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The Dissertation: Overcoming Procrastination

The Dissertation: Overcoming Procrastination



Dissertation Genius helps graduate students and Ph.D. candidates overcome dissertation procrastination with insightful information and practical tips.

Dissertation Genius helps graduate students and Ph.D. candidates overcome dissertation procrastination with insightful information and practical tips.



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    The Dissertation: Overcoming Procrastination The Dissertation: Overcoming Procrastination Document Transcript

    • OVERCOMING PROCRASTINAITON: THE DISSERTATION By Dissertation Genius, LLC It is normal to experience procrastination when you are ending all but dissertationstatus. You are so close to completing the dissertation-yet you may feel so far away. It’seasy to be discouraged by all the small dissertation details. When feeling overwhelmedor discouraged by the dissertation, you may experience dissertation procrastination as adefense mechanism. There are many reasons why students experience dissertationprocrastination. Some students feel overwhelmed by the dissertation, while others have ahard time balancing work, family and school at the dissertation stage. Overcomingdissertation procrastination is the key to completing the dissertation. Here, we offer afew tips to help with overcoming dissertation procrastination. These tips are useful forthe dissertation but they are no substitute for assistance from a dissertation coach. Usethese tips to overcome procrastination on your own or with a dissertation consultant.Tip #1: Organize Your Dissertation Tasks Overcoming procrastination related to the dissertation is no small task. Beforeyou can eliminate your dissertation procrastination, you must know what you areavoiding by procrastinating. You must make a prioritized list of the dissertation-relatedtasks you are avoiding. Look at each of the dissertation tasks and think about why youhave been avoiding the dissertation. Is the dissertation overwhelming, boring, ordifficult? Knowing the reason for your dissertation avoidance will help you overcomeprocrastination related to the dissertation. Prioritize each dissertation task according tohow it relates to your dissertation completion timeline. Many students need extra help
    • when overcoming procrastination related to the dissertation. A dissertation coach canprovide such dissertation help.Tip #2: View Your Dissertation Tasks As Smaller Parts of the Whole Developing a list of dissertation-related tasks will help you focus on the smallercomponents of the larger dissertation. This keeps some students from feelingoverwhelmed, as the whole is now broken into smaller dissertation parts. Overcomingprocrastination requires breaking down all the dissertation pieces into smaller, doablechunks. A dissertation consultant can guide you through how to overcome dissertationprocrastination and help you experiment to determine which dissertation strategies workbest for you. Post your list of dissertation tasks in places where you can see it or carrythe list around with you. This way you will be reminded of each small dissertation stepyou must complete. When overcoming dissertation procrastination, choose onedissertation task from the list and focus on completing it. Slowly, make your way downthis dissertation list. You will be surprised by how fast you begin overcomingdissertation procrastination.Tip #3: Reward Yourself for Small Victories Once you begin making progress in overcoming dissertation procrastination, it isimportant to reward yourself. When overcoming dissertation procrastination and movingcloser to completing the dissertation, you must acknowledge your successes. When youcomplete one of the dissertation tasks on your overcoming dissertation procrastinationlist, do something to make yourself feel good. Make your reward something special andout of the ordinary. When you reward yourself, overcoming dissertation procrastinationwill become easier. This is a form of operant conditioning; behavior that is followed by a
    • reward is more likely to be repeated! A dissertation coach can teach you how toovercome dissertation procrastination effectively and how to reward your behavior.Tip #4: If You Fall, Get Back Up Overcoming dissertation procrastination is not a one-shot deal—procrastinationhas a way of reappearing just when you think you’ve overcome it. The key toovercoming procrastination in the long term is recognizing dissertation procrastination.A dissertation coach would suggest that you get started on the task the second yourecognize your procrastination. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be toovercome your dissertation procrastination. Even if you work on the dissertation task foronly ten minutes, you will be one step closer to overcoming dissertation procrastinationand preventing procrastination from getting the best of your dissertation work. This is acrucial step in overcoming procrastination. A dissertation coach will teach you what todo when dissertation procrastination rears its ugly head!Tip #5: Organize Your Dissertation Task List If there is a dissertation task on your overcoming dissertation procrastination listthat keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list, you need to rethink the completion ofthis task. Question yourself about the reason why the dissertation task is at the bottom ofthe list. When overcoming dissertation procrastination, you must be honest with yourselfand your intention. If you don’t feel you can complete the dissertation task without somehelp or guidance, be honest with yourself. The dissertation task may be too difficult oryou may not know where to start. Don’t procrastinate; get the assistance you need from aqualified dissertation consultant. A dissertation coach or a dissertation consultant canhelp you with these tasks—irrespective of the task size. Start overcoming dissertation
    • procrastination now! Contact Dissertation Genius at info@dissertationgenius.com formore information on how we can assist you. Why procrastinate?