Chapter 12 - Green and Pink


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Chapter 12 - Green and Pink

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 12 Green and Pink
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy.Last time you saw Casanunda he had just completed his lifetime want of woohooing with 20 differentsims while at university.That chapter was narrated by me (as it also concerned Cassandra Time-Lord) but I will now handoverto Casanunda to tell his story.[As ever this is me speaking]
  3. 3. Hello, my name is Casanunda Discworld, but then Im sure you all know that, Ive got quite thereputation around here.Ive been quite busy since I graduated (with 3.7 thanks to an administrative error), Im sure youll wantto hear all about it.
  4. 4. After graduation I moved onto a huge empty lot with my daughter Druellae. You do know about mydaughter dont you?Good, I really dont like to think about how I got her - bad memories.
  5. 5. Thanks to my foresight (and my great grandfathers diaries) I had saved all the gifts I was given at uni.Selling them provided enough money to build a small house (I was especially glad to be rid of thosetelescopes ::shudder::).
  6. 6. It was hardly the mansion I grew up in but at least it didnt have paparazzi beating down the doortrying to get a glimpse of my mother, and she wonders why I moved. Anyway, it had three rooms,basic but enough for the two of us and much better than trying to raise an infant on the lawn.
  7. 7. I even had enough money left over for some new clothes - a guys got to look his best for the ladies.
  8. 8. Speaking of the ladies, it didnt take long before I christened my new double bed [Less than 24 hours].
  9. 9. Things were rather quiet until it was time for Druellaes birthday.
  10. 10. She grew into an adorable (if I do say so myself) toddler, although she does seem to get much of herlook from her other parent.
  11. 11. My Druellae isnt just gorgeous shes smart too. It took barely anytime before she said her first wordsand after that I could hardly get a moments quiet.
  12. 12. She learnt to walk not long after learning to talk, which meant that for the rest of her toddlerhood Ihad a talkative shadow. *Sigh* I love my kids but I sure miss peace and quiet.
  13. 13. Things werent all good, thanks to a silly decision (not on my part) I got fired from my job as aHypnotist.
  14. 14. Rather than getting a new job straight away I decided to wait until a position in my dream career[Athletics] became available.While I was waiting I spent a lot of time playing on a gift from one of dates. I was getting quite good atit.
  15. 15. Until the day when...well Im not really sure what happened.
  16. 16. All I know for sure is that several hours passed in the space of what felt like seconds. Thankfully Idhired a nanny for Drue (she wasnt very happy about how long I was gone for).After that I stopped playing in the dance sphere it reminded me too much of the other time...
  17. 17. The day after my abduction Drue became a child. I was pretty relieved to tell you the truth, Id beenfeeling so lethargic and nauseous it has hard to look after her properly.
  18. 18. She grew into a beautiful little girl. She reminds me of my mother (Brenda that is not Marion) in someways. Theyre both very confident and never afraid to speak out, even if it might hurt someone.Druellaes a lot more energetic than mum though, shes quite a handful.[Druellae is an Aries with a very extreme personality - 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful and 0nice]
  19. 19. That day also confirmed what Id been terrified about since the abduction. Id been hoping that Idpicked up a bug somewhere, but no, I was pregnant again.
  20. 20. Druellae was very excited about her new little brother or sister and I was glad about that. But secretlyI was petrified. It was bad enough the first time, but at least then I had Cassie to help me out whileDrue was a baby, and I only had her to worry about. This time I would have the new baby and Drue tolook after.
  21. 21. By monday I knew I was in trouble, I could barely support Drue and me, let alone another baby. Druewas having to share the bed with me at night (yes I washed the sheets), and there was simply noroom or money for another child.
  22. 22. I did know one way that I could solve the problem, even if it did involve making the biggest sacrifice aromance sim could make - commitment.As it happened there was one sim who had tempted me at uni (actually there were two but I hadalways know Cassie was off limits) so I rang her up and invited her over.
  23. 23. Im not quite sure what Amber thought of the place or of my proposal.
  24. 24. But whatever it was it didnt seem to put her off and we married quickly and quietly.
  25. 25. [Amber is a popularity sim with the life time want of becoming The Law. She is a standard Leo - 4 neat,10 outgoing, 4 active, 4 playful and 3 nice]
  26. 26. The money that Amber brought with her was enough to build a second story on our shack.
  27. 27. This meant we could add a second bathroom to the downstairs where the bedroom used to be.
  28. 28. The second floor had the bedrooms - a double and two singles, hopefully thatll be enough until wecan afford to build a bigger house.
  29. 29. Having Amber was a lot better than I feared it would be. She and Druellae got on straight away and Ithink its been good for Drue to have another female around.
  30. 30. Come to think of it Amber was the first woman I dated after giving birth to Druellae [she was also thethird member of Gallifrey House].
  31. 31. And it was nice to actually sleep in the bed with someone not just woohoo in it.[Cas and Amber are really sweet together she (and Cassie) are the only sims that Cas has had specificwants for and he actually wanted to marry her.]
  32. 32. In the early hours of the morning after Amber moved in I felt the all to familiar pains starting.
