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  • Transcript

    • 2. “Content Everywhere”:What Does It Mean andHow Do I Use It?BRIDGET RANDOLPH
    • 3. In 2012, global mobile data traffic was 12xthe size of the entire Internet in the year 2000.@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph02004006008001000ALL Global InternetTraffic in 2000Global Mobile Traffic in201275885petabytes/month
    • 4. So we need mobile-friendlywebsites.@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 5. But “mobile” isn‟t just one thing:@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 6. Multiscreen World
    • 7. Responsive Design.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 8. Responsive Design =mobile-friendly webpages@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 9. But…CONTENT != WEBPAGEBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 10. LAYOUT = WEBPAGE@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 11. CONTENT• Timeline• Related Topics• Other Posts byThis Author• BUY button• Navigation• Social ButtonsLAYOUT• SidebarCAN BEBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 12. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEStarbucksBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 13. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEStarbucksBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 14. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEStarbucksBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 15. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEStarbucksBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 16. How Do We Fix This?Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 17. Content Everywhere.
    • 18. CONTENT EVERYWHERE• What Is It?• How Does It Work?• Why Should I Care?Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 19. a system for managing ourcontent
    • 20. across multiple platformsand channelsBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 21. Responsive Design…but for content.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 22. This system enables us to…Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 23. …stop doing extra work.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 24. EXAMPLEA print publication decides to go onlineBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 25. So they create an online edition.(So far so good.)REDLOOKMagazineOnlineFeaturesFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3RegularColumnsCover StoryBy Author BylineLONDON, UK., -- Lorem ipsum dolor sitamet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, seddiam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt utlaoreet dolore magna aliquam eratvolutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minimveniam, quis nostrud exerci tationullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquipex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem veleum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputatevelit esse molestie consequat, vel illumdoloreAdAdBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 26. Lots of mobile traffic, so they create a mobileedition with a mobile-friendly layout.(Still, so far so good.)REDLOOKm.onlineCoverStoryBy AuthorLONDON, UK., -- Loremipsum dolor sitamet, consectetueradipiscing elit, sed diamnonummy nibh euismodtincidunt ut laoreet doloremagna aliq
    • 27. Mobile edition.Tablet edition.Mobile app for iOS.Mobile app for Android.Tablet app for iOS.Tablet app for Android.Email campaigns.Social media.Instapaper.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 28. We need a better way to…
    • 29. COPE.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 30. CreateOncePublishEverywhereBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 31. Stop making morecontent, start buildingsystems.Sara Wachter-Boettcherfrom Content Everywhere: Strategy and Structure for Future-Ready Content, December2012, Rosenfeld MediaBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 32. …stop making moreVERSIONSof our content, that is.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 33. How Does It Work?
    • 34. 3 Steps:1. Categorise Your Content2. Create the Relationships3. ImplementationBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 35. Step 1: Categorise YourContent
    • 36. We need to take our unstructured “blobs”of content and turn them into structured“building blocks”.Categorise Your Content
    • 37. (What‟s a blob?)@BridgetRandolphBridget RandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 38. The goal is…@BridgetRandolphBridget RandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 39. …to understand thepurpose and meaning ofeach piece of contentBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 40. instead of@BridgetRandolphBridget RandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 41. CreatingContent forContent‟sSakeBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 42. Content AuditBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 43. Divide Content into “Types”, or CategoriesALL CONTENTFeatureArticleAuthorProfileReportCaseStudyRecipe ReviewBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 44. Divide each “Type” into “Elements”, orBuilding BlocksFEATUREARTICLEHeadline/TitleMainBodyImageRelatedArticlesAuthor TeaserParagraphBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCategorise Your Content
    • 45. Step 2: Create theRelationships
