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Newsletter April 2013
Discover Vedanta, Being Alive to what is

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Discover Vedanta Newsletter April 2013 eng

  1. 1. 1DISCOVER VEDANTANEWSLETTERApril 2013Dear friends,The year 2013 started very meaningfully for us with a launch of a 3 day interactive workshopfrom 4-6 January in Matheran. We are also pleased to announce other interesting activites andevents initiated for the year. The upcoming events include an evening seminar by Surya Tahorain Brussels on 23 May followed by a 2 day workshop on ‘Leading with Wisdom’ with an audienceof European CEOs. The next destination for Surya is south of France, Toulouse, where he willconduct several talks from 26-30 May followed by series of talks in Paris from 1-7 June. Backin India, there will be an intensive 10 day Vedanta retreat in Coimbatore, South India from 9-18July. Finally, the prestigious Adaita Academy has requested us to write articles for theirwebsite which has a very wide readership.We would like to start by our upcoming intensive retreat in South India, before giving detailsabout other events,1. Upcoming 10 day retreat in Anaikatti, South India, 9-18 July 2013The retreat will take place in Anaikatti, located at the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains,situated 25 km away from Coimbatore in South India at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Institute forVedanta and Sanskrit, founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. The Institute is amidst a lushgreen national forest reserve, which makes it an ideal location to inquire and contemplate intorealities of existence without any distractions.The participants will be taken through Taittriya Upanishad and Chapter 9 of Bhagavad Gita. Inaddition, there will be morning meditation, yoga/tai chi classes and dialogue sessions.
  2. 2. 2To see some photos of this retreat center, you can visit the following page participate to this retreat, please visit andgo to registration paragraph. You can download the brochure of this event in pdf format at thislink: that closing date for registration for this intensive is 11 June 2013.2. ‘Cultivating human values for living the vision of Oneness’, 3 day workshop inMatheran, India, 4-6 January 2013Watch Video and do not miss the interview of Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora at 5:35 of thisvideo to know why we launched a new series of workshops with an interactive format thatengages participants in dialogue and group discussions.See PhotosWatch VideoRead description3. Leading with Wisdom – PhiloMa Cycle of Seminars 2012-2013 in Brussels, BelgiumSurya will conduct Evening seminar on 23 May 2013 entitled ‘Objectivity, discernment &insight – the way of Vedanta?’ from 19.30-22.30 hrs.The success of any organization depends upon the extent to which the leaders are in touch withcertain realities of existence and not color them with their subjectivity. Surya will highlightwhat are these realities and how to live them within a management context.Read more at Day workshop, Leadership and Objectivity, 24-25 May 2013Two day workshop would include topics such as our responsibility to “deepen our understanding”of realities of life as leaders and how these realities assist us in our decision making andactions? It would also cover issues such as how to handle our distorted views of people,situations and objects and become effective and objective leaders.The workshop includes morning and afternoon sessions on Indian wisdom. The sessions areinteractive, engaging participants in group discussions and presentations. Case studies drawn
  3. 3. 3from personal and work situations, role plays and videos are utilized. Early morning and eveningpractices of breathing (pranayama), meditation and meditative movements are also included.Read more at download the full brochure of PhiloMa Series of Events, click this link: Introductory talks on ‘Non Duality, a spiritual tradition for our time’, Toulouse,France, 26-30 May 2013If you are living in or around Toulouse, please contact us at formore details.5. Series of Talks in Paris, France, 1-7 June 2013Surya will give his second series of talks in Paris, after a very successful one in 2009. If living inParis or surroundng areas, don’t miss this opportunity!! You can contact us for more details.6. New posts on Advaita Academy WebsiteAnother good news is that we were invited to contribute to the blog section of Advaita Academywebsite where we have posted three articles recently:(a) Place of meditation in Vedanta Relevance of Vedanta in modern life Food choices and Human growth
  4. 4. 47. Our Page on FacebookOur Discover Vedanta Page on FB has now reached an audience of over 800 persons and it isgrowing ! Note that this page has content which is not available on our website or on our Blog. Itis also a great way for you to share your own articles, links to videos, comments, suggestions,etc. related to spiritual traditions speaking about Non Duality/Oneness or human maturity.We suggest you to like (at the bottom of the banner image on the right) this Facebook page inorder to discover in real time all our upcoming events, posts, articles, videos, etc. As a result,you will be able to interact with the other members who liked this page and make it a platformof exchange of meaningful information between all of you.We would appreciate if you could pass on this Newsletter of April 2013 to those who you thinkmay be interested.Looking forward to your support and feedback,Neema and SuryaNeema Majmudar and Surya TahoraWebsite: Discover Vedanta, Being alive to what is Blog: Bridges to Oneness Discover Vedanta Page DiscoverVedanta1 Channel Vedanta On line StoreDouble DVD Discover Your Greatness - Insights in the Timeless Teaching of Bhagavad Gita new book ‘Living the Vision of Oneness: Exploring realities & Growing as an individual’ you wish to unsubscribe from this Newsletter, please send us a message with the subject line "remove me from your mailing list"