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Jenny Randles & Peter Hough - World's Best True UFO Stories

  1. 1. Worlds Best TrueUFO Stories Jenny Randles & Peter A. Hough Illustrated by Jason Hurst Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York
  2. 2. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataRandles, Jenny. Worlds best "true" UFO stories I by Jenny Randles and Peter A. Hough ; illustrated by Jason Hurst. p. em. Includes index. ISBN 0-8069-1258-8 1. Unidentified flying objects-Sightings and encounters-Ju venile literature. [1. Unidentified flying objects.] I. Hough, Peter A. II. Hurst, Jason, ill. II I. Title. TL789.R345 1994 001.942-dc20 94-19807 CIP AC 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2 Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 387 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10016 © 1994 by Jen ny Randles and Peter A. Hough Distributed in Canada by Sterling Publishing %Can adian Manda Group, P.O. Box 920, Station U Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 5P9 Distributed in Great Britain and Europe by Cassell PLC Villiers House, 41147 Strand, London W C2N 5JE, England Distributed in Australia by Capricorn Lin k (Australia) Pty Ltd.P.O. Box 6651, Baulkham Hills, Business Centre, NSW 2153, Australia Manufactured in the United States of America All rights reserved Sterling ISBN 0-8069-1258-8
  3. 3. II Contents Before You Begin 5 1. Close Encounters of the First Kind -Strange Sightings 7 Encounter in 1909 The First "Flying Saucer" Mr. President Spots a UFO Danger on the Highway 2. Close Encounters of the Se cond Kind -Physical Evidence 21 Landing at Socorro Burned at Falcon Lake Not of this Earth If Y Go Down to the Woods Today ou 3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind -Alien Contact 39 Invasion at Voronezh Siege at Sutton Farm The Alien on Ilkley Moor Hijacked by a UFO I
  4. 4. 4. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind -Abducted! 57 Spacenapped! Fire in the Sky A Flight into Oblivion Manhattan Transfer5. Mark of the UFO 77 Boys in the Field The Animal Mutilators The Night a Flying Saucer Crashed Nightmare Over TeheranIndex 964 Worlds B est "True" UFO Stories
  5. 5. Before You BeginThe title of this book is Worlds Best "True" UFOStories. It was a tough job picking out the"worlds best." Indeed, there were many we hadto leave out due to shortage of space and the needto vary the stories. But we believe the book in­cludes some of the best-documented casesavailable. "True" in the title is in quotation marks be­cause often "truth" is a personal judgment.W hat one person will accept as truth, others mayrefuse because they demand more proof. In thecases we present here, there are varying de­grees of proof. Sometimes the evidence is sooverwhelming, as in "Landing at Socorro" or"Danger on the Highway,� that you may wonderwhy some people still deny the existence ofUFOs. In other accounts, such as "Fire in theSky" and "The Alien on Ilkley Moor," you may bemore critical. We are professional UFOlogists and the au­thors of many other books on UFOs and similarsubjects. But we are not "believers" in the sensethat we swallow ever ything without question.We would like you to be the same. Ask questions 5
  6. 6. about peoples strange stories. It is fair to de­mand some proof that an incident happened inthe way it was reported. However, do not forget to ask questions of the"unbelievers , " too, the skeptics and debunkers.They can be just as guilty in obscuring facts thatdo not fit in with their "rational" explanations. Finally, we would just like to say, read on andenjoy the worlds best "true" UFO stories . . .6 Worlds B est "True" UFO Stories -- -----
  7. 7. I. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIRST KIND­ STRANGE SIGHTINGS• UFOs in another age .• The flying saucer gets its name-by mistake . . .• Not only pilots and farmers see UFOs, presidents can, too . . .• When you see a UFO- keep your distance ! 7
  8. 8. En counter in 1909Starting in the 1880s, a plague of mysterious j"airships" swept across North America and Eu-rope and as far away as New Z ealand. One of themost interesting cases occurred in 1909. M r. C. L ethbridge was travelling aroundWales during the summer with his Punch andJudy show, packed on a handt ruck. As he walkedover Caerphilly Mountain , he saw a sight thatfrightened him. "At first I thought it was a big bird, " he toldreporters later. "I saw a funny-looking object on8 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  9. 9. the roadside, and two men who seemed to be atsome kind of work close by. The object was longand like a big cigar. They were tall men ,military-looking men, and were dressed in thickfur coats and caps.Of course, I didnt know theywere officers, but they were two men-thatscertain, and military men , too. "I was about 20 or 3 0 yards away when I firstsaw the men. The noise of my truck-it rattles alot- must have disturbed them for they com­menced to speak very fast, some kind of lingowhich I could not understand. They appeared topick up something off the ground and jump intothe object close by. Then it rose up like-like aswitchback movement-and when it had got up apretty good height, it went straight in the direc­tion of Cardiff. "I thought at first it was some big bird, but itmust have been an airship. Well, after it hadgone up a way, two lights began to shine from it.They looked like electric lights. It made an awfulnoise-a whirring noise-a noise like an engineworking. Saw and heard it ! I have no doubt aboutit. I was frightened, I can tell you, and afterwatching it go away towards Cardiff, I continuedto walk home." L ethbridges strange experience took placebetween 10:3 0 and 11 oclock on Tuesday night,May 18th. Interestingly, it was confirmed by thestatements of residents in Salisbury Road, Cat­hays, Cardiff, who said that they also saw anobj ect in the air that looked like an airship be­tween 10:40 and 10:50 P.M. Strange Sightings 9
  10. 10. Then the South Wales Daily News of May 20referred to several Cardiff dock workmen whosighted an airship in the wee hours of Wednes­day morning. L ethbridges vague description of the objectas "long and like a big cigar" has often been usedin modern U FO accounts. A search was made on Caerphilly Mountain atthe location that L ethbridge indicated, and a redlabel printed in French was discovered, alongwith a piece of mutilated notepaper and severalother slips of paper, but these only served toconfuse the issue. At the time, it was thought that the airshipshad been built secretly by inventors, or that theywere fly ing machines belonging to foreignpowers. Neither was the case, since the objectshad capabilities beyond the technology of thetime. The sightings and encounters differed onlyslightly from present-day U FO experiences.10 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  11. 11. The Fi rst "Flyin g Saucer"The early afternoon of June 24, 1947, was fineand sunny over the western United States. PilotKenneth Arnold flew slowly over the splendidCascade Mountains, heading towards Pendleton,Oregon. He was enjoying the peace and loneli­ness of the air as his small plane buffeted in thewind. Suddenly his attention was drawn by a glint oflight, followed swiftly by another, then a third.He looked towards Mount Baker and there saw aformation of nine strange aircraft swishingacross the sky. Strange Sightings 11
  12. 12. He was baffled by their odd form. Hed neverseen anything like it. At first he thought theymight be reflections of the sun on the cockpitwindow, so he wound that down and drank in therushing blast of cold air. The strange craft werestill there. They were moving together on a steady courseand had a weird appearance. Their wings werecurved and shaped like a crescent moon.Arnoldtold himself they had to be some newfangled air­craft that the government was testing. Hewatched them with the admiration and respect Ithat one pilot gives to another in a vastly supe­rior machine. Lining up the group against the top of a moun­tain peak, he started to time them on his dash­board clock. He worked out the distance betweenone peak and another, which they covered re­markably quickly. Arnold did a rough calculation in his head tofigure out their speed. Then he checked it again.I t didnt make sense. The objects were flyingmuch faster than any aircraft he had ever heardabout. Perhaps they were some kind of rocket ormissile. If so, then he sure hoped that they wereUncle Sams ! W hen he landed for a brief stop at Yakima inWashington state, he mentioned what hed seento some people on the ground. By the time he hadflown on to Pendleton, he was greeted by news­paper and radio reporters. Everybody wanted toknow about the strange machines. Arnold told them about his sighting. He had12 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  13. 13. guessed that the things were 20 miles away. If he was right, it meant that their speed was fantas­ tic. Later he was told by experts that if they had been that far away, their size would have been absolutely enormous. At that distance, even the largest aircraft ever built would have been im­ possible to see without binoculars. Arnold had pretty good eyesight, but not that good ! But, however fast they flew, the objects were still very unusual in design, and they had bounced through the air in a most peculiar way. Arnold told one reporter that they skimmed across the sky "like a saucer would if you skipped it across water" - the same way a small flat stone would if you threw it at a sharp angle. Arnolds choice of words was to prove fateful. The reporter called the objects "flying saucers." . He wrote his story telling the world that aerial intruders had arrived. As a result, many people· began to look up into the sky for them. Of course, most of those who read the news­ paper story imagined that Arnold had seen things shaped like saucers, when they had not resembled saucers at all. Yet witnesses now started reporting saucer-shaped objects, and comic books and films featured this image regularly. The "flying saucer" had gripped the popular imagination. A simple mistake made by a news­ paper writer became the origin of a legend. Strange Sightings 13
