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John Spencer - World Atlas of UFOs

  1. 1. WORlD ATlAS OF s
  2. 2. EDITOR ANNA MUMFORD ART EDITOR BOB GORDON PICTURE RESEARCH RACH EL DUFFIELD PRODUCTION CONTROLLER CHR ISTINA ROBILL IARD First published in 1991 by The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, part of Reed International Books, London SW3 6RB This edition first published in the United States in 1992 by SMITH MARK Publishers Inc., NY 10016 112 Madison Avenue, New York, ©Text john Spencer © Illustrations and Design Reed International Books Limited All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the permission of the Publisher and the copyright owner. ISBN 0- 8317-949&-4 Typeset by Dorchester Typesetting Group Limited Produced by Mandarin Offset - printed in Hong KongThe Publishers would like to thank the following organizations NASA 12,/SPL 137, 187Tand individuals for their kind pennission to reproduce the Novosti Press Agency 128photohrraphs in this book. Popperfoto 27, 28T, 66, 82T, 114, 129, 140Aerofilms 75, 76 Science Photo Library 2-3, 29B, 40-1,/J Baum 131,/J Finch 40, 133,/D Parker 135,/M Paternostro 136Martin Bower 19B, 22, 9�3B, 116-7 South American Pictures/Tony Morrison 189Steuart Campbell 111Peter Day lOOT Spectrum 105T&B, 108-9, 141, 175 John Spencer 60, 95, 1<>:3Mary Evans Picture Library 17, 21, �5. 2HB, 29T, :34, Syndication International/Associated Press 16316T&B, 49, 5:3, 59, 62, 64, 69R, 79, HOL, H1, H2B, H:3, TRH Pictures 1:�0R,/Grumman 130LHSTL,TR&B, HH, 90, �nl, 102, 107, 123, 173, 1H7B,/Project © VUFORS 167,/P Nonnan 172, 174I lessdalen 11H. 119Tt� B Zefa 178Fortean Picture Library 14, 15, 21B, 26B, :35, 3H, 4:3, 51, 69L,71L&R, 7H, H7, liS, 1�0. 1HS,!Fotorama 26T,/Tsutomu Although every effort has been made to trace the copyrightNakayama 6:>,/B Skinner 121, C Svahn HOR holder, we apoloh.-]ze in advance for any unintentional omissionsStanton T Freidman 1H and would be pleased to insert the appropriateJohn Frost Newspapers S1 acknowledgements in any subsequent edition of thisThe Ronald Crant Archive 11 publication.Robert Harding Picture Library 50-1Cynthia I lind H 7, lS:3, 156,/ ©Ministry of lnfonnation, Illustrations on pages :�0-1, �36-7, 44-5, 96-7. 112-13, 138-9,Zimbabwe ][)() 154-5, 164-5, 170-1 and 182-3 by Tony Roberts. Illustration onThe llutchison Library 1S7,/T Bedow 14S page 21 by Keith Scaife. Models and photographs on pagesThe Kobal Collection :3], 57, 101 19B, 22, 93B, 116-17 by Martin Bower. These compositionsMUFON J9L&R, 5H are artists impressions based on witnesses reports.
  3. 3. Foreword hIntroduction 7NORTH AMERICA X Last Bastion of ETH 10 Database 14 From Saucers to Conspiracies 0�EUROPE 72 A Common European Ufology? 74 Database 7b Beyond Extra-terrestrials 120THE EAST 124 UFOs and Freedom of Infonnation 126 Database 128 Interaction between East and West 141AFRICA 142 UFOs Within African Culture 144 Database 146 UFOs or Ancestral Spirits 1;:)/AUSTRALASIA 158 The Australasian Perspective 160 Database 1()� The Missing Links 17;:)SOUTH AMERICA 176 The South American Viewpoint 17� Database 1�11 UFOs South of the Border 1���Index 1 �IllAfterword 1 :1�
  4. 4. s the International Director of the Mutual UFO Network A (MUFON), the worlds largest and most geographically widespread independent UFO research organization, I am aware, perhaps more than most, that the UFO phe-nomenon is a truly global one. Unidentified Flying Objects areexperienced by people all over the world and the World Atlas ofUFOs shows this continent by continent. The World Atlas of UFOs also highlights areas of largecountries - remote or less technological countries - whereUFOs are rarely reported. It becomes apparent that UFOreporting is confined to those areas that have UFO investigatorsto whom these events can be reported. Those of us involved inthe study of this phenomenon are convinced that if there weremore people to whom sightings could be reported, then morecases deserving of serious study would reach UFO researchers. During my twenty years at MUFON I have determined atleast two important things: first, that the UFO subject is seriousand deserves to be treated with greater respect by scientists,world governments and the public than it presently is; second,that this subject is bringing people together across the world, andin a way that brings out their best talents. Thousands of peopleare donating hundreds of hours per year without fmancialcompensation to helping those who do not seem to understandtheir own experiences or who may be unwilling victims oftraumatic experiences. The annual MUFON International UFO Symposium attractshundreds of people from all over the world who come together ina spirit of joint endeavour· that breaks down internationalboundaries. Both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and theBritish UFO Research Association (BUFORA) are organizationsto which the author and many of the contributors belong. Theyhave a stated objective to educate the public in a responsible andauthoritative manner, to encourage other groups and organiza­tions around the world to share their work, and to proceedtowards a solution to this intriguing and mysterious subject. Thisbook is part of that process. WALTER H. ANDRUS ]R. INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR MuTUAL UFO NETW(mK 6
  5. 5. nidentified Flying Objects are a subject Kuhle mann, Jenny f{andles, Steve Camble, U which is much misunderstood: partly Bob Digby, Philip Mantle, Andy Hoberts. None because of poor media attention, partly of these people are responsible for any opinions because of inadequate support from the expressed in the book other than those theyscientific community and partly because of the make in their own section introductions.absurd claims of cult followers who attach My thanks also to the artists and illustra­themselves to the subject. The end result is tors, Tony l{oberts, Martin Hower and Keiththat authoritative data rarely gets to the Scaife for their astonishing visualizations thatgeneral public and the UFO phenomenon as a portray the mystery and awe of key events.whole attracts ridicule. The World Atlas of I would like to !-,rive special thanks to threeUFOs aims to redress that imbalance. other people who each gave very special We do not know what UFOs are: some support in their own way: my wife, Anne, whocases make it very clear that they are a physical became researcher and cartographer despitereality; other cases seem to be caught up in a the demands of our home and her own busi­sociological event; some cases have mytholo­ ness; Anna Mumford, of Reed Internationalgical and others psychological components. Books, who gave tremendous back-up andSome UFO reports arc humorous and appear to installed a hot-line direct to my desk; Kathrynbe relatively unimportant while a great many Howard, a UFO abductee who, when I neededhave serious, often frightening implications for a fresh perspective on the subject, provided itindividual people and for the world as a whole. (in trumps!).Too many people have been touched by UFOs, There are people missing from this list who,directly and indirectly, for the UFO phe­ for various reasons, cannot be acknowledgednomenon to be wished away. These people and individually: the hundreds of good UFO investi­the rest of the world deserve a reasoned gators whose cases make up the databases -attempt to provide them with the answers that space simply prohibits a full cross-referencedthey seek - whatever those answers may be. list; psycholo!-,rists and some scientists whoThe World Atlas of UFOs proves one thing prefer to remain anonymous at least for thevery clearly: that at some level, or in some moment; witnesses whose cases are not in­way, the UFO phenomenon is real. cluded out of respect for their wish that their To compile a world database of over forty stories remain out of the public domain - theyears of research from all around the world was perspective they provide is vital.a daunting task. I could not have easily done so In researching the data, I have used manywithout the support of friends and colleab es U T case files including my own, and taken theacross the world who supplied data, gave their opinions of many more experienced than my­opinions, guided me to sources of data, or self. For specific references I have referred tosimply kept me going when the coffee ran out. many publications (see Bibliography page 192).From an endless list I would particularly like to None of the books, journals or authors men­mention: Hilary Evans, Cynthia Hind, Paul tioned are responsible for the opinions ex­Norman, Eduardo Russo, Walter H Andtusjnr, pressed, some of which are no doubt contraryBudd Hopkins, Thomas (Eddie) Bullard, Bertil to their own. Such is this subject. 7
