Chapter 13 - Mostly Birthdays


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Chapter 13 - Mostly Birthdays

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 13 Mostly Birthdays
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy. Sorry for the long delay, I got a little distracted by university(the real thing), on the plus side Ive now graduated and dont have anything serious to do untilOctober so hopefully updates will be a little more frequent (but then Ive said that before).The quality of this update may go down in the second half because Im writing it over three monthsafter actually playing and so Im not always quite sure what I was going to say.Anyway when I left off Casanunda had three children - Druellae and Detritus the alien spawn andDibbler with his wife Amber.
  3. 3. Hi there, its me again Casanunda Discworld.As you can see things have changed around here since last we spoke, but lets start from where I leftoff - Druellae was a teenager, Detritus a child and Dibbler a toddler.
  4. 4. Things went as expected for a while - promotions happened, money came in and the house tookshape.
  5. 5. Before long it was time for Dibbler to join Detritus as a child.
  6. 6. At the time we celebrated what we thought was the end of the toddler years (well at least until thegrandchildren).
  7. 7. The boys got on extremely well, I think Detritus was glad to have a playmate his own age again.
  8. 8. He was certainly working hard in school and was quickly bring home As like his big sister everyday
  9. 9. And what about Drue?Well, Ill admit I was a little worried at first when she showed no interest at all in the neighbourhoodboys. In fact she seemed positively disgusted by the thought of any kind of romance with them.
  10. 10. It was only when she came home with one of her female classmates that I realised that she had morein common with me and my mothers than Id thought.
  11. 11. Admittedly her ideas of romance were a little odd at first (something she probably got from hergrandmother).
  12. 12. But after some subtle pointers she was soon sweeping her off her feet.Things progressed from there and Druellae and Viola were soon dating.
  13. 13. I cant help but feeling that Drue was a little more aware of what was going on when she was a babythan I gave her credit for - shes certainly got the moves down.[I really need to move my sims around more when theyre on a date - I dont think this pair movedfrom the one spot until the date was over.]
  14. 14. Unlike me Druellae is quite happy to commit herself to one sim only and Viola quickly became aregular at the house and happily befriended the rest of the family.
  15. 15. The only dark spot during this time was something that happened at work. It turns out that one of thewomen I had a fling with didnt realise that that was all it was. I tried explaining it to her, I really did,but it didnt seem to help. After I became a coach she managed to get a position on the same teamand kept following me around everywhere.
  16. 16. Every time I was promoted I hoped I would be free of her but it did no good. Even when I reached theHall of Fame she was still right there.The final straw came when she invited herself into my home and tried to get close to the children.
  17. 17. Rather than cause a fuss, which would draw far too much attention, I decided to change career. Ifound myself a job in Show Business, I will admit that dropping my mothers name may have helpedwith that, and have been climbing the ladder ever since.[Seriously this woman came home from work with Casanunda four days in a row before I got him tochange his job. I really didnt want him ruining his marriage and I want to use her genes in the legacyat some point.]
  18. 18. Now, Im sure you remember what I said last time we spoke about there being no more children...I really shouldnt say things like that!
  19. 19. Things had been progressing well with the house and wed bought a new bed in preparation. Perhapswe were just a little too enthusiastic testing it out.
  20. 20. When Amber first started feeling ill we wrote it off as a stomach bug, after all wed been usingprotection, there was no reason to think otherwise.
  21. 21. It as only when Ambers stomach expanded that we were forced to accept that we would be parentsagain.After the shock had worn off we were actually quite pleased. After all wed already raised three tochildhood, heck Id looked after Drue for quite a while on my own, one more couldnt hurt.
  22. 22. Funny how things never quite turn out how you expect them to.After the discussion with Amber I needed to clear my head so I took a walk outside. I found myselfoddly attracted to the telescope I had bought Drue for her birthday.
  23. 23. They say that alien abductions are a once in a lifetime experience, they say youll be extremely lucky ifyou even know someone who has met aliens. Well I say theyre wrong!
  24. 24. This made my fourth visit to an alien spaceship (once as a teen, once in college, once via the dancesphere, and now once again).
  25. 25. I suppose I should feel flattered that Im so attractive to those green beings, but I just feel violated.
  26. 26. I tried at first to pretend that nothing had happened, that we were still only expecting one newaddition to the household.
  27. 27. But it soon became all too obvious that I had been impregnated again.
