Chapter 1 - New Beginnings


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Chapter 1 - New Beginnings

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 1 New Beginnings
  2. 2. Welcome to my new legacy - the Discworld Legacy. This will be a little different, instead of lasting for10 generations it will last for 26 (not including the founder), thats because its an alphabet legacy.This legacy will be themed around the Discworld books written by Terry Pratchett (an excellent seriesof books set in a world where magic rather than logic rules). I will be naming all the children afterDiscworld character, place names will also be taken from the books.I will be writing this legacy as a series of diary entries and letters written from the point of view of mylegacy family, with the occasional comment from me. Whose point of view things are written fromshould be obvious (I hope). And now on with the legacy.
  3. 3. [This is Great ATuin Discworld, he is named after the world turtle that carries upon its back four worldelephants upon whose shoulders the Disc rests. He is a knowledge sim with the lifetime want ofmaxing seven skills, not too bad. He is a Pisces, with 4 neat, 6 outgoing, 6 active, 0 playful and 9 nice (Ihave trouble finding nice sims).Now enough of my ramblings and over to him.][(P.S. the brackets means that I am talking as the author not as one of the sims, Ill do it when I havesomething to add that I cant say as a sim)]
  4. 4. Great ATuins diary - Day 1Well here I am, new place, new life, no money.I have decided that it is time I made my mark on the world, I want to start a family that will last manygenerations and that will grow in size and strength as time goes on. I have moved to an area called theDisc because it will provide the space (and hopefully spouses) I will need to fulfil my dream. This is adream that will not see fulfilled in my life time, but it gives me hope as I stand staring at my new, veryempty, very big, plot of land.
  5. 5. Its purchase has left me with just $1,500 in the bank, with that I purchased the beginnings of a house- a toilet and shower, a fridge, a recliner and a bookcase. I am left with a mere $6, not much withwhich to start my life.
  6. 6. I decided that the first thing I need to do is find a job. My ideal job would be in the sciences, or inmedicine and as luck would have it the very first advert in the paper is for a position as a Test Subject,perfect.
  7. 7. It seems to be my lucky day, not only was I given the position but I was to start immediately, just whatI need to make my start here smoother.
  8. 8. Great ATuins diary - Day 2I went to bed tired but content, I have made a good start here, and if things continue the way theyhave things will get even better. However, I couldnt help but dream of having a proper house withwalls, windows, a door and a roof, but that will have to wait I cant even afford a bed at present.
  9. 9. Great ATuins diary - End of day 2Today was a little disappointing, despite having all the skills I need for a promotion, I didnt get one. Iwont let it put me off, hopefully tomorrow will bring more luck. At least I can now afford to buy aproper bed, no more napping in that recliner for me.
  10. 10. Great ATuins diary - Day 3Today was much better not only have I been promoted to Lab assistant, but I believe I may have metthe woman of my dreams.After work I decided to see a little more of my new home and so headed to then downtown area andinto a small restaurant/bar. I headed to the restaurant for a bite to eat and it was there that I spottedher. She seemed to stand out beyond all the rest and I knew I had to get to know her.[Great ATuin is turned on by blonde hair, so when I saw there were 6 blondes on the rooftop I hadhim scope the room and this is the one he picked. I like to let my sims have some say in their lives.]
  11. 11. I waited until she had finished eating and introduced myself. She seemed a little shy but quite friendly.It wasnt long before she told me her name was Robin Collins and we exchanged phone numbers.Unfortunately I couldnt talk for long as it was late and I had work in the morning, so I left promisingId call.
  12. 12. Great ATuins diary - Day 5The last couple of days have been fairly uneventful. With the money from my promotion I am gettingcloser to have all the furniture I need, but am still nowhere near walls and a roof.
  13. 13. Ive made friends with one of my work colleagues - his name is Chandler GilsCarbo and weve beentalking a lot of work so I decided to invite him home today, its nice to be making friends and gainingconnections. I have talked to Robin a bit on the phone but havent seen her in person since our firstmeeting. Maybe Ill ask her on a date tomorrow as I have a day off.
  14. 14. Great ATuins diary - Day 6It looks like Robin really is the woman Ive been looking for. I invited her over to my "house" thismorning, and she sounded really happy at the thought of seeing me. Things started out quite slowly,we talked and shared jokes. I told her how beautiful I thought she was and how lucky I felt to havemet her.
  15. 15. Before long we were dancing in each others arms, getting closer and closer.
  16. 16. Until I couldnt resist it any longer, we kissed and it was amazing. I have never felt this way aboutsomeone before in my life.
  17. 17. From there things moved pretty fast, more kissing and cuddling. Before long I knew it, I was in love,and from what she was saying she was as well.
  18. 18. We ended up in bed together and woohooed in to the evening. Sadly she had to leave quite early asshe had work to do in the morning
  19. 19. However, she did leave a large bunch of roses to show her affection.