  14. 14. lII M r. President S p ots a UFO I I �I IAnybody can see a UFO. You simply have to be inthe right place at the right time and be verylucky. Those who claim to have witnessed some­thing strange include boxer Mohammed Ali, filmsta r Shirley MacL aine, rock musician John Len­non , the astronomer who discovered the planetPluto, Dr. Clyde Tombaugh , and many more. But Iperhaps the most famous person to report asighting is Jimmy C arter, who later becamepresident of the United States.14 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  15. 15. The date was January 6 , 1969. Carter was gov­ ernor of the state of Georgia. He was standing outside the Lions Club in Leary, Georgia, pre­ paring to give an address at 7: 30 that evening, when the object appeared in the western sky amid a mass of twinkling stars. Ten other club members were with him and they all saw it too. Jimmy Carter says that the object was like a big star, "about the same size as the mo on, maybe a little smaller. It varied from brighter [and] larger than a planet to the apparent size of the mo on." At first the big round mass was stationary in the sky and colored blue, but as they watched, it began to rush towards the startled men, swinging back and forth like a pendulum and turning a deep red. The future president noted·that it was "luminous [but] not solid." He had no idea what it was. After about 10 minutes, the strange object seemed to move away backwards at a tangent from their position without moving across the sky, causing it to shrink in size. It was never seen again. Carter did not report the incident until 1973 , three years before he ascended to the White House. One of the other witnesses has since come forward to support him. That man is Fred Hart, who in 1969 was the president of the Lions Club, where Governor Carter was guest speaker. However, he does not seem to have been to o excited by the odd light in the sky. According to UFO skeptic Robert Shaeffer, Strange Sightings 15
  16. 16. Jimmy Carter did not see a real flying saucer atall. He has calculated that the plant Venus was inj ust the right part of the sky that night and thatthis must have been what the men saw. Its true that UFO investigators believe thatas many as nine out of every ten sightings re­ported to be UFOs turn out to be IFOs, or iden­tifie d fly ing obj ects. But why should it appear sostrange to Carter and these other men? Carterwas a trained scientist with a university degreein nuclear physics. He had served with the U. S.Navy. Surely he could be expected to recognize aplanet such as Venus, which is a common sight inthe evening and morning sky whenever it comesclose to the earth! What may have happened in January 1969 isthat Venus was shining through a patch of skythat had unusual optical properties. These areknown to produce mirages-j ust as in a hot de­sert you think youre seeing a pool of water aheadthat is not really there. The rays of light from theplanet would have been bent on their way to­wards the earth and magnified in size, causingj ust the sort of effect that Jimmy Carterreported. Whether this particular UFO was an IFO orwas indeed something else may be less importantthan the effect that it had on the beliefs of Jimmy Carter. When he became president in 1976 , hepledged to do all he c ould to tell the truth about UFOs to the public that elected him. He went onrec ord as say ing, "I am c onvinced that UFOs ex­ ist. I have seen one."16 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  17. 17. Danger On the HighwayAs we have already seen, some UFO encounterscan be harmful to your health. The story of arestaurant owner, B etty Cash , shows how realthat danger can be. B etty and her friend and employee VickieLandrum set off on the evening of December 2 9 ,1 9 8 0 towards D ay ton , Texas. With them wasVickies seven-year- old grandson, Colby. Bettywanted to check out a new restaurant and de­cided to make a social evening of it. At a r o und 9 P. M. they were driv ing h o methrough a pine forest when a fiery o b ject ap­peared in the sky ahead of them. It quickly de- Strange Sightings 17
  18. 18. scended to treeto p heigh t and hovered men­acingly over the road blocking their path. Theystopped the car just 135 feet (40. 5 m) away. Their descriptions of the object, as given later,varied. B etty said it lo oked like a very brightlight with no obv ious shape. Vickie thought itwas long with a rounded top and pointed lowerh alf. C olby said i t remi nded h i m of a h ugediamond. Even though they were afraid, the witnessesclimbed out of the car for a better look. Bursts offlame jetted down from beneath the object, ac­c o mpani ed by s o unds l i ke a flame thrower.Throughout the encounter they heard a roar ingand bleeping sound. It was to o much for C olby, who was very dis­tressed. Vickie got back in the car with him.B etty remained lo oking at the object for a whilelonger. When she took hold of the door handle tojoin the other two, it was so hot it was difficult tograsp. The heat from the UFO was fierce nowand burned her wedding ring into her finger. Bynow C olby was hysterical and his grandmotherthought the end of the world had come. Suddenly the object began to move off, andBetty decided to follow it. As she did, they no­ticed 23 twin rotor helicopters coming their way.T h ese were later i d ent i fi ed as C h i n o o ks­military helicopters. They were either chas ingor e s c orting the object away. After stopping a few more times to watch thespectacle, the three went home. Betty arri ved at9:50 P. M. , after first dropping off the others.18 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  19. 19. Within hours all three became ill. Young Colby had a "sunburn" on his face andhis eyes puffed up. Vickie also had swollen eyesand some of her hair fell out. Her boss, who hadstayed outside the longest, suffered the most. I n the fi rst four day s B etty complai ned ofblinding headaches and being sick. There werealso neck pains, sore eyes and blisters on herscalp. She was admi tted to Parkway GeneralHospital in Houston as a burn victim. Her symp­toms were similar to radiation exposure, butnone of the doctors could say for sure. She leftthe hospital, but soon had to return since shewasnt getting better. Her hair began falling outin clumps and she developed cancer. All three v i ctims were advised to sue theAmer i can government for compensati on. I fUFOs did not exist, as the American governmentpublicly claimed, then the object had to be a newsecret aircraft. I f that was the case, then thegovernment had failed to protect three of its citi­zens from the aircrafts damaging effects. They decided to sue for $20 million. The casedragged on for several years in the U. S. DistrictCourt in Houston and attracted a lot of attentionfrom the media. In court were representativesfrom NASA (the National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration), the U. S. Air Force, Army andNavy. The judge dismissed the case in 1986 onthe grounds that no such object was owned, oper­ated or listed by any department of the Ameri­can government. Two NASA scientists, John Shuessler and Dr. Strange Sightings 19
  20. 20. Alan Holt investigated the case as part-timeUFO researchers. They were very unhappy withthe judges decision. By accepting the "experttestimony, " Judge Ross Sterling did not have tomeet B etty C ash, Vickie L andrum and ColbyLandrum. Also, the evidence of the Chinook heli­copters was virtually ignored by the court, eventhough other people had come forward who alsoclaimed to have seen them that night. What then exactly did happen to B etty, Vickieand Colby ? R umors spread that the object was anuclear-powered space sh uttle that was notworking properly, or that it was a captured alienspacecraft that the military were trying to fly. If either of these explanations are right, thenthe helicopters were protecting and trying to es­cort the object away. But if it was "not of thisworld" and piloted by non-human beings, theChinooks were chasing it. Either way the gov­ernment and the court conspired in a majorcover-up.20 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  21. 21. 2. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THESECOND KIND­ PHYSICAL EVIDENCE• D esert touchdown-and real proof .. .• UFOs can be hot property !• UFO evidence captured by French scientists . . .• I f you meet a UFO in the forest­ run ! 21
  22. 22. Landing at SocorroPolice officer Lonnie Zamora was going about hisusual routine on April 2 4, 196 4, near the town of I·Socorro, New Mexico. Suddenly a speeding carraced by and he decided to give chase. It was ashiny new black Chevrolet. As he followed it to-wards the rodeo grounds , Zamor as attentionwas diverted by a loud roar and a bluish orangeflame in the sky. The officer concluded that a dynamite shackhas exploded, and decided to investigate the "ac­cident." He knew there was a shack in that area ,22 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  23. 23. but the flame was very peculiar. Z amora de­scr ibed it as "motionless, slowly descending,like a funnel-narrower at the top than the bot­tom." The noise was definitely a "roar, " not ablast, and it was unlike the noise made by a jetaircraft. After about ten seconds, it changedfrom high to low frequency, and then stopped. Z amora continued towards where the flamehad disappeared behind a hill. The track up thehill was made of gravel and he made several at­tempts to drive over it. Steering carefully alongthe rough track, both windows wound down, helooked for the supposed dynamite shack. At lasthe reached the top of the hill. B etween 100 and 200 yards (100-200 m) awayin a gully was a shiny object. He thought at fi rstit was a car that had turned over. There were two"people" nearby in white coveralls. They lookedlike small adults or children. One of them staredat Z amora, obvi ously star tled. T h e officersta r ted dr i v i ng towards them. As he drewcloser, he assumed he was looking at a white ve­hicle standing on its radiator or trunk. He radioed the sher iffs office, reported a pos­sible automobile accident, and then stopped thecar. While he was getting out, he dropped themicrophone and stooped to pick it up. At thispoint, he heard three loud thumps, like someoneclosing a car do or. T hen the roar soundedagain-only much nearer. It started off very lowand rose in pitch. He looked up and saw a flamebeneath the object that was now rising into theair. There was no smoke, just swi rling dust . Physical Evidence 23
