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SearchLove Boston 2013_Bill Slawski_Future Search


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  • 1. The Future of SearchSearchLove BostonMay 20th, 2013Bill Slawski
  • 2. It’s been a good week for Science Fiction –Space Oddity in Zero Gravity
  • 3. Amit Singhal on his Childhood Star TrekComputer Dreams at Google I/O
  • 4. “Hello Computer”Amit also introduced his portion of thedeveloper’s conference as “The Death ofSearch”
  • 5. Should we be Afraid? Concerned?We should be aware!
  • 6. The Future and Change Permeatesthe World Around usDavid Foster Wallace on Water
  • 7. Future Shock is the stress wefeel because of change
  • 8. “Tell me more of this changemanagement.”A former supervisor of mine, hearing “changemanagement,” became worried that he wasbeing replaced by computers.
  • 9. Matt Cutts Recently warned people to nottake patents too seriouslyWhats the latest SEO misconception that you would like to put to rest?
  • 10. Let’s Ignore Matt’s Warning!Patents give the owners a right toprevent others from carrying out theinvention (manufacturing or marketing)but not from learning from the invention.WIPO on Using patent information for policy and business analysis
  • 11. Bill Slawski Writes about patents and takes them veryseriously      Reads Science Fiction and Patents likeCereal Boxes Works for Webimax as a Senior SEOConsultant – Blogs at
  • 12. What’s New?New Ways to Crawl & NewIndexing ApproachesNew Ways to SearchNew Ways to Rank
  • 13. Old Crawling and IndexingApproaches• Googlebot• Streetview Cars• XML Sitemaps• Canonical Link Elements• Pagination Markup• HREFLANGMarkup/Sitemaps
  • 14. New Crawling and Indexing Approaches WOWD Distributed Indexing Open Learning InformationExtraction Mobile Devices and (Lots of)Sensors Robots and Cloud-BasedObject Recognition Self-Driving Cars and (Lots of)Sensors Glass and Life Streaming
  • 15. WOWDSystem and Method for Recommendation of Interesting Web PagesBased on User Browsing ActionsGoogle AcquiredPatents fromWOWD thatUse a DistributedIndex Based onLinks PeopleClick Upon
  • 16. Open Language Learning forInformation ExtractionOpen information extraction from the Web
  • 17. Mobile Devices and SensorsMethods and apparatus for prediction and modification of behaviorin networksBarometer, Thermometer,Hygrometer, Accelerometer,Magnometer, GPS, Bluetooth,Ambient Light, Proximity,Compass, Gyroscope,Microphone
  • 18. Cloud-Based RobotsMethods and systems for providing instructions to a robotic deviceMethods and systems for autonomous robotic decision making
  • 19. Self Driving Cars and Sensors“The communication is two-way, so in addition to downloading Google’smaps, the car can upload its map to Google. If several self-driving carsupload maps showing the new construction barrels, for example, Googlecan update the map it sends to other cars, letting those cars anticipate thehazard.” - Yes, Driverless Cars Know the Way to San Jose
  • 20. Heads Up Display Google GlassMethod and Apparatus for Enabling a Searchable History of Real-WorldUser Experiences
  • 21. Searching Facebook Graph Search Knowledge Panels Knowledge Cards and Google Now Search Plus Your World Agent Rank
  • 22. Facebook Graph SearchDefault Structured Search Queries on Online Social Networks
  • 23. Knowledge PanelsProviding Knowledge Panels With Search Results
  • 24. Knowledge CardsProviding digital content based on expected user behavior
  • 25. Search Plus Your WorldFollowing Online Social Behavior to Enhance Search Experience (Bing)Social Network Powered Search Enhancements (Bing)Presenting Social Search Results (Google)
  • 26. Agent RankAgent Rank - Version 1Google’s Agent Rank Patent Application - My 2007 Write-up of it in Search EngineLandAgent Rank - Version 2 – PortabilityAgent Rank - Version 3 – Not all Endorsements are EqualThe identity of individual agents responsiblefor content can be used to influence searchratings…. Multiple agents can makecontributions to a single web page whereeach agent is only associated to the contentthat the agent provided.
  • 27. Ranking Updated News (less tradition) Entities for the Win! User Rank Quality rating and Re-Ranking(Panda and More)
  • 28. Updated NewsSystems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles – 1st VersionSystems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles – 2nd VersionSystems and methods for improving the rankings of news articles – 3rd VersionWhen Google clustersNews articles around atopic, it picks representativestories for each cluster.The claims section of thelatest version no longerseems to favor Traditionalmedia sources…
  • 29. Entities For The WinIdentifying Aspects for Web-Search QueriesAspector combines two sources of information to computeaspects. We discover candidate aspects by analyzing querylogs, and cluster them to eliminate redundancies.We then use a mass-collaboration knowledge base(e.g., Wikipedia) to compute candidate aspects for queries thatoccur less frequently and to group together aspects that arelikely to be “semantically” related.
  • 30. User RankRanking User Generated Web Content• How relevant a response/comment might be from the 1stperson to something that the 2nd person posted,• How original a post/comment/piece of content submitted tothe network might be compared to other content items,• How much “coverage” or broadening of a topic a piece ofcontent might add to the network, based upon uncommonterms in the post or comment or reply,• How “rich” the content item might be, (Does it includemultimedia/rich media content) or• The timeliness of a content item, such as a quick comment inresponse to a post.
  • 31. Quality RatingWebsite quality signal generation
  • 32. Take Aways Read Patents – Don’t make assumptions  Don’t be Afraid of Change (SEO is Dead, Again) Understand New Data (Sensor) CollectionApproaches Make Pages about “Things not Strings” andunderstand aspects and relationships betweenthem. Ranking will be increasingly about authority andquality online
  • 33. Thank YouBill Slawski@bill_slawskibill@seobythesea.combslawski@webimax.comhttp://www.seobythesea.com