Chapter 3 - Oh the Drama


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Chapter 3 - Oh the Drama

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 3 Oh the Drama!
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy, an alphabet legacy inspired by Terry Pratchetts Discworldnovels.This is Angua the 1st generation heiress (who won with 73% of the votes). Shes a family sim with thelifetime want of marrying off 6 children.This chapter will cover Angua and her siblings life at university, usually not the most interesting oftimes, but there is a reason this chapter is called what it is. Now Ill hand over to the heiress herself.
  3. 3. Dear Mum and Dad,Just thought I should write and tell you how were doing at university.
  4. 4. I spent the first few days here alone, but it wasnt long before Agnes and Albert joined me. Wedalways planned on living together through university.
  5. 5. We agreed that rather than living in a dorm wed pool our scholarship money and get a house, laterwe plan to apply for a charter and turn it into a Greek house that many generations of Discworlds willattend. For now it doesnt look like much, but its good enough.
  6. 6. The vast majority of the people here are very friendly, we had quite a welcome to the campus.
  7. 7. Although there were a few idiots who spoiled things a little.
  8. 8. Agnes has taken up painting, shes really very good. The money she makes selling them allows us toafford some luxuries for the house that makes our lives easier.
  9. 9. Things are a bit strained between Albert and me. Hes such a slob, Im forever having to clean up themess he makes in the bathroom. At least he has the decency to apologize for it.[Angua spent most of her time at university furious at Albert, shes an absolute neat-freak (10 neatpoints), and hes a total slob (1 neat point). This meant that whenever he showered he would floodthe whole bathroom, and shed autonomously go and clean it up, and would become furious at him.]
  10. 10. As you know I have declared the Psychology major, Agnes has declared Biology, and Albert is doingDrama.Im working very hard and currently have a perfect 4.0 GPA. Agnes and Albert are also doing well.For the most part everything is going smoothly.
  11. 11. The computer breaks occasionally, but Im becoming quite adept at fixing it. We all got Freshers Flu[what the nasty cold all Freshers seem to get when they start university] at the beginning of the year,but it soon passed and didnt interfere with our studies too much.Ill write again soon.Love Angua[They did all get flu, it was because of the fact that Angua is such a neat-freak, shed take somethingto the trash can autonomously, Id give her a command so shed drop the rubbish where she was anddo what I told her to. The house soon had roaches, and of course everyone got sick because of them.]
  12. 12. Dear Mum and Dad,We now live in a Greek house. Albert rang up and applied for a charter and we were accepted.
  13. 13. [I decided to name the house jointly with my sims. Albert bought back the Hoh and I provided theCham.]
  14. 14. Dont worry that all I am doing is working. My social life is fairly active (not as active as Alberts butyou know what hes like).
  15. 15. Ive made a couple of special friends, but no one that I want to settle down with.[The guy is Dominic Bear, hes cute , but she only has one bolt of chemistry with him, so hes a standby in case the man I have in mind for her doesnt work out.]
  16. 16. [Now that they live in a Greek House there is always at least one pizza on the lot. Later they eased upon the pizza, but started bringing home desks. By the time they graduated, there were 5 desks on thelot - 1 I bought and 4 they fetched from campus, Id love to know who theyre stealing them from.]
  17. 17. I think Albert has found a special someone. Her name is Jenna. I believe they met on campus when hewas on the way back from class. At the moment they seem inseparable, and very sweet. He tells meits serious and he plans on asking her to marry her someday soon.Love Angua
  18. 18. Dear Mum and Dad,Weve started taking on pledges. The first pledge was a cheerleader named Christa, weve known herfor a while as she was one of the ones to welcome us when we first moved here.
  19. 19. Agnes has taken quite a liking to Christa, shes been spending a lot of time with her recently and hasasked that we invite Christa to join us in living in the Greek house as soon as she is a full member.
  20. 20. While she is mostly a very pleasant girl Christa doesnt get on with everyone.
  21. 21. She and the cow mascot are firm enemies, I just hope it wont cause any trouble once she joins us.The cow will never be a member of this Greek house. Hes made trouble here since we moved in.
  22. 22. Agnes and Christa do almost everything together, I wonder if theres more going on there than shelladmit to.Sorry for the briefness of the letter, but Im quite busy with pledges.Love Angua
  23. 23. Dear Mum and Dad,I was right, Agnes has proposed to Christa. Im very happy for them, they make such a sweet couple.As soon as they graduate they plan to buy a house together and get married.
