Discworld and Time-Lord Uni Special


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Discworld and Time-Lord Uni Special

  1. 1. Discworld and Time-Lord Legacy Uni Special
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Time-Lord Legacy. Things have changed a little, the old neighbourhood wasslowly sinking under glitches and CC I wanted rid of. So I extracted the Time-Lord and Discworld heirsand deleted the neighbourhood.To make my life easier (in the long run) Im starting them off at university. This was originally going tobe a fairly standard Time-Lord chapter with Casanunda in the background, but due to events outsidemy control he gets pretty equal air-time.
  3. 3. Cassandra here is the Time-Lord heir. Shes Virgo with 10 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful and 2nice. So what aspiration did she roll with that personality? Yep romance, with the lifetime want ofwoohooing with 20 sims.
  4. 4. Shes not alone at university. Joining her in the dorm is Casanunda (Cassandra and Casanunda, thatsnot going to get confusing!), the Discworld heir (yes Casanunda has been through uni before, but Iwant to get him back to where he was).Cas is an Aries with 6 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 3 playful and 6 nice. Like Cassie hes a romance simand his lifetime want is also to woohoo with 20 different sims.This is going to be fun!
  5. 5. The first thing they did was buy a cell phone each, and then spend the rest of the day chatting torandom students (I love the campus directory).
  6. 6. Once their relationship was high enough they invited over a couple of those students and startedwork on those LTWs.This is when I got my first taste of having two unrelated romance sims living together - notice that Casis checking out Cassie, not his own date (Cas and Cassie have two bolts for each other btw).
  7. 7. By the end of their dates the pair of them had achieved the first of their twenty woohoos.
  8. 8. By the end of their dates I had also got thoroughly fed up of the dorm. So they moved into a smallhouse dubbed the woohoo shack (quite appropriately).It has two double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen/dining room/living room, this meansthat there isnt anywhere for the dates to wander off to.
  9. 9. Things were much easier in the woohoo shack, and the double dating continued.
  10. 10. Although there were still the odd unwelcome visitors.
  11. 11. Some very odd unwelcome visitors.
  12. 12. While he wasnt on a date Casanunda entertained himself watching the stars, he had some uneasyfeelings about this pursuit (see Brenda and Marions legacy chapters for exactly why), but pushedthem to the back of his mind.
  13. 13. Until the night he was forcefully reminded of what happened last time hed been so fixated on thestars.
  14. 14. Cassandra was not happy to see him being lifted into the sky (although personally I think Cas is worseoff).
  15. 15. She spent the rest of the evening plotting revenge on the aliens who dared mess with her best friend(that would be those 2 nice points coming out).
  16. 16. In the early hours of the morning Cas was returned
  17. 17. And was decidedly less than impressed with the experience.
  18. 18. But despite the trauma he was still a romance sim...
  19. 19. And this is where things deviated from the plan. I play with the sound off I didnt hear the lullaby thatplayed when Cas was returned, but catching this thought bubble had me worried,
  20. 20. and when this happened my fears were confirmed - Cas got pregnant!
  21. 21. Despite their romantic natures Cas and Cassie were surprisingly sweet during the pregnancy (which isjust as well given shes got to have at least three of her own and Id like him to have another couple ofalien spawns too).
  22. 22. Before long it was time for the alien spawn to make its appearance.
  23. 23. Meet Druellae Discworld, she has alien skin and eyes (yay!) and brown hair (I have a multiplepollination technicians hack).Druellae is named after a Dryad that appeared in the very first Discworld book - Colour of Magic. Shehas green skin (which seemed highly appropriate), luminous green eyes that lack pupils and long hairwith a faintly mossy look about it.
  24. 24. Straight after giving birth Cas handed Druellae to Cassie to go on a date with his latest flame.Hed fallen behind while pregnant and wanted to catch up.
  25. 25. After a moment of doubt Cassie became quite attached to little Druellae, and was quite happy to lookafter her while daddy was "busy" (as long as it didnt get in the way of her being "busy" too).
  26. 26. To be fair to Cas, hes actually a pretty great father, I kept having to tear him away from his daughterto pay attention to his current date.
  27. 27. He even became best friends with her while she was still a baby (ok, so that has more to do with thefact that Drue didnt age while living on campus).
  28. 28. Looking at pictures like this (and there are a lot of them that I didnt put in the album), you wouldntthink that this pair were romance (well maybe expect for the fact that Cas is always in his underwear).
  29. 29. Ive actually been pretty amazed at how well behaved this pair have been. When I first moved them intogether I watched their queues like a hawk ready to pounce on any romantic interaction I spotted.
  30. 30. But they never did any, or even rolled a want to do anything. Its not that they dont have chemistry,they have a whole 2 bolts of it (I could probably get them to 3 by changing turn ons). And its not thatthey never interacted, if Id let them they probably would have spent more time with each other thantheir dates. Its just that they kept it purely platonic.
  31. 31. Well maybe Cas did try to take some sneak peaks,
  32. 32. and some of the hugs may have been a good excuse to cop a feel, but other than that they remainedjust friends.
  33. 33. Until the start of senior year when Cas finally made his move.
  34. 34. One little flirt was enough for them to fall in love,
  35. 35. but one little flirt wasnt where it ended.
  36. 36. It ended in the bedroom with their mutual 20th woohoo, making the pair of them perma plat (it alsomeans they have 20 loves each).Casanunda now wants to be a Hall of Famer (just like last time)Cassandra now wants to be a Rock God.
  37. 37. The very next morning it was time for the pair of them to go their separate ways and each form aGreek House that would see many of their descendants through university.
  38. 38. By the time they left the woohoo shack the rose garden was looking pretty impressive (it stayedthere because I couldnt be bothered to work out who owned which bouquet).
  39. 39. Cassandra moved to an empty lot opposite the empty lot that now housed Casanunda and Druellae.By selling off all the gifts she had received over the last three years she was able to build...
  40. 40. ...this. It doesnt look like much right now (it looks even worse on the inside), but itll get better intime.The house is the beginnings of a replica of the old Time-Lord Greek House, I really like it so Imrebuilding it.
  41. 41. To make things easier Cassie invited two of her closest non-love friends to join her in the house. Theone on the sofa is Brittany Something, who will be the placeholder, and the one Cassie is hugging isAmber Thomas who may look familiar and for who I have plans for later.
  42. 42. Amber is a Leo (4,10,4,4,3) and a popularity sim with the life time want of becoming The Law.(Brittany is a romance sim and boring so I dont really care about her)
  43. 43. Not long after moving in (but long enough to have been caught by the coach) Cassie makes the callthat establishes Gallifrey House as the first Greek house on campus. (Casanunda followed closebehind by founding the Tower of Art)
  44. 44. Her trip to campus produced the Greek letter Fruhm as part of their symbol, Ill complete it once herchildren are at uni.
  45. 45. Other than Amber painting her portrait Cassies remaining time at the Greek house was fairlyuneventful. (Dont you just love the contrast between portrait and reality here)
  46. 46. And it wasnt long before Cassie graduated, Summa Cum Laude of course, and was throwing hergraduation bash.
  47. 47. She grew up in an outfit that guarantees I will play her, if only briefly, just to change her clothes.
  48. 48. And then she headed to the main neighbourhood to restart the Time-Lord legacy.Next time Ill be back with the Discworlds and itll be Casanundas turn to tell his story.