Young Research Group Preso - When MR meets Glocal Trend (2011)


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Young Research Group Preso - When MR meets Glocal Trend (2011)

  1. 1. Glocal trends meet MRErica van LievenManaging Director, Direction First
  2. 2. “InformatIon wants to be free…” 22 Stewart Brand 1984......
  3. 3. Tsunami swamped Japan 22 February, 2011 after powerful quake Christchurch @ 2:46 p.m. local time, Twitter & Facebook became Friday 11th March, 2011 tools of hope 25 January, 2011 Massive Egyptian protests powered by social media 1 hour after the quake, with the country’s phone system knocked out, the number of tweets coming from Tokyo were topping 1,200 per minute 33
  4. 4. Can text analytics software replace seasoned Qualitative Researchers? • Only requirement is text • Fluid, intuition and experience-driven Traditional • Higher weight to emotions • Less reliable, transparent • Difficult to set-up • Granular information accessible Software • Frequency-driven, pattern learning • Emotions difficult to weight • Use Data visualization 4 Can Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned Researcher? -- Theo Downes-Le Guin of Market Strategies @ New virtual MR Festival4
  5. 5. The outcome... findings would findings would findings would have been similar have been be the same using software- missed using the using either driven approach software-driven approach alone approach alone 5 Can Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned Researcher? -- Theo Downes-Le Guin of Market Strategies @ New virtual MR Festival5
  6. 6. The benefits of software driver analysis.. Add rigor to traditional qualitative analysis Software- driven text analysis Manage Cope with labour quantities costs of new more MR data effectively 6 Can Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned QDA Replace -- Theo Downes-Le Guin of Market Strategies @Guin of Market Strategies Can Software-Driven Researcher? the Seasoned Researcher? -- Theo Downes-Le New virtual MR Festival6
  7. 7. Direction First conducted research to investigate whether research had a place on social networking sites 77
  8. 8. Majority use social networking sites for communication and entertainment with few age differences – however contribution is higher amongst younger age groups What is your main reason for visiting any social networking site? Total Male Female Communication 53% 50% 55% Entertainment 30% 26% 31% +3% for those aged 18-34 yrs -4% for those aged 56+ yrs Information 10% 15% 8% Professional 2% 2% 2% networking Expression 1% 2% 1% Organisation % % % Other 3% 5% 3% Always contribute 10% 9% 10% +4% for those aged 18-34 yrs -3% for those ages 56+ yrs Indicates a significant difference at 95% confidenceS18: And what is your main reason for visiting and social networking site? S19 in general how active are you in uploading information onto social networking sites? 8Base: Total 1439, Males (428), Females (1011):8
  9. 9. And it’s not just Australian site users, findings from SSI inthe US confirm that communication and entertainment are key usage drivers, with little age variance 99 JAN 2011 n=1,453 USA on-line survey SSI webinar
  10. 10. Privacy is the most important aspect to social networking site users…including the younger users Thinking about social networking sites which aspect is most important to you? 18-34 35-55 56+ Privacy 50% 46% 45% 4% 16% 21% 23% 5% Ease of use 6% Interacting with people who 17% 20% 18% have similar interests 47% 18% Convenience 9% 4% 4% Informatin gathering 2% 6% 6% Expressing my opinion 6% 3% 3% 20% Obtaining advice % 1% % *No differences between gender Indicates a significant difference at 95% confidenceS20: Thinking about social networking sites, which aspects are the most important to you? 10Base: Total 1439, Ages 18-34 (418), Ages 35-54 (691), Ages 55+ (333)10
