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A brief presentation of Disruptive Concepts offer in the field of explanatory animated videos Learn in a minute.

A brief presentation of Disruptive Concepts offer in the field of explanatory animated videos Learn in a minute.

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  • 1. Learn in a minute explanatory videos
  • 2. Learn in a minute: about… „If you cant explain it simply,you dont understand it well enough” Albert Einstein
  • 3. Learn in a minute: about…We create engaging animated video clips usingvarious forms of visual communication, featuredplot, narration and interactive effects.We help you deliver clear and intelligible messageunderlining key features of your offer, right to yourcustomers. It’s both informative and fun!
  • 4. Benefits
  • 5. Learn in a minute: benefits…plenty of information in short time: communicatewith images and sound;one clip for many purposes: www, social media,presentations and meetings, on multiple devices(projectors, tablets, smartphones);
  • 6. Learn in a minute: more benefits… a video clip improves the visibility of your websitein search engines;image accompanied by voice-over increaseschances for a message to be memorized by up to68% (A. Paivio, Western Ohio University);
  • 7. Learn in a minute: more benefits…the narrative structure of a video clip grabsviewer’s attention easily;by 2013 video files will account for 90% of theconsumer Internet traffic (according to Cisco).
  • 8. Process
  • 9. Learn in a minute: process… creative brief preparation; script and storyboard preparation; graphics production and animation; voice-over recording; video editing.We produce clips in language of your choiceProduction time: 4 to 8 weeks
  • 10. Portfolio
  • 11. Learn in a minute: portfolio... Pixblish– editorial platform for mobile devices
  • 12. Learn in a minute: portfolio... eduSQUARE– comprehensive e-learning platform
  • 13. ContactMore examples available on our website:www.disruptive-concepts.com/learn-in-a-minute.html…and our Vimeo channel:http://vimeo.com/disruptiveconcepts/videos Contact: Jan Kaczmarek www.disruptive-concepts.com email: jan.kaczmarek@disruptive-concepts.com Mobile: +48 504 428 724 skype: kenebe