  20. 20. Great ATuins diary - Day 8Today has been the best day of life here so far. I had another day of from work and so invited Robinover again.
  21. 21. However, this time it wasnt just for a date, I had something more special planned this time.
  22. 22. The surprise and delight on her face was amazing.
  23. 23. But even better was when she said yes!
  24. 24. Seeing her put the ring on her finger was the best moment of my life, Robin was one step away frombecoming my wife
  25. 25. We wasted no time and Robin Collins was soon Robin Discworld. I can barely believe that thiswonderful woman agreed to become my wife and start a family with me.
  26. 26. [Good grief, I knew these two were well matched (two bolt chemistry with no effort), but I hadntrealised how similar they really are. Robin is also a knowledge sim (life time want is to become Chiefof Staff), and a Pisces (5,3,7,3,7). She bought $8,000 to the funds (very welcome), and also has a jobas a Senior Manager.]
  27. 27. We both agreed that we wanted at least 3 children, and that we couldnt wait to get started. I have agood feeling about this, I think it wont be long until my new family expands again.
  28. 28. Great ATuins diary - Day 10Thanks to the money that Robin added to the family we were able to build a proper house.
  29. 29. Its not much at the moment just three rooms - bedroom, bathroom and a larger room for everythingelse. Itll do for now, and hopefully by the time a baby arrives well have enough money to build anursery.
  30. 30. Along with the new house Robin also decided to change her look, as far as Im concerned shed bebeautiful however she looks.
  31. 31. It wasnt long before Robin started showing signs that she might be pregnant, throwing up all thetime, eating more than normal, strange cravings. We were both delighted.
  32. 32. We knew for sure that she was pregnant when she started showing. She decided to take the rest ofthe pregnancy off from work, and while she was taking the time off shed look for a new job in themedical career.
  33. 33. Even though I know shes fine I cant help but worry about Robin and our unborn child. I have beenspending a lot of my time just lying beside her watching her sleep.
  34. 34. During all this I did manage to get another promotion to Field Researcher, that means more money tobuy all the things our children will need.
  35. 35. Great ATuins diary - Day 11This afternoon it happened, Robin went into labour at 16:15.
  36. 36. Before long she was holding our new baby daughter Angua. Shes beautiful with my hair and hermothers eyes.[Angua was the first female member of Ankh Morporks Night Watch, she is also a werewolf. The firstbook she appears in is Men at Arms, and she appears in all Watch books after that. (One of myfavourite characters)]
  37. 37. Happily I had earned enough money to be able to build a small nursery adjoining our bedroom.
  38. 38. [It may not look like much now but that bottle signifies the beginning of the era of the bottles, everylegacy family has them. Its the period in a generation when there is always at least one smelly bottlelying somewhere on the lot. How long it lasts varies depending on how many children there are,sometime the era has gaps in, other times it seems relentless.Also note in the picture is Chandler GilsCarbo, for a while he seemed to stalk Great ATuin, he wouldcome home from work with him every single day.]
  39. 39. Great ATuins diary - Day 13With our daughter born, Robin decided to go start work as an Emergency Medical Technician. A careerin medicine really suits her as she is the most caring person I know.
  40. 40. Time really does seem to fly. It really wasnt long before it was time for Angua to become a toddler.
  41. 41. She is a beautiful toddler, larger brown eyes and a smiling mouth.
  42. 42. [Angua is a Virgo with 10 neat point (genetic freak, neither parent is especially neat), 1 outgoingpoint, 10 active points, 0 playful points and 7 nice points. Its an extreme personality but I quite like it.She is also one of the prettiest toddlers I have seen for a long time.]
  43. 43. Robin wasted no time in teaching Angua to walk, and Angua seemed to take to it like a duck to water.
  44. 44. Of course, now she can walk the number of places she can reach has increased, well have to extracareful that our house is safe for her.
  45. 45. Great ATuins diary - Day 14While Robin taught her walk I had the pleasure of teaching Angua to talk. Try as I might I could not getAngua to say Daddy as her first word, instead she said bottle. Never mind, she soon learnt to sayDaddy and Mummy and a number of other words.
  46. 46. We had to hire a Nanny today as both Robin and I were scheduled to work at the same time. I wishone of us could take the day off, but we simply cant afford it. Hopefully the horror stories Ive heardabout Nannies wont be true of this one.
  47. 47. Today we also confirmed that Robin was pregnant again. Im thrilled, I love being a father and lookforward to having a second child in the family.
  48. 48. Little Angua is just like Robin and I, she just loves to play with her block sorter, all the time practisingher logic for the future.[Anytime Angua was put down she went straight for the block sorter and by the time she grew into achild she had maxed out her logic skill.]
  49. 49. Great ATuins diary - Day 16I managed to get another promotion. I now teach science in a local school. Thanks to my success inmy career I have brought in $5,000 for my family.
  50. 50. I know I made the right choice when I chose Robin for my wife. Not only is she a beautiful, loving andsupporting wife, she is also a wonder mother to our child. I cant think what I would have donewithout her, I simply cant imagine my life any other way.
