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PURLs, GURLs & Mobile Marketing (Planet Success 2013)

PURLs, GURLs & Mobile Marketing (Planet Success 2013)



Learn how to create high impact marketing campaigns involving highly personalized and highly relevant content across multiple channels. The key is creating a personalized marketing strategy that uses ...

Learn how to create high impact marketing campaigns involving highly personalized and highly relevant content across multiple channels. The key is creating a personalized marketing strategy that uses today's technology to speak to your audiences in the channels they are using. This seminar covers the ins and outs of PURLs, QR Codes, mobile-optimized emails and landing pages, campaign-specific microsites, social media integration, and how to track individual user behavior across each channel. Specific examples of actual campaigns are demonstrated along results and metrics.



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    PURLs, GURLs & Mobile Marketing (Planet Success 2013) PURLs, GURLs & Mobile Marketing (Planet Success 2013) Presentation Transcript

    • PURLS, GURLS & MOBILEMARKETINGIntegrating Today’s Cross-Media ToolsTony FragaCross-Media Gurutony@directdevelopment.com
    • The average person sees 3,000 media messages perDay!
    • Integrated Cross-MediaMarketing“The ability to communicate with anaudience across physical and digitalmedia channels in a consistentmanner that is relevant to theindividual recipient – in content,presentation, timeliness and channel.”
    • Social Media Facts: Social Networks account for 22% of internet time 60% of 18-34 year-olds access Social Networking sitesvia their mobile phone Half of all social media users are between 25 – 44 yearsold THE CHALLENGE: Getting in front of prospects who areNOT connected to your social networks(SOURCES: Nielsen, U.S. Digital Consumer Report, Q3-Q4 2011; eMarketer)
    • Email Facts: 19% of all time spent online is spent reading andresponding to emails. More email will be opened on mobile devices than ondesktops by the end of 2013. iPhone & Android phones account for 90%+ of mobile phoneopens. Triggered messages yielded 75% higher open ratesand 115% higher click rates compared to “BusinessAs Usual” messages in Q3 2012. THE CHALLENGE: Making sure your emails aremobile-optimized(SOURCES: Hubspot; MindJumpers; Epsilon Q3 2012 North American Email Trend Results)
    • Direct Mail Facts: The average household receives 24.7 pieces ofmail/wk 98% of consumers bring in their mail the same day 85% of women ages 25-44 read direct mail 22-24 year olds are most likely to respond to a mailpieceReply Cards Still Work! 10-20% still use BRCto respond to event/program promos THE CHALLENGE: 78% of all people read theirMail over a trash can
    • Mobile Device Facts: 73% of smartphone users use their devices to search theweb 65% expect websites to be as easy to use as oncomputer 73% read email DAILY on smartphone 25-34 year-olds maintain highest smartphone penetration Mobile Responders = 30% of total responders (average) THE CHALLENGE: Making sure your response methodsmake sense for mobile devices
    • Multi-Channel MarketingFacts: Multi-channel marketing outperforms single-channel Multi-channel campaigns generate 2-3x higher response ratesvs. single-channel Multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns are necessary tobreak through the “noise” of 3,000+ daily mediamessages Most multi-channel strategies use variable-datatechnology Many lists offer multi-channel (postal + email) records THE CHALLENGE: Making sure marketing
    • Personalization, Relevance &Simplicity! Must be highly PERSONALIZED and RELEVANT toeach person and audience segment Increase use of Variable-Data Technology in Printand Digital Media “dynamic” instead of “static” communications Call-To-Action must be clear and SIMPLE 1-to-1 messaging vs. 1-to-all
    • Multi-Channel Marketing withVariable-Data TechnologyUses information from a databaseOn-demand, real-time processingVariable Content can be copy and/or graphicsUsed in Print and Digital media
    • Innovative Capabilities withVDP VariablePhotos PersonalizedQR Codes Variable MapsJohn’s QRCodeSally’s QRCode
    • COLUMN L (“PROGRAM”) – this field contains the program interests ofeach prospective student. The program codes “trigger” unique content toprint for each prospect’s postcard. For instance, any person who has“PSYF” (Forensic Psychology) as a program of interest receives thepostcard that contains variable LAYER #10.How VDP Programming Works…
    • John’sMailer(Nursing Version)
    • Sally’sMailer(Education Version)
    • 18
    • Touch #1Personalized MailerPromoting Printedand DigitalViewbooks
    • Touch #2: Email Follow Up to Direct Mail
    • Touch #3: “Last Chance” Email Reminder
    • Using PURLs as the Call-To-ActionCampaign-specific MicrositeLanding Pages are simple and easy tofollowTied to a Database (Platform Driven)Pulls unique data to the userPrimary CTA in Direct Mail, Email, SMS,QR…www.SallySample.MarymountOpenHouse.com
    • PAGE 1: Welcome Page
    • PAGE 2: Survey Page
    • PAGE 3: Pre-Populated Form
    • Tracking John & Sally…Sally proceeds through all pages of Microsite and RSVP’sto eventJohn stops at SurveyPage
    • 30Virtual ViewbooksDemonstration:
    • PURLs Track INDIVIDUAL Activity &Cross-Media EffectivenessDATABASE