  24. 24. Zamora now had a better look at the strangecraft. It was oval-shaped and metallic, like alu­minum. There were no doors or windows, but anunusual red insignia was marked on it. Alarmed by all this, Zamora ducked behind therise of the hill to protect himself, thinking theobject was about to explode. He intended to keepon running, but instead turned in time to see itfly off, missing the dynamite shack by just threefeet (1 m). As it flew away he came back to thecar and radioed the sheriffs office again to up­date his report. There was no sign of the small"men." He asked the radio operator, Ned Lopez, to"look out of the window to see if you can see theobject." But Zamora did not tell him which win­dow so he probably looked in the wrong direc­tion. Zamora watched as the object cleared theSi x Mile C anyon Mountains and disappearedfrom sight. Sergeant C havez was first on the scene, fol­lowed by D eputy James Lucky. He called CaptainR ichard Holder, in charge of the tracking stationof the White Sands Missile Base located to thesouth of Socor ro. At the landing site four clear impressions werefound in the sand. These "landing marks" werelater photograp hed. Marks resembli ng foot­prints were also discovered nearby. There wasalso some brush burning. Later F B I agent Arthur By rnes took a de­tailed report from Zamora. One of the investiga­tors was D r. Allen Hynek, who was then working24 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  25. 25. for the U. S. Air Force investigating UFO re­ports. He concluded that Zamora was telling thetruth- that he saw what he said he saw. , Three local people also reported to the policethat they had seen the strange flame in the sky.There were also two witnesses who called in at aservice station and told the attendant that theyhad seen a strange craft flying low over Highway85. They were later identified as Paul Kies andLarry Kratzer of Dubuque, Iowa. Major Hector Quintanilla, head of "ProjectBlue Book" -the title given to the Air Force in­vestigation of UFOs-had initially thought theobject was an experimental craft belonging toNASA, but that proved not to be the answer. Hesaid: "This was probably the best-documentedcase in the Air Force files and Ive checked it outevery where. u The case remains in o f fi cial files asU N I DE N T IFI E D. Physical Evidence 25
  26. 26. Burned at Falcon LakeSteve Michalak was a 52-year-old i ndustr ial me­cha n ic whose hobby Vas geology. On May 20,196 7, he Vas prospecti ng around Falcon Lake, 80miles east of W i n n ipeg, near the Tra ns C a n adaHighway. Just after he ate lunch, his attention wasdr a w n to some geese cackli ng on a n earbyswamp. There were two scarlet lights above i nthe clear sky. They bega n t o descend and Stevecould see t hat they were cigar-shaped objectswith a hump on top. While one hovered over some26 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories I 1
  27. 27. trees, the other landed about 130 feet (4 3 m)away. Suddenly, the hover ing craft sped off intothe sky. The landed craft then changed color from scar­let to grey-red to grey and finally silver. Thesame effect takes place when hot metal coolsdown. Steve could see now that the craft wasdisc-shaped, about 35 feet (11 m) in diameter,with a dome on top and nine vent-like openingsaround its sloping sides. Each contained about 30small holes set in a grille. There were also a con­tinuous whistling of air and a whining sound. Steve stalked the silent object and made somesketches. He observed it for half an hour throughthe welding goggles that he usually wore to pro­tect his eyes from rock chips. As he sketched,Steve felt waves of heat coming from the craft,along with a vile stench like sulphur. Then adoorway appeared in the side, and a brilliant vi­olet beam shone out. It was bright enough tolight up the ground in sunlight. He saw no one,but heard voices inside speaking in a languagehe did not recognize. G ai n i ng confidence, Steve approached thecraft. There were no welding and no joints, andthe surface of the object was highly polished. Helooked inside. Small lights were flashing ran­domly. Convinced now that he was dealing with asecret experimental aircraft, he tried to commu­nicate with whoever was inside, speaking in sev­eral languages, but the only reply was the sud­den closing of the door. He stepped back, butnothing else happened, so he came nearer again. Physical Evidence 27
  28. 28. As he did, he placed his gloved hand on the shinysurface. This was a mistake-the glove melted! At thatinstant the craft tilted slightly upwards and ablast of heat hit him from one of the vents. It senthim reeling and set his shirt on fire. Steve torehis shirt off and saw the craft disappear oversome trees. A tremendously strong odor of sulphur hungover the swamp, and waves of nausea swept overSteve. He gathered up his things and began thetwo-mile (3 km) trek to the highway. Along theroute he vomited an estimated 200 times. It tookhim two hours to go the two miles. On the high­way he flagged down a police patrol car. The offi­cer listened to his story, but explained he hadother duties to perform and left him stranded!E ventually a motorist picked him up. Returningto Winnipeg, Steve was immediately admitted toa hospital. This was the start of the treatment for a mys­terious illness that was to plague him for a yearand a half. D uring his illness he was examinedby 2 7 doctors and ran up huge medical bills. Af­ter treatment for first-degree burns, the hospi­tal released him. He had lost a great deal ofweight and a rash appeared on his chest. Nauseaand mental blackouts were continual during thistime. D uring August 1968, the pattern of a grilleappeared on his chest. He was tested for radiation contamination bythe W hiteshell Nuclear Research E stablish­ment, but only normal levels were found. How-28 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  29. 29. ever, Dr. Horace Dudley, former chief of theRadio-isotope Laboratory, U.S. Naval Hospital,New York, believed that Michalaks symptomswere "a classic picture of severe whole body ex ­posure to radiation." Radioactivity was found at the landing sitewith fragments of metal, mostly silver, that hadbeen exposed to great heat. Investigations wereconducted by the Department of Health and Wel­fare a nd National Defence, the National Re­search Council, the University of Colorado andt h e C a nadi a n A e r i a l Phenomena Re s e a r chOrganisation. The Defence Minister refused to make publicthe findings of his government departments. Af­ter much persistence, a file on the case was pre­sented in the Ca nadian House of Commons.UFOlogist Arthur Bray who had seen the origi ­nal compiled by the National Research Council,examined this version and claimed that impor­tant data had been left out. Skeptics tried to prove that Steve Michalakhad made the whole thing up, and had deliber­ately burned himself with a red-hot barbecuegrille to provide "evidence." Many others, how­ever, believe that he was telling the truth. Physical Evidence 29
  30. 30. Not of This EarthRenato Nicolai was lucky. He owned land astridea beautiful valley in the south of France near thevillage of Trans-en-Provence. From his home hecould stare out over the terraced hillsides thatsloped towards the river and lazily watch the sunsink down into the rich tapestry of croplands. However, this area hid a secret that fewfarmers wished to discuss. A local peak at Drag­uinan, called L a Malmont (literally meaning"the evil mountain"), had for years generatedstrange lights and ter rify ing appar itions of30 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  31. 31. myster ious dark figures. Other witnesses hadseen alien entities and met forces that stalled carengines for no apparent reason. But something was lacking from all of thesereports-physical proof. Unexpectedly, RenatoNicolai was about to offer that evidence to theFrench government, who would spend severalyears pondering what to do with it. I t was around 5 P. M. on January 8, 1981. Thefarmer was attracted by a strange humming orwhistling noise as he worked at the rear of hisyard. The noise was coming from above, so heglanced upwards, just in time to catch sight of abizarre object at treetop height descending ontoone of the carefully layered terraces at the backof his steeply sloping land. The thing- was only a few feet in diameter. Itwas oval in shape and grey in color, and on theunderside were small legs set into the base. Itwas falling slowly and purposefully toward alanding and Nicolai marched off towards it, cu­rious about what it could be. He never got close enough to touch the object.As he approached the device the constant high­pitched whistle rose to a crescendo and the thingclimbed skywards, accelerating rapidly. Then itturned in flight towards a horizontal mode andshot away across the sky i nto the darken i ngclouds. Renato did not want to make a fuss, but told aneighbor about the experience. That man calledthe police, who a r r i ved probably expecting tohear another tall tale from a wine-swilling local. Physical Evidence 31
  32. 32. Instead, they were gre eted by a very sober man and shown the spot where the thing had come down. In France the police-or gendarmerie, as they are called- have a unique function. In 1977 the· French government set up a UFO investigation team at the national space center in Toulouse. G endarmerie o fficers are trained to carry out studies of reported sightings and call the scien­ tists i f they seem to b e important. Research lab­ oratories all over the country are on alert to as­ sess any phy sical ev idence that migh t prove UFOs a reality. T h e gendarme r i e quickly concluded that the landing at Trans-en-Provence had no explanation and might o ffer such proof. They to ok samples of soil from the affected area and sent them to Toul­ ouse. So on afterwards, scientists were winging their way across the country to this little farm­ ing hamlet, ready to be convinced that it was the scene o f an extraordinary close encounter. R enato was investigated by a psychologist, who was satisfied that he was telling the truth. Thre e lab oratories also took samples of the soil and plants from where th e UFO touched the earth and control samples from a local terrace far from whe re th e UFO had landed. These brought some astonishing results. They found that the ground had be en crushed from above and heated to a temperature betwe en 300° and 600° C (572° to 1112° F). But they could not tell what force had made this happen. Un­ usual levels o f some chemicals, such as zinc, were 32 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  33. 33. found only in the landing area-not outside it. Professor Michel B ounais from the NationalInstitute of Agr icultural Research then foundeven more impressive evidence. Chlorophyll, avital chemical in plants and leaves, had been re­duced by up to 5 0 percent inside the landingring. Outside of it there was nothing abnormal. Possibly as significant was the finding that thevariations in the levels of chlorophyll showed aprecise mathematical relationship. The furtherfrom the center point of the landing ring, themore chlorophyll was found in the samples. Thissuggests that the damage was caused by thething that descended from above and left itsmark on the farmers hillside. Over the years since 1981 Renato Nicolais landhas gradually returned to normal, but no answerhas been fourid as to what strange power causedthe dramatic physical evidence at this site. Various scientists have visited the spot to tryto solve the mystery and left completely baffled.But evidently something touched down upon theslopes and changed the crops that lay beneath ina quite remarkable manner. Many researchers now believe that it wassomething not of this earth. Physical Evidence 33
