Self-Imposed Limitations - how to identify and eliminate them


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Consider the 6 common 'self-imposed' limitations that hinder your working world. If you develop awareness of them in your approach and the impact that they have - you will be able to address them and make success easier.
Challenges come to you from many different directions…just just don't need to impose your own!

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Self-Imposed Limitations - how to identify and eliminate them

  1. 1. Self-imposed Limitations … and how to avoid them Wednesday, 28 January 15
  2. 2. Self-imposed Limitations The following thoughts are triggered from 17 years experience of coaching managers, leaders and key influencers. As people grow and stretch their abilities they encounter challenges that become ‘limitations’ if not addressed. This presentation is about the common ‘self- imposed’ challenges that I have encountered. It seems obvious that these self-imposed limitations should be removed urgently. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  3. 3. Thoughts, activities and approaches that are both optional and unhelpful. They hinder your success. Self-imposed Limitations Definition Wednesday, 28 January 15
  4. 4. They could be things that weigh you down Wednesday, 28 January 15
  5. 5. They could be the masks you choose to wear Wednesday, 28 January 15
  6. 6. They might be in any realities that you refuse to accept Wednesday, 28 January 15
  7. 7. Self-imposed Limitations They could be...the complexities you manufacture Wednesday, 28 January 15
  8. 8. Is this You? ...or is this You? Wednesday, 28 January 15
  9. 9. Focus Beliefs Focus Data Filters Excuses Self-imposed Limitations Wednesday, 28 January 15
  10. 10. If you would like to understand and eliminate your ‘Self Imposed Limitations’... coaching is an engaging and successful way to discover practical tips, hints and techniques to use. Self imposed limitation #1 Focus Self imposed limitation #2 Beliefs Self imposed limitation #3 Creative Avoidance Self imposed limitation #4 Pre-packaged excuses Self imposed limitation #5 Illusion of Insight Self imposed limitation #6 Unhelpful Filters Wednesday, 28 January 15
  11. 11. FOCUS Self-imposed limitation #1 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  12. 12. The main thing is to keep the main thing as the main thing If you allow your focus to unhelpfully ‘travel’ and to set up camp in ‘places of interest’ - it can become self-limiting because it distracts you from your goals. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  13. 13. Focus can be described as concentrated attention Without it opportunities and challenges get missed Wednesday, 28 January 15
  14. 14. At work this concentrated attention is best focused on... Goals Challenges Opportunities Wednesday, 28 January 15
  15. 15. Maintain a state of goal focus GOAL It simply means knowing want you want to happen This knowledge can then drive your choices Wednesday, 28 January 15
  16. 16. If you don’t challenge your challenges they become a self-limiting drag on energy, time and enthusiasm Wednesday, 28 January 15
  17. 17. If you don’t look for opportunities you don’t find them This can be career self-limiting Wednesday, 28 January 15
  18. 18. Self-imposed limitation #2 Beliefs Wednesday, 28 January 15
  19. 19. ...just before we go onto #2 Beliefs... If you like Jonathan’s SlideShares, you will love his book! An easy to read and entertaining book that provides you with the tips, hints and techniques you need to influence people. Available right now for download on Amazon Please continue... Wednesday, 28 January 15
  20. 20. If you think you can do a thing…or think that you can’t do a’re right! Henry Ford Self-imposed limitation #2 Beliefs you had better be ‘wise’ about what you are going to think! Wednesday, 28 January 15
  21. 21. Make sure that the ‘beliefs’ you have are helpful. You use them to influence, justify and trigger your behaviour. Beliefs Self-imposed limitation #2 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  22. 22. It is self-limiting to believe that you can be ‘comfortable’ and still innovate and inspire change. Beliefs Self-imposed limitation #2 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  23. 23. Once you have refuted their argument and logic… ...don’t believe the inner doubts that tell you you cannot do things or become something Beliefs Self-imposed limitation #2 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  24. 24. Don’t believe the lie that new technology is beyond you. It is self-limiting to keep technology and social media at bay. Be an early adopter. Beliefs Self-imposed limitation #2 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  25. 25. Once you have worked out who you can and should be… ...don’t believe that you have to strive to be like the others. Believe that your difference can add- value and enrich the group Beliefs Self-imposed limitation #2 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  26. 26. Self-imposed limitation #3 Creative Avoidance Wednesday, 28 January 15
