chief learning resource.” introduction of viruses into university Websense ThreatSeeker™ Network compromise, or inappropriate use, wherever it resides—in an email, on the Web or Websense Web Filter networks, improper use of file sharing provides unparalleled visibility into the A TAM is assigned to your account and works closely with your organization along even an application. information technology architect and director, Networks and Security at Kronos. services, outright theft of university state of content on the Internet to with other senior technical support engineers to ensure maximum performance, “Our primary goal in adopting a Web security solution was to limit our exposure Mark Hill records, or abuse of personal data that protect universities and research reliability, and availability of your Websense solutions. With personalized service, “Our primary goal in to Web-based security vulnerabilities by making sure employees couldn’t Head of IT can be reused in online transactions. As facilities against emerging threats. your TAM takes the time to understand your complex environment to help you accidentally visit infected Web sites hosting malicious code.” Weston College risks become more sophisticated, mitigate security risks, resolve issues quickly, and minimize downtime for your adopting a Web security mission critical systems. solution was to limit our Tamasanis wanted to strike the right balance between protecting from security exposure to Web-based threats and still allowing Internet access for employees’ business activities. Control Costs without Sacrificing Security Strategic Account Planning Providers must balance providing Web and email access with the need to With Websense Mission Critical Support you receive architecture reviews, security vulnerabilities.” prevent inappropriate use of these services to reduce risk, as well as preserve migration planning assistance, training recommendations, and periodic account The Solution network bandwidth for educational activities. MP3s, streaming video, and social reviews to track progress, measure results, and identify any issues that could Doug Tamasanis Kronos turned to its trusted information technology (IT) security solution networking sites require a great deal of bandwidth and can seriously affect the improve the support of your Websense solution(s). This hands-on and ongoing provider, Networks Unlimited to find the answer. The longtime Websense® network’s speed and performance. Websense solutions allow administrators to communication helps ensure continued protection throughout your network and Chief Information Technology reseller helped Kronos select and implement Websense Web Filter. customize security policies and to allow flexible use of Web, email, and IM without help you to maximize the power of integrated Web, messaging, and data security Websense ThreatSeeker Network Architect and Director, compromising access to enriching information. solutions. Websense has built the necessary The Websense ThreatSeeker™ Network is fundamentally different than any security Networks and Security discovery and classification system on the market today, offering an alternative tools, data, and infrastructure Universities and Research Facilities Rely on Websense Working closely with your staff, your TAM will into a web of interconnected to outdated signature-based anti-virus systems and costly intrusion prevention Weston College relies on Websense to protect student records and guard conduct an architecture review of your environment to identify your unique technologies known as the Content systems that can’t adapt to the rapidly changing Internet. The ThreatSeeker against Internet threats. Websense enables Weston College to apply detailed support requirements and provide specific recommendations to optimize the Research Cortex. More than 100 Network includes more than 50 million real-time data collecting systems policies to different user groups or departments rather than having to enforce a configuration of your network and Websense software. researchers worldwide apply a worldwide to monitor and to classify Web, messaging, and data content—giving Challenge Solution Benefits blanket policy. With access to senior engineers When it is time to upgrade, you can count on vast array of classification Websense customers unparalleled visibility into the state of content on the Providing an open Websense Web Filter Protecting the company that understand your environment, your TAM to provide you with a migration plan and recommendation for techniques to block malicious or Internet—at no additional cost. Internet culture while from Web-based threats maintaining security even while employees Compliance Concerns Continue you always receive proactive and ensuring the migration process is seamless. unwanted data from entering the visit Web 2.0 sites for Educational institutions that receive federal funding are subject to regulations that expedited support to keep your Helping you manage your Websense software network and protect confidential or The ThreatSeeker Network populates Internet security intelligence to customers work purposes protect student privacy. Universities that receive federal funding are subject to the business running around the clock. to meet your business goals is our primary objective. Your TAM will identify proprietary data from leaving. through the Websense Web, messaging, and data security products to help ensure Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and must protect the privacy opportunities to provide training to your technical staff to ensure you are customers receive the most up-to-date protection from unwanted content and of student records. With the rise in student health centers, providers need to maximizing your investment with Websense. malicious threats. These advancements enable Websense to provide customers protect not only student records, but their patient files, too. The Health Insurance with improved content classification, data identification, and security filtering Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires any organization entrusted to mitigate risks to an organization’s environment and help enable safe and productive use of the Internet.
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