    • All Data Can Be Exported to CRM
    • Tips When Using PersonalizedMicrosites Make PURL link the PRIMARY Call-To-Action inboth Direct Mail & Email Do NOT use external links in Microsite (until theend) Remember the “micro” in “Microsite” Use Multi-channel lists (Mail + Email) Time 1st Email within 6 days of when direct mailarrives
    • Variable-Data Technology Drives Marketing StrategyDatabaseTracking Each IndividualM ICROSITEDirect MailTrifoldEmailFollow-Up#1BusinessReply MailRSVPEmailFollow-Up#2Send toFriendsSocial MediaPromotionSMSTextReminderLinkstoMain WebsiteCon rmationEmail
    • Rich Data = Relevant TriggerResponsesTriggered Email after Direct Mail is receivedTriggered Email after responses to MicrositeTriggered SMS Text reminder before eventTriggered SMS Text to Sales Rep
    • Email Follow-up#1 to Sally(sent approx 5days after DirectMail is received).
    • Confirmation Emailto John based onhis unique RSVP oncampaign Microsite
    • Triggered SMS TextMessages
    • QR Codes40
    • Branded vs. Personalized QRCodes
    • Do they work?Mixed results have been reported – here are some commonfindings:1. QR Code usage is still growing2. Approx 55% of those scanning QR Codes are 25-443. Nearly 60% of people prefer to scan at home4. Still being used improperly (directed to non-mobile sites)5. Most potential is to tie in with Personalized URLs6. Typically 3-10% of campaign respondents use the QR Code
    • What will be the Mobile Experiencefor…? iPhone Smartphone Uses same laptop from college Facebook, Twitter & Pinterestuser Uses phone to update socialmedia, check email, andheavy web browsing Has scanned QR Codes to getretail coupons43John Doe Sally Sample Android Smartphone Busy schedule Facebook and LinkedIn user Uses phone mostly to checkemail, play games, and lightweb browsing Has never scanned a QRCode
    • Sally SampleJohn DoeScans QR Codeon SummerProgramsPostcardClicksPURL linkonMembership RenewalEmail
    • Page 1: Mobile-optimized and…
    • …Vertical Scrolling
    • Page 2: Short & Simple RSVP/Survey
    • Page 3: Pre-populated Profile Fields
    • Page 4: Relevant + Socially Integrated
    • NEW! - Mobile-Optimized Email “More email will be opened on mobiledevices than on desktops by the end of2013.” “Responsive Design” is a current best practice already used in mobile web development Similar principles of optimizing content for different devices Does NOT work universally
    • Desktop vs. Mobile-Optimized Email
    • Mobile-Optimized vs. Mobile-Friendly vs. Desktop
    • Better Tracking = BetterDecisions “Multi-channel integration, analytics,and data gathering capabilitiesultimately drive more targeted, cost-efficient marketing programs.” ~Jupiter Research
    • Do You Know… The names and contact info of everyone who visited thewebsite? How many people responded after Email #2? How many people responded on a mobile device? Which in-house list achieved the highest response rate? Which outside list achieved the highest conversion rate? Which people can’t come to your event, but want moreinformation about a your product? (Do you know which product they are most interested in?) How many prospects went to your website vs. your socialmedia page after responding?
    • Comprehensive Statistic #1:56Personalized Microsites will capture 2x asmany names of prospects vs. generic orsingle-channel marketing efforts.
    • Comprehensive Statistic #2:57Response Rates from OUTSIDE sourcesare3x better when renting multi-channelrecords vs. single-channel (postal or emailby itself).
    • Comprehensive Statistic #3:58The amount of campaign respondents whoprefer to respond via a Mobile Device hasincreased 72% since 2011. 2011 = 18% 2013 = 31%
    • Comprehensive Statistic #4:59Prospects who receive variable messagingand relevant content that correspond withtheir interests are much more likely torespond vs. those who receive genericcontent.
    • Multi-Channel vs. Single-ChannelAverage Response Rates when usingPersonalized URLs as the primary call-to-action Direct Mail only = 0.8% Email only = 0.9% Multi-channel (Direct Mail + Email) = 3.4%
    • Cross-Media Strategy for Open House EventDatabaseTracking Each IndividualM ICROSITEDirect MailTrifoldEmailFollow-Up#1BusinessReply MailRSVPEmailFollow-Up#2Send toFriendsSocial MediaPromotionSMSTextReminderLinkstoMain WebsiteCon rmationEmail
    • 3 Benefits of Planning a MarketingAutomation Strategy1. Follow-up marketing communications happen ontime2. Easy to version messages to be more relevant toprospect interests and/or behavior3. Email, SMS Text, Direct Mail and Social Mediacan be setup as automated communications
    • Capturing ALL Interest LevelsPossible Responses to Invitation to an EventYes,I’ll bethere!Maybe,but I’d liketo talknow.Maybe,pleasesend memore info.Can’tmakeit… butI’minterested in yourprograms.I’m notansweringbut I’mcheckingyou out.
    • Possible Responses to Invitation to an EventYes,I’ll bethere!Maybe,but I’d liketo talknow.Maybe,pleasesend memore info.Can’t makeit… but I’minterested inyourprograms.I’m notansweringbut I’mchecking youout.More Interests = More DecisionsAuto EmailConfirmationReminderSMS Text in 2WeeksInvite to nextEventImmediatePhone CallImmediate Follow-upPackage w/ Segment-SpecificInformationGeneralPromotion1 Month
    • PURLS, GURLS & MOBILEMARKETINGIntegrating Today’s Cross-Media ToolsTony FragaCross-Media Gurutony@directdevelopment.comQ & A