  6. 6. SOMEWHERE OUT THERE , THERE MUST SURE LY BE TE CHNO-DEMOCRATS , JUST LIKE OURSELVES , I N SEARCH OF NEW FRONTIERS AND HORIZONS , WILLING TO GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE . KEY TO MAP OF NORTH AMERICACD Aerial Cattle Rustlers , Le Roy, Kansas @ Flynn Incident, Everglades, Florida0 Maury Island, Washington State @ Exeter Flap , Exeter, New HampshireQ) Kenneth Arnold Sighting, Mount Rainier, Washington State ® Great North Eastern Blackout, North Eastern United States/Canada<3)Roswell Incident, Roswell, New Mexico ® Swamp Gas Debacle, Ann Arbor, Michigan® Captain Thomas Mantell , Godman Field, Kentucky ® Catalina Island Film, California® Aztec, New Mexico ® Betty Andreasson. Ashburnham, Massachusetts0 Chiles/Whitted, Montgomery , Georgia ® Stephan Michalaq. Falcon Lake, Ontario/Manitoba border (Canada)® Fargo, North Dakota ® Patrolman Schirmer. Ashland, Nebraska® White Sands , White Sands Proving G rounds , New Mexico ® Shane Ku rz. New York State@> The Trent Photographs, McMinnville , Oregon ® Callery Chemical Plant, Butler, Pennsylvania@ The Lubbock Lights, Lubbock, Texas ® Dapple Grey Lane, Los Angeles, California® Washington Flap, Washington D.C. @) St Catherines, Ontario (Canada)@ Desvergers Encounter, West Palm Beach, Florida @ The Delphos Ring , Kansas® George Adamski, Desert Centre, California ® Michellmbeault, Montreal, Canada@ Gulf of Mexico @ Pascagoula Encounter, Mississippi@ Tujunga Canyon, California @ Jeff Greenhaw, Falkville, Alabama® Livermore , Oakland , California @ Captain Coyne, Mansfield. Ohio® Daniel Fry, White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico @) FlattertDonathan, Blackford County, Indiana® Goose Bay, Labrador (Canada) @ Polaski Encounter, Greensberg, Pennsylvania® Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky ® Tsutomu Nakayama, Hawaii® Jennie, Nebraska @ Carl Higdon Abduction, Medicine Bow National Forest. Wyoming@ Lochraven Dam , Baltimore, Pennsylvania @> Travis Walton Abduction, Snowflake. Arizona@ Joe Simonton, Eagle River, Wisconsin @> Falconbridge. Ontario (Canada)® Betty and Barney Hill, Concorde, New Hampshire ® Cash/Landrum Encounter, Dayton, Texas@ Socorro, New Mexico ® Kathie Davis Abductions, Copley Woods, Indiana@ Gary Wilcox. Tioga, New York State ® Japan Air Lines, Anchorage Airport, Alaska® Cisco Grove, California ® Gulf Breeze Case, Gulf Breeze, Florida
  7. 7. ach year the President of the United States of was American ingenuity and industry, was it not, that E America addresses the nation with a State of felled Hitlers Fortress Europe? (Never mind for now the Union message. This speech is purely that Soviet armies had a small helping hand in turning political; that is to say, heavy on platitudes, back the Fascist tide.) Moreover, it was Americanand short on substance. A few troublesome issues are know-how that manufactured the worlds first atomicadmitted to, but these are traditionally glossed over as bomb. (And a military mind-set we tend to overlooknothing the spirit of the American people cant that decided to drop it.)conquer if we only put our minds to it, and our Certainly, the remarkable economic and industrialshoulders to the wheel. recovery of a war-ravaged world owes a great deal of I can see that I might easily be accused of a similar debt to its American constituency, however tarnishedsort of equivocation here. As editor of the monthly or lagging our present perlormance. The point is that,journal of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, I for better or worse, it is, perhaps, the Americansuppose I can be seen as a party loyalist, one who character that has cast the longest shadow over theadheres publicly to the perceived party line, and tends collective post World War Two global village. Musco­to put a gloss on the overall status of the situation, vites crowd into McDonalds rather than New Yorkerswhether or not merited by reality. into McGorkys. All I can say in my defence is that is certainly not Some commentators believe that we Americanshow I think of myself. (Nor, judging from my mail, do are our own worst critics. In fact, our mania forall members of MUFON.) I hope I am capable of giving introspection is much more political and ethical than ita more or less objective assessment of the present is, say, psychological or metaphysical. Given ourstate of American ufolo1-,ry, warts, roses and all. I also industrial and technological background (itself a pro­understand that what follows is only one persons duct as much of circumstance as character) it was onlyopinion. Another ufologist might see the current logical that we would see ourselves in the UFOsituation in a different colour or light altogether and phenomenon.certainly they are welcome to their opinion. Somewhere out there, there must surely be So, what is the nature of the beast, then, as I techno-democrats just like ourselves, in search of newperceive it? Frankly, fairly encouraging, though not frontiers and horizons, willing to go where no man haswithout its moments of low humour and open rancour. gone before. Such was the only logical assumptionBefore we enter into specifics, however, it might that could be made about these mysterious little greenprove fruitful to look first at our background. men in their ma1-,rnificent flying machines. It was just That America should be the haven (if not the last not in our make-up to think otherwise. As Americasbastion) of the so-called Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis taste for fast food suffused the world market place, so(ETI D. should not come as a surprise, either, given did perhaps premature adoption of the ETH suffuseour nature and circumstances. Although Americans ufolo1-,ry, again, for better or worse.are ar1-,TUably no more a technological culture or society On the other hand, as with any empire, rebellionthan, say, the Germans or the japanese, we have was bound to set in, and this is exactly what we seealways prided ourselves that we were. For example, it happening today. That these mini-revolutions have 10
  8. 8. ·l li ll l llllllll• • · LAST BASTION OF ETHadopted their own individualistic and local style was The mother ship in Close Encounters o f the Third Kind whichinevitable. Of course the failure of the ETH to prove compounded technological Americas extra-terrestrial view ofitself contributed to the situation, too. Still, the revolts the subj ect.have fallen back on their own culture and circumstancein a sort of intellectual nationalism, or chauvinism. tion of its own peculiar tin1e and place. Like itsThus we have several separate schools of which contemporaries, it is riddled with holes and factions.faerie folklore, tribal culture, psychological and mys­ There is an exaggerated tendency to choosetical are all examples. sides, based on belief and feeling about a specific However, none of these schools has come any case, or personal loyalty to the principles involved,closer to ultimately resolving the central issue - the rather than a dispassionate examination of the evi­unknown nature of the UFO phenomenon. Nor do I dence itself. This was most recently exemplified bymean to suggest that these generalized separate the spectacular and apparently on-going Gulf Breezeapproaches are in any way monolithic, or that there Case in Florida (see page 67), which saw - if not oldare not schisms. But the point is that American friends - at least old acquaintances, suddenly at oneufology, first and foremost, is a product or manifesta- anothers throats over its validity. 11
  9. 9. i . I �lll [ Ullu�·· . I N O RTH A M E R I CA Interestingly, the argument could be made thateach country and people get not only the ufologiststhey deserve, but seemingly specialized outbreaks ofthe phenomenon itself, as well. In the US, of late, thatinvolves apparently physical and photographed objectsseen by large numbers of witnesses, as in GulfBreeze, accompanied by a strong undercurrent ofabductions and a whiff of mutilated animals. InEngland, the strange Wessex crop circles (see page121) beneath the great Chalk Horse have yet to be putin their proper context, and the same can be said ofthe French humanoids of an earlier day, and now, theSoviet invasion and Brazilian accounts of flyingrefrigerators and death-dealing ray beams. Whetherthese specialized outbreaks can best be thought of as acase of the seeker blind to anything but the sought, oralternatively as a sort of perverse prank on the part ofthe phenomenon itself remains to be answered. Our native proclivity for picking teams has sur­faced in the one area of ufology where one wouldnaturally assume it might least rear its ugly head: inthe realm of government and military intelligencedocumentation. The present controversy centresaround an alleged presidential briefing paper whichdescribes the existence of Majestic 12, or Mj-12, anultra-secret special studies group reportedly foundedin the wake of the Roswell Incident (see page 18).Those awaiting definite confirmation ofMj-12 may fmdthemselves condemned to a permanent UFO purga­tory. Meanwhile, the waters have been renderedeven more murky by the recent revelation (orconfession, depending on your point of view), made bya major Mj-12 player, of having actively participated ina military intelligence disinformation and surveillancecampaign directed against certain individuals and UFO The space shuttle, a symbol of North Americas technologicalorganizations. achievement which features so strongly i n the consciousness of In the wake of Whitley Striebers bestselling its people that the Extra-terrestrial Theory predominates.Communion and Transformation, in both of which hedescribes his own abduction, it seemed for a time as if At the moment, TREAT seems to have the bestthe abduction scenario might swamp the stage en­ chance of bridging the immense gap between ufologytirely. Such apprehensions have proven largely un­ and establishment science, if by the latter we includefounded, although several competing camps have been professional psychotherapists and other mental healthset up as a consequence of personality and philo­ practitioners. A working arrangement with a majorsophical differences. Strieber and associates have east coast university appears imminent, which couldestablished the Communion Foundation, with its own lead in turn to academic respectability, increasedquarterly newsletter, and urged members not to funding, access to a super-computer and other tan­fraternize with other orthodox UFO organizations. gible benefits. MUFON itself is presently engaged inBudd l lopkins and associates have responded with the an ambitious programme to standardize reportingIntruder Foundation. Yet a third group, TREAT (for procedures and computerize its database. The FundTreatment and Research on Experienced Anomalous for UFO Research continues to solicit support in theTrauma) is underway, and a fourth abduction-related field. Subscriptions in the membership groups are up,group is rumoured to be on the horizon. approaching numbers not seen since the mid-fifties. 