SearchLove Boston 2013_Phil Nottingham_Leveraging video for links

SearchLove Boston 2013_Phil Nottingham_Leveraging video for links






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  • Conference videos – probably why they
  • Have set up clients (SB) with their own studio.
  • Lots of link building presentations have videos in them, but none of those videos were made for links
  • Most of the links Dollar shave club have are from marketing sites saying how great the video is
  • Lot of opportunity that people aren’t taking advantage of for tactical link building wins
  • Be really fucking succinct.Mention will it blend
  • Each goal is best served with different types of content and different technical implementation
  • Talking about fame here.
  • Double conversion rates
  • 14% increase in traffic within one month just from this implementation
  • LinksEmbeds
  • Video only one format among many. It’s not a “thing”.
  • Integral to the Page Type
  • Typically informational rather than funny actionally - since you need people to embed it or link to it in the context of their own content - not just share it and upload it to Reddit. that stuff is all good too - but it’s more of an “awareness’ play, rather than something to directly build links.
  • Not saying this was done specificly for links – but it got them.
  • 59% Lost Link Equity
  • Make yours the canonical – in the true sense of the word.This means you need to self host or use a secure third part platform
  • Don’t be silly with this – Anchor text, link to the page with video.
  • Include a bit refuting YouTube claim that you need to be there to capture the audience – Greg Jarboe thing
  • If you’re trying to do viral stuff for branding – essentially creative stories – then YouTube is the right place
  • Then outreach saying you have the HD versionIf one of your clients has put all their videos on YouTube … Tidy up
  • Mention the Unruly penalised Google thing
  • On reddit must be true.
  • Retarget people with YouTube ads- advertising content you’ve done. - Why? YouTube is one of the TOP places people go to find information ...research how easy it is to pick keywords etc and tatget based on topics.
  • Realtors – Estate Agents
  • So recut your videos without branding
  • Not great for YouTUbe,Very few people doing this = opportunityexceptt…
  • Pitch for a fraction of the money to move from paid to organic traffic.Just like SEOs pitch for more PPC bidget – pitch for video advertising
  • Each goal is best served with different types of content and different technical implementation
  • Go slower
  • Go slower

SearchLove Boston 2013_Phil Nottingham_Leveraging video for links SearchLove Boston 2013_Phil Nottingham_Leveraging video for links Presentation Transcript