  34. 34. I f You Go Down to the Woods TodayBob Taylor loved the forest. It was his job a nd hishobby.This morning he was on a rout i ne trek toi nspect the trees a nd make sure that everythi ngwas fi ne. He had been on duty si nce 7:30 A.M.,but his home was not too far away and he couldreturn there if necessary. H is dog always went with him, just i n case heshould meet unwelcome i ntruders. But a n i ncon­ceivable da nger was lurki ng i n the forest.34 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  35. 35. It was a ty pically crisp Scottish morning inmid-autumn, November 9, 19 79. Bob had parkedhis pickup truck at the edge of a slightly muddytrack and proceeded on foot. Although close bythe main freeway that links Edinburgh withGlasgow and astride the fast-growing town ofLivingston, this area had little traffic. Nobodyelse was likely to see whatever took place withinthese shadowy woodlands. Rounding a bend and approaching a clearing,B ob came upon the weirdest object he had everseen, hovering just above the grass. Shapedrather like the planet Saturn, it was essentiallyrounded, with a flat rim across the middle. Sometiny windmill-like arms were located on a centralband. There were also a few small windows. Bobcould not see around the back, but the r imseemed to e ncircle the craft completely, imply­ing that it was spherical. It was not much biggerthan a medium-sized car. However, there was something sinister aboutit. The color was greyish but not consistent. Itfaded in and out in an odd way and shrubberybehind it became visible through its body. It wasas if this giant sphere were trying to camouflageitself but not quite pulling it off. Bob Taylor watched intently, fear submergedin wonder, as the object blinked in and out ofreality. Then two monsters came from behind thecraft and headed straight towards the woods­man. He was under attack with nowhere to run. They were not human, not even alien. In fact,they resembled sea urchins (mines)-round balls Physical Evidence 35
  36. 36. a foot or so (. 3 m) in diameter and covered withspikes. They bounced along the wet ground,making a terrible sucking noise. Later Bob real­ized that this sound was probably the spikes em­bedding themselves in the damp soil. The two weird things moved apart and went toeither side of the forester. B efore he had achance to react, there was a strange smell. Heexperienced a sickening feeling, a burning in histhroat and the sensation of being grabbed by theside of the legs and tugged forward. Then therewas just blackness. B ob Taylor had plunged intounconsciOusness. The 6 1-year-old man came to with the sound ofbarking in his ears. His dog was racing aroundthe little clearing, snarling and yapping in an­ger and frustration. The woodsmans head was pounding. He waswoozy; his throat was sore and he could not evenscream for help. As he tried to stand he collapsedonto his knees, still with a bitter, dry taste in hismouth. B ob had no idea how much time had passed, butit still seemed to be mid-morning. Later esti­mates suggested he was unconscious for about 20minutes. He could see neither the craft nor themonsters. Had his dog frightened them away ? B ob crawled painfully towards his truck, histrusty dog trai ling anxiously behind. Hescrambled into the cab and jerked it into gear,but his coordination was awry and he succeededonly in driving into a muddy ditch and gettingstuck there.36 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  37. 37. Stumbling out, Bob slowly scrambled towardshis house on the edge of the woods. He just hadto get away from there. That machine mightcome back. When Bob staggered into his house, his wifesaw at once that he had been attacked. His hairwas matted and he was splattered with mud. Adoctor called on Bob at about noon, although bythen he was recover ing well. However, the prac­titioner still insisted that the woodsman visitthe hospital. Bob Taylor reluctantly agreed. In the forest, the police cordoned off the site.They had found evidence to back up Bobs story.On the ground at the spot where he had directedthem to look there was a ser ies of flattenedmarks and indented holes. These were consistentwith the traces that would have been left by thecraft and the wei rd spi ked objects that hademerged from it. The local police department treated this caseas a ser ious assault by person or persons un­known. This remains the only time in British his­tory that a UFO encounter was subjected to acriminal investigation. The media were soon swarming around the for­est, but were prevented from i nspecting thetrace marks. Bob signed himself out of the hospi­tal feeling better. He and his wife went south toEngland to visit relatives, as they had plannedto do before the nightmare took place. T hisprompted incorrect media reports that Bob hadfled the country in terror. The press interest soon vanished, but UFOlo­ Physical Evidence 37
  38. 38. gi sts and police pursued the story for manymonths. Bob Taylors trousers were given a fo­rensic examination and showed tear marks thatwere the product of a downward force. This cer­tainly supported his claims about what had hap­pened. The UFOlogists, using tiny samples ofdifferent gases, identi fied the smell that Bob hadreported dur i ng his attack as being sulfurdioxide. B ob Taylor made no money from his story andshunned most offers of publicity. He soon retiredand moved away to avoid the constant attention. As for the townsfolk of L ivingston, they cameto be proud of their very own close encounter. In1 9 9 2 a small plaque and cai rn of stones waserected in the woodlands proclaiming what hadhappened there in 1979. A few weeks after the ceremony, the plaquevanished i n the middle of the night and wasnever seen again. Perhaps it is now the center­piece of a private museum somewhere on earth­or indeed, somewhere off it!38 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  39. 39. 3. CLOSEENCOUNTERS OF THETHIRD KIND­ ALIEN CONTACT• Sighti ngs i n Russi a . ..• Gobli ns from the stars lay siege to a farm ...• The first portrait of a n alien ...• Horror on a lonely highway as a U FO takes control of a familys car . .. 39
  40. 40. l 1 I nvasion at Vo ronezh It happened in the industrial city of Voronezh,some 300 miles southeast of Moscow, in Russia.On October 9, 1989, the news agency Tass an­nounced that there had been several UFO en­counters around the city. The story was bignews. Previously, the Soviet Union would neverhave admitted that such a thing had happened. Many of the witnesses were children. The casewas investigated by Soviet UFOlogist VladimirL ebedev and Dr. Henry Silanov, Director of theS p e c t r a l D e p a r t m e n t o f t h e Vo r o n e z h40 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  41. 41. Geological-Geophysical Laboratory. Dr. Silanovprovided the authors with the following reportand eyewitness statements. "In the period between September 21 to Octo­ber 28, 1989, in the Western Park, six landingsand one sighting (hover ing) were registered,with the appearance of walking beings. We havecollected a weal th of video materials with eye­witness accounts, particularly from pupils of thenearest school. We have no doubts they are tell­ing the truth." Vasya Surin was one of the students. He andhis friends watched as a red sphere appeared outof a pink fog and some entities and robot-likecreatures came out of it. Several young witnesses signed statements onanother incident, which took place at about 2:30on the afternoon of October 28. Vova Startsevwas play ing hooky from school with his friendswhen they also saw a large pink sphere, fly ing. "It was pink, " Vova said, "but kept changingshades. On the left-hand side of the body weretwo antennae. I t pushed out four legs, a hatchopened, a ladder came down and two beings anda robot came out. They carried the robot, set himon his feet and gave him arti ficial respiration.Then he walked like a man. He came up to mefollowed by one of the extraterrestrials. He wasjust under two metres (6 feet) tall. He stretchedout his hand towards me, but I ran towards atree and climbed it, shaking with fear. The alienhad a big head, twice as big as ours, and threeeyes in a row." Alien Contact 41
  42. 42. Vova was joined by one of his friends, SergeiMakarov, who added that the aliens wore silversuits, silver waistcoats with silver buttons andboots. Their faces were the color of "grilled beef­burgers, " but their skin was smooth. When thedoor opened in the object, a blinding light shoneout. As the students watched, the legs retractedinto the object. Then it hovered before risingand flying off. Was this same object seen earlier, towards theend of September? Denis Valyerervich Murzenkohad changed his clothes to go to a concert withhis mother. He decided to go for a walk while shewas getting ready. Looking up into the sky hesaw something pink, shaped like an egg, withrays of light coming from it. The object camecloser and began to swing from side to side like afalling leaf. At this point two supports came outfrom underneath. D enis could see the outline ofsomeone inside the object. "The person seemed to be about four and ahalf feet (1. 2 m) high, with an old face. I stoodstill and it kept coming down lower and lower. Igot frightened and ran off. When I turned I sawbright beams of light. The object stopped next tothe flagstones. There was some kind of soundlike music." Several days later Denis noticed a suspiciousman hanging around at the location of the UFOlanding. There was a metal plate on his chestwith some markings on it. " He stood for a while, got on his knees,touched the grass and then started to wave his42 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories I.