12
  10. 10. • 111111ll lll11n •· LAST BASTI O N OF ETH The number of annual UFO conferences and strates that US ufology is anythmg but moribund, andsymposia is on the rise as well, though the quality of that the spirit of American individualism is alive andthe presentations varies widely. After a lengthy well, if not particularly inclined towards harmony andabsence, there are now two national news-stand co-operation.magazines devoted to the subject, though again the Unfortunately, there is at least one other alarmingcontents of each issue fluctuate dramatically in tenns proclivity that should be addressed, and that is theof reliability. So called tabloid TV programmes regu­ temptation, in this most litigious of societies, to settlelarly feature UFO stories, and of course the taller some issues in a court of law rather than through opentales remain a favourite staple of the supermarket dialo!-,lle and public opinion. These civil actions to datepress. jacques Vallee has returned to the publishing have mostly been lodged against other nationals,fold with Dimensions and Confrontations, studies whose laws allow for financial retribution in the case ofwhich link folklore with UFOs. We have also seen, in libel. Some of us here wait with bated breath and 1 990, the hardback appearance of Ed Conroys well crossed fingers for similar suits to be filed in thisreceived Report on Communion and The Gulf Breeze country. While the prospect of legal action maySiKiztinKS by Ed and Frances W<1lters. An eagerly indicate to some people a coming of age for ufology, itanticipated study by reporter Howard Blum, Out is safe to say it is not the one most American There, w<1s also published towards the end of 1 990. ufologists have in mind as they continue to court publicOther books that impinge on or envelope the UFO opinion and scientific respectability.subject, favour<1bly or critically, are too numerous to Now, where do we stand vis-a-vis our contempor­mention, but balance would hardly be served if we did aries? Despite the difficulties of the science involvednot refer to the revised paperback appe<1rance of UFO (the distance between stars, the unlikelihood of soAbductions: A Dangerous Game, by skeptic Philip many extraterrestrials suddenly showing up on our Klass. Several English titles have also received lin1ited doorstep, etc.), the ETH must remain a viable theory.distribution here, although Timothy Goods Above Top Theories, after all is said and done, are all we have.Secret was picked up by a major American publisher. But if one theory can be convincingly shown to beThe amateur press has been extremely preoccupied better than another, then Americans will be among theas well, and both MUFON and CUFOS, the Center for first to welcome it and applaud. So far this has notUFO Studies, continue to produce monthly and been the case. Arguing that abductions, for journals respectively. journals back in are predominantly psychological in origin. and there­business include The journal of UFO Studies along fore, so is the science of ufology at present is a far crywith Caveat Emptor, a local equivalent on a somewhat from an overall viable theory. In fact, so scarce is ourmore folksy scale than Englands Magonia. No doubt I scratch on the surface. that hard and fast facts arehave left much out in this brief summary, and my difficult to come by that would support any overallapologies to anyone particularly offended. theory, including those of mass psychokinesis, just as in the political arena, ufoiO!-,lY has its own psychotronic control systems, and a number of otherextreme elements. The more vocal of these have hypotheses, half- or full-baked, that have been offeredbegun to raise rumours abroad of a secret diplomatic up over the last half century. 1 also include here thetreaty between our government and the diminutive ultraskeptical, Shakespearean notion that all this has (one is tempted to say, demonic) grays. What is been much ado about nothing.encouraging about the present picture is the unlikeli­ It may behove us all to keep an open mind. behood of any extreme minority, however vocal or patient, and remember that the U in UFO stands foractive, assuming the mainstream mantle. There is a unidentified. That may not be an especially popular orcertain inertia or gravity in human affairs which may American point of view, but neither was the two­well work to our advantage, although in the meantin1e, minute hamburger until we won the war.the rumour mongers are not exactly perfonning a public service in our best interest. In-fighting and factionalism abound. but thisstrikes me as a by-product of human nature and DENNIS STACY is both a ful l-time writer and the editor ofbehaviour as opposed to anything fundamentally MUFON Journal, the house magazine of the Mutual UFO inherent to ufology, American or otherwise. Although Network. His editorship is characterized by impartia l and sheer cantankerousness can be distracting and waste­ wel l-informed commentary so vital i n a country where ful of both precious time and ener!-,l"). it also demon- extreme views and high passions often run free. 13
  11. 11. PRE 1 900 Representatives and that people (Tacoma harbour) when they saw who had known him for over thirty six UFOs above them. One of theNAM E AERIAL CATILE RUSTLING years testified in an affidavit that UFOs, described as saucer- orDATE 20APRIL 1 897 they had never heard a word of his doughnut -shaped, jettisoned questioned and do readily believe material, some of which fell on to thePLACE LE ROY, KANSAS his statement to be true and boat injuring one of the companions MAP REF: J 1 7 correct. Furthermore the affidavit and killing his dog.EVENT AERIAL CATILE RUSTLERS was signed by the sheriff, the By the time tllis story had become deputy sheriff, a justice of the known Kenneth Arnold was alreadyOn 20 April 1897, fanner Alexander peace, a postmaster, the registrar associated nationally with the flyingHamilton filed an affidavit stating of deeds, a banker, an attorney, saucer phenomenon. He was drawnthat earlier that week he had and others. into the Maury Island investigationwatched a huge object glide down Hamilton said of the encounter principally due to the intervention offrom the darkness and come to rest Every time I drop to sleep I see Ray Palmer, the editor of Fantasyin a field some 200 yds ( 1 8:-� m) from the cursed thing, all its bright magazine.his home. Together with his son and lights and hideous people. I dont Dahl claimed to have been visitedone of the fam1hands he had know whether they are angels by a man in black, a character ofapproached to within 1 5 ft (46 m) of 0 or devils . . . I dont want any repression soon to appearthe object, which he described as more to do with them. repeatedly in American UFO storiesapproximately the length of an and a feature that would last at leastAmerican football field and made of a decade or more. He apparently 1 940ssomething coloured deep red. It was strongly suggested to Dahl that itlike an enormous cigar in shape and would be in his interests not tobeneath it appeared to be a cabin NAME MAURY ISLAND discuss his sighting.made of glass; within it the farmer DATE 23 JUNE 1947and his companions could see six PLACE MAURY ISLAND, WASHINGTON STATEoccupants which they described as MAP REF: E14the strangest beings ever saw. An enormous wheel, located EVENT CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE SECONDbeneath t he craft, began to spin and KINDthe airship rose to an altitude ofsome ] ft (92 m). The fanners 00 The 2 4 June 1 9<17 is regarded as thenoticed that a rope, reaching down birth date of the modem era offrom the craft, was attached to a UFOs when Kenneth Amold had hisheifer which was caught against the flying saucer sighting at Mountbarbs of a fence nearby. As the Rainier in Washington State, liSA.object rose it pulled the calf up with However, on the day prior to thisit and disappeared into the darkness sighting an event was unfolding- thetrailing the unlucky animal behind it. precise meaning and implications ofThe following day what remained of which have been a mystery tothe calf was recovered from a ufologist s ever since.nearby fam1: legs, head and skin. Harbour patrolmen Harold A. SlH >uld Hamiltons credibility be I >ahl and Fred L. Crisman owned acalled into quest ion, it must be boat and on the day in quest ion Dahlpointed out that he had been a and other companions were sailing itmember of the House of in Puget Sound, near Maury Island 14
