Chapter 14 - Teens Everywhere


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Chapter 14 - Teens Everywhere

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 14 Teens Everywhere
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy. Like the Time-Lords the Discworlds have movedneighbourhoods and have a new house to go with it. Ill do a quick reintroduction to the family, dropin with the kids at university and then Ill hand over to Casanunda to continue telling his story.
  3. 3. The current head of the household is Casanunda Discworld, hes a romance sim who originallycompleted the woohoo with 20 different sims lifetime want at university, twice (something I wont bedoing for him again). His personality is much more fitting for the romance life than Cassandras -highly outgoing and reasonably nice.He is married to Amber, a former young adult townie who is also best friends with Cassandra Time-Lord. Amber is a popularity sim and a default Leo.Casanundas oldest children (by alien abduction) are at university so Ill get to them in a minute.
  4. 4. The oldest kid still at home is Dibbler (at the back obviously). He is a popularity sim like his motherand, like both parents, has full outgoing points. His life time want is to own 5 level 10 businesses, anextremely annoying desire but its so fitting for his name-sake that I will be attempting it.The kid in front of Dibbler is Dios the next oldest, Dios also has the family outgoing points.
  5. 5. Next in line is Dorfl, Casanundas third and youngest child by alien abduction (as you can see Ivechanged default alien skin as well). Hes adorable but has inherited the majority of his facial featuresfrom his alien parent, he also has full outgoing points.
  6. 6. The baby of the family is Dee who, guess what, also has full outgoing points.
  7. 7. Now to the oldest children. First up is Druellae, Drue was actually born at university and was doted onby both Cas and Cassandra. She has a very polarised personality - full points in neat, outgoing (ofcourse) and active and no points in playful or nice.Currently in her second year at university shes living with the girlfriend she’s had since she was ateenager, Viola, in a house that will become the new Discworld Greek House.
  8. 8. Last but not least is Detritus, hes only just moved to university and is going to spend his first year in adorm before moving in with his sister. Detritus is a Wealth sim who wants to become The Law (quitefitting really), he is the only one in the family not to have full outgoing points (but he still has six ofthem).
  9. 9. Before he even had a chance to change his clothes he met one of the self-sims I had only just addedto my game. This is Rachel, aka catharsist316 on SiMania and the official site, she writes the PollettLegacy.
  10. 10. She didnt exactly seem impressed with Detritus though.
  11. 11. Not far behind Rachel came Katie (ilovereecee - who wrote the now complete Haven Legacy), shespent most of her time pulling pranks on poor Detritus
  12. 12. Detritus‘s first aim was to earn enough money to pay for a date from the matchmaker.
  13. 13. Because he wasnt really having much luck with the women in the dorm.
  14. 14. After his first set of exams Detritus called up the matchmaker
  15. 15. With the money hed made from painting and getting on the Deans list he was able to afford to paythe full $5,000 while still retaining enough money to pay the bills.
  16. 16. The gypsy promised him that for that amount she would find his perfect match (or nearly perfectanyway).
  17. 17. And she summoned Eva Tsvirkunov (Russian sounding name + Hawaiian outfit = strange).
  18. 18. Shes a perceptive sim and immediately spotted that there was something strange about Detritus.
  19. 19. But didnt seem that put out about his alien heritage.
  20. 20. The two of them have three bolts so it wasnt exactly surprising that the date moved pretty quickly.
  21. 21. By the end of the evening Detritus had finally achieved his first kiss
  22. 22. and was deeply in love with Eva.
  23. 23. Meanwhile the next Discworld Greek house was beginning to take shape (not that its a Greek houseyet).
  24. 24. Drue and Viola were studying
  25. 25. and playing hard.
  26. 26. And Drue tended to forget to get dressed.
  27. 27. With another year out of the way (everyone passing with 4.0s) Detritus moved in with his sister andher girlfriend ready for the next sibling to join them, and Drue still hasnt got dressed.Thats it for university for now, Ill be returning throughout the chapter though, so its over toCasanunda.
  28. 28. Hello again, welcome to the new house, Ill give you a quick tour before I start telling you about whatsbeen going on recently.