    • 46. Content ModelsCreate the RelationshipsBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 47. 1) Model the Relationships between TypesDishEvent/HolidayRecipeMenuIngredientCuisineBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 48. 2a) Model the Relationships within a TypeEXAMPLE 1 – Grocery StoreRecipe• Title• Byline• Teaser• Image• Instructions• Ingredients• Nutritional Info• Yield• Cooking/Prep TimeStoreCategorySpecialtyDietBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 49. 2b) Model the Relationships within a TypeEXAMPLE 2 - EpicuriousRecipe• Title• Byline• Publication Attribution• Yield• Active Time• Total Time• Teaser Description• Image• Ingredients• Preparation• Wine Pairings• Reviews• Main ingredients• Type• Dietary considerations• Related Menus• Related RecipesRecipeTypesRelatedWinesRelatedMenusReviewsRelatedDietsRelatedRecipesBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 50. Specify a Hierarchyusing conditional rules andthree main criteria:Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 51. MEANING:“Keep image thumbnailbeside title at all times.”Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 52. PRIORITY:“Call to Action buttonshould always be below thetitle and teaser but as closeto the top as possible.”Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 53. RELATIONSHIPS:“Author byline shouldalways be directly belowthe title.”Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 54. MarkupBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 55. Markup: Tags vs Formatting<headline/><author/><call to action/>• bold, 20pt• link to author page• big green “BUY” buttoninstead ofSEMANTICMARKUPPRESENTATIONALMARKUPBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 56. We need to give our content astandardised, flexible structure instead ofjust editing itsformat each time we use it.STRUCTURE<h1></h1><attribute=„author><type=„timeline‟/>FORMAT<font=“TrebuchetMS”><font-size: 20pt><font-color: blue>vsCreate the Relationships
    • 57. You wouldn‟t create a responsivelydesigned webpage layout with formatting.It‟s the same principle.@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 58. Remember:MARKUP != SCHEMA.ORGBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 59. HTML• Microformats• HTML5 Microdata• Schema.orgStructural• XML• RDF• OWL• DITABridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 60. Does it matter whichone you use?Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 61. Not really.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 62. The important thing is toBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 63. CreateSTRUCTURE, notFORMATTING.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolphCreate the Relationships
    • 64. Step 3: Implementation
    • 65. You‟ll need to work with yourdevelopers to customise your CMSImplementationBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 66. Ok, this is pretty COOL!Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 67. But I do SEO,not Content Management Systems.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 68. Why Should *I* Care?
    • 69. Don‟t be so GRUMPY!Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 70. TL;DRWe should care becauseBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 71. it makes our lives easierBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 72. andBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 73. improves the overalluser experience.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 74. But also…Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 75. 4 key areasfor SEOBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 76. 1. better internal linkingBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 77. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEArizona Board of TourismBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 78. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEBBC Wildlife FinderBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 79. 2. content hubsfor money keywordsBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 80. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEBBC Food – “dish” pagesBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 81. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEBBC Food – “ingredient” pagesBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 82. ResultsBBC Food saw an increase ofmore than 150,000 visitors weeklyfrom search aloneandOverall traffic doubled, from around650,000 weekly visitors to around 1.3 million.@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 83. 3. better CRO/UXBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 84. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEStarbucksBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 85. 4. structured data@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 86. SEOs LOVE Structured Data.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 87. *I* love Structured Data.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 88. WHY?Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 89. Because it does myjob for me.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 90. My Job =explaining to the search enginewhat my website is aboutBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 91. Structured Data =Rich Snippets and Better SEOBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 92. You can‟t use it mindlesslyBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 93. So Use It Wisely.
    • 94. The Content Everywheresystem will not…Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 95. Help with device-, site-, or page-specific content or featuresBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 96. Prevent duplicate contentissuesBridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 97. It‟s a System,NOT a Strategy
    • 98. Strategytells you what, when, how to createVS.Systemgives you a framework todeliver your content@BridgetRandolphBridget Randolph
    • 99. Hopefully, you‟re convinced.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 100. What‟s the takeaway?Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 101. We want to create flexible content sothat our audience canfind it, use it, learn fromit, share it, and love it.
    • 102. …read it.
    • 103. It‟s all about future-proofingyour content.
    • 104. You don‟t have toimplement it all at once.
    • 105. But something is betterthan nothing.(PROTIP: Don‟t be a Starbucks)
    • 106. So let‟s start planningfor the future.(you don‟t really have a choice)
    • 107. Thanks.Any questions?BRIDGET
    • 108. Read the Book.Content Everywhere:Strategy and Structure forFuture-Ready Contentby Sara Wachter-Boettcher,December 2012, Rosenfeld Media.Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • 109. NotesSources:Mobile Data Traffic Statistic from: Everywhere book: Wachter-Boettcher blog: www.sarawb.comKaren McGrane blog: www.karenmcgrane.comA List Apart: Credits:Mobile devices Image: example: College Senior meme: Cover: www.fakeazine.comblob: blocks: Obama: Cat: Board of Tourism: Examples: AND snippets image: Gosling Meme: www.memegenerator.comContent buzzword wordcloud: comic strip image: Everywhere book cover: Randolph @BridgetRandolph