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Great india


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The presentation is on the great scientist of India and their contribution modern science

The presentation is on the great scientist of India and their contribution modern science

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. WHAT IS SCIENCE? Science is a branch ofknowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematicallyarranged and showing theoperation of general laws.
  • 2. WHO ARE SCIENTIST? A person having expert knowledge of one or more sciences
  • 3. He was born on 30 th November 1858.He studied in Christ College , Cambridg e.
  • 4. HonorsCompanion of the order of the indian empire in 1903.Knighthood in 1917.president of 14 th session of indian sCienCe Congress in 1927.Publicationresponse in living and non living.the nervous meChanism of
  • 5. His full name was Sir Chandrasekhara Venkatraman.He was born in Thiruvanaikoil,Mad ras on 7th november 1888.He studied in Presidency college, 1902.
  • 6. HONOURS AND REWARDS: noBle priZe in phYsiCs in 1941. lenian peaCe priZe in 1957. Bharat ratna in 1952.PUBLICATION1909 the small nations at the nodes of viBrating string1910 osCillation of stertChed strings.1911 photographs on viBrational Curves.AND MANY MORE
  • 7. • His most famous work was RAMAN’S EFFECT.On February 8 1928, through his experiments on the scattering of light he discovered th Raman’s Effect.It gave further proof of quantum natural of light.• He was died at the age of 82 on 21 st november 1970 in Bangalore.
  • 8. • He was born on 30 th September 1909 in Mumbai.• His full name was Homi Jehangir Bhabha.• He is called The Father of Nuclear Science.
  • 9. Rewards padma Bhushan in 1954 hopKins priZe in 1948Research• CosmiC raYs• indian nuClear programe
  • 10. • He was born on 19 October 1910 in Lahore.• He was nephew of C.V. Raman.• He studied in Trinaty College, Cambridge.
  • 11. HONOURS AND REWARDS• noBle priZe in astrophYCsiCs in1983• padma viBhushan in 1968• national medal of sCienCe in usa in 1966PUBLICATION1939 studY of steller struCture1943 stoChastiC proBlems in phYsiCs and astronomY1983 the mathematiCal theorY of BlaCK hole1931 the maXimum mass of ideal White dWarfs
  • 12. • He was born on 9 January , 1922 in Raipur.• He lived in USA.• He studied in Wisconsin University, Madison.
  • 13. Rewards noBle priZe in mediCine in 1968. louisa gross horWitZ priZe in 1968. padma viBhushan in 1982Research role of nuCleotides
  • 14. • His full name is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.• He was born in Madras.• He was born on 15 th October 1931
  • 15. Honors and Rewards padma Bhushan in 1981 padma viBhushan in 1990 Bharat ratna in 1997Publication Wings of fire ignited minds india 2020
  • 16.  He was born in 1952 in Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu . He studied in University of Uttah
  • 17. Rewards noBle priZe in ChemistrY in 2009 padma viBhushan in 2010 Research•struCture of riBosome•funCtion of riBosome•maCromoleCular
  • 18. He was born in Bahjoi, Uttar Pradesh on 13 th July,1973.He studied in Aligarh Muslim university.
  • 19. Honors and Rewards Young sCientist medal in 2008 Young sCientist platinum juBilee aWard in 2007Research plant genomiCs moleCular BiologY
  • 20. In this presentation we learnt about different scientist of India and their contribution in various fields of science.