  33. 33. After what seemed like forever I was holding my new son - Detritus. He has the same green skin andbrown hair as Druellae but my eyes.[Detritus is a troll that appears in a lot of the Discworld books, his early appearances are as instereotypical troll roles - hired thug, splatter (like a bouncer but harder) bodyguard etc. Part waythrough the series he joins the Ankh-Morpork Watch as their first troll and over the course of theseries becomes a Sergeant and highly valued member of the Watch.]
  34. 34. Druellae was immediately taken by her little brother and vowed to look after him (although given herpersonality Im not sure how wise that would be).[Druellae and Detritus are actually full siblings - they have the same alien parent.]
  35. 35. Much as I hate the process I had to go through to get them I love my children and am glad that this allhappened.
  36. 36. Amber loves Detritus even though they arent related other than by marriage - she says it doesntmatter she considers both him and Druellae as much hers as any child she actually bears.
  37. 37. Not long after Detritus was born Amber started to feel unwell.
  38. 38. She said shed just picked up a bug at work, but I wasnt so sure, it sounded and awful lot like when Iwas pregnant.
  39. 39. Ill be honest with you, even though I was happily married I hadnt stopped seeing other women - Ima romance sim, its what I do.
  40. 40. I made sure I was very discrete about it - never when Amber or the children were at home.I also had a definite end in mind, Cassie and I had set ourselves a challenge at university - 30 woohooswith different sims, bonus if we managed to keep them all as lovers until we finished. Wed bothreached 20 at uni (we were actually number 20 for each other) and shes well ahead of me getting theremaining 10, but then she doesnt have a spouse, just her children. Anyway, Ive just got another sixto go and then I will remain faithful for the rest of my life (much as it scares me).
  41. 41. I made sure that Druellae didnt know anything about what her daddy did when she wasnt home andshe continued to grow up a very happy very smart little girl.
  42. 42. She was so proud the first time she got all As on her report card and she hasnt dropped her gradessince.
  43. 43. And then my suspicions were confirmed, I was expecting another baby, but this time Amber was too(and I will admit I was very glad I wouldnt have to carry this one).
  44. 44. When Amber moved in we had agreed that while we wouldnt be actively trying for a baby neitherwould we actively prevent conception and we wouldnt skimp on the woohoo, after all, I need threechildren to fulfil my duties as an heir [in other words I have a risky woohoo hack].
  45. 45. Before the new baby joined us it was time for Detritus to become a toddler.
  46. 46. He looks a lot more like me than Druellae does but I can still see his alien heritage quite clearly.
  47. 47. Hes as quick a learner as Druellae and I cant tell you how proud I was that his very first word was"Dadda.
  48. 48. Despite her pregnancy Amber made sure she spent as much time as possible with Detritus, shesnever once treated him or Druellae as anything other than her children.[Check out all the green in this picture!]
  49. 49. Drue too dotes on her brother, she always sought him out as soon as she came home from school.
  50. 50. And then it was time for the newest family member to arrive.
  51. 51. Our first child together was a little boy we named Dibbler. He has my eyes and Ambers hair and skin.[Dibbler, or Cut-My-Own-Throat Dibbler (C.M.O.T. or Throat for short), he is described as Discworldsmost enterprisingly unsuccessful entrepreneur, a merchant venturer in Ankh-Morpork. He has triedmany things in his time, moving-pictures, tabloids, Music with Rocks in etc. When all his other plansfail he falls back on selling dubious meat products, most famously his sausage-in-a-bun which fails totaste of anything no matter how many condiments you add to it.]
  52. 52. The same day that Dibbler was born Druellae became a teen.
  53. 53. It really doesnt seem like all that long ago I was giving birth to her with Cassandra and Amber lookingon.
  54. 54. And now shes a beautiful teenage girl.[Her eyes are because of the default skin Im using, theyll go back to the alien black when shebecomes an adult.]
  55. 55. It seems that all my tales of her true parentage inspired my little girl to find out as much as she canabout everything she can and then to teach it all to the next generation.[Drue is a knowledge sim with the life time want to reach the top of the Education career.]
  56. 56. She started practising (or should that be experimenting?) on her little brother straight away.
  57. 57. Meanwhile I was doing pretty well in my job - the money was coming in and I was getting ever closerto that coveted Hall of Fame.
  58. 58. With the money Amber and I were earning we could finally get started on the house. Its notinhabitable just yet but were getting there.
  59. 59. While the house was beginning to take shape it was time for my sons to have their birthdays - Dibblerto toddlerhood
  60. 60. and Detritus to childhood.
  61. 61. Dibbler is an adorable little boy with a mix of both me and Amber. He is just as loud and active as hishalf-sister, at least he has someone who can keep up with him.[Dibbler is a Gemini - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 serious and 6 nice]
  62. 62. Detritus looks more like me the older he gets.
  63. 63. I think Dibbler will be my last child, I love spending time with them but I dont really want any more.[When Dibbler grew up Cas rolled up the want to teach him to talk and the fear of having a baby.]
  64. 64. This is where Ill leave you, hopefully the next chapter wont take as long as this one.