  29. 29. On the ground floor theres a large hallway with seating area for when you just want to relax andwatch the telly or read a book. Coming off the hallway theres a large kitchen and dinning room thathas plenty of space for the entire family. Theres also a music room, three bathrooms and Deesnursery which can be altered to fit two (but that wont be needed until my son returns fromuniversity). The two empty rooms which you can see will later become a study and a second masterbedroom.
  30. 30. Upstairs is the master suite [top right] consisting of a sitting room, bathroom and bedroom. There arealso three large rooms which should be plenty enough to contain a small army of children.The house also has an attached garage which can hold two cars, but given theres space for fouroutside itll probably be converted into a workshop or something.
  31. 31. As soon as we moved in Amber was on the computer looking for a position in law, she quickly foundone as a Personal Injury Attorney. None of the other jobs on offer were my sort of thing and as we hadsome money left over from the move I decided to be a stay-at-home-dad for a bit.
  32. 32. Both Dorfl and Dios love the new music room, it was incredibly difficult to tear them away from theinstruments that first day.[Sheesh those instruments are attractive, I ended up having to keep the door to the music roomlocked most of the time or they do nothing else.]
  33. 33. The next day Amber had her first day at work and the kids were at school; during Dees nap I invitedover a lovely young women that had been in the group that welcomed us to the new house.
  34. 34. We had a great deal of fun, the kind of fun that I would never tell Amber or the kids about.
  35. 35. But I can assure you that once Dee woke I spent the rest of the day with her, she even said her firstword while we were playing.
  36. 36. Amber arrived home in time to give little Dee one last cuddle
  37. 37. because it was time for her to become a child.
  38. 38. Shes a very sweet little girl with a definite fondness for the colour pink, at first she shared a roomwith Dios and Dorfl but when Dibbler moved out we redecorated his room for her, but Im gettingahead of myself.
  39. 39. A few days later I bumped into Cassandra again, we hadnt spoken in a while but the chemistry wasdefinitely still there.
  40. 40. I invited her in for a chat and a chance to reconnect.
  41. 41. With the house empty we very quickly moved into the bedroom.
  42. 42. Where we stayed until just before it was time for Dibbler to get home.
  43. 43. Now, I may be a romance sim but I definitely dont neglect my family, every evening I spend qualitytime with them making sure they understood their homework and werent having any trouble atschool.
  44. 44. Before I knew it yet another of my children was becoming a teenager.
  45. 45. This time of course it was Dibbler who changed from a little boy
  46. 46. into a teenager, one step closer to becoming an adult.
  47. 47. Once the others had gone to bed he pulled he aside and told me he wanted to be just like me - a Hallof Famer surrounded by fans, especially female fans. (Im just glad he didnt know what Id been like atuniversity, Im not sure I could take one of my children being that much like me).[Yep, Dios is a Romance sim with the life time want of becoming a Hall of Famer.]
  48. 48. I still hadnt found a job by this point and with the kids off at school all day I had nothing better to dothan entertain friendly passers by.
  49. 49. A lot of whom seemed to be women, it seems that my university reputation still circulates on campus(Im actually quite amazed Amber never heard it).
  50. 50. And Ive never been one to disappoint.
  51. 51. Far too soon after Dios grew up it was Dorfls turn.
  52. 52. I dont know what he wished when he stepped up to those candles, I just hope it nothing like the one Imade at his age.
  53. 53. Hes a very handsome teen, and to my relief seems to be nothing like me at all.
  54. 54. Hed much rather spend his time with a book than with a girl.[Dorfl is a Knowledge sim with the life time want of becoming a Space Pirate]
  55. 55. Though he does have his silly moments, playing in the bathtub is his favourite way to unwind.
  56. 56. With both his little brothers teenagers Dibbler decided it was time to leave for university.
  57. 57. Dee especially was sad to see her big brother leave, she was only young when Druellae and Detritusleft so she didnt really notice them go. Although she was very happy to finally have a room of herown.
  58. 58. [In case youre wondering where the others were when Dibbler left, Dorfl was getting himself a drink(I knew Id regret buying that bar), but at least he was in the same room]
  59. 59. [Cas and Amber were too busy woohooing to see Dibbler off.Im trying an experiment, each sim I send to university will narrate their year, let me know if its tooconfusing.]
  60. 60. I arrived at university with a bald head and an outfit that was presentable but way too old, maybesomething Id wear in ten years or something.