  51. 51. So far the Nanny has been very good. The only problem is that she is a little too ready to pick Anguaup and distract her from her toys. It doesnt harm Angua, but I can sense that she is getting frustratedwith it.
  52. 52. Even when she screams Angua is adorable (a little noisy but still adorable).
  53. 53. And when she looks at you with those big brown eyes its impossible to resist her.[Angua really is one of the cutest toddlers Ive seen, and as for that face...]
  54. 54. It was a big day today for Angua - her birthday, time for her to leave her toddler years behind andbecome a child.
  55. 55. I held her in my arms and showed her how to blow out the candles.
  56. 56. And she became a beautiful child.
  57. 57. A little later, while cooking dinner, Robin went into labour.
  58. 58. Angua was delighted with her new baby sister Agnes.[Agnes Nitt is a young witch from Lancre, she has an amazing singing voice and an inner personalitycalled Perdita, oh and great hair]
  59. 59. In fact Angua seems be a very active and happy little girl in general.
  60. 60. Great ATuins diary - Day 17Today Angua started at school. She told me she was looking forward to learning lots of new things,although she is less sure about meeting new people.
  61. 61. That evening I helped Angua with her first piece of homework, I was so proud of my little girl as Istood there listening to her questions and hearing her answer mine.Today was a good day for Robin as well, not only was she promoted to Nurse, she also proved herfitness by racing to an emergency on foot when the traffic was too bad to get an ambulance through.
  62. 62. Great ATuins diary - Day 18Today was another good day, I was promoted to Project Leader, even more money for my family.Robin and I have conceived our third, and probably final, child.Today was also my little Agnes birthday. I will admit Ive missed having a toddler around the place,theyre just so full of fun.
  63. 63. Robin assisted Agnes grow into a toddler while Angua and myself looked on. She looks quite differentfrom Angua, although you can tell that they are sisters.[Agnes is an Aquarius, 4 sloppy (much more like her parents than Angua), 6 outgoing, 7 active, 7playful (not sure where that is from) and 7 nice.]
  64. 64. As soon as Robin put her down Agnes headed straight to the toilet, this was never a problem we hadwith Angua. I guess its not just in their looks that theyre different.
  65. 65. Unlike her sister Agnes doesnt care much for the shape sorter and is much more interested in thexylophone, she loves to play music.
  66. 66. Although not everybody likes her music. This mean townie stood behind her and laughed until I threwhim out of my house, no one is going to laugh at my children.
  67. 67. Great ATuins diary - Day 19Today we spent timing teaching Agnes the three important toddler skills. I was so proud that Agnesfirst word was Daddy.
  68. 68. Robin taught her to walk and to use the potty.
  69. 69. I may have seen it twice before but I cant help doting over my wife and unborn child.
  70. 70. Like her sister, Agnes is also a little cutie, and is impossible to resist when she looks pleadingly up atyou, a fact which she is making sure to exploit.
  71. 71. Great ATuins diary - Day 21Yet another good day, I dont think Ive had a bad one since I met Robin, for that I count my blessingseveryday, I only hope my children and grandchildren are as lucky. Angua continues to make me proud,today she managed to raise a large amount of money for her school and they rewarded her with$100.
  72. 72. I also got a bonus today, one of the young researchers I supervise managed to discover a new isotopewithout realising it. I pointed this out to her, and she thanked me by giving me a percentage of themoney earned - $7,500. I was also promoted to Inventor, Im getting closer and closer to the top.Best of all, Robin gave birth to a son - Albert, our final child.[Albert is Deaths manservant and was once a powerful wizard, he first appears in Mort and shows upon occasion from then on]
  73. 73. To top it all off, Agnes became a child.
  74. 74. Great ATuins diary - Day 21Unlike a lot of siblings Ive heard about my daughters get on really well, they are often together. andare best of friends.My career continues to go well, my cooking improved to day thanks to one of my inventions. I hadmeant to make a better mousetrap but instead created a microcosmic "no mess" coffee machine.
  75. 75. Great ATuins diary - Day 22Today was the day my eldest became a teen. Im sure shell continue to be the responsible and carefulperson she always has been. She is an absolutely beautiful young lady, I shall have to keep an eye onthe neighbourhood boys, I would hate for anyone to hurt my Angua.[Angua rolled the knowledge aspiration and her lifetime want is to marry off 6 children, completelydoable, if a little time consuming.]
  76. 76. It was actually a double birthday today, with Albert becoming a toddler.
  77. 77. [Albert is a Gemini, he has 1 neat point, 8 outgoing points, 8 active points, 2 playful points and 7 nicepoints]This is where I shall leave you for this chapter. The next chapter should be up reasonably soon as Ihave already played through much of it. If you want to vote for an heir I shall be putting an heir pollon, so come and vote.None of the custom content is by me, so a big thank you to all those who did make it.