  28. 28. At least there would be plenty of space for the two new additions, as I mentioned earlier thestructure of the house was finished and we had moved what little furniture we had in.
  29. 29. It was certainly sparse, but we had everything we needed to raise the children.
  30. 30. It wasnt long before Amber went into labour.[I know this looks like the old house, thats because it is, it just works better this way.]
  31. 31. Producing our second boy Dios, he looked identical to Dibbler at that age, but then I suppose thatsinevitable given Amber and my genetics.[Dios is the slightly insane High Priest of Djelibeybi who never ages. He lives in a Valley which he rulesover with the same laws he began with, 7000 years previously. Kings come and go, but Dios remains,and interprets everything for them so that nothing changes. His agelessness is explained by his visitsto the Necropolis. He appears in the novel Pyramids]
  32. 32. We both took full advantage of the time we had with Dios as the only baby in the house knowing fullwell it wouldnt be long until there were two.
  33. 33. But before that it was time for Detritus to join his sister as a teenager (and I breathed a secret sigh ofrelief as there would be another set of hands to help out with the babies).
  34. 34. Detritus grew into a handsome young man.
  35. 35. Growing up as he has in such cramped conditions and with so little stuff he decided his aim in life wasto obtain as much wealth as possible and in doing so become a force for justice.[Aka Detritus is a wealth sim with the life time want of becoming The Law]
  36. 36. The very next day I felt the all too familiar pains of labour
  37. 37. It seemed to take forever but at the end I was holding my new born son Dorfl.[Dorfl is one of the old golems baked from clay. He collaborated with several other old golems inmaking a golem king, hoping that the king might lead them out of slavery, this failed but one resultwas Dorfl owning himself and thus being free. He then joined the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, and isthe forces first "ceramic policeman". He is an atheist, and resistant to thunderbolts and hellfires (veryimportant in a world where gods tend to throw thunderbolts around).]
  38. 38. Drue especially was quite taken with her new baby brother. Its funny really, each of my alien childrenhas been progressively less alien in their colouring - Drue with nothing from me, Detritus with myeyes and now Dorfl with my eyes and my red hair.[Dorfl is half-sibling to the rest as he has a different alien parent]
  39. 39. Time passes quickly with two babies to take care of and it was soon Dios birthday.
  40. 40. Of course toddlers are even more of a handful to take care of but theyre more fun, and closer tochildhood.
  41. 41. Dios was a very playful and talkative child, however unlike his siblings hes far more content to remainin one place while he plays, I dont have to chase him all over the house at least.[Dios is a Taurus - 6 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 10 playful and 6 nice]
  42. 42. As I had taught Dibbler most of his toddler skills Amber took her turn with Dios and was thrilled whenhis first word was Mamma.
  43. 43. Then it was time for my little green Dorfl to age.
  44. 44. For that his colouring was more like mine than Detritus his features were quite alien, although Imsure I can see some of myself in him.
  45. 45. In personality hes proved to be very similar to Dios - outgoing and playful but laid back.[Dorfl is a Libra - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 9 playful and 7 nice]
  46. 46. I took great delight in teaching my son everything he needed to know for a good life.
  47. 47. And perhaps some things that would just make life more fun.[I know this was ages ago but at this point I had just got Freetime (as soon as it came out which tellsyou just how long ago I played this) and this was the first thing I did with it - so cute!]
  48. 48. Meanwhile Detritus was proving himself to be a responsible and hardworking young man (so unlikemyself when I was that age) and had reached the top of his teen career.
  49. 49. And my other kids were growing up before my eyes, next was Dibbler.
  50. 50. He became yet another handsome young man (but what do you expect, theyve got my genes) whowanted to become a successful entrepreneur, but I got the feeling that he was less interested in themoney and more in the people hed meet in the process.[Dibbler rolled popularity and his life time want is to own 5 top level businesses. Normally I curse himbut its so fitting for the character hes named after Ill give it a go]
  51. 51. Next up it was Dios turn to become a little more independent.
  52. 52. As a child he is still as happy and laid back as he was as a toddler, I admit its kind of a relieve afterchasing after Drue, Detritus and Dibbler [all 9 or 10 active]
  53. 53. And then it was time for my youngest son to age. Ive always felt the closest to Dorfl for some reason,maybe its because hes the only one with my hair.