  61. 61. But before I could get a makeover I was distracted by the cook trying to burn down the cafeteria.
  62. 62. Once the fire was out I found a change of clothes and correct the problem with my hair.
  63. 63. I immediately got to work on my term paper to get it out of the way, that way I could concentrate onhaving fun and finding a girlfriend.
  64. 64. I know that Detritus had used a matchmaker to find his true love but I quickly got the feeling that Iwouldnt be needing to go that route.
  65. 65. After a couple of days of always finding her in the same room as me I decided it was time to either puther off or start a relationship.[Check out the faces of the dormies in the background, I find them highly amusing]
  66. 66. I found out that her names Mackenzie and shes fancied me from the moment I moved into the dormbut was too shy to say anything.
  67. 67. It turns out weve got a lot in common and we started going out.
  68. 68. It didnt take long for me to realise that Mackenzie was the girl for me
  69. 69. and for the rest of the time I lived in the dorm we were inseparable.
  70. 70. Far too soon it was time for the end of semester exams, which I passed of course, and I moved intothe house with Drue, Detritus and Viola.
  71. 71. Drue and Viola are still madly in love of course.
  72. 72. As is Detritus.
  73. 73. He invited Eva over for a special date (the rest of us had to make ourselves scarce for the duration).
  74. 74. We found out later that Detritus had proposed to Eva that evening
  75. 75. which she, naturally, accepted (I dont think a Discworld has been turned down yet, lets just hope Ihavent jinxed myself).
  76. 76. Detritus also told us that just after he proposed dad rang to "check up" on us, I wonder who blabbed,wasnt me because I didnt even know he was going to do it.
  77. 77. I doubt Detritus let dad ruin his date, he seemed pretty happy when we got back.
  78. 78. Near the end of the year I applied for a charter for a Greek house
  79. 79. which was granted, like there was ever any doubt.
  80. 80. After that the end of the year came pretty quickly. We all passed the exams and moved into the nextyear, Drue and Viola only have one year left now, theyll have graduated by the time Dees old enoughto join us.[Thats it from Dibbler, back to Casanunda]
  81. 81. After Dibbler left for university I finally found a job I could enjoy - I started as a Concert Pianist buthave since abandoned the classical stuff and become a Rock God, theres nothing like beingsurrounded by adoring fans all night.
  82. 82. Dios has been finding his feet in the romance department, he brought home a pretty redhead fromschool.
  83. 83. He didnt waste much time getting to know her
  84. 84. and quickly got his first kiss.
  85. 85. I may not be that keen on my son following in my footsteps but Im pretty proud that hes inheritedthe Discworld charm.
  86. 86. This last weekends been pretty quiet, the boys were busy preparing to go away to university and Deewas keen to emulate them.
  87. 87. Even Dibbler got in on the studying, joining Dorfl in a game of chess.
  88. 88. Although once that was finished he spent the rest of the weekend practising his romantic skills in themirror.
  89. 89. Finished with the books Dorfl moved onto the barre
  90. 90. and Dee followed him into the music room to practise her scales, shes going to be devastated whenthe boys leave.
  91. 91. Even Amber was working on her skills this weekend. Shed found an old book of pictures that includedsome photos of my ancestors and since wed lost the portraits that had been done when we movedshe took it upon herself to repaint them.
  92. 92. All the studying over the weekend paid off - the very next day she was at work Amber was promotedback to being The Law, making her very happy once again.[Amber re-achieved her perma platinum status]
  93. 93. And then it was time for Dees birthday
  94. 94. A bittersweet moment - the last of my children to reach their teenage years, soon the house would beempty except for myself and Amber.
  95. 95. Dee grew into a beautiful young woman who seems only interested in having fun, I can hardly criticiseher, I remember what I was like at that age. But woe betide any male who treats her badly!
  96. 96. Her obsession with pink is still going strong, as is her love of music. Shes also discovered a newpassion - food, shes taken to spending any free time left in the kitchen experimenting withingredients.[Dee is a Pleasure sim who wants to become a Celebrity Chef]
  97. 97. The night she grew up the boys took their leave. So its just the three of us now and soon therell betwo.
  98. 98. Thats it for this chapter, next time Dee will leave home and the D generation will get throughuniversity.