  • Phil NottinghamSEO Consultant,
  • Two years ago I got a job at Distilled
  • As something called an “SEO”
  • I’m originally from a background inTheatre and Film
  • Perception
  • Reality
  • Phil’s first day at Distilled
  • Phil’s second week at Distilled
  • I edited and launched our first setof conference videos
  • I got bored and gave Rand and Will lightsabers
  • We then started playing with video asa media type for marketing
  • Along the way, I’veaccidentally becomeresponsible for Distilled’svideo strategy
  • Distilled Circa 2013
  • We’ve hiredMargarita
  • We’ve started integrating video intomore of our marketing campaigns
  • We’ve started creating video for clients
  • But we’re just getting started
  • Leveraging Video for LinkBuildingPHIL NOTTINGHAM
  • Something absolutely noone is doing.Phil Nottingham, 2013@philnottingham
  • This video was not made for linksphilnottingham
  • I’ve wanted to give this talk since Ijoined Distilled
  • Link buildingopportunitieswith videoThingsSEO’sare doing@philnottingham
  • Doing video generally right
  • Two core principles:1. Only when the message would belost by any other medium2. Have a goal in mind@philnottingham
  • There are essentially three thingsvideo is good for@philnottingham
  • (Fame)
  • Example@philnottingham creative story attached to your brand
  • Stuff you should beputting on social platforms@philnottingham
  • Product videos – created for pages@philnottingham
  • Get rich snippets@philnottingham
  • Secure hosting and a video sitemap@philnottingham
  • YouTube will steal your traffic@philnottingham
  • And provide nothing in return@philnottingham
  • This is what I’m going tocover today
  • Video as Link Bait
  • 2 ways people link to videos
  • How and when do people link to videos?Link to Pages Embed VideosWhen it’s a good resourceWhen it’s entertainingWhen it’s informationalOnly when it’s directly valuableto their audience@philnottingham
  • Approach 1: Video as partof a Page Type
  • @philnottingham linkingroot domains
  • New Integrations of HTML5 and JQuery@philnottingham
  • Approach 2: Creating avideo others will Embed
  • This normally isn’t “viral content”@philnottingham
  • What does it look like then?
  • Provide value for the target site’saudience:• Instruct• Educate• Entertain@philnottingham
  • It got awesome links@philnottingham
  • It got awesome links@philnottingham
  • 682 links from 214 DomainsTo video on
  • 6,608 links from 517 domainsTo video on
  • Vimeo embeds allow users to include a textattribution link@philnottingham
  • But those links always point to the userprofile on
  • Same is true with all social video platforms…@philnottingham
  • How can I prevent this?
  • Ensure the video is onlyvisible on your domain@philnottingham
  • The best platform by some distance@philnottingham
  • Customise your embed code toinclude a link<iframesrc="" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" class="wistia_embed"name="wistia_embed" width="768" height="432"></iframe></br>via <ahref="">Distilleds client</a>@philnottingham
  • Great for branding, but not for link bait!@philnottingham
  • But… YouTube can generate social traction@philnottingham Million Views1 Million Likes93 Links (to Dove’s site)
  • How can I know whether my content isrelevant for the YouTube Audience?@philnottingham
  • Using YouTube to buildLinks
  • Bait and Switch(white hat style)
  • • Securely host• Outreach• Put on YouTube afterwards@philnottingham
  • Pay for viral seeding butbenefit from second ordershares and links.
  • Managed to get Google penalised@philnottingham
  • Customisable sharing buttons
  • Video CouncilWinner Best ContentDistribution ServiceWinner Digital Innovator ofthe YearWinner 2012 DigitalInnovation Award
  • Smarter YouTubeAdvertising
  • Advertise your content,not your product@philnottingham
  • Retarget using theGoogle Display Network@philnottingham
  • Leverage other VideoAssets
  • Having richer page typescorrelates with morenatural links
  • Average LRDs per blog post202 192050100150200250With Video Without Video@philnottingham
  • Average Likes per blog post6404840100200300400500600700With Video Without Video@philnottingham
  • Average Tweets per blog post327252050100150200250300350With Video Without Video@philnottingham
  • Average +1s per blog post327252050100150200250300350With Video Without Video@philnottingham
  • Average shares of blog posts by media type – 279 382 25872011621158121587166152 176020040060080010001200140016001800Text Only Image and Text Video and Text All three mediatypesPlus OnesTweetsLikes
  • @philnottingham
  • @philnottingham
  • Wistia have videos on almost every page@philnottingham
  • They’re killing it – good job guys!@philnottingham
  • Video integrated within widercontent strategy@philnottingham
  • Re-edit existing assets forpartnerships
  • Give them the embed code, not the raw file@philnottingham
  • Make stuff for others
  • Great content gets youtop-tierguest posts@philnottingham
  • – DA92@philnottingham
  • Interview your friends & competitors@philnottingham for thelinkSEOgadget!
  • Invest in the skills and facilities@philnottingham Business spent~ $15,000
  • Interview your customers@philnottingham
  • Interview authorities in your niche@philnottingham
  • Supporting Bloggingstrategy with Video
  • Everyone should be doingthis. Yes, everyone.Phil Nottingham, 2013@philnottingham
  • Series > One-offs@philnottingham
  • More scalable to produce@philnottingham
  • $700 Camcorder$50 Tripod$300 audio interface$100 lapel microphone set$500 lighting rigTotal: $1650@philnottingham
  • Build a content series forsocial video platforms
  • Blip.TV – DA93@philnottinghamMust be completely non-branded and informational.
  • Dailymotion (DA97) – followed links for “motionmakers”@philnottingham
  • Photobucket (DA95) – followed profile links@philnottingham
  • Using Video to Boost PREfforts
  • Video News Releases – get journalists to notice you@philnottingham
  • Augmenting corporate and People Pages@philnottingham
  • Building links with nobudget at all for video
  • Custom YouTube Playlists@philnottingham
  • …or hangout on air@philnottingham
  • Final Thoughts…
  • Why is no one doing this?
  • We don’t have the budgetA lot of agencies@philnottingham
  • This is partially true@philnottingham are ~$2000 per month
  • But short sighted@philnottingham£5billion-mark-fPitch for a fraction of these budgets
  • Pitch to go slower@philnottingham
  • Benefits go past just the links@philnottingham
  • Activity that will hold its valueeven if/when links become aless important signal.@philnottingham
  • Making better pages andbetter marketing channels@philnottingham
  • Yeah... but Phil…I don’thave the skills to producevideo…Several people in the audience@philnottingham
  • The people who do are cheap••••••
  • There’s tons of resources online tohelp you learn•••••••
  • Think Big@philnottingham
  • Start Small@philnottingham
  • Thanks.Any questions?PHIL