  43. 43. arms about. Then he got up, ran off, and thenwalked normally. I followed him and he went intoa shed. I was only 20 metres (60 feet) behindhim, but when I arrived, he had gone." There were many more accounts from otherw i tnesses. I t was clear that somethi ng verystrange had occurred-the stories were too sim­ilar to be made up. But what had happened ex­actly ? Dr. Silanov, who examined the landingsite, said in his report that tests "registered in­credibly high levels of magnetism. It is evidentthat something produced it." I mpr ints in theground were also measured. These were made, itwas concluded, by an object weighing aroundeleven tons. Alien Contact 43
  44. 44. Siege at Sutton FarmKelly is a hamlet a few mi les north of Hop­kinsville, Kentucky. On the night of August 21,1955, one of the most amazing cases of alien con­tact took place there. Eight adults and threechildren at the Sutton Farm witnessed it. It began at 7:00 P. M., when Billy Ray Taylor, afriend of the Sutton family, went out to the wellfor some water. As he was taking a drink he saw �Ia huge shining object land in a dried-up r iverbed rclose to the farm. He ran inside and told theothers. T hey laughed, thinking he had seen44 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  45. 45. something ordinary, like a shooting star. Lessthan an hour later, they were alerted by the fu­rious barking of their dog in the yard. This usu­ally happened when strangers visited the farm. Lucky Sutton, the eldest son and head of thehouse since the death of his stepfather, wentwith B i lly to investigate. They were absolutelyamazed at what they saw. Walking towards thefarm was a figure with its arms in the air as if insurrender. More bi zarre than this, the figurewas not human. Shining, as i f illuminated from inside, it wasjust over three-feet (1 m) tall with a bald egg­shaped head. The eyes were yellow and big assaucers. The mouth was a large gash stretchingbetween elephant-like ears. Its short legs werethin and its long arms ended in claws. Thinking along the lines of "Shoot first, askquestions later, " the men let loose at the beingwith a shotgun and a . 22 ri fle. I t was only aboutseven yards (6. 3 m) from the house when theyfired, so there was no chance of missing. Themen described the sound as "exactly as i f you hadshot into a pail." The visitor somersaulted back­wards and scurried away into the darkness. This was the start of several hours of terror. Other identical creatures converged on thefarm from all sides. T hey peered through thewindows at the terri fied, gun-happy occupantsand were only scared away when fired at or whenan outside light was switched on. L ight seemedto have a worse effect than bullets. The creatures uttered no sound when they Alien Contact 45
  46. 46. were shot, and although the undergrowth crack­led as they walked through it, there was neverany sound of footsteps. All the bei ngs ap­proached the house with arms raised, as if ex­pressing peaceful intent. Once shot at, however,thei r arms dropped and they would scurry off onall fours. The entities never tried to force anyentry into the house nor attack the occupants. A f ter the f i r st shooti ng, another-or thesame-creature appeared at a window. The menfi red, causing it to flip back wards. Thinkingthey had disabled it, they decided to creep out­side for a look. The women urged them not toshoot any more, since the beings had not acted ina hostile manner. As B illy stepped outside, a sil­very hand reached down from the low-hangingroof and brushed his hair. Those still inside sawthis and dragged him back. Lucky rushed out­side and fi red a volley of shots at point-blankrange, knocking the entity from the roof. Inter­estingly, even though the creature could haveharmed B illy with its sharp talons, it had not. Another creature was hanging in the branchesof a nearby maple tree. Both men fired at this oneand it floated to the ground and scurr ied off.Another came around the side of the house, andthey shot that one too, with the same negativeeffect. Understandably concerned that thei rweapons were useless against the invaders, themen ran back inside to decide what to do next. Glennie Lankford, the mother of the family,ordered the men to end thei r hostility towardsthe creatures. The entities kept peer ing through46 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  47. 47. the windows, however, and the three childrenbecame hysterical. It was now 11 P. M. They de­cided to make a run for it. The family piled intotwo cars and headed at top speed to the Hop­kinsville police station. The police retur n ed with the family andsearched the farm. Although there was evidenceof gunfire, there was little else, aside from a lu­minous patch of ground where one of the crea­tures had fallen when it was shot. At 2:15 A. M.the searchers left, leaving the family alone atthe farm. They felt reassured enough to go to bed. Glen­n ie L a n kford was ly ing awake, watching thewindow, when she noticed a luminous glow com­ing through it. It was one of the creatures star­ing in at her. She calmly called the rest of thefamily, a nd despite her protestations, Luckyshot at the being, to no effect. The siege contin­ued until just before sunrise. Later that day, once again on the way to theSutton Farm, police officers saw several brightlights coming from that direction. But when theymade a thorough search, they could find no phys­ical proof of the reality of the creatures. A neigh­bor, however, did notice some strange lights in afield at the time the entities were said to havebeen making for the farm building. Could the Suttons have fabricated the entireincident and carried it through so perfectly ? Ordid UFO entities actually terrorize the family atKelly ? Alien Contact 47
  48. 48. A former British police officer had an unsettlingexperience on December 1, 1987. Philip Spencerlived in Ilkley at the time, a village in the York­shire moors. At 7:15 A. M. Philip said goodbye to his wifeand children and set off across Ilkley Moor tovisit his father-in-law, who lived in a village onthe other side. It was still dark when he beganhis journey, but he carried his camera with him,hoping to take some photographs of Ilkley fromthe moor tops as dawn broke. In an area known as White Wells, somethingcaught his attention. Philip was passing a small48 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  49. 49. 19th century quarry cut into the hilltop when amovement made him look around. There, just tenfeet. (1 m) away, was "a small green creature."Instinctively, he brought his camera up, but thecreature shuffled away and then stopped again.It turned to him and made a dismissive move­ment with its right arm. Without checking thecamera setting, Philip only had time to take onephotograph before the entity disappeared be­hind �n outcropping. Philip later described the creature to investi­gators. It was about 4 feet 6 inches (1. 35 m) tallwith large pointed ears, big black eyes, no noseand a small mouth. Its arms were very long, withenormous hands. Its feet were cloven, and it wascovered with rough-looking green skin. The instant the creature disappeared, Philipran into the quarry and followed it around theoutcropping. There a bigger shock awaited him.The entity had disappeared, but hovering beforehim was a silver saucer-shaped object. It waslike two cereal bowls stuck together. In a splitsecond it rose into the sky and vanished. Somewhat bewildered, Philip returned to Il­kley. There he glanced at the church clock andsaw it was 10 A. M. Almost two hours had beenlost from his life! He began to wonder if he hadbeen hallucinating, and took his camera film tobe processed. He was both relieved and dis­turbed when he collected the film an hour later.Although the photograph was underexposed andslightly blurred, it showed the creature, andproved he had not imagined the encounter. Alien Contact 49
  50. 50. The negative was latter examined by Kodak,who said it had not been tampered with. Whatappeared in the picture had really been there. Philip began having strange dreams. In thedreams he saw a pattern of stars in the sky. Theyworried him. He wondered what had happenedduring the missing time. UFO investigators in­troduced him to a clinical psychologist whoagreed to hypnotize him and make him relive theclose encounter. Of course, since hypnosis is nota truth drug, no one knows for sure how muchimagination might color a real memory. Nevertheless, the hypnosis session came upwith some surprises-not least of which was therevelation that Philip had been approached bythe creature before he took the photograph! Hereare Philips actual words under hypnosis: "I m walking along the moor. Oh! Its quitewindy. Theres a lot of clouds. Walking up to­wards the trees, I see this little something, can ttell, but hes green. Its moving towards me. Oh!I can t move, I m stuck! Hes still coming to-wards me. And I still can t move. . . . Im stuck,and everythings gone fuzzy. Im . . . Im floatingalong in the air. . . . I want to get down! And thisgreen things walking ahead of me, and I dontlike it. "I still can t move. I m going around the cornerand this green things in front of me. Oh, God, Iwant t o g e t down . Theres a . .. theres a big sil­ver saucer thing, and theres a door in it, and Idon t want to go in there! Everythings goneblack now. . . . "50 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  51. 51. Philip described a medical examination insidethe object by several of the green creatures. Af­terwards he was taken on a tour and shown a"movie." It was an ecological warning of whatwould happen to our world if we do not curb pol­lution and control population growth. Afterwards, Philip was put back on the moorswith no conscious memory of what had occurred. The investigation of the case involved scien­tists from the University of Manchester as wellas UFOlogists, including Peter Hough and JennyRandles of the Manchester UFO Research Asso­ciation, photograph experts and the clinicalpsychologist. Some people believe the case is a hoax, al­though no proof was found for this. The witnessnever sou g ht to make any money, even though itwas offered, and insisted that his true identitybe kept secret. Jim Singleton, the psychologist,commented: "Philip was certainly recounting the incidentas something which had actually happened. Hedescribed things typically as someone would re­call a past event. He compares very well withother non-UFO subjects." Until evidence has been uncovered to resolvethe case one way or another, this will remain oneof the most perplexing UFO incidents on record.Philip is one of the very few abductees who ap­parently managed to take a photograph of one ofhis abductors. Alien Contact 51 I
