How top producers use DiscoverOrg to close more deals faster


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Learn how to the top sales leaders use DiscoverOrg for their IT selling needs.

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How top producers use DiscoverOrg to close more deals faster

  1. 1. How Top Producers use DiscoverOrg to Close More Deals Faster Steven Bryerton, Director of Sales Email : Phone : 360-783-6805 12518 NE 95th Street Vancouver, WA 98682
  2. 2. Introductions Steven Bryerton Director of Sales DiscoverOrg Matt Wheeler Manager, Sales Development ForeScout Gary King Director of Global Inside Sales Prometheus Group
  3. 3. Top Challenges we hear from IT Vendors 4 Identifying key Decision Makers 4 Bridging the contact gap 4 Accuracy of database & lead quality
  4. 4. Why Waste Precious Time? Salespeople spend fewer than 45% of the time actually selling. Improving lead management processes can reduce the time required to source opportunities by up to 50%
  5. 5. During the Live Demo we will cover  Accurately identify all key decision makers  Quickly identify technology landscapes  Build calls list in minutes, not days  Prepare highly targeted email campaigns  Automate delivery of important changes within your targeted accounts  Bring sanity to data cleansing processes
  6. 6. By the Numbers Enterprise Dataset – 5,000+ Employees Each Dataset Includes • • • • • • 93% Direct Dials # 98% Verified Emails IT Department Org Charts Accuracy Guaranteed Technology Landscape IT Projects 2,500 + Companies and 137,750+ Contacts Midsize Dataset – 1,000-4,999 Employees 4,300+ Companies and 68,500+ Contacts Gov’t Dataset – Federal/State/Local Agencies and Universities Over 1,200 entities profiled and over 25,900 Contacts NEW SMB Dataset – Less Than 1,000 Employees 7,150+ Companies and 40,000+ Contacts Finance Data Set – 5000+ Employees 1,800 + Companies and 47,000+ Contacts
  7. 7. ForeScout Challenge Matt Problem ForeScout was experiencing prior • Too much time spent identifying top targets based on ideal customer profile • Difficulty understanding prospect’s job role vs. job title • Spending too much time validating and cleaning invalid prospects as opposed to having more discussions with true Decision Makers
  8. 8. Let’s see the data base Matt <<in database>> Quickly build out different target lists • Use segmentation to identify ideal customers – Industry/Vertical, – Size of ideal prospect ($250mil+ or 2,500+ employees) – Use title category of Info. Sec. and then use contact keyword to identify “mobile” “network” “networking” to identify the right security contacts (ie instead of application security) – Region (ie CA ) • Explain what you did  Job Function  Direct Dials for calling prospects multiple times  Emails  Hierarchy for follow up & multiple calls
  9. 9. The challenge for Prometheus Group Gary • Team spending too much time researching • Hard to identify technologies deployed • Found something never knew existed  Org Charts • Story of Halliburton
  10. 10. Let’s see the data base Gary <<In data base>> Use Technologies search feature SAP More focused SAP Objects Setting up Real Time Triggers to identify SAP projects Discuss how multiple decision makers lead you to use the Finance Data set. <<jump to Finance>> Show Halliburton
  11. 11. Back to Steve • Quick Summary •How to build an ideal prospect as Matt showed us – we’re hosting another webinar on Dec. 3rd that will cover how to build and utilize what Matt showed here to build your ideal top prospects
  12. 12. Wisdom Behind the Data “On average, 4 people are involved in B2B purchasing decisions” “Every time the number of Direct Dial phone numbers a salesperson has access to DOUBLES, the number of meetings set TRIPLES”
  13. 13. Why We Are the Leader Direct Lines The DiscoverOrg database contains over 93% Direct Dial Phone Numbers and 98% verified email addresses. Refreshed Every 90 Days DiscoverOrg refreshes and updates every IT Decision Maker profile in its database at least once every 90 days. Live Research Staff The data collected and constantly updated by DiscoverOrg is managed through an in-house team of 70 research analysts. IT Focus DiscoverOrg’s database of IT Decision Makers has over 275,000 IT Executives profiled. IT Org Charts IT Org Charts on every account let users see a map of the decision making hierarchy of their targeted accounts. SLA guarantees at least 95% accuracy Our data is guaranteed 95% accurate and backed by our Quality Assurance team with a 24 hour turnaround time for any data verification requests.
  14. 14. Hundreds of IT Firms Have Chosen DiscoverOrg
  15. 15. Thanks  Questions  Contact Information Steven Bryerton 360-783-6805