  12. 12. I j! � 111111111111 DATABASE 1940s Kenneth Arnold was concerned NAME KENNETH ARNOLD SIGHTING relieve th< angu1sh of rvl;tiJw·s ofthat professional people should the lost crew and also the financial DATE 24 JUNE 1947investigate the case and suggested in ce ntiv e of a $!i,OOO reward for PLACE MOUNT RAINIER, WASHINGTON STATEcalling the .-tth Air Force Base at discovery of the wreck. MAP REF: E14 I laving completed his days workllamilton Field ;md requested theinvolvement of two intelligence EVENT DISTANT DAYLIGHT SIGHTING- BUT installing fire fightmg eqUipment forofficers: Captain William Davidson THE BIRTH OF FLYING SAUCERS the Central Air Service at Chehalis,and Lieutenant Frank Brown. a small town in W ashingt on State, When Brown and I )avidson In the clear skies of Washington Arnold l ook off at around �oclockanived they were shown an State, lone pilot Kenneth Arnold heading for Yakima. With Mountassortment of the debris from the was peacefully <1dmiring the l<ainier ahead and a l>C-·1 ahoc andUFO, it was laying on the floor of breatht<Jking scenery of the Cascade behind to his left, Arnold wasthe room in which they met. Mountains. He was Jlying a Callair suddenly startled by a flash of light.Davidson and Brown seemed to plane especi<11ly modified for To the left and north of l1ounthave played down their concern and mountain search and rescue and l<ainier he saw what appeared to beeven refused to accept samples of although not formally engaged on a fonnation of nine objects in fl1ght .the material when offered, such a mission, Arnold wasapparently !-,Jjving the impression searching for a cr<1shed C-16 marine Kenneth Arnold in1t1ated the med1athat they thought the witnesses transport plane. He was spurred on coverage phenomenon with his co1n1ng ofwere the victims of a hoax. by both a humanitarian desire to the phrase flying saucers in 1 94 7 .However, at the last minuteCrisman gave them a cartoncontaining the material and theystowed it in their car, subsequentlyapparently placing it on their B-25aircraft which stood by to tly back toHamilton Field, in California. It has been speculated that thematerial was in fact radioactive slagbeing dumped illegally by the AtomicEnergy Commission (AEC) and thatthe man in black was in reality anagent of the AEC detem1ined tosuppress the story before it got outof hand. Whatever the truth, themystery deepened considerablywhen the B-25 containing theintelligence officers and the materialapparently caught fire and crashed.Its two crew members survived butthe two officers died with the plane. A newspaper report shortly afterthe incident suggested that thecrash involved sabotage because theplane m<1y hold Jlying disk secret.The report <1lso suggested thatthere was some evidence the planewas c<1rrying cl<1ssified material. Unfortun<ltely, with two primeplayers lost in the aircr<1ft accidentthe case, for the moment, defies anymore substanti<1l conclusion. 15
  13. 13. NO RTH A M E R I CAWhile thinking they must be jet sky with him - equivalent to about objects, the tenn was very quicklyplanes he was also noticing that they 67 ft (19 rn). being used to describe saucerwere moving in a curious way; Within a short time the objects shapes. It must be admitted thatilipp�g up and down tike the bows were gone and Arnold continued his Arnold seems to have jumped on hison the tail of a kite or, to use a search for the plane though he later own bandwagon. By the time hisphrase that was later to make admitted his mind was no longer on story was told in the first edition ofhistory, moving like a saucer would the job. After a cursory search of Fate magazine in the spring of 1948,if you skipped it across the water. the Tieton reservoir he eventually the cover illustration depicting the Given their distance -estimated flew into Yakima at 4 pm. encounter was a hrross distortion ofat 25 miles (40 km) away - Arnold On arriving and desperate to tell the ori.c,rinal story. The objects arewas unable to make out their shapes someone about the sighting, Arnold seen in close proximity to Arnoldsclearly but believed that when they went to see the general manager of plane and they are clearly saucerpassed in front of the snow-covered Central Aircraft, AI Baxter, who in shapes with just a slight modificationMount 1-<llinier he could then see turn called in other pilots to hear the at the rear to pay lip-service totheir outlines distinctly. It is story. Someone suggested that Arnolds boomerang description.questionable to what de�fee Arnold possibly the craft were guided During the next two monthscould accurately have identified the missiles from Moses Lake Base, something very extraordinaryoutlines of the objects if they were Washington. Arnold felt satisfied was happening (or press attentionat the distance he suggested, it may that this must be the case. was creating the impression ofindicate they were far closer to him However, by the time Arnold something happening); some H50than he thought. If that was the case arrived back in Pendleton, Oregon sightings were reported across thethey must have been moving more his story had out -raced him. There United States during that time andslowly, possibly at the speed of was a large group there to listen to earlier sightings were uncovered.terrestrial aircraft. The shapes were him recount his sighting and again For Arnold, his sighting was todisturbing, however; he thought Arnold concluded they were change his life completely and hethey were jet planes but could find probably !,ruided missiles. He did not became an active flying saucerno tails. This description coupled believe they could be manned researcher and a devotee up untilwith his later drawings of the objects because the flipping motions and the his death on 16 january 198-1. Heshow that he believed he was speeds would - he believed - be had many further sightings duringlooking at boomerang shaped craft. impossible for the human frame to his life and they seemed to have Arnold did as much as possible to withstand. Arnold also reported his convinced him of an extraordinaryanalyze the observation including sighting to the local FBI officials on interpretation of the UFOopening his window to get a clear the basis that they could be some phenomenon: that the objects areview. The objects were flying sort of 1-<ussian weapon. masses of living organisms that livedirectly across his field of vision Widespread news coverage in our ween Mount 1-<ainier and Mount ridiculously distorted the encounter. The objects were neverAdams. Using these peaks as As Arnold put it After three days of identified. Today the sighting wouldreference points Arnold estimated this hubbub l came to the conclusion be low priority because there was nothe objects were moving bet ween that I was the only sane one in the corroborative witness, the sighting1, :wo-1, 700 miles (2, 092-2, 7:�6 km) bunch. One of those distortions was was of short duration, indefiniteper hour, far faster than any plane of to make sociological history; picking distance and dubious clarity.the day could have achieved. Of all up on Arnolds phrase that the Nevertheless, the mediaof his estimates which have been objects were moving like a saucer attention which was generated fromcalled into question the most difficult would if you skipped it across the those few minutes over Washingtonto determine with accuracy was the water, the expression flying State gave birth to the U FOdistance from the aircr<1ft to the saucer was born and it was the birth phcnomeno.n.objects and the length of their of a catch phrase that has attractedformation, which he estimated at media attention ever since. Although Artistic licence was heavily employed in5 miles (� km). He estimated the Arnold described basically this magazine jacket illustration whichindividual size of the objects at boomerang shapes and his usc of the depicts Arnolds sighting . The UFOsapproximately two-thirds that of the word saucer was to describe the apparently moved like a saucer would ifI >C-tl aircraft which was sharing the erratic up and down motion of the you skipped It across the water. 16