  52. 52. Hij acked by a UFO • IFaye Knowles shifted her position in the car andwatched the dark road unwind ahead . I t hadbeen a long journey and there were hundreds ofmiles still to go. She had packed her three adult sons into thecar, bundled in the family dog, and left Perth theday before. They had set off on the 2, 000 mile(3, 2 19 km) trek headin g for South Australia tovisit distant relatives. It was now after 4 A. M. on January 20, 1988and a time of great celebration. Australia was52 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  53. 53. just 200 years old as a settlement and there werebig parties and spectacular events happening allover the country. But at this hour of the morningthere was little traffic on the Eyre Highway, aribbon of road in a long, straight line dividingsea from searing des.ert. The vast brooding plains of the Nullarbor wereinvisible in the darkness, but they had left theirmark. In the southern hemisphere it was highsummer and journeys of any length in this regionwere best contemplated at night when it wasmuch cooler. The only other vehicles on the road were twotrucks, one in front and one some miles behindthe Knowles family. They were in radio contactwith each other, the drivers being friends whomade long � istance runs quite often. Suddenly, ahead of the Knowles car, loomingon the eastern horizon, was a strange light. Itwas pale yellow and seemed to be jerking aroundfrom side to side n o t unlike a sw irlingwhirlwind. " W hats that ? " came from the back seat,merely cur ious at first. But curiosity soonturned into fear. The thing headed straight atthem! Zigzagging from side to side, it hovered infront of the car like an avenging angel. It resem­bled an egg in an egg cup -an oval balloon on topof a tapering column reaching down to theground. One minute the thing was about to hit them,the nex t it was behind them and receding atgreat speed. Panic rose in the voices of the trav­ Alien Contact 53
  54. 54. ellers. E ven the dog was growing nervous , shuf­fling about and whimpering. Nightmare minutes followed as the objecttwi sted and turned. They lost sight of it for awhile, but then the thing came back at them fromthe other di rection. In one moment of terror,Fayes s on who was dr i v ing the car s wer vedaround at high speed and reversed course. Hewas desperate to get away. There seemed to beno escape from the thing. At one point, as they weaved acros s the road, acar towing a trailer came flashing out of thedarknes s s traight at them. They managed todrag them s el v e s out of i t s path , nar rowlyavoiding a disastrous colli sion. The U FO was now above them and inv isible,but they could all hear a high-pitched hummingcoming from overhead. The car was being buf­feted, as if by high winds , and a terrible smell­pungent electrical burning-was filling the caralong with a faint grey mi st. Faye Knowles had her pas senger window open ,trying to see what was going on. She couldn t seeany thing, but she could certainly feel it. Her fin­ger s touched the car roof and met somethingstrange. It felt soft and spongy. Immediately,s he y a n ked her hand back in and s hut thewindow. But now something even more horrific was tak­ing place. The car was being sucked up off theroadway. The thing above them was acting like ahuge vacuum cleaner, pulling them upwards asthey tried to fight it off.54 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  55. 55. The wheels spun around without taking themforward. They were floating several feet in theair, while still being propelled ahead in someway! The Knowles family were no longer in con­trol of the car-it was! These moments of fear seemed to last forever.Yet, even as they cried out, there was anotherweird effect. Their voices seemed distorted andtwisted. They sounded to each other like cartooncharacters. They had never experienced any­thing like it before. Then, as quickly as the ter rible events hadstarted, they came to an end. The car crasheddown onto the road again, and they slewedacross, blindly unaware whether or not any traf­fic was coming in the other direction. If it hadbeen, they would have smashed into it head-on. They crashed off the edge of the highway intoscrub bush and screamed to a halt, one tire re­duced to shreds and the car studded with dustand impact damage from small stones. For many minutes they sat still in the quietnight, breathing heavily and regaining compo­sure. After a while, the four of them got out andreplaced the damaged tire, still watching the skyand keeping an eye out for the UFO. They knewit was out there-in the distance-waiting. As soon as they were able, the Knowles familypiled back into the car and shot back onto theroad. They drove east, putting as many miles aspossible between themselves and the object.Thankfully, they never saw it again. A half hour later, as the sun rose, they pulled Alien Contact 55
  56. 56. into the small town of Mundrabilla. Here theytold their story to the owners of a roadside diner,who could see the shock etched onto the faces ofthe "hijacked" family. The truck drivers werealso in town and one of them had briefly seen theUFO. Inside the battered car there was a fine spr in­kling of powder or dust and a faint musty smell.On the roof, where Faye Knowles said that shehad felt something spongy that seemed to be tug­gi ng them upwards, were four i ndentationsabout the size of a fist. L ater that morning the family stopped at a po­lice station to report the incident. Both policeand UFO investigators took samples of the pow­der from the car, but laboratory tests could notreach a firm conclusion. However, one group ofinvestigators said that they found traces of thesame chemicals used by NASA in the design ofthe space shuttle. These chemicals coat the sur­face as a protection against great heat on re­entry. Other people on the road that night descr i � edhow their cars were hit by terrific blasts of windthat struck out of nowhere. This led to the theoryby a professor from Adelaide University that theUFO had really been a fierce and very unusualform of electrically charged tornado. Of course, other people had di fferent ideas.Many felt sure that the Knowles family had had a 1,very narrow escape at the hands of an aliencraft, one that had been intent on snatching theunsuspecting family and taking them away.56 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  57. 57. 4. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FOURTH KIND­ ABDUCTED!• A couple gets taken for a ride­ In space . . .• A woodsman is captured by aliens in front of witnesses . . .• One of our aircraft is missing .• Space flight over Manhattan! 57
  58. 58. Sp acena pp ed ! ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . · . . . . � : .· . . . .B etty and Barney Hill claim to be the first Amer­icans to be abducted by aliens and taken insidetheir flying craft. They were victims of what isnow called "spacenapping." B etty was a welfare worker and Barney was anemployee of the post office in Portsmouth, NewHampshire. D uring September 196 1, they hadbeen on vacation i n Canada, touring aroundNiagara Falls. After a happy few day s away fromhome, they were taking the long dr ive backthrough the White Mountains.58 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  59. 59. Suddenly they became aware of a light-like abig star-that seemed to be following them asthey drove the twisting highway. They tried tofigure out what it might be-a helicopter or air­craft? But as long as the white light stayed highin the sky, it was just a curiosity. Near Indian Head, the dancing ball swoopeddown much closer. R ather frightened by thischange, they slowed the car and stopped. Barneygot out to look at the thing through binoculars,noting how it resembled a banana with pointedends and that it had windows in the middle. Hethen started to walk towards the hovering objectas if in some kind of trance. B etty Hill was frightened by her husbandsodd behavior. Panicked, she cried out for him toreturn , but he didnt seem to hear her voice andkept walki n.g into the darkly outlined trees. F inally, Barney shoo.k himself free of the com­pulsion that was pulling him into the woods andreturned to the car. But he claimed to have seenfaces in the windows. Alien creatures were in­side the craft. That was enough for the two ofthem. They decided to get away from there asfast as they could. As they drove away, they heard strange beep­ing sounds that went on for a few seconds, thenstopped. They ignored them and rushed home.Only in the cold light of morning did they realizethat their journey had taken longer than itshould have. More than an hour of time had beenstolen from their minds. The car also had someodd blotches on the hood. Abducted! 59
  60. 60. B etty told her story to a local UFO investiga­tor, who discovered that Pease Air Force Base,whose radar covers the Indian Head area, hadtracked an unknown object in the middle of thenight at about the same time that the Hills sawtheir flying banana. But the case was simply puton record and added to all of the others that werepiling up. B etty Hill started to have nightmares in whichshe saw strange white-skinned faces with largeslanted eyes, narrow noses and slit-like mouths.Barney was suffering from anxiety and depres­sion and was having trouble working. In the endthey both sought medical help. After consulting several doctors, they foundtheir way to Dr. B enjamin Simon in Boston, whoused hy pnosis with his patients, taking themback over memories that disturbed them to re­lieve their stress. Dr. Simon was astonished by what the coupledescribed. Under hy pnosis both husband andwife reacted in terror as they told of being takenby force into the banana-shaped UFO at thepoint where they had stopped their car. The be­ings were smaller. than humans and seemed in­tent on studying their captives and finding outall about them. Inside the UFO both B etty and Barney weregiven medical tests and samples of blood weretaken from them. Some of these tests were un­usual and hurt a little. The aliens seemed verypuzzled by this pain. B efore they took the couple back to their car,60 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  61. 61. one of the aliens showed Betty something on thewall that had dots and lines on it. She was toldthat it was a map of the stars and the tradingroutes that the aliens travelled along in outerspace. But she could not understand it unless sheknew the correct position of the earth in theuniverse. B etty tried to take something with her-a sortof alien book. She said that nobody would believewhat had happened to her without some evi­dence. After some discussion the aliens decidedthat they could not let her take this away fromthe UFO. In 1965 a famous New England writer, JohnFuller, wrote their story into a book that wascalled The Interrup t e d Journey . It was a greatsuccess around the world and was later madeinto a T V rriovie called The UFO Incident . Schoolteacher Marjor ie Fish re-created thestar map that B etty Hill recalled under hy p­nosis. Using her knowledge of astronomy, Fishtried to work out what the trading routes mightbe and which of the stars would then be home tothe aliens. She concluded that they came from aplanet that circled the star Z eta Reticulii, manylight years from the earth. When the strange story of the Hill spacenap­ping was told to the world, it was not uni que.There had already been a similar case reportedto UFOlogists in South America. A young Bra­zilian farmer had been spacenapped in October1957 and reported it soon afterwards to a doctor.The incident had been investigated in January Abducted ! 61
