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Design cycle
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Design cycle



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  • 1. The Design CycleBy: David Milla
  • 2. What is the Design Cycle?The Design Cycle is a cycle composed of 5parts: Investigate, Design, Plan, Create,EvaluateIt is a great cycle to use to make a goodpresentation because it generally shows howto have the product it in your liking
  • 3. The Design Cycle in pictures
  • 4. Personal use of the Design CycleBy using the Design Cycle, it help me planand do my projects in school quick becauseof the five steps.Its one of the things I follow in making aproject in any kind
  • 5. Examples of projects used bythe cycleSocial Studies DocumentaryScience ProjectsScience Videos and Power Pointpresentations
  • 6. Design Cycle: InvestigateWhere you first find problems (if there are)and find different ways on how to fix theproblemI find this useful because without it, I mayhave problems in the project
  • 7. Design Cycle: DesignWhere you start to generate ideas (though itisnt considered as planning yet)Also where to list the specific requirementsthat must be met by the product.
  • 8. Design Cycle: PlanPlanning can be done in different ways, twoways could be planning how to fix theproblem, or how to make the product betterIt is a very helpful step of the design cycle
  • 9. Design Cycle: CreateIt is where to start creating the product afterplanning on what to doJust like in my projects, I found differentways on how to make a presentation
  • 10. Design Cycle: EvaluateThe final step of the design cycleIt is where you look at your presentationgenerally and start criticizing the work made
  • 11. SummaryThe Design Cycle is very reliable when itcomes in making presentation because itguides you in the whole process of making apresentation.