  14. 14. N O RT H A M E R ICANAM E THE ROSWELL INCIDENT The following morning, 75 miles from the ranch. It must be stressed (127 km) in that general direction, that contrary to some rumours thereDATE 2 JULY 1 947 ranch manager William Brazel and was no disc recovery at this point -PLACE ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO his son and daughter discovered Marcel confirms that small pieces of MAP REF: H18 scattered wreckage on their farm debris were put into the boot of a carEVENT CRASH RETRIEVAL and alerted the local sheriffs office - and there were no alien bodies of Chaves County. Sheriff Wilcox of recovered. The debris was returnedThe most intriguing of all crash Chaves County contacted Roswell to the Roswell Anny Air Base and,retrieval stories, and the only one Anny Air Base and Major jesse A. on the orders of Colonel Blanchard,definitely supported by physical Marcel. was flown on to Wright Pattersonevidence, is the Roswell incident of To say that the government took Air Force Base in Ohio. Althoughjuly 1947, which occurred just a few the report seriously would be an apparently detailed to accompanydays after the Kenneth Arnold understatement; Brazel was the debris, Marcel was diverted bysighting (sec page 15). incarcerated for a period of several his superiors at Fort Worth and did In the early evening of 2 july a days and encouraged not to discuss not go to Wright Patterson.disc shaped UFO was seen flying the event on grounds of national What was recovered has beenover Roswell, New Mexico and security. Meanwhile Major Marcel the source of considerableheading towards the north-west. and his team collected the debris speculation: that the material was aAsovl General Roger Ramey and Colonel AsovE RIGHT The Roswell Daily Record of 8Thomas Jefferson D uBose display the July 1 947 announcing the capture of theremains of a weather bal loon, al legedly flying sauce r . RIGHT A model a rtiststhe matenal recovered by Major Jesse recon struction showing the retrievedM a rce l . M a rcel said, It was definitely not saucer and what may have later takena weather or tracking device . . . · place at Wright Patterson Ai rbase. 18
  15. 15. ·IIillilllllllll•·thin, foil like meta l that could not heden ted even by forceful blows, thatit was a light, balsa-wood su bsta ncewhich would not bum even under adirect name, and that there werestrange hieroglyphs on the debris. The Roswell incident has been further complicated by apparentlyconnicting infonnation, some of one of the local ranchers and of the communication immed iately. which may have been issued by the Sheriffs office at Chaves County. A reconciliation of thegovernment. If so, it was probably Another report by radio station contradictions in this ca se has been to divert attention from what was KSWS in Roswell which was being offered by the claims of witness really going on. In particular, a press put on to the ABC wire service was G. L. Barnett who stated to friends release was issued by Roswell Anny apparently interrupted by an that he had seen another crash siteAir Base on 8 july which stated incoming teletype message ordering near Socorro, New M exico where aRoswell Anny Air Field was the station with these words Do damaged but complete saucer wasfortunate enough to gain possession not transmit. Repeat. Do not discovered along with dead alienof a disc through the co-operation of transmit this message. Stop bodies. The speculation is that the 19
  16. 16. N O RTH A M E R ICAmachine exploded over Brazels NAM E CAPTAIN THOMAS MANTELLfarrn dropping debris but continued DATE 7 JANUARY 1 948in the air to Socorro before finally PLACE GODMAN FIELD, KENTUCKYbeing downed. It is suggested thatthe government may have issued MAP REF: M 1 7the statement about the retrieved EVENT UFOLOGYS FIRST MARTYRsaucer at Brazels farn1 in order todivert attention from the recovery In the early aftemoon of 7 januarygoing on nearby. This seems to be a 1918 the control tower crew atdiversion fraught with risks though, Godman Field, Kentucky reported aif true, it does seem to have sighting of a bright disc-shapedworked. object to their base operations There is no question that debris officer. Approximately one hour andwas recovered from Brazels ranch. twenty minutes after the sighting,In order to explain the situation to an when the object was still visible,eager public Brigadier General four National Guard P-5 1 MustangRamey, commander of the 8th Air training craft led by Captain ThomasForce district at Fort Worth Mantell were diverted from theirtogether with his adjutant displayed flight to investigate the sighting.the recovered debris for the press. The aircraft climbed toward theThe wreckage shown was clearly object. At 1 5, 000 ft (1 , 572 m) thethat of a Rawin weather balloon other planes turned back as they didwhich it was claimed was the cause not have the equipment required toof the event. supply oxygen which would enable Almost certainly this was a them to fly higher. They at tempteddevice to cover up the truth and the to contact Mantell by radio. Mantellreal wreckage was by this time on made one transmission at 1 5, 000 ftits way to Wright Patterson Air ( 1 , 572 m) saying he had the objectForce Base. in sight and was still climbing to A proper analysis of the Roswell investigate. The plane crashed,incident must take account of the scattering wreckage for over a mile.circumstances surrounding the Mantell was dead; this young manimmediate area and time of the was ufoloKys first martyr.incident. New Mexico in 1918 was Analysis of the wreckagethe site of the White Sands Proving indicates that Mantell did notGrounds, where German scientists attempt to bale out of the plane andbrought over during the war were sugge st s that the plane broke up inability to close-in on the target.hriving birth to the American space from diving at excessive speed, Mantells experience should haveprogramme, and Los Alamos was presumably out of control. It is taught him to react better and it isthe site of the recently developed suggested that Mantell blacked out speculated that he may haveatomic bomb. The possibility that from oxygen deprivation as he flew overreacted to the UFO sighting asthe government wa s trying to above the planes capability to a result of six months of media hypesecretly recover a damaged device supply oxygen. The question is, following the Amold sighting of theof its own must on this account alone what was it that drove Mantell previous high on the list of explanations for higher and higher? One theory is Mysterious rumours aboundl<oswell. that it was a Skyhook weather concerning this case; that Mantell If the l<oswell incident proved balloon; one binocular observation described the object as metallic . . .nothing else, it indicated that the described the UFO as parachute-like tremendous in size, that his bodygovernment was prepared to cover with bright sun reflecting from the was not in the plane when theup somflh in}f, and prepared to use top. Another theory is that Mantell wreckage was recovered, and thatthe newly born flying saucer was chasing the bright image of a his funeral was closed casketphenomenon to do it with. planet which would account for his because of extraordinary wounds on 20
  17. 17. �d, l l l i I DATABASE 1 940shis body. None of these claims can AsovE An artist s impression of Mantel l sbe regarded as definitively P - 5 1 Mustang training plane c l 1mbingsubstantiated and it is certainly the towards the U FO high over Godman Fieldusual procedure for plane crash 1n Kentuc ky Other planes in the fl1ghtvictims to be buried closed casket tu rned back at a lower altitude but Mantelldue to their injuries. pressed on . Mi nutes later he was dead. Whether M antell was a victim of Spec ulation with regard to what he washis own excitement , or whether he c hasing contin ues to th1s day Was it awas struck down by an alien force weather balloo n . a sta r . the planet Venus.resisting his pursuit of their saucer or a c raft from another world?can now never be proven. H owever.the light Mantell chased was. by anysensible definition, a U FO andtherefore we can rightly regardMantells deat h as the firstattributed to a UFO encounter. RIGHT Captain Thomas Mantell 21
  18. 18. r 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 : lU I • · NORTH A M E R I CANAM E AZT E C diamond drills could affect the fingers. Dissection revealed that surface; there were no rivets or there was no blood but instead aDATE 2 5 MARCH 1 948 signs of welding. Fortunately, liquid smelling similar to ozone.PLACE AZTEC, NEW MEXICO damage to one of the saucers Curiously, and apparently MAP REF: H1 7 contradictorily, the bodies had no portholes enabled the investigatorsEVENT CRASH RETRIEVAL to break in and open its hatchway. digestive tract but perfect teeth. After successfully dismantling the Whether or not Scully was theAccording to the newspaper object, its components and the victim of a hoax, Aztec remains justcolumnist Frank Scully in his book cadavers were then transported to one of many similar crash retrievalsBehind the Flying Saucers a most what is now Wright Patterson Air reported in the United States overextraordinary discovery was made Force Base. Further investigation of the the United States Air Force in the object apparently revealed still1948. According to the story he was working control panels displayingtold by his informants a flying saucer hieroglyphic symbols and a book of NAME CHILES!WHITIEDhad crashed near Aztec, New hieroglyphs on plastic like paper. DATE 24 JULY 1 948Mexico and was recovered by the The cadavers were described as PLACE MONTGOMERY, GEORGIAUnited States military. Inside the approximately 3 ft 6 in ( 107 em) high MAP REF: M 1 8craft were sixteen dead humanoid with large heads, large slanting eyesalien cadavers. The disc had been and diminished nose, mouth and EVENT CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE FIRSTdetected by radar units and indeed it ears. The bodies were apparently KINDis thought that radar signals may very thin with long arms and webbedhave disrupted the crafts controls, just after the formation of the USbringing it down accidentally. A model make rs reconstruction of the Air Forces Project Sign, one of its The disc was 100 ft (30 m) wide Aztec crash retrieval . A more exciting many attempts to investigate UFOs,and had a central cabin around 6 ft incident than Roswell (see page 1 8) but it received the report of two Eastern( 1 83 em) high. It was made of a light less autho ritatively substantiated . M any Airline pilots, Captain C. Chiles andmetal so strong that neither heat nor believe this one to be a hoax . First Officer john Whitted. 22