  62. 62. �- -- ·e.=��---1958 in R io de Janeiro by scientists who filed areport with U FO investigators in England. The English researchers had deliberately cho­sen not to publish the story, hoping that some­body else would report a similar case withoutknowing any thing about the Brazilian events.The Hills did exactly that. The comparisons werevery close and suggested that both stor ies mightbe more than just dreams. B etty and Barney Hillcould not possibly have heard about the Bra­zilian farmers claims when they reported seeingthe UFO near Indian Head. These two amazingcases were completely isolated from one another. This was vital evidence for U FOlogists, imply­ing that spacenappings really were taking place.But if they were, the story told by Betty andBarney Hill was alarming. For it suggested thatmost people who had entered an alien spaceshipmight not remember it or ever know what hadhap p ened to them, excep t perhaps throughdreams or under medical hy pnosis. It might have -happened to anyone-even you!62 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  63. 63. Fi re in the SkyHeber in Arizona was the location for a very dif­ferent kind · of UFO abduction that has since beenmade into a movie. Mike R ogers and his crew of six forestryworkers loaded their gear onto a truck and setoff for home at about 6:15 P. M . on November 5,1 9 75 . The had only travelled 100 yards (90 m)through the pine forest when crew member AlanDalis pointed out a glow through the trees. Atthe top of a hill, they came to a clearing and thedriver braked hard. There, hovering about 20 feet (6 m) above awoodpile was a disc-shaped object. A frameworkdivided it up into panels and it glowed amber.While the rest of the crew stared in fear andwonder, 22-year-old Travis Walton jumped outand moved towards the object. It began to wa h- Abducted ! 63
  64. 64. ble and make some very peculiar noises. Suddenly a bright ray of greenish-blue lightarrowed down from the disc and struck Waltonabout the head and shoulders. It flung him back­wards. At this point, driver Mike Rogers pan­icked and drove the truck away at a fast speed onthe rough logging road. After a quarter of a milehe stopped, and the men decided they had to goback and look for their friend. They returned butthere was no trace of Walton or the object. This was the start of a very strange story. It isextremely rare for anyone to observe a UFO ab­duction; it is even more peculiar for the abductedperson to disappear for more than a couple ofhours. Walton did not turn up until fi ve day slater. In the meantime, there was a police investiga­tion and a thorough search of the area. The storycaptured the imagination of the world. At onepoint the authorities thought the men had mur­dered their colleague and concocted the fantastictale. Afterwards, it seemed there were only twopossibilities: Walton had really been abductedby non-human beings, or the whole thing was a.hoax. Navajo County Sheriffs Deputy Chuck Ellisondescr ibed the men as "extremely upset, " a ndadded: "If they were ly i ng, they were damnedgood actors." One of the men was so affected hewas weeping. Allegedly, there were some i n itial poly graphtests carried out on the forestry workers thatwere not decisive. The so-called lie-detector test64 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  65. 65. measures the stress generated by answers a per­son gives to specific questions. Later the crew passed tests given by Cy Gilson of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. When Travis Walton called from a telephonebooth a few miles outside of Heber at 11 P. M. on November 1 0 , h is broth er-in-law and olderbrother, Duane, found him distraught and con­fused. He had an unbelievable story to tell theworld. He remembered being struck by the beam,which hit him like a bolt of electricity, thenblackness. Next, he found himself in pain, lyingon his back staring at a brigh tly lit ceiling,struggling into consciousness. Walton assumedhe had been picked up off the forest floor andtaken to a hospital. When he lifted his head andsaw, instead of doctors and nurses, three non­human beings, he panicked and leaped off thetable on which he had been lying. The beings were about five feet (1. 5m) tallwith domed hairless heads, large eyes, tiny earsand nose, and a slit for a mouth. Walton grabbeda piece of equipment to use as a weapon, and thebeings hurriedly left the room. Some minuteslater, Walton followed them out into a corridor,but turned in the opposite direction. He enteredanother room that gave him an amazing view ofthe universe. Operating the controls set in a re­clining chair, Walton found he could alter theperspective of billions of stars. Suddenly, a being entered the planetarium. Helooked human but wore a space helmet. He ig- Abducted! 65
  66. 66. nored Waltons questions and signalled him tofollow. They stepped out of the object into a hugehangar that housed several other disc-shapedcraft. He saw three more "humans" -two menand a woman . They all looked similar. They weresix feet (1. 8 m) tall with brownish-blond hair,golden eyes and tan-colored skin . Once again Walton asked where he was andwhat had happened to him, but the questionswere still ignored. Instead, the beings gestured ·to him to lie down . He did. One of them placed amask over his face and the blackness returned. He came to on the highway outside of Heber. Ablast of heat hit his face from a disc hoveringoverhead, which then disappeared into the sky.He found a telephone and called his brother-in­law. What really happened to Travis Walton? Wasthe whole thing a hoax that got out of hand, orwere the men telling the truth? If it was a hoax,it is remarkable, as any police officer will verify, ,that in the intervening two decades not one of ·the perpetrators has hinted at the truth. D id beings in an unidentified fly ing objectreally abduct Walton? If so, then why ?66 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  67. 67. A Flight into OblivionFrederick Valentich loved fly ing. A young man ,he could not afford his own plane, but had anagreement to use a Cessna from Moorabin Fieldin Melbourne, Australia. He often took it up tobe at one with the clouds. Freder i ck had another passi on , less wellknown to his friends. He read all he could aboutflying saucers, even had a scrapbook of storiesthat he took with him on his trips. In October19 78, he was in his element because there was anongoing wave of sightings above Bass Strait, be- Abducted ! 67
  68. 68. tween the mainland and the island of Tasmania. On October 21, amid media reports of orangelights and cigar- shaped obj ects, Valentichplanned to fly to King Island, famed for its fish­ing. I t was in the middle of Bass Strait. He hadagreed to pick up some cray fish to sell to friends.The trip was only a short hop. The 20-year-old had limited experience in solonight flying, so he arranged to leave straightafter college and filed his arrival time with King ·Island so that he would reach there before dark­ness closed in. He filled the tanks with manytimes more gas than needed, j ust to be sure. But then, inexplicably, as his departure timedrew close, the young aviator left the field for aleisurely meal. When he returned to the waitingaircraft night was closing in. He would now crossthe ocean in the dark. This puzzling decision has never been ac­counted for, because Valentich was about to takeoff on his final mission-a flight into oblivion. All went well until t he pilot passed a li � ht- -house by the coast. He was in steady contactwith Steve Robey, on duty at Melbourne AirTraffic C ontrol that evening. As Valentichsoared out across the Strait he was alone in theempty sky with the speckled silvery sea j ust afew thousand feet below. He now had 30 moreminutes of flying over water. If anything wentwrong there would be no safe place to land. At 7: 0 6 P. M. Valentich called Robey to ask, "Isthere any traffic in my area below 5 , 0 00 feet?" Robey consulted his charts. There should be68 Worlds B est "True" UFO Stories
  69. 69. nothing nearby, he told the pilot. But the smallsingle-engined Cessna was far from alone. It wasbeing tailed by a UFO. Valentich spoke calmly of "Four br ight . . .seems to me like landing lights . . . just passedover me-at least a thousand feet above." The air traffic controller was baffled. Whathad " D elta Sierra Juli et"-call sign of theCessna-just seen? N a thing else should be upthere. The pilot grew more concerned and reported,"Its approaching now from due east, towards me. . . . It seems to me that hes play ing some sortof game . . . Hes fly ing over me . . . " Then he cutin swiftly, "Its not an aircraft, its . . . . " Thesemysterious words trailed away into the night. Steve Robey checked every possibility, tryingto keep the inexper ienced aviator calm. Hechecked data on any military flights that mightbe over Bass Strait. There were none. What wasup there? The young pilot had by now regained some ofhis composure and told Robey what he was see­ing. "Its a long shape . . . cannot identify . . .the thing is just orbiting on top of me . . . Its gota green light and sort of metallic-like . . . Its allshiny on the outside." Then disaster struck. Valentich radioed thathis engine was not working properly. He said hewould try to make King Island. It was all hecould do. Suddenly, he cried out, "Ah, Melbourne-thatstrange aircraft is hovering on top of me again Abducted ! 69
