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Musical purposes presentation

Musical purposes presentation






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    Musical purposes presentation Musical purposes presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Music Has a Purpose10 Reasons for the use of music inworld cultures
    • StorytellingBefore computers, books, and even paperexisted, societies would pass downinformation about their history and culture bysinging stories to young children. Thosechildren would then sing those songs tochildren when they became adults.
    • EntertainmentBefore TV, Blue-Ray, and Ipods, people usedmusic as a way to be entertained. They wouldoften incorporate dancing as part of theseactivities.
    • Social EventsMusic is often part of social events such asweddings, funerals, celebrations, harvests,and festivals.
    • MilitarySome cultures use songs and instruments tocommunicate military strategies. Drumpatterns are often used to give orders tosoldiers who are far away.The military also uses music when marching ormoving from place to place as a group. Thiskeeps close groups of soldiers moving at thesame pace.
    • ReligionMany cultures use music to connect with theirgods, participate in ceremonies, and develop aconnection to people they worship with.
    • Work SongsPeople often sing to help pass time when theyare working. When doing physical work,groups of people often sing songs and movetools to the beat. For example, womengrinding corn with stones, or people hoeingthe ground.
    • Political ClimatePeople often sing songs when they are seekingchange in government. These songs helpinspire people to do more and encourageothers to join their cause.
    • PleasureMany musicians play or sing for their ownpleasure, either to help pass the time, orconvey how they are feeling.
    • HealingSome people believe that music has healingproperties. They believe music can cure sickor wounded people. There is even aprofession called Music Therapy.
    • EducationMusical fables exist to help teach peoplemorals. A fable is a story, sometimes set tomusic, with a hidden message.Some songs outline the steps needed tocomplete certain activities such as how tobrush your teeth correctly.