  19. 19. • I l l 1 111 11 1111 11 • DATABASE 1 940s In the early hours of the morning Cub nearby, which he confirmed reason. I am also ccrtam that it wasthey were flying an Eastern Airlines visu(JIIy. At the same time he S(JW governed by the laws of inertia,DC-3 ncar Montgomery when both another craft moving very rapidly because its acceleration was rapid,pilots witnessed a U FO heading under his right wing. He contacted not immedi(Jte and although it wastowards them at terrific speed. So the tower for further identification able to tum fairly tightly, atclose was the encounter that the but they confim1ed no aircraft near considerable speed, it still followed aDC-3 had to veer sharply to the left him, other than the Piper C ub. natural curve. and the UFO passed by only 700 ft Closing in, Gom1an S(JW that the A most remarkable balloon!(213 m) from the plane. The UFOs object displayed (] light some 8 in (20deceleration was so violent that it em) in diameter. I t was globular androcked the DC-]. hazing at the edge. Gom1an watched NAME WHITE SANDS The pilots were close enough to the object move into (] sudden tum DATE 24 APRIL 1949it to take some note of the object passing over the control tower; PLACE WHITE SANDS PROVING GROUNDS,itself; it appeared to radiate an Gorm(Jn dived towards the object NEW MEXICOintense blue light and the pilots saw but could not catch up with it. As it MAP REF: H18a double row of windows along the started gaining altitude it banked leftside. As it disappeared behind the and Gom1an attempted to follow. At EVENT DISTANT DAYLIGHT SIGHTINGplane they saw a red-orange this point they were 7, 000 ftexhaust. They estimated its (2, 130 m) high, the object made a On a clear Sunday morning ncar thespeed at between 500-700 miles sharp tum again and was heading White Sands Proving Grounds,(805- 1 , 1 27 km) per hour. straight for Gormans aircraft. The Naval Commander R. McLaughlan There was corroboration of the effect was so startling that Gorman and a tracking crew of four launchedsighting from witnesses at Robbins was forced to make a dramatic dive a large weather balloon. ThisField, Georgia who described an and the light passed over the canopy followed an earlier launch of a smallobject tallying very closely with the some 500 ft ( 1 52 m) above him. As similar balloon at 1 0. 30 a. m.description given by the pilots. the UFO circled above, Gorman They were tracking their target gave chase again. One account at approximately 10, 000 ft (3, 0·18 m) suggests that the manoeuvring was when one of the team, CharlesNAME FARGO so intense that Gom1an blacked out Moore, spotted a white egg-shaped temporarily. object; he pointed it out and theDATE 1 OCTOBER 1948 Air traffic control was now UFO was confirmed visually by allPLACE FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA visually confirming Gormans the personnel. For about one minute MAP REF: J15 sighting, traffic controller Errol they tracked the object until theyEVENT AERIAL DOG FIGHT Jensen announced You were right. saw it shoot up and vanish. There is something. He was If their interpretation of the dataCaptain Edward A. Ruppelts official examining the object through high­ was correct, it follows that when131ue Book explanation of the Fargo powered binoculars and he passed they had first started tracking theencounter was In this incident the these to witness Manuel Johnson, object it had been 56 miles (90 k m )U FO was a balloon. Considering the who confirmed the sighting. high and travelling at 7 miles ( 1 1 km)facts of the case below it is difficult As the object closed in again it per second, the escape ,·elocityto decide whether this conclusion suddenly shot upwards, Gorman needed to break out of the Earthsrepresents great imagination on the chased it to 14, 000 ft (4, 260 m) and gravitational pull. During one part ofpart of the US Air Force or an his plane then went into a power the observation the craft had madeastonishing lack of it. stall, its engine dead. The object an 80 degree turn at that velocity, It was approximately 9 oclock in disappeared towards the north­ quite beyond the capabilities of c·enthe evening of 1 October 1 948 when west-north direction. The combat todays technolohY·Second Lieutenant George Gom1an had lasted nearly thirty minutes. Interestingly. the object wasof the North Dakota Air National Gorman reported I am convinced simil<lr in shape and colour to theGuard was piloting an F-51 towards there was thought behind these object which landed at Socono. :ewFargo, North Dakota. As he was manoeuvres. I had the distinct llexico on 24 April l96·1 (see pagebeing !-, >iven instructions to land he impression that its manoeuvres ·16). fifteen years to the daywas infom1ed that there was a Piper were controlled by thought or following this sighting. 23
  20. 20. N O RTH AM E R I CANAM E THE TRENT PHOTOGRAPHS A local newspaper pi ck e d up the One of two photog raphs taken by M rs PaulDATE 1 1 MAY 1950 story and published the Trent on 1 1 M ay 1 950 over the Trent farm photo,graphs, which were later at McMi nnvi l l e , O re go n .PLACE McMINNVILLE, OREGON featured in LIFE magazine, causing MAP REF: E14 something of a national sensation. At in diameter, and evidently artificial,EVENT CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE FIRST the time they were some of the best flew within sight of two witnesses. KIND flying saucer photographs available. In the four decades since the William Hartmann, investigating for photo,1.., rraphs were taken there haveIn th e early evening of 1 1 M ay 1 950, t h e Condon committee, been many more sophisticatedon a small farm near McM innville, acknowledged that t he se analysis techniques employed toM rs Trent was out side feeding her photo,graphs were the only ones study the photographs such as edgera bbit s when she s aw the cl os e that the committee had not enhancement (which would showa pproa c h of a large disc-shaped dismissed ( the Condon committee any cut-outs photographed throughobject . She called to her husband, was notmious for its unscientific, glass, or expose any supportingPaul Trent, who brough t with him dismissive attitude t oward s th e wires or struts for example) andt heir camera, and M rs Trent was UFO p he n omen on ). He stated that colour-contouring. None have yetable to take t wo black and white the photo,1.., rraphs were consistent suggested that the photographsphotoJ..,rr; 1phs as the object passed with the witnesss testimony that an were faked, and the indicationsacross the sky in the direction of t he extraordinary flying object, silvery, suggest that some large object flewnort h west . m e tal lic , disc shaped, tens of meters over the Trents fam1 that day. 24
  21. 21. . · l lllllfll OAT ABASE 1 950s 1 950sNAME THE LUBBOCK LIGHTS they wat ched the remaining object s . A suggestion w a s ma d e t h a t theDATE 28 AUGUST 1 951 NAME DURING THE WASHINGTON FLAP scope may not be functioningPLACE LUBBOCK, TEXAS DATE 1 9 JULY 1952 correctly but the technician MAP REF: 1 1 8 examined it a nd ;1greed that i t was in PLACE WASHINGTON D C.EVENT ANOMALOUS LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS perfect working order. MAP REF: N16 AI<TC called the control towerWitnessed on many occasions and EVENT RADAR VISUAL ENCOUNTER and a senior officer there confirmedphotographed several times arc the that they were also watching thefamous Lubbock lights which appear It was nearly midnight when staff of same unknowns on their r(ldarfrom lime to time over Lubbock in the Air Route Traffic Control screens and that they had hadTexas. Many explanat ions have (AWIC) at Washington National inform<ltion from Andrews Air Forcebeen offered for the arrow shaped Airport noticed a forn1ation of seven Base that that military installationformation; inevitably, fleets of flying objects on the radar screen, at a was monitoring the objects.saucers have featured prominently. position slightly south-cast of Throughout the time of theI Iowevcr, other suggestions have Andrews Air Force Base. The observ<ltions the object s were notincluded lights rcllccting on the objects seemed to be moving at only manoeuvring <lt incredibleunderbellies of ducks, and a natural approximately 1 00- UO miles speed above Washin.L, ton D. C. but rlight phenomenon not yet ( 1 60-209 km) per hour and were they h<ld the temerit y to fly into theunderstood by science, but perhaps therefore a ssumed to be a flight of no go (}rea above the White l lousc.a cousin of the Au rora Horealis (sec ordinary small aircraft. Perhaps they were considering thatpage 42), or St Elmos fire. Suddenly t wo of the objects much requested landing on the The lights have become accelerated forward and off the White House lawn. something of a tourist attraction. As screen at an amazing rate, later They were not alone in the American put it, Lubbock used calculation indicated in excess of Captain S. Casey Piem1an of only to have the Lights and Buddy 7, 000 miles ( 1 1 , 265 km) per hour, Capital Airlines was flying Flight �07 Holly (who was born there) - now and at this point the radar monitor from Washin.L, ton to Detroit a nd r theyve only got the Lights. knew that he was not witnessing sighted the seven objects between nom1al aircraft movements. Washin}...rton and Martinsburg. HeA photograph taken by an unnamed I Ic called for his senior officer reported the objects (}S like fallingteenage student over Lubbock . Texas. and together with two other experts shooting st<lrs without tail s. 25