  70. 70. . . . Its hovering and its not an aircraft! " Thenthere was a frantic cry of the aircrafts call sign,a period when the microphone was open but nowords were spoken, a weird metallic grindingnoise-and then unbroken silence. Cessna 182 - "D elta Sierra Juliet" -had van­ished from the skies. A major search and rescue mission wcaslaunched when the aircraft failed to reach KingI sland. D espite several days of this, no trace ofthe plane or its pilot was ever found. I deas about what might have happened ranged"from Valentich plotting his own disappearanceand faking a close encounter to a fateful meetingwith drug smugglers. There were, of course, alsomany rumors that Frederick Valentich had beensnatched away by an alien spaceship. The accident report, published in May 1982,merely concluded that nobody knew the truth.Very probably nobody ever will.70 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  71. 71. The M anhattan Transfe rLinda had been through this terrible nightmarebefore-the strange silence that invaded herbedroom, the eerie sense of knowing that some­thing awful was about to happen, the tingling,tickling presence of that unknown force that hadonce taken over her life. She had first seen the little grey-skinned crea­tures when she was a child. They had not seemedso terrifying then, but they were clearly notfrom E arth. Physically, they looked almost fee­ble and diminutive. In height they were a little Abducted ! 71
  72. 72. more than four feet (1. 2 m), although their headswere out of proportion to their bodies and tee­tered there as if they might fall off under theirown weight. Then there were the eyes-huge,round and dark. When Linda looked into them,she felt cold-not an evil cold, but more one ofscientists doing experiments with rats or mice,caring more about the outcome than about themethods they used. T hey were exp er imenting on her, too. Sheknew that. But her memory was fuzzy, enhanceda little by regression hy pnosis performed underthe supervision of artist and UFO writer BuddHopkins. He too lived in Manhattan, just acrossthe city from her high-rise apartment. She hadread one of his books, and then, in April 1989 ,she had gotten up the courage to talk with him. From his work-hy pnotic regression andmeetings with other abductees-she now under­stood more about what was going on. There wasan alien plan to develop hybrid babies formed ofhuman genes intermixed with alien stock. It_wasFrankenstein in sp acesuits. Yet, unlike theGothic horror story, this was real life. Now, seven months later, at about 3 A. M. onNovember 3 0 , 1989 , the visitors had come back.She was powerless to resist them. They couldtake her any where they chose and do what theywould. They were in her bedroom now. Horrified, shethrew a pillow at one of them, but her body wasnumb and it fell short of its target. Then shecollapsed onto the bed, completely paralyzed. In72 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  73. 73. a blink of an eye, she was on the familiar table inthe strange cold room with light flowing aroundher like liquid ice. They were coming at her withtheir probes and instruments. Then there wasnothing. Linda awoke in her bed, terrified that theymight have harmed her family. She crept wearilyout from under the bedclothes, energy drainedfrom her being. Her husband and two childrenwere immobile and dead to the world. Feargripped her soul: Were they killed ? Had thealiens murdered them? She got a mirror and heldit up to their mouths. Gradually, slowly, breathcame out and steamed up the glass. They werealive-deeply asleep, hopelessly unaware ofwhat had happened. The next · morning, L inda called Budd andpoured out her heart. He was kind to her, know­ing how to coax her through the post-abductiontrauma. Nobody in the world had more experi­ence doing that. Eventually, she felt able toagree to more hypnosis. She needed to find outwhat they had done to her this time. The images surrounded her mind. She saw her­self, nightgown-clad, floating out through theclosed window as if it had melted away. The crea­tures were all around her. They were holding heraloft with invisible beams, suspended in glowinglight 12 stories above the streets of Manhattan,transferring her into their craft that hoveredover the apartment rooftop. That was it. One more case to add to the grow­ing file that Budd Hopkins was collecting. Only Abducted! 73
  74. 74. this one was destined to be far more than that. Fifteen months later, in February 1991, the ab­duction researcher received a startling letter.Letters arrived by the sackload week after weekfrom all over the world-people suspecting thataliens might have spacenapped them , desperateto share their story with someone who would lis­ten and not laugh. But, this particular letter immediately strucka chord with Hopkins. It came from two men ,Richard and Dan, who offered first names onlyand claimed to be New York police officers.Theyhad lived with a terrible experience for somemonths now. One of them was so shocked he wason the edge of a nervous breakdown. He would sitin his car in a Manhattan street staring up at thetop of an apartment block watching for them toreturn. Then they told Budd what they had witnessed.In the early hours of November 30, 1989, theyhad seen a young woman in a nightgown float out ,of her 12th floor window in the presence of weirdlittle creatures. They had taken her inside asaucer-like craft that sped away to the river,submerged completely and never came outagain. They waited 4 5 minutes , praying thatthey would see her brought back. They did not. Budd Hopkins was stunned. Never before had independent witnesses claimed to see a space­napping a s i t happened. If this case could be ver­ified it would undoubtedly be the most important one ever put on record. It could single-handedly prove that the aliens were really here.74 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  75. 75. However, the police officers refused to meetwith Budd. They told him they could direct himto the room where the woman lived. They hadbeen steeling themselves to go and check it out,but how do you approach a stranger and ask ifshe has ever flown out of her bedroom windowinto a spaceship? The UFOlogist, of course, didnot tell them that he had no need to be directedto the spot. He already knew where Linda lived. R ichard and D an supplied more details, in­cluding an audio tape, and then revealed the realreason for their reluctance. They were no ordi­nary policemen. In fact, they were bodyguardsfor a major political figure who was being trans­ported to the New York heliport. But the car hadstopped mysteriously on its own. The politicalfigure had witnessed the entire thing. If he toldthe world about it, his credibility was such thateveryone would listen. Meanwhile, in 1 9 9 1 , a woman wrote to say thatshe had been driving over the Brooklyn Bridgeat 3 A. M. on November 3 0 , 1989 , when all thelights and engines of the few cars that werecrossing at that time simply failed, as did thestreetlights on the bridge. Getting out to look atwhat was happening, she watched, along withseveral other drivers, as a woman floated out ofher high-rise apartment into a UFO alongsideseveral little creatures. A third confirmation of the same incrediblestory was completely unprecedented. But againthe evidence was almost impossible to verify.There was also the nagging question as to why Abducted ! 75
  76. 76. the power failure was never recorded or why inover two years none of the occupants of the vehi­cles on the br idge had reported the matter to thepolice. And why were all of these stories findingtheir way to Budd Hopkins and none of them toanybody else? If this abduction is honestly reported, as thewitnesses allege, then it will be "the case of thecentury." But at present it relies exclusively Qnunsupported, often anony mous, testi mony. Anumber of U FOlogists have attempted their ownenquiries and learnt a few disquieting things.For example, a major newspaper office is oppo­site the site and people were working there atthe time. Nobody saw anything. No one else inLindas building was a witness, either. Therewere no records of helicopter flights that night.The trip that R ichard and Dans passenger hadbeen taking is not recorded any where (they sayit was a secret one). And, of course, the myste­rious third man has not supported the story. R umors that Hopkins has not confirmed allegethat the "third man" was Perez de Cuellar, for­mer secretary general of the United Nations. DeC uellars office has claimed that he was not inNew York on the date in question. He himself hasalso den i ed any knowledge o f the reportedincident. All that Budd Hopkins will say on this crucialmatter is that he knows who the third man is. Ifand when that man reveals what happened, theworld may change forever.76 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  77. 77. S. M ARK OF THE UFO . . . . ".-.; . . · ,.�-:· ·· . ·: . • . ��;;·, . :: · . . · ·:�:; .· .. . · ·. � . . . .... . · . . . . . " . ·:y�?�, · 6,j· �;:.. ·.:.>· . : ·-. � r :· · · · . . . ·. ., �.. r:.:; : : . . . . . .. . . . . . :.-;:� .· .:-;..�, . : . .• Alien botanists?• C attle rustling-alien style .• One of the best cases in U FO history -and one of the biggest coverups . . .• A U FO is attacked by jet fighters . . . 77
  78. 78. The Boys in the FieldFa rmer Maur ice Masse had a bit of a problem.Somebody was steali ng his lavender pla nts andhe had no idea who it was. Masse, a la rge, jovial man , had a piece of la ndat Valensole in the south of Fra nce, where hegrew the sweet-smelling crop that was used toma ke scents a nd perfumes. But he kept findingpatches of his fields ba re, as if someone had beencomi ng in at night a nd taki ng it all away. One hot summers mor n i ng i n July, 196 5 , hewas sitti ng beside his tractor pla n n i ng the days78 Worlds Best "True" UFO Stories
  79. 79. work when he noticed two boys standing in thefield some distance away. It was not yet 6 A. M.and nobody up to any good would be in the mid­dle of his field so early in the day, he suspected.He figured that at last he had caught the thievesand strode across the field to put a stop to theiractivities. Maurice had assumed that the two strangerswere chi ldren because of their small si ze­probably nine or ten years old. But the two werestanding next to an odd-looking helicopter thathad appeared from nowhere. This was puzzling. Sometimes a military helicopter did land inMaurices fields and he was not too happy aboutthat, but as long as it stayed off his plants hedidnt mind too much and would chat with thepilots. But this one was like none that had everlanded before. It was a white egg shape, aboutthe si ze of a small car, and it sat on three littlelegs. As he marched towards the boys and their pe­culiar dev ice, M aur ice quickly reali zed thatthese people were not children. In fact they didnot even seem human. They were very strange­looking beings, with large bald heads, pastyfaces and huge slanted eyes that stared out athim. They wore one-piece coveralls, and one hada tube-like instrument planted firmly by its side.It might well have been a gun! As the farmer approached, the creature withthe tube picked it up and pointed it straight athim. A light ray shot out of it and the farmer losthis balance as he stumbled backwards, toppling Mark of the U F O 79