  11. 11. There are numerous reasons for privacy being vital to site users… Because I value my Because I dont want just anyone to see privacy my posts and photos Female 56-60 yrs Female aged 26-30 yrs Worried about others using my identity Male 61-65 yrs Privacy is important so people arent exposed in a bad way Privacy Female aged 26-30 yrs I consider it is somewhat an invasion of privacy. Social networking sites can be somewhat obtrusive, and to a certain extent demanding. Male 71-75 yrs Also I like to keep my life private, and dont want anyone but my I don’t want my personal close friends to know what’s information to be available going on in my life. to just anyone i like being I do not wish everyone to Female aged 18-21 yrs able to decide who sees it know my business Female aged 35-40 yrs Female 75+ yrs 1111
  12. 12. Interestingly, there is almost no discrepancy between gender OR age when asked about market research on sites, with almost half agreeing they would take part.. “As long as confidentiality can be maintained I think 16% 16% 16% Very likely these are a great easy way to gather information” “Great way to express my ideas” Likely 29% 30% 29% “As long as personal information is kept private its a good idea” Unsure “As long as the user gives permission to receive surveys, I dont see the problem” 30% 29% 30% “I’ve never thought about it.. good idea” Unlikely “I have never seen surveys on sites” 13% 13% 13% Very unlikely “I prefer to keep my opinions private” 12% 12% 12% “ I accidently downloaded a very bad virus from an Total Male Female ad on facebook before, so wouldn’t again” *No significant differencesS22: How likely are you to take part in market research (such as surveys and questionnaires) on your preferred social networking site? 12Base: Total 1439, Males (428), Females (1011): between age groups or gender12
  13. 13. Since its launch in 2006, Facebook has become dominate within the world of social media…. Facebook – Conversion Funnel 99% Prompted Awareness 95% Membership 57% Everyday Usage 13Direction First data - March 201113
  14. 14. Disruptive platforms change the rules of the game, listening becomes the new asking... 1414
  15. 15. …but are we really listening? 15 July 2007, Bring the love back, created by Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions15
  16. 16. Identify the Influential/Connector… @ Ben I Dining table ordered a steak! Grace Peter Daisy White Love Sub solo Daisy John restaurant!!! Daisy became a mayor of Amy Brian Sub Solo Restaurant & Bar 1616 Touchgraph visualisesconnections in Facebook communities
  17. 17. With social media we become genderless.. 17 Social media and the end of gender , Joanna Blakley @ TED, Dec,201017
  18. 18. DigiVisuals.. 18 John Kearon, BrainJuicer, DigiVisualsTM
  19. 19. DigiVisuals..continued.. 19 John Kearon, BrainJuicer, DigiVisualsTM
  20. 20. 140kit.. > Total number of Tweets collected: 2,073 > Total number of users collected: 2,039 > Capture range: 2:25am EDT 11th March to 2:19am EDT 12th March 2011 > Total number of participatory Tweets: 2,072 (Random sample around the globe) 20 Global Tracked from on twitter, analysed in wordle20
  21. 21. Competitive analysis at your finger tips…? 21 Powered by Analyzeword21 Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count from University of Texas and Auckland Medical School
  22. 22. “My goal is to simplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction” Jack Dorsey being interviewed by Charlie Rose in January 2011 2222
  23. 23. Like a kid in a sweet shop, exciting times are ahead.. Let’s enjoy the ride! 2323
  24. 24. Reference > Social networks surge in Australia - > Social Networking Accounts for 1 of Every 5 Minutes Spent Online in Australia _Every_5_Minutes_Spent_Online_in_Australia?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_camp aign=Feed%3A+comscore+%28comScore%2C+Inc.%29 > The Man Your Man Could Smell Like > John Kearon “DigiVisuals™” > Tsunami in Japan – > 2011 Egypt Riots - > 2011 Chris Church Earthquake - > Joanna Blakey TED talks “Social Media and the end of gender” December 2010 > Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions “Bring the love back” July 2007 > Theo Downes “Can Software-Driven QDA Replace the Seasoned Researcher? “ New virtual MR Festival March 2011 > SSI Webinar “Taming the social Networking Giant” Jan 2011 > Jack Dorsey “My goal is to simplify complexity” Jan 2011 2424