  22. 22. • 1 1 1 111 ll lll l1n •· N O RTH AMERICA At around 9 oclock in the evening the scout-master and three scouts were travelling by car from a meeting towards their homes when they saw lights in the nearby woods. Desvergers, carrying a machete knife and a torch, left the three boys in the car and went to investigate. One of the scouts apparently saw a red ball of fire above where Desvergers had last been seen; when Desvergers failed to return, one of the scouts ran to the nearest house and telephoned the sheriff. It was as the sheriff arrived that Desvergers made his reappearance. He was badly frightened, totally exhausted and describing a very close encounter indeed. He statedGeo rge J Stock p hotographed this , which sphere hovering directly above that when he had reached a clearingwas one of seven U FOs h e saw over them. ARTC called for Air Force he had pointed his torch upward andPassaic, N ew Jersey on 29 J u ly 1 952 . The interceptors which arrived too late; had seen a huge, metallic, disc­sighting came during an i ntense wave of the objects had gone. shaped machine hovering abovereports i n the vicinity of Washi ngton DC Senior Air Traffic Controller him, which had immediately fired(the Washington Flap) and is typical of Harry G. Barnes at the ARTC made some sort of hot spray at him. Hemany descri ptions of the time. the observation that it seemed as had lain injured for a few minutes though the UFOs were monitoring during which time the saucer Pierman observed the objects for radio communication between disappeared.some twelve minutes before they ground and aircraft and were able to There certainly seems to bedisappeared at remarkable speed take appropriate action based on some corroboration for the story:and confirmed much of the detail of what they could hear. Desvergers arm was scorched, histhe radar reports. He said of the hat was burned, and the Sheriffincident In all my years of flying discovered scorching in the trees.Ive seen a lot of falling or shooting NAME DESVERGERS ENCOUNTERstars . . . but these were much DATE 1 9 AUGUST 1952faster than anything like that I ve PLACE WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDAever seen. They couldnt have MAP REF: N 1 9been aircraft . . . they weremoving too fast for that. EVENT CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE SECOND Piennans confirmation of the KINDradar sightings is all the moreimpressive for his impartiality. He Evidence of possible hostility on thestated Please remember I didnt part of UFOs comes from the claimsspeak of them as flying saucers . . . of scout-master D. Desvergers andonly very fast moving lights. his experience on 19 August 1952. In the pre-dawn light further Most s ignificant is the reaction ofconfirmation was approaching. A the Air Force. Instead of ordering anew blip had appeared on the ARTC routine check by a local intelligenceradar screen above Andrews Air officer from Miami, they instructedForce Base and tower personnel Captain Ruppelt, the head of its Captain Edward J R u p pelt, head of Projectthere. when notified, visually U F O investigation Project Blue Blue Boo k , the US Air Force sobserved a large globular orange Book. to investigate personally. i nvestigation i nto the U FO phenomeno n . 26
  23. 23. 1 1 1 i i l l llllln•· DATABASE 1950s PHOTOG RAPHIC EVI DENCEFor most people. photographic evidence is perhaps the most analysis can expose these photographs as such. In one suchconvincing of all material used to substantiate a sighting . In case BUFORA received a photograph showing a disc in the skyfact. photographs can easily mislead and confuse rather than which had not been noticed at the time the photograph wasclarify a case. Very few credible cases are supported by taken. The witness was convinced of the extra-terrestrial origmphotographs, and many photographs that do exist are vague of the craft shown but close study of the negative revealed it toand give very little information about the origin of a UFO be a lens flare.phenomenon. No photograph, however thought-provoking, has Occasional ly, photographs last a long time before beingyet been able to prove satisfactorily that UFOs are extra­ exposed in this way T he photograph below was taken on 1 6terrestrial spaceships. July 1 952 a t Salem, Massachusetts during a wave of sightings Nevertheless. photographs are of use in support of witness It was case number 1 501 in the US Air Forces Project Bluetesti mony. If the image in the photographs is consistent with Book. The photog raph seems to show l ights in the air over thethe story l ine given by the witness, then the case gains strength Coast Guard Fac i l ity. In fact. the photograph was taken throughfrom the added weight of evidence. If the photographs tell a a glass window, and modern analysis suggests that the imagesdifferent story, then almost certainly the case is a hoax. Many are reflected l ights from somewhere inside the bu i l d ing, whichphotog raphs indicate the presence of U FOs but subsequent quite possibly went unnoticed by the photog rapher at the timeanalysis proves otherwise. Often, people wi l l snap pictures on who wou ld have been concentrating on the dimm ing andholiday only to find, when examining the developed prints, that brightening of the l ights as he l ined up to take the photograph.disc-shaped objects appear in the sky. Sometimes these are Of course when s trange l ights appear in the sky over a Coastestabl ished to be lens flares (which can have remarkable Guard facility one can understand to some extent how asymmetry and apparent sol idity) or tricks of the light. Modern photographer might leap to false conclusions. 27
  24. 24. N O RTH A M E R ICANAME GEORGE ADAMSKI miles (16 km) from Desert Centre,DATE 20 NOVEMBER 1 952 towards Arizona. To a limited extent the encounterPLACE GEORGE ADAMSKI, DESERT CENTRE, was witnessed by two families, the CALIFORNIA Williamsons and the Baileys who had MAP REF: E 1 8 asked to be with him when he nextEVENT T H E FIRST CONTACT BETWEEN MAN believed he would see a flying AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL saucer. They reported that from a distance of approximately a mileIn 1 953 62-year-old George away they saw some details of theAdamski published a book Flying meeting.Saucers Have Landed which claimed Adamski was watching andthat he had met with photographing a flying saucer someextraterrestrials in the desert in 3� ft ( 1 1 m) wide when he noticed aCalifornia. Although there had been man beckoning towards him. Theflying saucer sightings for many man was approximately 5 ft 6 inyears (and indeed Adamski revealed ( 167 em), of average weight andthat he himself had been sighting appeared youthful. He had perfectsaucers since 1 946), this was the white teeth, calm green eyes, longfirst claim of contact between man flowing blond hair and tanned skin.and alien. It apparently occurred just He was wearing a one-piece brownafter noon on Thursday, 20 ski-type suit and oxblood colouredNovember 1952 approximately 10 shoes resembling sandals. 28