  54. 54. I felt kinda sad when I took him to his cake - the last of my toddlers.
  55. 55. But I cant stop time and so my little green guy became a little bigger.
  56. 56. Hes still just as creative as he was as a toddler and loves to draw.
  57. 57. But his true passion is music and dance
  58. 58. Something that Amber loves to encourage him in
  59. 59. In fact hes getting so good he was invited to join a special club, although at the moment hes onlyallowed to go if one of us accompanies him.
  60. 60. Meanwhile it was time for my oldest child and only daughter to leave for university. Ill let her lettersspeak for whats been going on there so far.
  61. 61. Hi, dad, Ive reached uni fine, the dorm isnt bad, bit basic though, I might investigate the Greek Houseyou set up when you were a student. I wonder what Im going to have to do to gain entry.
  62. 62. Anyway, Ive been meeting lots of really cool people
  63. 63. Its kinda weird to be surrounded by people that arent family.Ive got my first class in ten minutes so Ill write more latter.Bye
  64. 64. Hi dad, I got fed up of the dorm, no one has any sense of privacy.I called up your old Greek house to see if I could get in and guess what, they said I was a foundingmember and so had automatic membership.[This amused me greatly, Drue was of course born at university and was there when Casanundafounded the Greek house. I hadnt realised that she would be considered still a member after havinglived in the main neighbourhood since Cas graduated.]
  65. 65. Ive been spending a lot of time around campus recently, you know, trying to meet someone special.But so far Ive had no luck. Theyve all been too dumb
  66. 66. or too ugly
  67. 67. or just not quite right, I know exactly what I want and I just cant find it.Anyway, thats enough for know. Bye
  68. 68. Guess what dad. I found her!!!I know what I was looking for in my perfect woman - Viola.
  69. 69. She turned up at the greek house the other day to try and become a member, I dont know if sherealised I was running it or not.
  70. 70. Of course I let her in with minimal of entry tasks (I wasnt going to let even her get in completelyfreely).
  71. 71. So shes living here now which is great, were having so much fun together.Bye
  72. 72. Dear dad,Got through first year with perfect grades, so wheres that check you promised me?Drue
  73. 73. It was not long after Druellae left for university that I got the shock of my life...again!I mean how am I meant to get sad about my kids growing up when we keep having more of them!![Funnily enough this is the only baby this generation that I actively tried for. Ive already got my heir, Ijust really wanted Amber to have a girl.]
  74. 74. The time seemed to fly past (I kept well clear of the telescope this time) and it wasnt long beforeAmber was giving birth for what had better be the last time.
  75. 75. It was harder on her this time than before, probably because were not as young as we used to be.
  76. 76. But eventually she was holding our last baby (and I really mean it this time), our daughter Dee.[Dee is the jarahkhaga (Ideas-taster) of the Low King, she appears in The Fifth Elephant]
  77. 77. Dees babyhood passed uneventfully and she was soon ready to transition to toddlerhood
  78. 78. She turned out to be just as outgoing as the other children, like Dios and Dorfl she a calm child andhas the same serious streak as Druellae and Dibbler.[Dee is a Leo (like her parents) - 6 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 4 playful and 3 nice. It says somethingabout this family that Detritus with 6 outgoing points is the shyest of the lot, everyone else has thefull 10 points.]
  79. 79. Everyone adores Dee and is constantly flocking to take care of her.[Dee looks a lot better with hair]
  80. 80. Although she was a complete surprise I think Amber is very glad she finally had a girl and I certainlywouldnt give up any of my children now I have them.I do sometimes wish I hadnt been chosen as heir, just think I could be living in a bachelor padsomewhere with nothing to do but woohoo ::sigh::[Nice dream Cas but it is a very rare sim that doesnt breed when Im in charge, they have to be bothugly and boring, and Cas isnt either.]
  81. 81. Even Dorfl who had got used to being the baby of the family couldnt help loving Dee.
  82. 82. And then it was time for the next of my children to leave the nest as Detritus headed off for university.
  83. 83. The house really is getting emptier now and there wont be any babies to replace the ones that leaveuntil the heir comes home, and this time I wont be forced to take back those words.[Cas and Amber are now too old for more pregnancies, although Ill probably keep them frombecoming elders until the heir moves home]
  84. 84. Thats it for this time, in the next Discworld update the children will continue to grow up and leavehome and there will be more college days (in carefully rationed portions).