  27. 27. Self-imposed limitation #3 Creative Avoidance Don’t think of ways to avoid situations or people… ...challenges, situations and issues do not melt away - they just hide and wait for a less convenient moment to jump out! Wednesday, 28 January 15
  28. 28. Self-imposed limitation #3 Creative Avoidance If you get it ‘wrong’ corrective actions can be taken. If you don’t make a decision the situation just gets worse. The decisions that you avoid are always going to be more of a problem than the decisions you make. Beware Decision Avoidance Zone Wednesday, 28 January 15
  29. 29. Self-imposed limitation #4 Pre-Packaged Excuses Wednesday, 28 January 15
  30. 30. Self-imposed limitation #4 Pre-Packaged Excuses The issue is the ‘Pre-Packaged’ element Wednesday, 28 January 15
  31. 31. Self-imposed limitation #4 Pre-Packaged Excuses It becomes self-fulfilling The issue is that you prime yourself for failure… You do not try as hard You ‘know’ it probably wont work Wednesday, 28 January 15
  32. 32. Self-imposed limitation #4 Pre-Packaged Excuses “They probably already have a...” “They probably don’t have a...” “The problem is...” “We might not be able to...” “I’ll do my best but…” “If only…” “It won’t work but I’ll try…” Wednesday, 28 January 15
  33. 33. You, your colleagues and your competitors face common obstacles Wednesday, 28 January 15
  34. 34. Professional athletes see hurdles as a part of the race...not an interruption to their running Decide to see them as an opportunity to shine and get ahead of your competitors… Wednesday, 28 January 15
  35. 35. Self-imposed limitation #5 The Illusion of Insight Wednesday, 28 January 15
  36. 36. Self-imposed limitation #5 Illusion of Insight Have you ever been much better informed... ...but actually none the wiser? Wednesday, 28 January 15
  37. 37. Self-imposed limitation #5 Illusion of Insight You pre-judge data This occurs when… Its the tendency to see what you actively look for...its called ‘priming’ and it can hinder objectivity. It triggers you to look for things that support your thinking. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  38. 38. Self-imposed limitation #5 Illusion of Insight You take a superficial look at data This occurs when… ‘Soundbite’ analysis can easily create red-herrings and missed opportunities. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  39. 39. Self-imposed limitation #5 Illusion of Insight You pretend you understand data This occurs when… The ‘emperor’s clothes lesson is still alive and kicking Wednesday, 28 January 15
  40. 40. Self-imposed limitation #5 Illusion of Insight You look at the wrong data This occurs when… All data is not created equal. Some is better than others. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  41. 41. Illusion of Insight Wednesday, 28 January 15
  42. 42. Its an ‘illusion’ because its not really there... Just like the ‘insight’ is not really there if the data has not been understood and interpreted wisely. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  43. 43. Self-imposed limitation #5 Positions are adopted according to the illusion Decisions are driven by the illusion Progress is ‘limited’ by the illusion Wednesday, 28 January 15
  44. 44. Self-imposed limitation #5 ...the illusion of insight creates a confidence... ...this confidence convinces and persuades others... ...from this the illusion gains further credibility. It is limiting because... Wednesday, 28 January 15
  45. 45. Self-imposed limitation #6 Unhelpful Filters Wednesday, 28 January 15
  46. 46. Unhelpful Filters Self-imposed limitation #6 We all look at things through our ‘filters’. We link behaviours, situations and happenings to what we ‘expect’. These expectations or filters come from our previous experiences and the way we interpreted them. Wednesday, 28 January 15
  47. 47. Unhelpful Filters Self-imposed limitation #6 These can be ‘helpful’ filters’… or they can be ‘unhelpful’ Wednesday, 28 January 15
  48. 48. Unhelpful filters Self-limitation one brick at a time Selfish Superficial Negative Angry Proud Over Optimistic Cynical Defensive Paranoid Dismissive Greedy Impersonal Critical Self-imposed limitation #6 Wednesday, 28 January 15
  49. 49. Become very aware of the ‘default’ positions you are taking… and focus only on the helpful ones Objectivity Positivity Curiosity Engagement Enthusiasm Wednesday, 28 January 15
  50. 50. Pre- packaged Excuses Illusions of insight Unhelpful Filters Creative Avoidance BeliefsFocus There is no need to let self-imposed limitations make life harder Smooth off your sharp corners! Wednesday, 28 January 15
  51. 51. Thanks for watching the slide show! Jonathan Frost is a Director of Discovery Coaching Limited and has been a consultant and coach for over 17 years. His focus is on enabling people to discover the practical tips, hints and techniques that are relevant to their everyday leadership life. He has extensive experience working with leaders at all levels in industries as diverse as Retail, Distribution, Utilities, Defence, Engineering, Local Government and Professional Services. If you would like understand and eliminate your ‘Self Imposed Limitations...we can make a difference and we would be delighted to hear from you. Email: web: Wednesday, 28 January 15