  25. 25. I I DATABASE 1 950s The two used sign language and Q pposm AflovE Flying saucertelepathy to communicate and the photographed by contactee Georgealien indicated he was Venusian. I n Adamski at 9 . 1 0 am on 13 D ecemberthe days when Adamski published 1 952 at Palomar Gardens in Califo rn i a .his b oo k it was he l d that Venus was Adamski took t h e p 1cture through athe sister planet of the Earth and 6 in ( 1 5 em) telescope . OPPOSITElikely to produce a n identical race o f Bnow Photographed by George Adamskipeople. Subsequent analysis o f the on 5 March 1 95 1 , the picture apparentlyplanet indicates that that could not shows a cigar shaped mother craftbe further from the truth and no releasing small scout ship s . R IGHT Thehumanoid could comfortably live on cover of Adamsk i s book , written withthe planet. The alien apparently British author Desmond Lesl i e , which toldbelieved in God, felt that he and his the extraordinary tale of Adamski speople followed a more devoted path meetings with extra-terrestrials. His werethan us and was concerned about the fi rst clai ms of this sort and led to aatomic radiation from Earth . plethora of others in subsequent years . The contact was the first of BELow M ount Palomar observatory, themany; during this first meeting dome of the 200 i n (500 em) HaleAdamski handed his alien companion Telescope. Adamski made much of hisa film from his camera and at the association with this institution althoughsecond meeting the film was his main connection with theapparently returned, covered in establishment was his job at a localindecipherable hieroglyphs. In hamburger cafe .subsequent adventures Adamskiwas taken on journeys to otherplanets where he met Martians,Saturnians and Jovians. In 1 965 Adamski and MadeleineRodeffer apparently took 8 mmmovie film of the flying saucervisitations in Maryland, USA thoughthe authenticity of that film has beencalled into question. Many of Adamskis photographswere taken in the grounds of theMount Palomar Observatory whereAdamski worked and had a smalltelescope. Over the past forty yearscontroversy has dogged Adamskisclaims and the photographs heproduced but, more importantly,scientific knowledge has maderedundant many of the statementshe made. Adamski himself wasclearly aware of the controversy. InFlying Saucers Have Landed he statesSuriace thinkers might like to concludethat J had had a very original dream.Or that I may be out to make moneyfor myself in the field of sciencefiction. I can assure such persons thatnothing is farther from the truth . 29
  26. 26. N O RTH A M ER I CANAME GULF OF MEXICO Harter needed no confirmation of story remained quite firn1.DATE 6 DECEMBER 1 952 that; he was watching the objects Major Donald E. Keyhoe, a approaching incredibly fast outside prominent ufologist with a militaryPLACE GULF OF MEXICO the windscreen. Bailey watched out background, interpreted the sighting MAP REF: K19 of the starboard side of the plane as as: The discs had been launchedEVENT RADARNISUAL ENCOUNTER one of the objects, illuminated blue­ from a huge mothership for some white, streaked rapidly past the type of reconnaissance mission . . .In the early hours of the morning of plane, vanishing to the rear. Almost for a rendez-vous, whoever guided6 December, Captain john Harter immediately other UFOs were the discs had chosen this point overand radar officer, Lieutenant Sid appearing on the radar screen and all the Gulf of Mexico. After the B-29Coleman were returning to base heading towards the aircraft! was sighted one group of discs hadfollowing a night practice flight of Fortunately for the aircrew the been diverted for a brief observationtheir B-29 bomber. UFOs were on a course which just or tracking. Then, flying at 5, 000 They were approximately missed the aircraft and after six miles (8, 04 7 km) per hour they had200 miles (322 km) from Galveston, minutes from the time of the first been taken aboard the mothership. 100 miles ( 1 60 km) south of the sighting it appeared that the danger Whether this interpretation isLouisiana coast at 1 8, 000 ft was over. It was not! correct or not is open to debate and(5, 186 m) in bright moonlight when A third group of UFOs flashed the visual sightings were unable toColeman noticed an unidentified blip onto the radar screen, radar confirm a distinct shape to theon one edge of the radar screen. It tracking indicated speeds much the objects because they were movingwas not until the second sweep of same as before. Again blue-white so fast. However, the fact is thatthe screen that its significance illuminated objects streaked past the several members of a highly trainedbecame apparent. plane. For Captain Harter the crew all witnessed the same When the blip reappeared the dangers were all too real as he was encounter. Added to this it wasunknown object had moved 13 miles watching the objects cutting across tracked not only visually but on(21 km). By the third sweep the planes flight path and - suddenly radar, strongly suggesting the proofColeman and his staff sergeant had swerving - they were now heading of some reality, whatever its exactcomputed the speed of the object: straight for the B-29! nature or source.over 5, 000 miles (8, 04 7 km) per Suddenly, and almosthour, considerably faster than any unbelievably, the objects slowed toaircraft of the day! the speed of the aircraft and paced it NAME TUJUNGA CANYON Coleman reported the trace to for some ten seconds. As the crew DATE 1 953the captain, and indicated the speed watched, the objects pulled away PLACE TUJUNGA CANYON, CALIFORNIAof the object; Captain Harter and then the most amazing part ofinsisted that the set should be the sighting occurred. MAP REF: E1 7recalibrated as it was impossible. An enormous UFO apparently EVENT ABDUCTIONWhile Coleman was recalibrating the joined the formation and, stillset Master Sergeant Railey noticed moving at some 5, 000 miles The Tujunga Canyon abduction was,another object on the screen. At (8, 047 km) per hour, it appeared by todays standards, a ratherthat point the navigator, Lieutenant that the smaller craft docked or undetailed and unremarkable event.Cassidy, reported that he had them merged with the larger object. However, it contains certain aspectson his screen as well. Accelerating to 9, 000 miles which make it worthy of note. Within a short space of time there (14, 484 km) per hour the UFO The case predates Antonio Villaswere four UFOs on the screen and flashed across the scope and Boas (see page 1 8 1 ) and Betty andthe captain radioed from the flight disappeared. The encounter was Barney Hill (see page 42) by somedeck Ive got four unknowns at finally over. years and consequently becomes12 oclock. What do you show? Captain Harter contacted his one of the first reported abductions.(12 oclock is the code for dead base and when he landed United A word of caution: the report firstahead). Coleman reported that the States Air Force intelligence officers arose considerably after the givenobjects were shmving up on all three met him and the crew. For some date, not in fact until 1975 whenof the planes rad;1r screens and it time they were questioned abduction lore was rife in America.was therefore not ;, 11alfunction. separately and as a group but their Note, too, that the case contains, at 32
  27. 27. DATABASE 1 950s H G WE LLSS WAR OF THE WORLDS C O M E S TO A M E R I CA In 1 897, when H G Wellss War of tile Worlds was published, man had not yet even learned to harness the power of f l ight. In h i s original story the Martians reached Earth in bul let- l i ke projecti les fi red as i l from a gun and proceeded to terrorize the Home Counties in England from within walking machi nes. In 1 953. George Pal s film moved the location to California and updated the wal king mach i nes to flying saucers. I t was a clear reaction to the flying saucer phenomenon. Pal said. With all the talk about flying saucers. War of the Worlds had become especially timely. And thai was one of the reasons we updated the story . Just as films mirror UFO reports, conversely, detai led analysis shows that some aspects of U FOs fol low f i l m and other myt hologies; the interaction is a complex one which requires serious research. Genuine reports of al iens often act l i ke their f i l med predecessors. yet lhe films were made before alien reports were offered. Simple copy-cat claims do not explain I he complexity of the interaction. wh ich suggests t hat a genu i ne experience is being overlaid on a basic belief syslem which can manifest ilsell i n fact or fiction.least as reported, the most explicit possibility as the road towards their suffered a two hour, twenty minutesexample of missing time in any cabin was rough and would have time lapse and this caused them toabduction case. caused bouncing motion. Jan was panic so considerably that they left According to the report the two now awake and went to get her their home and went to Jans parents.witnesses, known a s Sara Shaw and dressing-gown, Sara noticed it was Regression hypnosis revealed aJan Whitely, both in their early 2 a. m. on the clock. classic abduction story, seeral oftwenties, were living in a remote As apparently only a fraction of a which we shall sec later in thispart of the Tujunga Canyon in second passed she looked at the database. The ca se has also comeCalifornia. Sara was woken by a clock again feeling giddy and under considerable scrutiny frommoving light out of her bedroom confused and noticed that the minute those who beliee abductionswindow which apparently terrified hand had moved on twenty minutes. constitute a psycholo,t.,ricalher. She feared it might be the When Jan checked the clock she phenomenon as it appears that theheadlights of a motorcycle gang confirmed this observation but two � r ls sexual relationships may riseeking to attack the isola ted pointed out that the hour hand had hae generated anxieties of whichwomen. The smooth movement of also moved on two hours. the abduction may ha·e been athe lights quickly ruled out this Apparently both witnesses had manifestation. 33