  24. 24. Our second pledge was Jenna, Alberts girlfriend, shell also be moving in with us when shes a fullmember.
  25. 25. To celebrate Christa moving in and her and Agnes engagement we had a small dance party. It alsogave us a chance to meet Christas replacement.
  26. 26. Things are always lively and eventful on campus, there is always someone new to meet. Sometimes Ineed a break from it all though, you know Im not the most outgoing person in the world, when I doneed a break I can always find somewhere on campus just to sit and think.
  27. 27. It seems that cheerleaders and cow mascots just dont get on. Christas replacement also has an issuewith the cow.
  28. 28. Not to be out done by Agnes, Albert proposed to Jenna as soon as she moved in.
  29. 29. Of course she said yes. They now plan to move in together after university, Albert will startestablishing the businesses he wants, while Jenna will work to provide him with money in the earlystages.
  30. 30. We have another new member as well named Joel. To celebrate the expansion of the house wedecided to throw a toga party.
  31. 31. But then you know all this, you were there after all. I hope you had fun.Love Angua
  32. 32. Dear Mum and Dad,Things havent been going so well around here lately. Agnes and Christa have been fighting. I thinktheres been some misunderstanding about that cow mascot, I cant understand it myself.
  33. 33. They are trying to make up, but its going to take a while as they are both furious at each other.
  34. 34. [I have no clue what actually happened. I was controlling Albert when I saw the cheating symbols goflying above Agnes head, Chris (the cow) head, and a drama professors head. When I checked thememories, Agnes has a memory of catching Chris cheating, this I dont understand as her relationshipwith Chris has always been negative. The drama professor also caught someone cheating, but that Iknow about from reading other peoples legacies.]
  35. 35. [This caused Christas relationship with Agnes to drop like a stone, and made her furious. When I wastrying to get them to make up the drama professor slapped Christa for cheating on him (this isnt toomuch of a mystery, its a drama professor thing).]
  36. 36. [Later the cheating symbols went up again, this time it was Christa who got the memory. This causedAgnes relationship with her to plummet, and so they are both furious at each other, and theirrelationship is in negatives.]
  37. 37. [Chris (the cow) also decided to attack Agnes (and won), this means that just about everyone in thehouse is furious at Chris.]
  38. 38. [I am not giving up on this couple, they are so cute together and they started flirting autonomouslywhich is why I set them up. Its going to take some work, but they will be in love again!I have no idea why all this happened, but it certainly made university interesting for a change. I doknow that that cow is going to die. Mwhahahahah!!Sorry got a bit carried away there.]
  39. 39. [All the drama meant that Agnes social score dropped to nothing and I saw my first ever social bunny]
  40. 40. [What I want to know is why Angua is furious at herself!]
  41. 41. It seems no one likes the cow mascot that is always hanging around the house. He got into a big fightwith a llama mascot, he lost but I doubt hell leave us alone.
  42. 42. Agnes was so pleased to see the cow humiliated (she hates him because of what he did to herrelationship with Christa), that she invited him to pledge.Albert and Agnes have changed their major, Agnes is now doing economics, and Albert is doingPhilosophy. We are all doing well on our courses so you have no need to worry.Love Angua
  43. 43. Dear Mum and Dad,Youll be glad to know that Agnes and Christa have made up, and their plans for a house and a familyare still on.We all graduated, although none of us got top honours, all that drama with the cow mascot affectedour revision.
  44. 44. Albert got a 3.7, hell be moving back to the neighbourhood and start setting up a home businesswhile waiting for Jenna to graduate.
  45. 45. Agnes was worst affected by the drama and only got a 3.2. She will be setting up a home near Albert,and will be getting it ready for Christa to move in a start a family (she says shes found a way twowomen (or two men) can have children together).
  46. 46. I graduated with a 3.9, so close to perfect, but never mind.
  47. 47. Ill be home soon, I cant wait to meet this man who you say should be perfect for me.
  48. 48. See you very soon (maybe before this letter arrives)Love Angua
  49. 49. I will be creating a painting of every heir to attend the Greek house. to hang on the walls of the house.Thanks for reading. Come back next time to see who Angua will marry, and see them make a start onher many children.None of the custom content is made by me, so thanks to all those who did make it, the game wouldntbe the same without it.Oh and that cow will die!!!!!